After Wearing the Book I Was Tagged By the Heroine
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[Private Instructions] A differentiation does not have two sets of organs, all differentiations are just pheromone changes, and I will do what I say to have a child
After Li Chu’s accident, he slipped into a book of entertainment circle abo romances that he had just finished reading.
It is very unfortunate that Li Chu was dressed as a cannon fodder for the jealous heroine, and even wore it to the scene of the accident. The original owner was preparing to drug the heroine and take her indecent pictures.
The heroine is a B on the surface, but Li Chu knows that she is actually an undifferentiated O. When she is drugged, she will complete her awakening and become a heartthrob and start the sweet and refreshing route, while the cannon fodder who drugged her will end very miserably.
Thinking of the fate of the cannon fodder, Li Chu looked at the drugged water that hadn’t been delivered yet, and resolutely drank it himself without leaving a sip for the heroine.
Li Chu originally thought that everything would be all right, but in the pheromone she exploded, Ning Manqing transformed into A in front of her.
“You smell so good, let me take a sip.”
Li Chu: Where is my peerless beauty O heroine? ? ? Content tags: a match made in heaven entertainment circle sweet text through books
Search keywords: Protagonist: Li Chu, Ning Manqing ┃ Supporting role: Tang Congnan ┃ Others: Received the document “When a Vicious Female Supporter Is Forced to Hold the Male Lead Script”
One-sentence introduction: Click to see the beauty is not a human being
Intention: Facing the adaptability of adversity, no effort will be rewarded
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