Flirt [Interstellar]
Flirt [Interstellar]
Novel Summary
Lin Yi lived to thirty-five years old in his previous life. He became famous when he was young and arrogant by nature. He sang and acted as well. He died just as he was about to win the Grand Slam of various awards. Open your eyes again, Lin Yi is already in the interstellar age, has become a fragile omega that can be deceived and has lost fertility. At the Star Network press conference, the reporter cited Qin Nuo, the strongest Marshal of the Empire, as an example, contemptuously and disparaged: “A low-grade omega like you can’t stand by the Marshal in this life, right?” Lin Yi’s eyes drooped slightly, and his lips slowly opened: “Are you going to make a bet?” 1. Su Zhitian was attacked by CP and eccentric abstinence
2. Sweet and refreshing text in StarCraft Entertainment.
3. ABO background, but the protagonist does not have children. Content tags: the favorite of heaven entertainment circle sweet text cool text
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