After Escaping from the Marriage, the Crown Prince Started Pampering Me
After Escaping from the Marriage, the Crown Prince Started Pampering Me
Novel Summary
Ye Qingge, a 22nd century dual-material firearms master, wears it! Encountered a vicious aunt? Ye Qingge unhurriedly took out a gun, and after shooting… My aunt is crying! Encountered a group of vicious bandits? Ye Qingge unhurriedly took out a machine gun, and after firing… Bandits cry! Encounter an enemy army with wolf ambitions? Ye Qingge unhurriedly resisted a shoulder-fired rocket, after launching… Army cry! Couldn’t help but look up and ask the sky, is there no one who can restrain her? The emperor of a certain country who looks at the common people like nothing: let me try A certain uncle who looks like a banished fairy on the outside and has a black belly on the inside: I will try it too Ye Qingge: Do you choose a pistol, a machine gun, or a rocket? A certain emperor: … A certain uncle: … & I heard that Xiao Guo’s “ghost-faced” general who uses soldiers like a god and has first-class marksmanship is actually a woman? Prince Zhou Guo on the battlefield: “Woman? No more fights, no more fights, I want to get married!” A romantic emperor from the southern kingdom: “I happen to be short of a fierce queen, so that I can suppress the harem.” A certain prince with white veils in the Xiao Kingdom: Sorry for being late.
Chapter List

Chapter 1 Bridal chamber festivities punish evil s

Chapter 2 Qin Lou and Chu Pavilion meet a beautifu

Chapter 3 Save the beauty, she does good deeds

Chapter 4 She is serious about retiring

Chapter 5 such a good thing

Chapter 6 The weapon here is called a crossbow

Chapter 7 I'm just here to learn

Chapter 8 Tremella soup is unnecessary

Chapter 9 Uncle Li Kui is very slippery

Chapter 10 being pointed at by the nose

Chapter 11 This old man can really handle

Chapter 12 That's right, it's you who scolded

Chapter 13 The wicked have to be tortured by the wi

Chapter 14 It's broken, it's a magic barrier

Chapter 15 It's worth it if you want to rob the rig

Chapter 16 this girl is so funny

Chapter 17 This thing is called a gun

Chapter 18 All pillow seats recommended by you

Chapter 19 Miss Ye, don't get me wrong

Chapter 20 I rely on it to be true

Chapter 21 A slap for a sweet date

Chapter 22 If you come out to mess around, you have

Chapter 23 he is really a genius

Chapter 24 Crying and giving birth to a little brot

Chapter 25 Stealing chickens is not enough to lose

Chapter 26 Equivalent to off-road

Chapter 27 banished personage

Chapter 28 Bastards don't speak martial arts

Chapter 29 Only cheating is the safest

Chapter 30 A burst of cold plum fragrance

Chapter 31 This old man is really strong

Chapter 32 you should go home for dinner

Chapter 33 she cares about marriage

Chapter 34 Mrs. Ye is back home

Chapter 35 her reputation stinks to shit

Chapter 36 Who will spare the one who fainted?

Chapter 37 We need to protect our heroes

Chapter 38 Not a landlord idiot son

Chapter 39 only sincere

Chapter 40 Remove the name of girl from the word gi

Chapter 41 Which product do you like among a hundre

Chapter 42 Accidental word horse

Chapter 43 boy is not cute

Chapter 44 He's a military idiot

Chapter 45 you marry me but i suffer

Chapter 46 twists and turns in it

Chapter 47 This old lady is very bad

Chapter 48 Ancient Version Don't Disturb

Chapter 49 Wouldn't it be shameful not to write poe

Chapter 50 Hysteria is a disease you have to treat

Chapter 51 if she can't lift a knife

Chapter 52 The little concubine became a blockbuste

Chapter 53 marry a widower

Chapter 54 The fairy also plucks her leg hair

Chapter 55 Did you shake your dog's eyes?

Chapter 56 Men must have stamina

Chapter 57 Brother Ye, then Brother Ye

Chapter 58 play button eye beads

Chapter 59 Rocking chairs in broad daylight

Chapter 60 If you don't agree, try it

Chapter 61 Sisters are for cheating

Chapter 62 Hey, it looks good

Chapter 63 You don't play by the rules

Chapter 64 Give you a tall hat

Chapter 65 Is the vest off?

Chapter 66 She gave peach blossoms to beauties

Chapter 67 Cook soup for you for the rest of my lif

Chapter 68 You look like my mother-in-law

Chapter 69 I'm here to propose marriage to the son

Chapter 70 It's heart attack and affection

Chapter 71 Give him a sleeve crossbow

Chapter 72 There are thieves in Ye's mansion

Chapter 73 Can you turn around and die?

Chapter 74 destroy her airport

Chapter 75 King Kong Barbie Zhao Gongzi

Chapter 76 The Shameless First Person of the Great

Chapter 77 Even taller I was knocked

Chapter 78 Goulan or Liuxiang Pavilion

Chapter 79 Give him a pat on the head

Chapter 80 Miss Ye is here again

Chapter 81 stage name is very important drop

Chapter 82 Sir upstairs, please go

Chapter 83 is she about to fall off the horse

Chapter 84 Fighting with coquettish men

Chapter 85 The fan was given by a fool

Chapter 86 Finally fell off the horse

Chapter 87 he was startled behind

Chapter 88 Hug her thigh, she's serious

Chapter 89 give you a tickle

Chapter 90 gift grandma brochure

Chapter 91 you like him that much

Chapter 92 she just wanted to see se

Chapter 93 This matchmaker is not professional

Chapter 94 consanguineous marriage

Chapter 95 Great General is great

Chapter 96 The blind date is obvious

Chapter 97 they lost face

Chapter 98 The Emperor's Bounty

Chapter 99 underestimate her or not

Chapter 100 sorry not big dog

Chapter 101 Bai Shi, come out for me

Chapter 102 You are a horse who doesn't know how lon

Chapter 103 Meat with Sister Ye

Chapter 104 Aunt Liu made of water

Chapter 105 Old people don't have to

Chapter 106 What are you fighting for?

Chapter 107 Cannibalism with a short mouth and soft

Chapter 108 She is greedy for money

Chapter 109 Embarrass her on behalf of the moon

Chapter 110 Hate imperial power and patriarchy

Chapter 111 The magistrate is useful but not yet

Chapter 112 Big cute rabbit seventeen princes

Chapter 113 Be cautious when eating melons online

Chapter 114 what are you waiting for

Chapter 115 The tsundere little princess is very agg

Chapter 116 I suspect you are implicating me

Chapter 117 Chiguoguo messing around

Chapter 118 Aunt Queen is from the same town

Chapter 119 Do we need to be ashamed together?

Chapter 120 Accidentally be a scumbag

Chapter 121 don't make trouble for yourself

Chapter 122 The queen is a cruel character

Chapter 123 The envoys of Northern Mang made things

Chapter 124 Beimang envoys were shocked

Chapter 125 what are they talking about

Chapter 126 The envoy has a bad feeling

Chapter 127 you don't deserve me to dance

Chapter 128 sorry i'm a big idiot

Chapter 129 she writes she can recognize

Chapter 130 Please seal the order for my aunt

Chapter 131 glad to be so determined

Chapter 132 really smart girl

Chapter 133 Half a mile is not sure

Chapter 134 Why is Tang Mo angry?

Chapter 135 don't give me eyes

Chapter 136 how much do you know about him

Chapter 137 How do you let me pick this up

Chapter 138 send her a son

Chapter 139 The emperor wants to raid the Ye Mansion

Chapter 140 Chen Heigou ransacked Ye's house

Chapter 141 i want your granddaughter

Chapter 142 pick a granddaughter

Chapter 143 you all let them go

Chapter 144 She is the only one who was abandoned

Chapter 145 The difference between the two daughters

Chapter 146 good grace

Chapter 147 The eldest prince lost his horse

Chapter 148 she is not a whim

Chapter 149 Ye Qingge's words

Chapter 150 Return C to the emperor

Chapter 151 Ye Qingge asked to play

Chapter 152 The thoughts of everyone in Ye Mansion

Chapter 153 scheming girl

Chapter 154 The father and son are all red-faced

Chapter 155 marriage arranged by the emperor

Chapter 156 Miss Ye please get on the carriage