After Crossing, I Marked the Empress
After Crossing, I Marked the Empress
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After passing through, Shen Han not only became a top alpha in the abo world, but also awakened the fire element ability. Ji Zai, who came from the earth, was terrified in place, there seemed to be something wrong with the back of his neck, and his sense of smell was so sharp that it made people nervous! Fortunately, in this wilderness area, there is a lost lady, hold on tight, don’t panic, if we don’t understand, just ask! Gu Junwan, the top omega, the empress of the Free Federation, was designed by her sister to hunt down and kill the forest in distress, but in this case, she met a stupid A.. Gu: If you take one step further, I will kill you! Shen (with a toothy smile): I really have no ill intentions. What kind of bad thoughts can serious people have when they meet by chance? Gu Junwan sensed the pheromone shrouded by the other party, her face was crimson, her delicate body trembled slightly, and her body’s instinctive desire made her unable to resist the other party’s approach at all. Looking at Gu Junwan with glittering eyes and soft body, Shen Han’s whole body was surging with blood and blood, and his fangs were gradually showing, like a half-starved wolf in the wilderness. …… Gu O: Go to hell! Shen A: I am not! I do not have! You listen to me explain! After that, Shen Han escorted Gu Junwan all the way out of the jungle, returned to the imperial capital, and regained power. The two join hands to create a bright world! The sultry and self-conscious loyal dog alpha X The cool, arrogant and decisive female king omega A brand new start, I hope you all like this story. PS: Female A has no pendant. There is a scarf: Xianting draws a pen Content tags: A match made in heaven, sweet text, cool text
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