Devil Venerable Also Wants to Know
Devil Venerable Also Wants to Know
Novel Summary
In typical Mary-Sue novel, readers all like the second male lead who only loves the heroine wholeheartedly and is willing to give up everything for the heroine, but the heroine only loves the male lead who once abused her body and heart. Readers: Why doesn’t the heroine love the second ML, the demon sect leader?! The demon sect leader: This Devil Venerable also wants to know, why do I like her? In order to find out why the female lead doesn’t like him, the self-conscious demon sect leader set out to “interview” all the characters in the novel. ——— When a book was dropped into his lap, the demon sect leader discovered the world he lived in was described in it. This book said that after he sacrificed himself for the female lead, the 4th male lead, his silent, loyal subordinate, blackened and attempted to kill her. The demon sect leader, Wen Renhe: Yin Hanjiang, this Devil Venerable wants to know why you wanted to kill the heroine. Yin Hanjiang was silent. Wen Renhe: If you refuse to speak, this Devil Venerable will force you to speak! Yin Hanjiang: … Wen Renhe: What are you blushing for?!
Chapter List

Chapter 1 God of Heaven

Chapter 2 Xuanyuan Witch

Chapter 3 It turns out so

Chapter 4 The best of both worlds

Chapter 5 Respect the Lord

Chapter 6 Wanli Icefield

Chapter 7 Battle of Sanxian

Chapter 8 Purple Spirit Pavilion Master

Chapter 9 Seven Kills

Chapter 10 Avenue ruthless

Chapter 11 Fake death escape

Chapter 12 Rain coming

Chapter 13 Break the army first

Chapter 14 The war ended

Chapter 15 Blood-cutting

Chapter 16 A handful of moon

Chapter 17 Border town

Chapter 18 Elder Qingxue

Chapter 19 Caring subordinate

Chapter 20 Blood Devil Ancestor

Chapter 21 Wood carving heart

Chapter 22 Fairyland

Chapter 23 Xuanyuan Trust

Chapter 24 Go side by side

Chapter 25 The following guilty

Chapter 26 Reorganize the Sect

Chapter 27 The book will doze off

Chapter 28 Shit

Chapter 29 Viper Beauty

Chapter 30 Go deeper

Chapter 31 Tie a knot

Chapter 32 From heart to god

Chapter 33 Unexpected

Chapter 34 Full of pride

Chapter 35 The truth

Chapter 36 Fengshan Retreat

Chapter 37 Thirty years later

Chapter 38 Crane diver

Chapter 39 Iron rod

Chapter 40 Handsome guy who are you

Chapter 41 Second book

Chapter 42 See each other

Chapter 43 Burning the Celestial Lord

Chapter 44 Innate deity

Chapter 45 Disciple

Chapter 46 Lead the snake out of the hole

Chapter 47 Cross the sky

Chapter 48 Blooming

Chapter 49 Deny

Chapter 50 Lost sight

Chapter 51 Floating heart

Chapter 52 Reorganize the door

Chapter 53 Phantom flayer

Chapter 54 Unconsciousness

Chapter 55 I was late

Chapter 56 Return of the Demon Lord

Chapter 57 The deity allows

Chapter 58 All are fixed numbers

Chapter 59 Advance and retreat together

Chapter 60 What is infatuation

Chapter 61 Will count

Chapter 62 Unhappy

Chapter 63 Into the soul

Chapter 64 Yun Kaiyueming

Chapter 65 Take a drink

Chapter 66 Causality

Chapter 67 Learning mentality

Chapter 68 Be in Baoshan

Chapter 69 Gossip

Chapter 70 Everything is ready

Chapter 71 Unyielding

Chapter 72 Meridian Lock Soul

Chapter 73 Re-entry

Chapter 74 Prosperous times

Chapter 75 Old scars

Chapter 76 My awu

Chapter 77 The war is coming

Chapter 78 Hide dirt

Chapter 79 He Wenchao died

Chapter 80 Burning Book Fairy

Chapter 81 End of full text

~ Fanwai ten years later