Chastity Layman
Chastity Layman
Novel Summary
Dreaming back to the Tang Dynasty, being an ordinary person, greedy for money, lustful, debauched and free.
Chapter List

Chapter 1 There are only three days left until the

Chapter 2 protect calf

Chapter 3 Cheng Chumo Wei Chi Baoqi

Chapter 4 Live in Cao Ying, Heart in Han

Chapter 5 meet the king

Chapter 6 Chang'an county lieutenant

Chapter 7 evicted from home

Chapter 8 Chang'an Bad Handsome

Chapter 9 Silla servants poisoned and stole gold

Chapter 10 Kidnapping Marquis Wu

Chapter 11 Turn your hands into clouds, turn your h

Chapter 12 armed prisoner

Chapter 13 killer

Chapter 14 Chang'an heroes

Chapter 15 Burning Chang'an

Chapter 16 Merry Yabuzawa Heikangbo

Chapter 17 Go out with a sword, kill a man and go h

Chapter 18 alcohol is not intoxicating, everyone is

Chapter 19 Overlord bows hard

Chapter 20 Are you a dog?

Chapter 21 Man in black

Chapter 22 Yizhangqing

Chapter 23 vote

Chapter 24 Liting Sweeping Point

Chapter 25 Make a bed

Chapter 26 You do the first day and I do the fiftee

Chapter 27 Change fate against the sky

Chapter 28 In front of Xuanwu Gate, see you there

Chapter 29 The most ruthless emperor's family

Chapter 30 put on armor

Chapter 31 winner takes king

Chapter 32 Go to **** together

Chapter 33 pass the test

Chapter 34 Battle of Xuanwu Gate

Chapter 35 Black Armored Cavalry

Chapter 36 Borrow the prince's head

Chapter 37 Single-handedly save the princess

Chapter 38 forced palace

Chapter 39 Cut the weeds

Chapter 40 father and son

Chapter 41 Lord Yi's Chang'an Order

Chapter 42 Check Zheng's house

Chapter 43 The heart has the Tigers, fine sniffing

Chapter 44 Princess of Marriage

Chapter 45 Fresh from the oven

Chapter 46 Surprised or not, surprised or not

Chapter 47 Two princesses contend for marriage

Chapter 48 Zuo Qianniu, Captain Baiqi

Chapter 49 give him another chance

Chapter 50 break up

Chapter 51 Retire

Chapter 52 Ma Zhou's suggestion

Chapter 53 Wei Zheng Certification: Faint King

Chapter 54 Avalokitesvara

Chapter 55 Bestow Dan book iron coupon to avoid dea

Chapter 56 be a lonely minister

Chapter 57 Uncle Cui takes off his boots

Chapter 58 Changle County Horse

Chapter 59 Town Fusi

Chapter 60 Re-recruit the old department

Chapter 61 Five school offices

Chapter 62 white deer

Chapter 63 make you unable to climb

Chapter 64 Picture poor dagger

Chapter 65 shelter

Chapter 66 vote

Chapter 67 Riding alone against bandits

Chapter 68 The Qin family's mace

Chapter 69 Beacon smoke alarmed Chang'an

Chapter 70 Give the lonely and virtuous son-in-law

Chapter 71 courtesy

Chapter 72 surrender

Chapter 73 immersive garden

Chapter 74 Luo Shixin

Chapter 75 an old account

Chapter 76 little fiancee

Chapter 77 Jieli Khan

Chapter 78 Hugging the grass and hitting the rabbit

Chapter 79 old friend

Chapter 80 A horse with a lone sword collapses into

Chapter 81 private army

Chapter 82 Beimang Mountain

Chapter 83 Li Cunxiao

Chapter 84 Youzhou Prison

Chapter 85 Mengjiang Temple

Chapter 86 Taiheiro, the Orphan of Zhonglie

Chapter 87 The Two Princesses of the Mountain

Chapter 88 Lu Bu

Chapter 89 How can you get a tiger cub if you don't

Chapter 90 Swordsman

Chapter 91 recruitment

Chapter 92 Cruel

Chapter 93 Unforgiven

Chapter 94 Famous generals in Youzhou

Chapter 95 titmouse behind

Chapter 96 To fight against the outside world, we m

Chapter 97 Fully mobilized again

Chapter 98 Uncle Niu

Chapter 99 Detachment of Women (First Order!)

Chapter 100 funk

Chapter 101 Hebei Haoqiang

Chapter 102 Ground breaking on Tai Sui's head

Chapter 103 plead guilty

Chapter 104 Qin Lang kills without a knife

Chapter 105 murder and arson

Chapter 106 Bonus

Chapter 107 money making

Chapter 108 My game, my turf, my rules

Chapter 109 massacre

Chapter 110 call back

Chapter 111 small treasury

Chapter 112 just a fool

Chapter 113 Lonely Parents Guarding Chang'an (The 15

Chapter 114 fed up

Chapter 115 Turkic Drinking Ma Weihe North

Chapter 116 Resigned in danger

Chapter 117 ordinary road

Chapter 118 lost

Chapter 119 cool

Chapter 120 Welfare

Chapter 121 Zhen Fusi wants to rebel?

Chapter 122 listen to the hadith

Chapter 123 heart disease

Chapter 124 overlord

Chapter 125 Lever fine

Chapter 126 enthroned royal pole

Chapter 127 Big seal reward, the first in the list o

Chapter 128 brawl

Chapter 129 dismissed together

Chapter 130 hungry people

Chapter 131 Qin's new product

Chapter 132 sycophant

Chapter 133 Qin Wang

Chapter 134 Unblock

Chapter 135 Town Army General

Chapter 136 I undress the general

Chapter 137 Shang Shuling

Chapter 138 and pro

Chapter 139 The emperor guards the gate, the king di

Chapter 140 Wu did not sip big brother

Chapter 141 Shatuo Zhuxie

Chapter 142 lurking

Chapter 143 dig a grave

Chapter 144 Xuan Jia Qi Robbery

Chapter 145 suicide

Chapter 146 Empress Xiao

Chapter 147 Please enter the urn

Chapter 148 a good show

Chapter 149 Nine rides out of Chang'an

Chapter 150 Emperor Tang

Chapter 151 Magon Beauty

Chapter 152 Datang artifact

Chapter 153 prince

Chapter 154 Prince Taifu

Chapter 155 Bachelor Qin

Chapter 156 Red Fu Nu

Chapter 157 Beat up the prince

Chapter 158 Whether to raise or not to teach, the fa

Chapter 159 Fashion is hot and cool

Chapter 160 boiled eagle

Chapter 161 It takes three days to burn the jade

Chapter 162 Get Rich Cheng Dalang

Chapter 163 presumptuousness

Chapter 164 Three thousand emperors in the harem

Chapter 165 Fa Ya and Bian Ji

Chapter 166 Cleverly weaving a net to catch Sikong

Chapter 167 Retired Emperor Jingo Former Minister of

Chapter 168 Knowing Gratitude and Repaying Value

Chapter 169 Baiqu Field Burns Hope

Chapter 170 Cut seals and salaries to tide over diff

Chapter 171 Far water is hard to quench thirst

Chapter 172 chicken and egg

Chapter 173 Shocked Pharaoh

Chapter 174 emperor's wrath

Chapter 175 Exit

Chapter 176 Emperor's Charter

Chapter 177 seek danger to the country

Chapter 178 you resign

Chapter 179 Admiral of Nine Doors

Chapter 180 grace

Chapter 181 broke out

Chapter 182 The Curiosity of the Red-haired Girl

Chapter 183 not doing business

Chapter 184 Sad Qin Qiong

Chapter 185 Bad old man Li Jing

Chapter 186 upstream

Chapter 187 Steal from the rich and give to the poor

Chapter 188 shoot the bird

Chapter 189 bird's-eye

Chapter 190 madman and prime minister

Chapter 191 Qin Jiamei

Chapter 192 Take the pot and burn the oil

Chapter 193 Suicide by swallowing locusts

Chapter 194 tremble, locust

Chapter 195 smuggling

Chapter 196 holy will

Chapter 197 blood spattered state government

Chapter 198 King Qin Lang

Chapter 199 Expulsion

Chapter 200 Fengshen

Chapter 201 Jiaozhao

Chapter 202 Kill the king

Chapter 203 Header

Chapter 204 Li Cunyi

Chapter 205 classmate Li Tai

Chapter 206 Gold list title

Chapter 207 Zhi Gong Ju

Chapter 208 Habayashi Army

Chapter 209 Xiao Guo

Chapter 210 A Prince's Riot Caused by a Chicken

Chapter 211 Prince goes to the countryside

Chapter 212 I take it back

Chapter 213 Feed pigs and raise soldiers

Chapter 214 peach trap

Chapter 215 catching **** and catching double

Chapter 216 Court of Appeal

Chapter 217 exile

Chapter 218 run at night

Chapter 219 Mihara

Chapter 220 Qin Dashan

Chapter 221 eat chicken

Chapter 222 Xiangxian

Chapter 223 emperor worry

Chapter 224

Chapter 225

Chapter 226 Three Visits to the Thatched Cottage

Chapter 227 blood tofu

Chapter 228 Dongpo Meat and Transshipment Division

Chapter 229 Lanting Preface

Chapter 230 Hot Chang'an

Chapter 231 Food for the King

Chapter 232 crazy

Chapter 233 Borrow flowers to offer Buddha

Chapter 234 Three thousand pets in one

Chapter 235 making money

Chapter 236 one tax ten

Chapter 237 Please kill Qin Lang

Chapter 238 face neck

Chapter 239 Emperor's Bottom Line

Chapter 240 Old Cheng who is not short of money

Chapter 241 Broken shoes of the five surnames

Chapter 242 seal pile money

Chapter 243 Draw your sword and look around in a daz

Chapter 244 Changle slope

Chapter 245 Lunar New Year's eve

Chapter 246 Xu Jingzong

Chapter 247 nepotism

Chapter 248 Hanlin Bachelor

Chapter 249 Explosive Pole and Thunderbolt

Chapter 250 Thunderbolt and Firearms Supervisor

Chapter 251 nephew and son-in-law

Chapter 252 Stir-Fried Pork with Winter Bamboo Shoot

Chapter 253 Concealed stake

Chapter 254 Asan brother

Chapter 255 yellow mud into gold

Chapter 256 Rock Sugar Sydney

Chapter 257 stack pick

Chapter 258 Steal from the rich and give to the poor

Chapter 259 golden temple hanging crown

Chapter 260 Return to Beijing

Chapter 261 be a dead dog

Chapter 262 Long Street Assassination

Chapter 263 behind the scenes

Chapter 264 fight back

Chapter 265 father and son worship together

Chapter 266 Bai Maxuanxiang

Chapter 267 true character

Chapter 268 Conspiracy is the best

Chapter 269 Chang'an North City

Chapter 270 sugar war

Chapter 271 Mo Shangxing

Chapter 272 hard currency

Chapter 273 girl selling oranges

Chapter 274 Guiding the maze

Chapter 275 God of Wealth

Chapter 276 Teacher

Chapter 277 curly lions

Chapter 278 Royal Savory

Chapter 279 King of Qin Breaking the Battle

Chapter 280 what should be the crime

Chapter 281 Chengqian

Chapter 282 Wei Zheng

Chapter 283 leopard head

Chapter 284 Prince Chengqian

Chapter 285 Keep Chengqian

Chapter 286 Chastity

Chapter 287 hoe and day at noon

Chapter 288 Li Jing

Chapter 289 upstart

Chapter 290 Northern slave

Chapter 291 reward

Chapter 292 so cruel

Chapter 293 benevolent landowner

Chapter 294 The Fire Loss of the Wing Kingdom

Chapter 295 Wan Shi Qin Family

Chapter 296 Sleeves

Chapter 297 Both benefit from cooperation

Chapter 298 one stone two bird

Chapter 299 Zheng Cairen

Chapter 300 trade

Chapter 301 add light

Chapter 302 Teach the prince

Chapter 303 Guaiqin Shenniu

Chapter 304 grandstanding

Chapter 305 Yanzhao Wushuangdi, the first in the wor

Chapter 306 Lion's Roar

Chapter 307 jealous first

Chapter 308 good show

Chapter 309 riding a tiger

Chapter 310 Want to run after pretending?

Chapter 311 Overwhelm the guest

Chapter 312 Qin Lang's night banquet

Chapter 313 hard-edged

Chapter 314 Pingkang Square Riot

Chapter 315 There are always people who want to harm

Chapter 316 surprise again

Chapter 317 hit the job

Chapter 318 Good Words

Chapter 319 To learn from the past

Chapter 320 The Counterattack of the Demon Lord

Chapter 321 master trick

Chapter 322 Drain from the bottom

Chapter 323 Reciprocate

Chapter 324 family temple genealogy

Chapter 325 Clan History

Chapter 326 Millennium Qin Family

Chapter 327 here comes the trouble

Chapter 328 it's over

Chapter 329 governor

Chapter 330 Jing Zhao Shao Yin

Chapter 331 House seemingly endless rain

Chapter 332 King of Huaihua County

Chapter 333 Guozhong's gift

Chapter 334 The Emperor's Abacus

Chapter 335 Saburo goes out

Chapter 336 Pull wool

Chapter 337 father's debt

Chapter 338 surrendered city

Chapter 339 never be a slave

Chapter 340 come back

Chapter 341 rebirth

Chapter 342 North

Chapter 343 hunting

Chapter 344 snow trip

Chapter 345 ice city

Chapter 346 one step late

Chapter 347 Ice Skull

Chapter 348 fifth column

Chapter 349 remonstrance force the palace

Chapter 350 Duhufu Shan Yutai

Chapter 351 smashing drums

Chapter 352 Wuding Riverside Bone

Chapter 353 sword cut false emperor

Chapter 354 Destroy the country

Chapter 355 Three Swords Set Saibei

Chapter 356 God Khan

Chapter 357 Tong Wan

Chapter 358 Pole minister

Chapter 359 Take credit

Chapter 360 Hidden danger

Chapter 361 Alliance of Chang'an

Chapter 362 door-to-door son-in-law

Chapter 363 hero twilight

Chapter 364 Marriage Wenxi County Lord

Chapter 365 Wei Zheng who wants to save face

Chapter 366 the emperor

Chapter 367 marriage

Chapter 368 opener

Chapter 369 emperor

Chapter 370 gobble the wolf

Chapter 371 Listen to the tune but not to the announ

Chapter 372 born rebellious

Chapter 373 Royal business

Chapter 374 Yang Guifei

Chapter 375 spring

Chapter 376 In charge of the East Palace

Chapter 377 Since ancient times, princes have not le

Chapter 378 Wei Guogong

Chapter 379 Back waves protect front waves

Chapter 380 eighteen bachelors

Chapter 381 Affluenza

Chapter 382 sin in the future

Chapter 383 Final word

Chapter 384 three thousand trips

Chapter 385 Silver wax gun tip

Chapter 386 Chengqian's fear

Chapter 387 General

Chapter 388 Immortals fight, Lao Wu suffers

Chapter 389 Wu's doll

Chapter 390 The second lady Wu entered the East Pala

Chapter 391 I want to make my descendants long

Chapter 392 Your Highness, be careful

Chapter 393 happy event

Chapter 394 Same ancestry, different surnames, relat

Chapter 395 Wealthy with the country

Chapter 396 Enclosure

Chapter 397 Skyrocketed to ninety thousand miles

Chapter 398 Empress Changsun

Chapter 399 smiling tiger

Chapter 400 assassinate

Chapter 401 Another Yang Guang

Chapter 402 ask for seal

Chapter 403 loyalty will be rewarded

Chapter 404 wolf guard

Chapter 405 knight fief

Chapter 406 The Ambition of the Noble Bastard

Chapter 407 Martial Law

Chapter 408 dungeon

Chapter 409 Prince Mutiny?

Chapter 410 catch everything

Chapter 411 You you on the line

Chapter 412 Savage·Qin City

Chapter 413 blood debt

Chapter 414 The dark moon and the high wind kill the

Chapter 415 Xiongguan is like iron and crossed from

Chapter 416 A hero doesn't mention his bravery

Chapter 417 for the tribe

Chapter 418 Regret

Chapter 419 Hit until served

Chapter 420 alone in barbarian camp

Chapter 421 Convince people with virtue

Chapter 422 Cao thief

Chapter 423 Infighting

Chapter 424 Goofy

Chapter 425 Chang'an Emperor

Chapter 426 What am I guilty of?

Chapter 427 dog head gold

Chapter 428 Chito

Chapter 429

Chapter 430 Cunning Rabbit Three Caves

Chapter 431 nothing to fear

Chapter 432 don't say it's unpredictable

Chapter 433 take a gamble

Chapter 434 Knowing current affairs is a hero

Chapter 435 Xuanwei Savage

Chapter 436 barbarian king fights rich

Chapter 437 golden goose

Chapter 438 People are stupid and money comes quickl

Chapter 439 Northern Expedition

Chapter 440 Mulan

Chapter 441 I discipline for you

Chapter 442 no dog left

Chapter 443 Sky punishment

Chapter 444 Zhennanguan

Chapter 445 Mrs Anon

Chapter 446 be my woman

Chapter 447 Overlord bows hard

Chapter 448 surrender beauty

Chapter 449 concubines

Chapter 450 man should be like this

Chapter 451 Order Jianghu

Chapter 452 General Yang of Lang Son

Chapter 453 A strong dragon does not overwhelm a loc

Chapter 454 Hardhearted

Chapter 455 There is no turning back at the beginnin

Chapter 456 Wronged

Chapter 457 women's camp

Chapter 458 anti-client

Chapter 459 Overkill

Chapter 460 giant egg

Chapter 461 Turks are gone

Chapter 462 Tianweixuanhe

Chapter 463 last straw

Chapter 464 Vassals of Vassals

Chapter 465 in my name

Chapter 466 As long as the **** is well swung, there

Chapter 467 chicken head or phoenix tail

Chapter 468 dragon into the sea

Chapter 469 nightmare attack

Chapter 470 Wei Guo

Chapter 471 warn

Chapter 472 destroy

Chapter 473 Chang'an

Chapter 474 pox prince

Chapter 475 fight fire with fire

Chapter 476 Liquidate the Kingslayer

Chapter 477 The prince is all right

Chapter 478 Supervising the country

Chapter 479 stay behind

Chapter 480 A dead friend never dies a poor Taoist

Chapter 481 Near water and towers first get the moon

Chapter 482 King Jin

Chapter 483 Sunrise in the east, rain in the west

Chapter 484 Kyoto

Chapter 485 Song Jiang

Chapter 486 rivers and lakes

Chapter 487 Retrograde

Chapter 488 face

Chapter 489 Rejecting the dragon species

Chapter 490 confront

Chapter 491 Monarchs and ministers are evil

Chapter 492 Unlucky girl

Chapter 493 leave

Chapter 494 die on the battlefield

Chapter 495 Taking advantage of others

Chapter 496 Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea

Chapter 497

Chapter 498 cut first and play later

Chapter 499 gossip

Chapter 500 femme fatale

Chapter 501 Emperor

Chapter 502

Chapter 503 disaster of subjugation

Chapter 504 The Li family has a daughter who has jus

Chapter 505 It's impossible to make love

Chapter 506 debut

Chapter 507 fish in troubled waters

Chapter 508 Emergency in Songzhou

Chapter 509 First aid is like putting out a fire

Chapter 510 Samurai Heart

Chapter 511 Immediately, I am the only general Qin

Chapter 512 stop fighting with martial arts

Chapter 513 Vanguard

Chapter 514 The 513th accident

Chapter 515 heart fire

Chapter 516 punched

Chapter 517 Rangers

Chapter 518 tiger

Chapter 519 Qiang's life is also life

Chapter 520 The corner of the mulberry is gained, an

Chapter 521 Great shame

Chapter 522 Huo Qubing Rebirth

Chapter 523 Carelessly lose Jingzhou

Chapter 524 each show their abilities

Chapter 525 princess revenge

Chapter 526 comeback

Chapter 527 Liangzhou

Chapter 528 The princess does not come to me and goe

Chapter 529 iron cavalry around dragon city

Chapter 530 The flames shine at night, dead bodies

Chapter 531 The battle report shook Tokyo like snow

Chapter 532 The sky is angry and the blood is floati

Chapter 533 keep playing keep dancing

Chapter 534 Fire burns Qiang River no retreat road

Chapter 535 A Good News Nine Heavens

Chapter 536 One step too late

Chapter 537 The waves behind the Yangtze River push

Chapter 538 winner takes king

Chapter 539 waves gather like raging peaks

Chapter 540 go too far

Chapter 541 Guess the Sacred Heart with pride

Chapter 542 seek for the prince

Chapter 543 Jishi under the mountain

Chapter 544 West Army of Xiongwei Frontier Town

Chapter 545 The Hequ Tribulation and Alliance Battle

Chapter 546 The agency is too smart

Chapter 547 five star fortress

Chapter 548 I take care of your wife and children

Chapter 549 Artifact

Chapter 550 ice fire

Chapter 551 trade

Chapter 552 dark night

Chapter 553 Undead

Chapter 554 Qin Qiong

Chapter 555 I recommend Xuanyuan with my blood

Chapter 556 Seven in and seven out of Tiger Cave Val

Chapter 557 Nine deaths but still no regrets

Chapter 558 frightened bird

Chapter 559 kill

Chapter 560 World War One

Chapter 561 Royal Conquest

Chapter 562 Hugh wanton

Chapter 563 Massacre for three days

Chapter 564 In terms of merit, I still want to invit

Chapter 565 Jinsheng can't afford it

Chapter 566 Qin Taiwei

Chapter 567 control

Chapter 568 Qin Rentu and Cheng Mowang

Chapter 569 check merit

Chapter 570 Take what you need

Chapter 571 Son of Heaven

Chapter 572 Cheng Yaojin was killed halfway

Chapter 573 The city of kings, come here for a visit

Chapter 574 ridicule

Chapter 575 nine towns

Chapter 576 cut first and play later

Chapter 577 open your eyes and close your eyes

Chapter 578 let go

Chapter 579 blitz

Chapter 580 How can you get a tiger cub if you don't

Chapter 581 bestow the third prince

Chapter 582 Liting Sweeping Point

Chapter 583 old princess

Chapter 584 hibiscus warm tent

Chapter 585 no refund

Chapter 586 eagle

Chapter 587 warrior

Chapter 588 fall asleep

Chapter 589 immovable as a mountain

Chapter 590 A strong man breaks his wrist

Chapter 591 Gentleman hidden device

Chapter 592 good news

Chapter 593 Xihai Jiedushi

Chapter 594 I made the mistake that all men make

Chapter 595 go deeper

Chapter 596 military warrant

Chapter 597 Flying Daggers

Chapter 598 not as good as back

Chapter 599 crushed

Chapter 600 Princess Yoni

Chapter 601 Divine sculpture

Chapter 602 substitute

Chapter 603 die

Chapter 604 Sanjie

Chapter 605 capture the flag

Chapter 606 Wuhai

Chapter 607 title

Chapter 608 flowering

Chapter 609 this breakfast

Chapter 610 iron kite

Chapter 611 Tuqiong

Chapter 612 Fu Yun

Chapter 613 One will succeed and ten thousand bones

Chapter 614 Divide the work

Chapter 615 shroud of horse leather

Chapter 616 split soil

Chapter 617 kneel down and call grandpa

Chapter 618 share Taimiao

Chapter 619 gold medal

Chapter 620 early autumn

Chapter 621 gate valve

Chapter 622 Wives and concubines

Chapter 623 Kaijiang

Chapter 624 butt shot

Chapter 625 meritorious deeds

Chapter 626 She Sikong

Chapter 627 under the door said

Chapter 628 Brothers with different surnames

Chapter 629 Wind and snow return to Chang'an

Chapter 630 Little Fox

Chapter 631 prince race

Chapter 632 A blood

Chapter 633 teacher take me

Chapter 634 prince's nightmare

Chapter 635 palace gate

Chapter 636 forced palace

Chapter 637 Confucianism

Chapter 638 board

Chapter 639 Queen's call

Chapter 640 Different road non-phase plan

Chapter 641 white hemp worship

Chapter 642 Unstoppable merger

Chapter 643 Instigator

Chapter 644 Yongye

Chapter 645 political reform

Chapter 646 Igo

Chapter 647 Nanban

Chapter 648 Letter from the Son of Heaven at Sunrise

Chapter 649 Japanese slave

Chapter 650 Sadako

Chapter 651 since ancient times

Chapter 652 poodle

Chapter 653 Anxi Metropolitan Protectorate

Chapter 654 Anlu Mountain

Chapter 655 into Japanese

Chapter 656 Shenjiying

Chapter 657 fish dragon dance

Chapter 658 Eye-opener

Chapter 659 people stupid money

Chapter 660 Imperial teacher

Chapter 661 Auspiciousness now seals Mount Tai

Chapter 662 Why is Qin Huailiang laughing?

Chapter 663 sloppy

Chapter 664 King of War

Chapter 665 Yuan Gai Su Wen

Chapter 666 East Palace

Chapter 667 ghostwriter

Chapter 668 Xuanzang learns yoga

Chapter 669 Li Chunfeng

Chapter 670 Uncle

Chapter 671 Daegaya

Chapter 672 Drunkards don't want to drink

Chapter 673 coming-of-age ceremony

Chapter 674 Monarch and minister contest

Chapter 675 princess

Chapter 676 Su

Chapter 677 Famous daughter

Chapter 678 pro-government

Chapter 679 Prince's New Deal

Chapter 680 iron blood prince

Chapter 681 heroes

Chapter 682 Skynet

Chapter 683 golden wolf

Chapter 684 Dongxifu

Chapter 685 deepwater zone

Chapter 686 provocateur

Chapter 687 Qin Jiamei

Chapter 688 Unrefined

Chapter 689 Armed Golden Dragon

Chapter 690 Heartfelt Peach

Chapter 691 beg for mercy

Chapter 692 Secretly teach the opportunity

Chapter 693 Danger

Chapter 694 Almighty King

Chapter 695 check

Chapter 696 Beijing-China Rebellion

Chapter 697 Take people by order

Chapter 698 Resist

Chapter 699 round up

Chapter 700 The emperor came in person

Chapter 701 The knife is fast

Chapter 702 Be dismissed

Chapter 703 white deer

Chapter 704 say kiss

Chapter 705 Luanfeng

Chapter 706 Fanzhen

Chapter 707 Qin Family Eight Maces

Chapter 708 Golden Gate

Chapter 709 golden lotus

Chapter 710 Waiting for missed hospital

Chapter 711 How can you kill a chicken with a sledge

Chapter 712 volunteer

Chapter 713 small goal

Chapter 714 The royal cabbage made the pig arch

Chapter 715 ally

Chapter 716 Poor Prime Minister

Chapter 717 Mrs. Beijing

Chapter 718 Golden House Cangjiao

Chapter 719 barbarian queen

Chapter 720 fire consumption

Chapter 721 old horse head

Chapter 722 colony

Chapter 723 bigamy

Chapter 724 gold everywhere

Chapter 725 Golden Trail

Chapter 726 Attacking vassals

Chapter 727 postman

Chapter 728 partisan

Chapter 729 One hero and three gangs

Chapter 730 Jingcha

Chapter 731 Qin's Expansion

Chapter 732 Dead pigs are not afraid of boiling wate

Chapter 733 I need an explanation

Chapter 734 Havoc in the Golden Palace

Chapter 735 The Emperor's Revenge

Chapter 736 Wei Guonu

Chapter 737 Fu Chang Conscience

Chapter 738 Fang Xuanling

Chapter 739 fish in troubled waters

Chapter 740 Scattered flowers gradually become charm

Chapter 741 book next time

Chapter 742 the wind blows

Chapter 743 sea ​​ban

Chapter 744 old and young fox deal

Chapter 745 Eight hundred shi peppers from the prime

Chapter 746 Cheng Chumo

Chapter 747 Uncle

Chapter 748 black gold

Chapter 749 overlord

Chapter 750 Courteous to others

Chapter 751 prince

Chapter 752 Cheng Yaojin

Chapter 753 Satisfied

Chapter 754 Wei Guogong's bath water

Chapter 755 tractor

Chapter 756 highwayman

Chapter 757 Careless

Chapter 758 Shigeru

Chapter 759 plot

Chapter 760 Fight Liaodong again

Chapter 761 Niu Jinda

Chapter 762 Personal opinion, let's talk later

Chapter 763 then let's fight

Chapter 764 Borrow troops to attack the city

Chapter 765 Shenjiying shows its power

Chapter 766 Niu Jinda

Chapter 767 Jing Chang'an

Chapter 768 full court hooligans

Chapter 769 do whatever you want

Chapter 770 undersea country

Chapter 771 stream seeking

Chapter 772 Fuqingfang

Chapter 773 Liuqiu Prince

Chapter 774 King and minister father and son

Chapter 775 secret

Chapter 776 expedition

Chapter 777 Courtesy before soldiers

Chapter 778 bloody wedding

Chapter 779 another village

Chapter 780 wool comes from sheep

Chapter 781 Prince asked advice

Chapter 782 eight kings

Chapter 783 Twenty-four heroes

Chapter 784 Double Crown Lingyan Pavilion

Chapter 785 king of wei

Chapter 786 Taipei League

Chapter 787 sword plowing

Chapter 788 Drown King Wei

Chapter 789 evil wind

Chapter 790 Penghu

Chapter 791 toss

Chapter 792 The emperor's warning

Chapter 793 canonize the king of yue

Chapter 794 Emperor's decree

Chapter 795 Chang'an Emperor, Guangzhou Maritime Mer

Chapter 796 Emperor Wu City

Chapter 797 Eagle's Nest

Chapter 798 blood rage

Chapter 799 Wanted

Chapter 800 sixty thousand assassins

Chapter 801 White-browed Eagle King

Chapter 802 Siege of Bright Summit

Chapter 803 Bright leader

Chapter 804 Cut to pieces

Chapter 805 The bottom line

Chapter 806 Convince people with virtue

Chapter 807 bastard alliance

Chapter 808 I, Qin Sanlang, am I a treacherous and e

Chapter 809 five government strategy

Chapter 810 Queen

Chapter 811 raise bandits

Chapter 812 sea ​​encounter

Chapter 813 killer

Chapter 814 Inexplicably involved Princess Linyi

Chapter 815 Tang Mingguo

Chapter 816 Great Khan Yang Guozhong

Chapter 817 Weng's tacit understanding

Chapter 818 Queen of Gokucho

Chapter 819 No reinforcements

Chapter 820 do you want to be king

Chapter 821 just deal

Chapter 822 woman sloppy

Chapter 823 Beacon Boy

Chapter 824 mermaid

Chapter 825 enlist

Chapter 826 oriole

Chapter 827 military order

Chapter 828 Qin Jiajun

Chapter 829 Test the emperor

Chapter 830 ambition

Chapter 831 Tanzhou night

Chapter 832 Gong Gao Zhenzhu

Chapter 833 Cut down

Chapter 834 Monarch and minister contest

Chapter 835 Inverted

Chapter 836 ridicule

Chapter 837 Longbow lock

Chapter 838 hold full

Chapter 839 fight against the odds

Chapter 840 meat ground

Chapter 841 sweeping

Chapter 842 standard bearer

Chapter 843 Fuhu

Chapter 844 part ways

Chapter 845 Fast as the wind, steady as a dog

Chapter 846 Plain and hidden mystery

Chapter 847 The Lost Dog

Chapter 848 halfway couple

Chapter 849 vassal

Chapter 850 please die

Chapter 851 Qin Fan

Chapter 852 garden

Chapter 853 to die

Chapter 854 Sweep points

Chapter 855 over and over again

Chapter 856 Older gingers are more spicy

Chapter 857 Panlong

Chapter 858 crazy tigress

Chapter 859 Tragic

Chapter 860 Take note for now

Chapter 861 Talk about Qin Lang in the courtyard

Chapter 862 Resigned in danger

Chapter 863 Tips and tricks

Chapter 864 king

Chapter 865 bloody night

Chapter 866 One out of ten

Chapter 867 conquer

Chapter 868 painting cake

Chapter 869 Ah Cha

Chapter 870 Shubao and Shude

Chapter 871 Hu Fu rides and shoots Li Chengqian

Chapter 872 Father and son share half the sky

Chapter 873 Wei Wang Li Tai

Chapter 874 dew couple

Chapter 875 juvenile

Chapter 876 new world

Chapter 877 Untimely

Chapter 878 Yaksha

Chapter 879 Adou

Chapter 880 Luohong is not a heartless thing

Chapter 881 What is the reason for divorcing a wife?

Chapter 882 Throw yourself

Chapter 883 From the beginning to the end, Qin Sanla

Chapter 884 Since ancient times, passion and hatred

Chapter 885 Yongzhen Tiannan

Chapter 886 Chinatown

Chapter 887 Tune the tiger away from the mountain

Chapter 888 Rather lack than abuse

Chapter 889 dissatisfied

Chapter 890

Chapter 891 Knock the mountain and shake the tiger

Chapter 892 Taking advantage of others

Chapter 893 Northern Expedition

Chapter 894 southern country

Chapter 895 Jealousy

Chapter 896 Vassals of Vassals

Chapter 897 calculate

Chapter 898 Blood shield golden lion Qin family

Chapter 899 The moon is dark and the wind is coming

Chapter 900 Diaolou night fire

Chapter 901 alarm bells ringing

Chapter 902 Wu Yun Changlong

Chapter 903 Jedi strikes back

Chapter 904 Peaceful changes

Chapter 905 war orphans

Chapter 906 Gu Mingquan Chen

Chapter 907 refused to enter the DPRK

Chapter 908 Redemption

Chapter 909 die on the battlefield

Chapter 910 Iron Town Fog City

Chapter 911 Zhenhai Ambassador

Chapter 912 peachy gossip

Chapter 913 ten year agreement

Chapter 914 The Great Wall destroys the country

Chapter 915 marriage trap

Chapter 916 Xiao Qiang

Chapter 917 Master Shaoxing

Chapter 918 Blurred

Chapter 919 Changle dowry

Chapter 920 wine training prince

Chapter 921 Cui Shi

Chapter 922 Prince has nothing to do

Chapter 923 Bestowed by the Golden Palace

Chapter 924 Hainan holiday

Chapter 925 Nanzhao Anu

Chapter 926 Lord Regent

Chapter 927 Blessing of all people

Chapter 928 control the sky

Chapter 929 call back

Chapter 930 Business strategy

Chapter 931 Uzi Sword

Chapter 932 on the military plot

Chapter 933 momentarily confused

Chapter 934 Shimen Tenno

Chapter 935 Great changes between the DPRK and China

Chapter 936 Hidden mystery

Chapter 937 Dragon Brother Tiger Brother

Chapter 938 Tiger

Chapter 939 Zhenguan Sigui

Chapter 940 Sugar-coated cannonball

Chapter 941 prince divorce

Chapter 942 Wings are hard

Chapter 943 Kunimoto's danger

Chapter 944 Big family

Chapter 945 Wei Dang Wu Dang

Chapter 946 choose sides

Chapter 947 Each is the master

Chapter 948 Wealth is in the sky

Chapter 949 photo book order

Chapter 950 wake up call

Chapter 951 separate court

Chapter 952 painstakingly

Chapter 953 Emperor Dongzhai

Chapter 954 Emperor's son-in-law leaves for Tokyo

Chapter 955 horse crossing blue pass

Chapter 956 deviant

Chapter 957 Southern glitz

Chapter 958 Guangzhou Spring

Chapter 959 eunuch

Chapter 960 hungry and thirsty

Chapter 961 Nodes

Chapter 962 Do as the Romans do

Chapter 963 illegitimate son

Chapter 964 Wang Xuance

Chapter 965 Thirteen Taibao

Chapter 966 Lopsided

Chapter 967 Out of chaos anyway

Chapter 968 Frontier soldier

Chapter 969 resurgence

Chapter 970 unbreakable land

Chapter 971 Yingyang Wuling

Chapter 972 colonial era

Chapter 973 Wuhan Kyushu

Chapter 974 prince ran away

Chapter 975 clean up the mess

Chapter 976 Xiaolong goes to sea

Chapter 977 golden gun does not fall

Chapter 978 spring night is short

Chapter 979 Westbound

Chapter 980 Twelve rounds of military merit

Chapter 981 Ambush under the Qilian Mountains

Chapter 982 black ghost

Chapter 983 prince

Chapter 984 arrogant

Chapter 985 Xie

Chapter 986 Zhennanping

Chapter 987 Hou Junji

Chapter 988 Zetian

Chapter 989 tea picking girl

Chapter 990 Queen

Chapter 991 Ignorant

Chapter 992 The general is afraid of new armor

Chapter 993 Dragon Beard Heals Tiger General

Chapter 994 Haiyan Fort

Chapter 995 no refund

Chapter 996 Holy Prince

Chapter 997 Pioneer Prince

Chapter 998 Thousands of troops avoid white robes

Chapter 999 Prince Meng

Chapter 1000 Horse riding company

Chapter 1001 The emperor is ill

Chapter 1002 three thousand

Chapter 1003 partisanship

Chapter 1004 Blood tempering

Chapter 1005 unfathomable sacred heart

Chapter 1006 dying

Chapter 1007 Parted ways

Chapter 1008 Will not pass Lee

Chapter 1009 while it's hot

Chapter 1010 love country more love beauty

Chapter 1011 long live the prince

Chapter 1012 Yellow sand wears golden armor in a hund

Chapter 1013 Each lives in peace

Chapter 1014 prince arrogance

Chapter 1015 Broken halberd and broken leg

Chapter 1016 win but lose

Chapter 1017 lame prince

Chapter 1018 unforgivable sin

Chapter 1019 conqueror

Chapter 1020 cut Nanzhao

Chapter 1021 tiger wolf

Chapter 1022 autistic

Chapter 1023 Far water does not quench near thirst

Chapter 1024 Thirteen gold medals

Chapter 1025 Urgent

Chapter 1026 Qin Weigong whipped the prince angrily

Chapter 1027 death knell

Chapter 1028 Picking gold hanging seal

Chapter 1029 Companion king is like companion tiger

Chapter 1030 Invited by King Wei

Chapter 1031 There is nothing higher than support

Chapter 1032 Is the prince still alive?

Chapter 1033 traitor

Chapter 1034 not see

Chapter 1035 Wei Wang blocked the door

Chapter 1036 feud

Chapter 1037 If there is no eldest grandson, the seco

Chapter 1038 I invite you to be the emperor's grandso

Chapter 1039 Monarch secret meeting

Chapter 1040 Accused cronies deserve to die

Chapter 1041 boots landing

Chapter 1042 Get rid of troubles

Chapter 1043 mask

Chapter 1044 Kiss up and kiss up

Chapter 1045 Castration

Chapter 1046 cool prince

Chapter 1047 King's Promise

Chapter 1048 Assistant four ministers

Chapter 1049 Prime Minister

Chapter 1050 mourning

Chapter 1051 one stone two bird

Chapter 1052 King Zhongwu of Qi

Chapter 1053 Fengshen

Chapter 1054 incoming

Chapter 1055 Wu Meiniang secretly sends a glance

Chapter 1056 Songzhou Chicken Fraud Bureau

Chapter 1057 father dies son inherits the world

Chapter 1058 Ningyuan iron cavalry does not accept at

Chapter 1059 Seize Love and Recover Ugly Fans

Chapter 1060 keep your word

Chapter 1061 Wolf Smoke Comes Zamp Maniac

Chapter 1062 What's so good about Garr?

Chapter 1063 hurt little insult strong

Chapter 1064 Steal the chicken without losing money

Chapter 1065 Lead Yulong to die for the king

Chapter 1066 Hengdao Lima General

Chapter 1067 gloomy clouds

Chapter 1068 The red flag is half rolled out of the g

Chapter 1069 horse neck cross field fight

Chapter 1070 The knife wall shatters the Tubo dream

Chapter 1071 A strong man eats barbarian meat

Chapter 1072 If you don't hit the south wall, you wil

Chapter 1073 Heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties

Chapter 1074 Zamp looks around in panic

Chapter 1075 Afraid of prestige and reputation

Chapter 1076 left out

Chapter 1077 Dismount

Chapter 1078 condemn

Chapter 1079 Bian Gong

Chapter 1080 Taiwei Jiedu

Chapter 1081 Prince Lie

Chapter 1082 Jiannan Thirteenth Army

Chapter 1083 surround

Chapter 1084 Borrow a knife

Chapter 1085 Infighting

Chapter 1086 Thunder

Chapter 1087 Desperate account

Chapter 1088 Trapped beast

Chapter 1089 furious

Chapter 1090 Fan Qi

Chapter 1091 wall jump

Chapter 1092 will hunt

Chapter 1093 whistling

Chapter 1094 breakthrough

Chapter 1095 lore

Chapter 1096 Destroy the country

Chapter 1097 to dismember

Chapter 1098 Categorize

Chapter 1099 Chang'an

Chapter 1100 Make new achievements to destroy Gaochan

Chapter 1101 One man is better than a hundred thousan

Chapter 1102 Urgent

Chapter 1103 Zhenguan fourteen years

Chapter 1104 treasure island

Chapter 1105 Luzon

Chapter 1106 Princess Changle

Chapter 1107 gold rush

Chapter 1108 brave new world

Chapter 1109 colony

Chapter 1110 Gold and Silver Fort

Chapter 1111 Feng Chan Taishan

Chapter 1112 Tarzan catches son-in-law

Chapter 1113 Royal Conquest

Chapter 1114 hard-edged

Chapter 1115 Habayashi Kidnapped

Chapter 1116 Qin Lang

Chapter 1117 Lingnan Army

Chapter 1118 Tune the tiger away from the mountain

Chapter 1119 strong latin

Chapter 1120 Liaodong Jian'an

Chapter 1121 Surrender

Chapter 1122 Datang Butler

Chapter 1123 Natou bai

Chapter 1124 good news

Chapter 1125 invincible

Chapter 1126 Thousands of Riders Attack Ten Thousand

Chapter 1127 Jinwu is close to Liaodong

Chapter 1128 Borrowing the east wind to burn the city

Chapter 1129 Hundred Years Plan

Chapter 1130 Re-sealing the frontier of Liaodong Town

Chapter 1131 The general is born with courage

Chapter 1132 Qinlong six-character falling white rock

Chapter 1133 The prime minister died in the wind and

Chapter 1134 Fen Yuwei fights again in Anshi

Chapter 1135 Can you dare to leave your name in the f

Chapter 1136 White Horse Silver Robe Fang Tianji

Chapter 1137 Hidden Mystery Ten Sides Surrounding

Chapter 1138 Kowloon breaks the city and plays a triu

Chapter 1139 return of the emperor

Chapter 1140 Saint Tuogu

Chapter 1141 bridal chamber candles

Chapter 1142 Groups of wives and concubines

Chapter 1143 decided to go

Chapter 1144 Xiangcheng Palace

Chapter 1145 Taibai reappears

Chapter 1146 abolished feudal seals

Chapter 1147 son of heaven

Chapter 1148 sword behead prince

Chapter 1149 prince promise

Chapter 1150 River Raptors

Chapter 1151 Tianwei Xuan He

Chapter 1152 Obedience to the righteousness of the ki

Chapter 1153 recruitment

Chapter 1154 Five watch fireworks

Chapter 1155 New Jinshan

Chapter 1156 Strong soldiers

Chapter 1157 fishing for silver

Chapter 1158 WeChat private visit

Chapter 1159 under zhengyang gate

Chapter 1160 give it a go

Chapter 1161 ten years too long

Chapter 1162 Princess Taiping

Chapter 1163 zhongshumenxia

Chapter 1164 Prince killing heart

Chapter 1165 princess gift

Chapter 1166 Expedition to Kunlun

Chapter 1167 Return

Chapter 1168 Private Forge

Chapter 1169 Sanya

Chapter 1170 see the picture

Chapter 1171 give pointers

Chapter 1172 Datang is gone

Chapter 1173 The prince made an attack

Chapter 1174 borrow a knife to kill

Chapter 1175 kill hero

Chapter 1176 Xiaobie wins newlyweds

Chapter 1177 Absolutely rich

Chapter 1178 Husband and wife follow

Chapter 1179 Barangay

Chapter 1180 alliance

Chapter 1181 blood for alliance

Chapter 1182 Brother Shan

Chapter 1183 undead army

Chapter 1184 liberator

Chapter 1185 Quick cut

Chapter 1186 Queen

Chapter 1187 princess happy

Chapter 1188 Siege of San Francisco

Chapter 1189 Re-recruit the old department

Chapter 1190 Qin Knights Return

Chapter 1191 Can't eat four dishes

Chapter 1192 congratulations

Chapter 1193 Punish meritorious officials

Chapter 1194 Qin Lang's rebellion

Chapter 1195 Saint's worry

Chapter 1196 field division

Chapter 1197 Luzon

Chapter 1198 Chengqian

Chapter 1199 shocked the ruling and opposition partie

Chapter 1200 The Qin family's choice

Chapter 1201 Kai Ya Jian Fu

Chapter 1202 dust settled

Chapter 1203 Captain Hachiro

Chapter 1204 Today is called lonely

Chapter 1205 Qin Lang

Chapter 1206 vintage

Chapter 1207 stone dragon

Chapter 1208 green plum

Chapter 1209 Qin Jun

Chapter 1210 Marshal

Chapter 1211 Do not talk about martial arts

Chapter 1212 Qin Jiajun

Chapter 1213 blood river sunset

Chapter 1214 love beauty but not country

Chapter 1215 cleaning

Chapter 1216 Li Shimin committed suicide

Chapter 1217 sibling rivalry

Chapter 1218 fierce

Chapter 1219 Tang Qi stepped on

Chapter 1220 Wang Yan

Chapter 1221 Ge Congzhou

Chapter 1222 one morning tenshi one vassal

Chapter 1223 leader

Chapter 1224 National Division

Chapter 1225 Wang Xuance's Western Expedition

Chapter 1226 hide a knife in a smile

Chapter 1227 Prime Minister Prince

Chapter 1228 Xuanzang Bianji and Gao Yang

Chapter 1229 Dazzling color is private

Chapter 1230 Li Shimin's Compensation

Chapter 1231 One track with Wen Hong's family busines

Chapter 1232 Disobedience

Chapter 1233 After Han Liling

Chapter 1234 Feng Chan North Pole

Chapter 1235 fully loaded

Chapter 1236 heavy duty smuggling

Chapter 1237 Luzon

Chapter 1238 Where the benefits lie

Chapter 1239 Baoquan

Chapter 1240 secret mission

Chapter 1241 Iron to Copper Alchemy

Chapter 1242 Eagle Young Broken Leaves

Chapter 1243 The Qin family entered the Japanese

Chapter 1244 Wakoku public knowledge

Chapter 1245 Japanese request

Chapter 1246 Wu Cairen

Chapter 1247 Thunder, rain and dew are all your grace

Chapter 1248 ruthless

Chapter 1249 Qin Concession

Chapter 1250 Master Qin's arrogance

Chapter 1251 Persian Protectorate

Chapter 1252 Wu Shi should have the world

Chapter 1253 Conquer Liaodong again

Chapter 1254 tacit understanding

Chapter 1255 free port

Chapter 1256 The Qin family's mace

Chapter 1257 Twenty-one Qin and Wo

Chapter 1258 Ningyuan

Chapter 1259 Expedition

Chapter 1260 family dinner

Chapter 1261 slave bankrupt

Chapter 1262 deathbed summons

Chapter 1263 old tarzan

Chapter 1264 I want to abolish the prince

Chapter 1265 Wu Cairen

Chapter 1266 Li Shimin's killing intent

Chapter 1267 teacher save me

Chapter 1268 Adultery exposed

Chapter 1269 Li Shimin

Chapter 1270 Tuogu Destiny Dragon Yutian

Chapter 1271 The enthroned elder

Chapter 1272 Rewards for meritorious deeds in Jianxin

Chapter 1273 Qin Shoufu rewarded the three armies gen

Chapter 1274 Su Dingfang Megatron Baekje

Chapter 1275 retain

Chapter 1276 Civil and military emperor

Chapter 1277 Temple name Holy Ancestor

Chapter 1278 Please die to bury the late emperor

Chapter 1279 New Emperor Li Yin

Chapter 1280 Please go back

Chapter 1281 Danger

Chapter 1282 Adding a different surname to Wei Junwan

Chapter 1283 The Emperor's Madness

Chapter 1284 The second king with a different surname

Chapter 1285 Qin Lang suppressed the emperor with an

Chapter 1286 Zhaocheng

Chapter 1287 Different road non-phase plan

Chapter 1288 install

Chapter 1289 old students

Chapter 1290 Why did His Majesty rebel?

Chapter 1291 Assassination order in the reckless rive

Chapter 1292 Talented Jade Meteor Tongguan Night

Chapter 1293 Renewal number after sealing

Chapter 1294 Chang'an deceased

Chapter 1295 tough emperor

Chapter 1296 full bed wat

Chapter 1297 Same Bed, Different Dreams

Chapter 1298 Gaze at the world's prosperity

Chapter 1299 Unique Path to Peach Blossom Land

Chapter 1300 Turn against each other

Chapter 1301 tyrant

Chapter 1302 Qilin Er of the Qin family

Chapter 1303 kingdom

Chapter 1304 royal war

Chapter 1305 Luzon Thirteen Taibao

Chapter 1306 Kaiyuan Thirteen Years

Chapter 1307 On the side of the Qing emperor?

Chapter 1308 queen and king

Chapter 1309 I can't take the blame

Chapter 1310 emperor concern

Chapter 1311 King Qi of Luzon

Chapter 1312 Pointing to Luzon

Chapter 1313 Startling every step of the way

Chapter 1314 Nan Zheng

Chapter 1315 Tuo Nangong

Chapter 1316 Luzon Western Expedition

Chapter 1317 Zhao Wang Shangluo

Chapter 1318 The contest between master and apprentic

Chapter 1319 Tang Huang steals his daughter-in-law

Chapter 1320 Unbridled mother-in-law repays daughter-

Chapter 1321 What is the reason for the abolition of

Chapter 1322 Sharpen the knife and rush to the Qin fa

Chapter 1323 South China Sea Rising Dragon Out of Sai

Chapter 1324 If you can't get it, you will destroy it

Chapter 1325 Lu Song

Chapter 1326 Wings cut to the end

Chapter 1327 five handsome

Chapter 1328 two saints side by side

Chapter 1329 Golden Palace Proclamation

Chapter 1330 General of the Qin family

Chapter 1331 Cheng Daniuer

Chapter 1332 Blasphemy

Chapter 1333 letter on the bus

Chapter 1334 under cover

Chapter 1335 mutiny

Chapter 1336 Rebel

Chapter 1337 Bloodbath in Luoyang

Chapter 1338 Qin Shi

Chapter 1339 alliance at sea

Chapter 1340 High-profile Sherwin-Williams

Chapter 1341 Lord of the Ten Nations

Chapter 1342 overlord

Chapter 1343 exchange

Chapter 1344 tie up

Chapter 1345 Borrow the nest

Chapter 1346 Nie Zi

Chapter 1347 Grand Master

Chapter 1348 limbo

Chapter 1349 ruthless

Chapter 1350 Reasonable and economical

Chapter 1351 sunset

Chapter 1352 deprive the prince

Chapter 1353 act too hastily

Chapter 1354 great success

Chapter 1355 drink blood back to the sheath

Chapter 1356 Joy begets tragedy

Chapter 1357 The **** tried to support him

Chapter 1358 Qin Jun breaks into the palace and works

Chapter 1359 forced palace

Chapter 1360 Qing emperor side

Chapter 1361 standing in front of the couch

Chapter 1362 Persuade

Chapter 1363 to clean

Chapter 1364 King of the Golden Palace

Chapter 1365 Good morning

Chapter 1366 father jiko filial piety

Chapter 1367 Inner Zen

Chapter 1368 Can't afford to climb

Chapter 1369 go north

Chapter 1370 overlord

Chapter 1371 Serious trouble

Chapter 1372 Enter Luo

Chapter 1373 Li Zhao

Chapter 1374 Unable to grasp

Chapter 1375 Heir

Chapter 1376 Four Divine Continents

Chapter 1377 bad news

Chapter 1378 eldest grandson

Chapter 1379 father

Chapter 1380 Western Expedition

Chapter 1381 form a cabinet

Chapter 1382 Make a decision

Chapter 1383 Luzon tax package

Chapter 1384 retired emperor

Chapter 1385 Di Renjie

Chapter 1386 Reciprocate

Chapter 1387 partnership

Chapter 1388 Gouli country

Chapter 1389 too student

Chapter 1390 honey belly sword

Chapter 1391 Forced resignation

Chapter 1392 The Qin family is in danger

Chapter 1393 Zhongwu Qin Family

Chapter 1394 Cheng Chumo

Chapter 1395 become a dragon

Chapter 1396 take advantage of others

Chapter 1397 headmaster

Chapter 1398 Soothe Nanyang

Chapter 1399 An Guoqi King

Chapter 1400 recruitment

Chapter 1401 royal charter

Chapter 1402 Qin Taishi left Luoyang in the west, and

Chapter 1403 Why didn't the grand master take the Wu

Chapter 1404 Tie Liu 25,000 Li, Qin Junsan slaughtere

Chapter 1405 large address

Chapter 1406 Longgang

Chapter 1407 ready to move

Chapter 1408 Too murderous

Chapter 1409 visitor on the iceberg

Chapter 1410 Bloody Battle Onion Ridge

Chapter 1411 Tiger Father No Dog Son

Chapter 1412 The emperor is critically ill

Chapter 1413 Tuo Gu Hang Curtain Restoration

Chapter 1414 Conspiracy

Chapter 1415 Blood Splattered Nangong

Chapter 1416 Grand Master of Luzon

Chapter 1417 guard

Chapter 1418 poison the emperor

Chapter 1419 Emperor collapses the next day

Chapter 1420 rebellious

Chapter 1421 Strong and Weak

Chapter 1422 Qin Soldiers Arrive

Chapter 1423 hidden danger

Chapter 1424 Peace of Talas

Chapter 1425 Squeeze Datang Wool

Chapter 1426 Choose a son-in-law and invite relatives

Chapter 1427 The Rise of Fanzhen

Chapter 1428 staking

Chapter 1429 Qin Jun, the Jiedushi in Hezhong

Chapter 1430 Uncle Qin Guo of Xuanwei Western Regions

Chapter 1431 as you wish

Chapter 1432 Diva's thoughts

Chapter 1433 Special care and reward

Chapter 1434 San Francisco, Luzon

Chapter 1435 Dianyue Donghui

Chapter 1436 Queen of Lamphun

Chapter 1437 Year-old coin and pro-king

Chapter 1438 Please open Yanying

Chapter 1439 Tianbao Shenlong Emperor

Chapter 1440 Uncooked white-eyed wolf

Chapter 1441 Confess the king and release the militar

Chapter 1442 The strongest relative in history

Chapter 1443 Zhongwu Qin Family Protects Tiantang

Chapter 1444 as far as the eye can see

Chapter 1445 Qin Lang's Southern Tour

Chapter 1446 Dongsheng Hong Kong

Chapter 1447 Chang'an

Chapter 1448 Qin Lang

Chapter 1449 Qin Xiaozhong

Chapter 1450

Chapter 1451 Remains of the Shang Dynasty

Chapter 1452 grilled corn

Chapter 1453 Qin Lang's Prophecy

Chapter 1454 Eneiden

Chapter 1455 disagreement

Chapter 1456 balance

Chapter 1457 province

Chapter 1458 North Gate Bachelor

Chapter 1459 To be edict

Chapter 1460 governor

Chapter 1461 opportunity

Chapter 1462 One government, two governments

Chapter 1463 Qin Federation

Chapter 1464 Chang'an Emperor VS Luzon Taishi

Chapter 1465 take oath

Chapter 1466 enfeoff ten thousand islands

Chapter 1467 arrange funeral

Chapter 1468 Qin family law

Chapter 1469 famous style

Chapter 1470 unworthy descendants

Chapter 1471 Clean up the portal

Chapter 1472 Qin Lang Zhiwei

Chapter 1473 Wu'an Taiping

Chapter 1474 Father and son

Chapter 1475 Supreme King

Chapter 1476 To grow old and never die is to be calle

Chapter 1477 King's death

Chapter 1478 crown prince

Chapter 1479 supreme king

Chapter 1480 divine

Chapter 1481 end