Beautiful Time With You
Beautiful Time With You
Novel Summary
17 year old Lu Yi Bai, who was a straight A student that was extremely thorough and never made any mistakes, was tablemates with the newly transferred adorkable Lin Xing Chen. Logically speaking, the gifted Lu Yi Bai should keep a distance from the unlucky, ordinary Lin Xing Chen, to keep his aloof personality consistent. However, when he heard Lin Xing Chen introducing herself, his cold and calm composure collapsed. It turned out that his younger sister had donated her cornea to a little girl whom she was fortunate enough to meet a few times just before she died, and that little girl is Lin Xing Chen! From then on, the indifferent Lu Yi Bai could not help but pay attention to the useless Lin Xing Chen and offer her help, causing Lin Xing Chen to receive his numerous dissatisfactions when unable to meet his high expectations. Because the foolish Lin Xing Chen and the unsociable Lu Yi Bai were forced into the world of the bottom tier students with Chen Yi Mu and Luo Qin Ge, one wrong move and it will result in a life of regrets, turning them into strangers.
Chapter List

Chapter 1 There is also a lucky little

Chapter 2 he did not do it on purpose

Chapter 3 The Myth of Lu Yibai

Chapter 4 Surprise is at the same table

Chapter 5 I am not depressed

Chapter 6 Iron proof

Chapter 7 Ice also has temperature

Chapter 8 Whose youth is not arrogant?

Chapter 9 Disappeared score roll

Chapter 10 The temptation of the squad leader

Chapter 11 Today she is a little special

Chapter 12 I only help you this time

Chapter 13 Assimilation

Chapter 14 Why would you blush?

Chapter 15 Parent meeting, soeasy!

Chapter 16 Can't remember the line to blame me?

Chapter 17 Relationship with him

Chapter 18 The sun washed by spring rain

Chapter 19 His taste

Chapter 20 Flying shoes

Chapter 21 Boy selected by dance shoes

Chapter 22 His little grudge

Chapter 23 Love poems

Chapter 24 This evening is so beautiful

Chapter 25 Turf battle

Chapter 26 Where is he?

Chapter 27 Buy bread

Chapter 28 Brown sugar **** tea

Chapter 29 Was it shrinking hands or attacking?

Chapter 30 Unable to catch the shadow

Chapter 31 How can I get lost?

Chapter 32 Side by side with you forever

Chapter 33 Truth and adventure

Chapter 34 No rain

Chapter 35 The most comfortable place

Chapter 36 I'm sad

Chapter 37 I will accompany you

Chapter 38 Everyone has a secret

Chapter 39 Ferocious chick

Chapter 40 Whose youth is not angry

Chapter 41 Closer

Chapter 42 Second button

Chapter 43 What if I want to gobble up the squad le

Chapter 44 The secret on the card

Chapter 45 Lin Xingchen VS Yang Luoying

Chapter 46 Shocked by surprise

Chapter 47 Love you the most happy

Chapter 48 The tragedy of the bathing suit

Chapter 49 Crush is the taste of yogurt

Chapter 50 Lucky star selling sky-high price

Chapter 51 Lucky Star Selling High Price · Two

Chapter 52 It rains and vinegar on the ground

Chapter 53 Squad leader's routine

Chapter 54 Grass "mildew" cake

Chapter 55 Miss, it's the taste of night

Chapter 56 Distant or intimate

Chapter 57 Will you help the enemy

Chapter 58 Unstoppable confession

Chapter 59 The confession season is deceptive

Chapter 60 Learning is the real thing

Chapter 61 More than one like her

Chapter 62 I am extremely disappointed

Chapter 63 Scratch notes

Chapter 64 The war between the two kings

Chapter 65 Unseen

Chapter 66 High school, here!

Chapter 67 ID photo

Chapter 68 The same result, different routines

Chapter 69 The answer on the ferris wheel

Chapter 70 Dreams on blackboard

Chapter 71 Coffee flavor

Chapter 72 Partner will not be absent

Chapter 73 Anger is not escape

Chapter 74 Braking plan

Chapter 75 Equal to us

Chapter 76 Oath of youth

Chapter 78 Closing is not the end

Chapter 78 If that's not like

Chapter 79 Unsafe wine volume

Chapter 80 Time is sweet with you