After Being Dedicated To the Tyrant By My Brother
Novel Summary
Once crossing, she resigned to her fate and worked hard to play the most annoying coquettish bastard in the book. She only hoped that she could finish the plot earlier and belch, but she didn’t expect…
Before putting on the book——
Tyrant: The lonely Bai Yueguang is crying again, what kind of thing is Ji Ruoqing? Kill.
Brother: I must return to the country, what’s the use of my sister? Give away. After wearing the book-
Tyrant & Brother: It’s so fragrant! 【Reading Guide】
1. The etiquette of costume construction comes from search, the dynasties are overhead, and the author freely mixes and plays.
2. Pseudo coquettish idiot heroine vs brutal bloodthirsty hero vs sick sister-in-law control brother.
4.1v1 is sweet and refreshing Su Su Su! Content label: A soft spot A match made in heaven Across time and space
Search keyword: Protagonist: Ji Ruoqing Supporting role: Ye Qianchen; Ji Ruoyu
Chapter List

Chapter 1 First time here (catching bugs)

Chapter 2 Siblings

Chapter 3 Indescribable

Chapter 4 Go to bed again

Chapter 5 Impatient

Chapter 6 Queer medicated porridge

Chapter 7 Night with rain

Chapter 8 Learn medicine

Chapter 9 as you wish

Chapter 10 New beauties

Chapter 11 Amethyst Hosta

Chapter 12 Relieve sorrows with alcohol

Chapter 13 Sneak in at midnight

Chapter 14 Shouldn't be her

Chapter 15 A moment of spring night

Chapter 16 Can't compare to her

Chapter 17 Kill me quickly

Chapter 18 finally come

Chapter 19 First-class beauty

Chapter 20 She is ecstatic

Chapter 21 Beauty Ouran

Chapter 22 Undress for the lonely

Chapter 23 Mantou dim sum

Chapter 24 Go to bed again

Chapter 25 Lost and lost [one more]

Chapter 26 Secretly drugged [two more]

Chapter 27 Brother fight [three shifts]

Chapter 28 The sky is high and the earth is thick

Chapter 29 Pretending to be a court lady

Chapter 30 Wicked [one more]

Chapter 31 Candied haws[two more]

Chapter 32 Spark silver tree [three shifts]

Chapter 33 Brother and sister love [four more]

Chapter 34 Lost Soul [Five Watches]

Chapter 35 In anger [six more]

Chapter 36 You choose one [add more]

Chapter 37 Two-phase comparison

Chapter 38 Serving the bed, Hu [add more]

Chapter 39 Heartless

Chapter 40 Ye Qianchen Duck【Add more】

Chapter 41 Concubine wants her to die [Mid-Autumn F

Chapter 42 Past today

Chapter 43 By my side [add more]

Chapter 44 Want to leave

Chapter 45 Feat

~ For the first time, he formally met with

Chapter 46 See you again [add more]

Chapter 47 Deep roots of love

Chapter 48 Go back to the palace with the lonely

Chapter 49 I won't kill you alone

Chapter 50 Brother Xiaoyu [add more]

Chapter 51 Put on clothes

Chapter 52 Falling red kerchief

Chapter 53 Prince Haoguo【Add more】

Chapter 54 Marry him

Chapter 55 Who is better [add more]

Chapter 56 Give you poisonous porridge

Chapter 57 Really dead [add more]

Chapter 58 Qin'er, girl!

Chapter 59 Hook up and swear [two more] 0 is coming

Chapter 60 Suffering from gains and losses

Chapter 61 Bamboo Leaf Finch

Chapter 62 Drank a glass of wine

Chapter 63 Drunk

Chapter 64 What 0 what 2 treasures 3 shells

Chapter 65 I only have you

Chapter 66 Invisible hand

Chapter 67 That's great!

Chapter 68 Banned

Chapter 69 You killed her

Chapter 70 Go to Hao Guo

Chapter 71 Can't wait

Chapter 72 A few meanings

Chapter 73 Fire pit transfer!

Chapter 74 There will be a period later

Chapter 75 Called Ji Ruoqing!

Chapter 76 All the same

Chapter 77 Sweetheart

Chapter 78 What is love!

Chapter 79 How much miss you

Chapter 80 Pack up

Chapter 81 Call you too much!

Chapter 82 To imprison her

Chapter 83 Hook and hook

~ The first time I had the idea that it wo

Chapter 84

Chapter 85

Chapter 86

Chapter 87

Chapter 88

Chapter 89

Chapter 90

Chapter 91

Chapter 92

Chapter 93

Chapter 94

Chapter 95

Chapter 96

Chapter 97

Chapter 98