After Breaking Up, I Still Dump All Sentient Beings
After Breaking Up, I Still Dump All Sentient Beings
Novel Summary
In the last life, Lan Muyu ran away from home for love, but accidentally bumped into her object – the adultery of the popular actress Fu Yao. In order to keep her reputation, Fu Yao and Xiao San teamed up to drug her, and she jumped down from the thirty-ninth floor so that she would not be humiliated.
Her career was ruined, and all the betrayals left her to recognize her, but after her death, her fiancee Li Ruonan tried her best to avenge her, and she was implicated in her death.​​
Once again, facing the cheating scumbag girl, Lan Muyu, who had learned from her previous life, smiled coldly. She quietly took a video and turned around and ran away. It was uncertain who would win this time.
Looking at the pouring rain, she knocked on the door of the luxury car that had just stopped, “Miss, look at me… hey!”
Before she could finish speaking, she was stuffed into the car – what kind of person was she, Li Ruonan, the fiancée she abandoned for love!
Until Fu Yao and Xiaosan’s resources were cut off, and the company’s investment became a bubble, only to find that Lan Muyu was already in the high starlight, holding the hand of the chaebol heir and smiling in all manners.
Li Ruonan (attack) VS Lan Muyu (shou) cover is Shou!
Note: Gongshou 1v1 Shuangjie, the Lord of the Year has no children Content tags: rebirth sweet text cool text revenge abuse scum
Search keywords: Protagonist: Lan Muyu; Li Ruonan ┃ Supporting role: Please pre-receive “I became the villain’s favorite after wearing the book” ┃ Others: rebirth; attack change; scumbag
One sentence introduction: However, he was taken home by his fiancée
Purpose: face danger, live optimistically