Global Refuge: I Open a Factory In the End Times
Global Refuge: I Open a Factory In the End Times
Novel Summary
[Subscribe with confidence, the guarantee is complete! 】 Unlimited upgrades for the safe house! Is [Simple Wooden Safe House] upgraded to [Doomsday Bunker]? Top food processor! Is 【Contaminated Water】purified as 【Kona Salt Brine】? Cutting edge technology factory! Is [Rough Cloth Robot] upgraded to [Nanotech Robot]? Su Heng: I want it all! The system is close to you, and you can easily become the ultimate winner in the apocalypse!
Chapter List

Chapter 1 Doomsday

Chapter 2 Doomsday Survival System

Chapter 3 food processor

Chapter 4 human nature

Chapter 5 Count the harvest and eat the meat!

Chapter 6 Exchange

Chapter 7 5 Fragrant Rabbit Broth

Chapter 8 Safe house structure

Chapter 9 Doomsday Camera

Chapter 10 Take a long-term view

Chapter 11 the existence of a copy

Chapter 12 Doomsday Observer

Chapter 13 Iron Armored Working Robot

Chapter 14 Regional channel

Chapter 15 Material collection

Chapter 16 Price from sitting on the ground

Chapter 17 The Road to Grain

Chapter 18 Knife Master

Chapter 19 hard work

Chapter 20 Disaster Alert!

Chapter 21 Countdown to Disaster

Chapter 22 Top class live room

Chapter 23 The brilliance of humanity!

Chapter 24 Inventory of materials

Chapter 25 Yuntongtuo

Chapter 26 Samsung alien beast!

Chapter 27 Yanyuehu

Chapter 28 Premium Silver Chest

Chapter 29 dry goods anchor

Chapter 30 The power of science is too great

Chapter 31 I watch the live broadcast in the last

Chapter 32 May I ask you graduated from? Provinci

Chapter 33 Whoever replaces who is a big injustic

Chapter 34 1 day before disaster strikes

Chapter 35 disaster is coming

Chapter 36 This snow is poisonous!

Chapter 37 Special sweeping method

Chapter 38 Li Sike's Proof

Chapter 39 Disaster Snow Grenade

Chapter 40 When it's time to be cruel, don't be s

Chapter 41 Is it useful to others?

Chapter 42 Potentially dangerous

Chapter 43 Advanced technical drawings!

Chapter 44 Premium food

Chapter 45 thoughtful

Chapter 46 Magical disaster snow

Chapter 47 material energy

Chapter 48 borrow equipment

Chapter 49 1 hand guarantee

Chapter 50 Sweeping tool person

Chapter 51 The last day of the disaster

Chapter 52 ready to go

Chapter 53 Contradictions between live broadcasts

Chapter 54 Set off! Airdrop Scramble!

Chapter 55 Stealth with full buff

Chapter 56 confrontation

Chapter 57 0 steps to wear Yang

Chapter 58 If you don't have the strength, don't

Chapter 59 Never give in!

Chapter 60 Weather, location, people and people

Chapter 61 fruitful

Chapter 62 Fruitful (2)

Chapter 63 Mineral vein resource map

Chapter 64 2 tasks

Chapter 65 What kind of big family is this?

Chapter 66 [This is the tenth day of your existen

Chapter 67 Built! Farm Shed!

Chapter 68 Is this mine reasonable?

Chapter 69 Benefit

Chapter 70 Firearms are born!

Chapter 71 underestimate him

Chapter 72 Silver Spirit Water appeared, shaking

Chapter 73 Firearms in hand

Chapter 74 【Fine Food Processor】

~ Dads! Come in and take a look!

Chapter 75 Take a relaxing bath

Chapter 76 copy task

Chapter 77 Important information

Chapter 78 Recruit again!

Chapter 79 Crit!

Chapter 80 Set off!

Chapter 81 Human ancestors

Chapter 82 run!

Chapter 83 Sea of ​​Snakes

Chapter 84 T five helmets

Chapter 85 Copy of customs clearance

Chapter 86 explore, gain

Chapter 87 Harvest!

Chapter 88 dark night

Chapter 89 Isn't it fifty-five?

Chapter 90 Doomsday Power Absorber

Chapter 91 Active transaction

Chapter 92 Absolute status Jin Lingshui

Chapter 93 Diesel generator, done!

Chapter 94 This is the fourteenth day of your exi

Chapter 95 Consolidate the safe house

Chapter 96 Current population three/five

Chapter 97 Is this photo reasonable?

Chapter 98 Infrastructure Development

~ leave today

Chapter 99 drainage

Chapter 100 Predicting disasters, germinating capi

Chapter 101 Dark Horse K Team

Chapter 102 Glock 17 design drawings

Chapter 103 Third Disaster Alert

Chapter 104 mission completed!

Chapter 105 The last night of the disaster

Chapter 106 Disaster last night (2)

Chapter 107 This is the twentieth day of your exis

Chapter 108 The shelter is broken

Chapter 109 Astronaut

Chapter 110 What kind of tyrant are you?

Chapter 111 why save me

Chapter 112 Alien Creatures (Quad K)

Chapter 113 Airdrop coordinates (four k)

Chapter 114 Strategic Plan (Quad K)

Chapter 115 The 2nd Airdrop Battle! (four k)

Chapter 116 Green pupil (four k)

Chapter 117 Weeds and roots (four k)

Chapter 118 Tech Buildings (4k)

Chapter 119 Does anyone really get 0 eggs?

Chapter 120 Honey Juice Confidence (4k)

Chapter 121 One-horned silverback (four k)

Chapter 122 There is nothing in the world (four k)

Chapter 123 3 creatures (quad k)

Chapter 124 Mysterious computer room (four k)

Chapter 125 Alien Tracking (Quad)

Chapter 126 Please enter the urn (four k)

Chapter 127 Who among you wants to take a shower?

~ Say 1 FD

Chapter 128 Booty (Quad K)

Chapter 129 Grim Reaper (4k)

Chapter 130 Acid rain lasting seven days (quadk)

Chapter 131 0 miles to send the car (four k)

Chapter 132 Rank 1 Big Brother (4K)

Chapter 133 Expedition! (four k)

Chapter 134 Elite Alien (Quad K)

Chapter 135 Seriously injured! (four k)

Chapter 136 Survival in a desperate situation (fou

Chapter 137 Expand your worldview

Chapter 138 Rare grade food processor

Chapter 139 Local tyrants use water

Chapter 140 Material Converter

Chapter 141 Infrastructure plan

Chapter 142 Mole Squad

Chapter 143 Rat eradication action!

Chapter 144 Population rises again!

Chapter 145 You have to count as a work injury

Chapter 146 Equivalent exchange

Chapter 147 gravel conversion

Chapter 148 [Conversion completed]

Chapter 149 Yue Pao on behalf of Zuo

Chapter 150 The fourth round of disaster warning

Chapter 151 Death is coming

Chapter 152 Rigorous research report

Chapter 153 real data survey

Chapter 154 General Ridge

Chapter 155 mouth hi male biss

Chapter 156 Boss! Let's cooperate!

Chapter 157 Statement of apology

Chapter 158 Leaked by the exchange

~ Ask for leave

Chapter 159 [Review + Summary + Ending]