God Level Recovery System Instantly Upgrades to 999 (Recycle System Upgrades Instantly)
God Level Recovery System Instantly Upgrades to 999 (Recycle System Upgrades Instantly)
Novel Summary
This novel is also known as Recycle System Upgrades Instantly“Didi! A corpse of Primordial Tyrannosaurus can be recovered to get 1,000,000 strengthening points. Will it be recovered?” “Recycle!” “Didi! You used 100,000 strengthening points, and your cultivation level began to improve. One star…two stars…three stars…” “You used 100,000 enhancement points for a lottery draw!” “Obtain the supreme martial arts——【Nine Sun Magic Art】!” “Get the ancient battle to defeat the Buddha’s magical soldiers-the wishful golden hoop!” “Get the best martial arts of the heavenly rank-[Eighteen Palms of Jianglong]!” “Get an ancient beast——White Tiger!” “…” Su Ba, a fighting master who fought all over the world in his previous life, accidentally traveled through another world, determined to pursue the pinnacle of martial arts. The system is in hand, all recycled! Since then, his legend has been kept on the road to becoming stronger!
Chapter List

Chapter 1 One-click recovery system!

Chapter 2 The supreme martial arts, nine sun magic

Chapter 3 Don't force it too much!

Chapter 4 Master, don't be insulted!

Chapter 5 The college will expel me!

Chapter 6 Enrollment assessment!

Chapter 7 I'm here to participate in the assessmen

Chapter 8 Dad is waiting!

Chapter 9 I'm so confused!

Chapter 10 The gaffey admissions deacon!

Chapter 11 Go ahead!

Chapter 12 Terrible regret!

Chapter 13 Deacons scrambling!

Chapter 14 I choose Yunmeng Wufu!

Chapter 15 Fearless!

Chapter 16 Dog Food for Roaring Dogs!

Chapter 17 Inexplicable puppy!

Chapter 18 Qin Jiuyue

Chapter 19 Garbage man!

Chapter 20 I want to die, don't stop you!

Chapter 21 Palm!

Chapter 22 You are destined to be disappointed!

Chapter 23 Advanced assessment!

Chapter 24 Pass the first hurdle in a flash!

Chapter 25 The passing will never come back!

Chapter 26 New record!

Chapter 27 Bad comer!

Chapter 28 Obediently wash your neck and wait!

Chapter 29 Are you caring about me

Chapter 30 Open the acupuncture points, the strengt

Chapter 31 Ancient magic weapon, wishful golden cud

Chapter 32 Samsung pinnacle!

Chapter 33 Kill a fifth-level beast with one stick!

Chapter 34 I'll accept it if you don't want it!

Chapter 35 very scary!

Chapter 36 The ranking battle begins!

Chapter 37 Teach you how to be a man!

Chapter 38 Who will go first!

Chapter 39 What you think is too simple!

Chapter 40 This is what you asked for!

Chapter 41 Be the first!

Chapter 42 Unscrupulous!

Chapter 43 Dahuang sticks, Xia Hang is going crazy!

Chapter 44 Created a miracle!

Chapter 45 Inventory the harvest, a lot of strength

Chapter 46 Four-star peak, 20,000 catties of power!

Chapter 47 Xia Hang is visiting, invited by the inn

Chapter 48 I want to make alchemy, shocking Xia Han

Chapter 49 The epiphany is hard to find!

Chapter 50 List of outstanding people in the inner

Chapter 51 The first battle in the inner government

Chapter 52 Disciples of the Jiefangbang, are you ve

Chapter 53 Do not mind if you call me a tyrant!

Chapter 54 Set a small goal, first in the house wit

Chapter 55 Pill Pavilion, alchemy talent test!

Chapter 56 Elder Hu's shock!

Chapter 57 Apprentice, Elder Hu is overjoyed!

Chapter 58 Is it looking for smoke?

Chapter 59 The twenty-eighth list of outstanding pe

Chapter 60 Artistic conception, sorry I have it too

Chapter 61 See you once and beat you once!

Chapter 62 Su Ba's wicked name!

Chapter 63 Elder Hu smiled openly!

Chapter 64 For the first time, Elder Hu was stupefi

Chapter 65 Is this kind of alchemy something human

Chapter 66 Children of the Su family, the family is

Chapter 67 The mysterious old man in black rushes t

Chapter 68 You grandson, you robbed my apprentice!

Chapter 69 The confrontation between the two elders

Chapter 70 The lord is here!

Chapter 71 Yunwu Mountain

Chapter 72 You want to collect protection fees from

Chapter 73 Are you taking advantage of it?

Chapter 74 Retribution!

Chapter 75 From the first to the sun

Chapter 76 Yunmeng Wufu, are all such perverts!

Chapter 77 Brother, just say it!

Chapter 78 The centuries-old Jingling flower is so

Chapter 79 100 consecutive draws, eyes of hell!

Chapter 80 Lord, stay!

Chapter 81 Leave things, get out!

Chapter 82 Is this guy the devil!

Chapter 83 Tongue hell!

Chapter 84 The power of Su Ba!

Chapter 85 New strength!

Chapter 86 Come out and die!

Chapter 87 Superhuman strength!

Chapter 88 Treat Liu Xiaotian as a stake!

Chapter 89 You are a bit weak!

Chapter 90 I'm here again!

Chapter 91 Worship me as a teacher and have everyth

Chapter 92 Sorry, I can't do it!

Chapter 93 Give you a month!

Chapter 94 Boundless Gathering Yuan Gong, True Yuan

Chapter 95 Desperate, eighth on the list!

Chapter 96 Three masters in the inner palace!

Chapter 97 The first position, it's time to give up

Chapter 98 The goddess is here!

Chapter 99 The sound of heartbreak!

Chapter 100 Inner government assessment, start!

Chapter 101 I know I am more handsome than you!

Chapter 102 Su Ba, it's you!

Chapter 103 A hundred bells dance together, shocking

Chapter 104 There is no harm without comparison!

Chapter 105 Speed ​​test!

Chapter 106 Competition of several masters!

Chapter 107 I know it after you compare it!

Chapter 108 Isn't my shen good enough?

Chapter 109 Win the first prize again!

Chapter 110 Noisy!

Chapter 111 What a weapon against you!

Chapter 112 Has your brain collapsed!

Chapter 113 Did you not eat?

Chapter 114 One hundred thousand catties of huge pow

Chapter 115 I served it!

Chapter 116 Wen Tianyu, declare war!

Chapter 117 Su Ba VS Wen Tianyu!

Chapter 118 Twists and turns!

Chapter 119 Do you think you have won me!

Chapter 120 Scissors hell!

Chapter 121 Be merciful!

Chapter 122 The first person in the palace!

Chapter 123 Local vulgar martial arts!

Chapter 124 Harvest!

Chapter 125 In the early days of the Great Competiti

Chapter 126 look forward to!

Chapter 127 Bizarre disappearance!

Chapter 128 Target person!

Chapter 129 The fox's tail is showing!

Chapter 130 Will count!

Chapter 131 Let you install it for a while!

Chapter 132 acting!

Chapter 133 A actor-level character!

Chapter 134 You are the first to kill!

Chapter 135 The illusion of the dragon!

Chapter 136 It's up to you!

Chapter 137 Do you think I am in the early six-star

Chapter 138 Violent and wounded!

Chapter 139 Torture!

Chapter 140 Shocked everyone!

Chapter 141 People in the mysterious ruins!

Chapter 142 The wounded saint of Thunder Dragon Sect

Chapter 143 Mysterious Continent is secret!

Chapter 144 The opportunity is here!

Chapter 145 How can this be!

Chapter 146 Change of attitude!

Chapter 147 I remember you!

Chapter 148 100 consecutive draws, a spiral of stren

Chapter 149 War Wolf Wufu is visiting!

Chapter 150 The smell of gunpowder!

Chapter 151 The arrogant Wei Tiancheng!

Chapter 152 too weak!

Chapter 153 Let's go together!

Chapter 154 Let me talk after you hit it!

Chapter 155 Wrong!

Chapter 156 Are you calling me!

Chapter 157 what a pity!

Chapter 158 Who gave you the courage to be presumptu

Chapter 159 Deterred!

Chapter 160 Hope not to be disappointed!

Chapter 161 Are we friends!

Chapter 162 Su Ba's coldness!

Chapter 163 Happy spring breeze!

Chapter 164 Let me introduce you to my proud discipl

Chapter 165 Just wait and see!

Chapter 166 I want to remember my name, I'll say it

Chapter 167 Who will die first!

Chapter 168 A look!

Chapter 169 Kill streak!

Chapter 170 This is terrible!

Chapter 171 Make you tremble under my feet!

Chapter 172 Incredible!

Chapter 173 A bunch of waste!

Chapter 174 Xiaocheng is not enough, then Dacheng!

Chapter 175 The first chief of the three domestic go

Chapter 176 Challenge Sun Yue!

Chapter 177 Make a death awareness!

Chapter 178 appetizer!

Chapter 179 decisive battle!

Chapter 180 Witnessing the rise of the king!

Chapter 181 Rise to fame!

Chapter 182 The way to make money!

Chapter 183 Get it!

Chapter 184 The posterity is awesome!

Chapter 185 Lots of resources!

Chapter 186 The pinnacle of the Eight-Star Grand Mas

Chapter 187 On the eve of the Leilongzong enrollment

Chapter 188 Thunder Dragon City!

Chapter 189 Qin Jiuyue's mind!

Chapter 190 conflict!

Chapter 191 Pick me up!

Chapter 192 A bit arrogant capital!

Chapter 193 Not always!

Chapter 194 It's just that!

Chapter 195 Slap yourself!

Chapter 196 Crotch is cool and crooked!

Chapter 197 Fame is revealed!

Chapter 198 great power!

Chapter 199 Four masters of the Eastern Region!

Chapter 200 Come from Thunder Dragon Sect!

Chapter 201 Selection rules!

Chapter 202 Enter the magic array!

Chapter 203 Unlucky child!

Chapter 204 Could it be him?

Chapter 205 What's the difference!

Chapter 206 Are you strong!

Chapter 207 I have never seen such a silly beep like

Chapter 208 Chase!

Chapter 209 I'm coming!

Chapter 210 too weak!

Chapter 211 Zongmen's top talent potential!

Chapter 212 Blessed Junior Brother Su!

Chapter 213 Come to bully people when you get better

Chapter 214 Qianyuan true dragon!

Chapter 215 Not many people are ruthless!

Chapter 216 One enemy two!

Chapter 217 Defeated Shen Tian Kuang!

Chapter 218 Appreciation of Su Ba!

Chapter 219 Take my last resort!

Chapter 220 Unmatched!

Chapter 221 Qin Bang, just waiting for you!

Chapter 222 Annihilation!

Chapter 223 I want to defeat you, now!

Chapter 224 Four golden symbols!

Chapter 225 The assessment is over, topping the list

Chapter 226 Four big rewards!

Chapter 227 Your Royal Highness wants to see you!

Chapter 228 A sensation in the world!

Chapter 229 200 consecutive draws, the body of Thund

Chapter 230 The saint is here!

Chapter 231 Core disciple!

Chapter 232 Tang Ruoxi's shock!

Chapter 233 Thunder Dragon Scripture!

Chapter 234 Thunder and lightning!

Chapter 235 Perception is like a demon!

Chapter 236 It seems to see countless strengthening

Chapter 237 Super monster wave!

Chapter 238 Su Ba is back!

Chapter 239 Meet the emperor!

Chapter 240 Battle for survival!

Chapter 241 faith!

Chapter 242 You guys, just look at it!

Chapter 243 Kill with one blow!

Chapter 244 The real battle!

Chapter 245 Kill, kill!

Chapter 246 Kill the Quartet!

Chapter 247 Tenth-level monster black dragon python!

Chapter 248 Kill!

Chapter 249 I kindled hope!

Chapter 250 Three hundred thousand strengthening poi

Chapter 251 Soaring strength!

Chapter 252 Strange phenomenon!

Chapter 253 Arrogant disciple of Thunder Dragon Sect

Chapter 254 The so-called master!

Chapter 255 Don't show your hands!

Chapter 256 Don't panic!

Chapter 257 Ask your mother first!

Chapter 258 Twenty-eight dragon power, burst!

Chapter 259 Is that human being!

Chapter 260 Shame!

Chapter 261 Invincible!

Chapter 262 Get rich again!

Chapter 263 Thunder Dragon Sect, here I am!

Chapter 264 Down, Su Ba!

Chapter 265 What is this kid!

Chapter 266 What is Tianjiao!

Chapter 267 Be targeted!

Chapter 268 The troublemaker is coming!

Chapter 269 Senior characters!

Chapter 270 Would you like to be my registered disci

Chapter 271 Thunder Dragon Scripture is the second!

Chapter 272 On the eve of the Qizong Huiwu!

Chapter 273 Be here one after another!

Chapter 274 Talk is broken!

Chapter 275 Try to upgrade!

Chapter 276 The smell of gunpowder!

Chapter 277 Dare to compete with me!

Chapter 278 you succeeded!

Chapter 279 I really value myself!

Chapter 280 Hit the head!

Chapter 281 Quietly!

Chapter 282 Just beating!

Chapter 283 Too much deception!

Chapter 284 Let's move!

Chapter 285 The chick who owe to clean up!

Chapter 286 Feng Shui turns around!

Chapter 287 Alexander!

Chapter 288 Challenge true disciples!

Chapter 289 Let's do one by one!

Chapter 290 Concentration is the essence!

Chapter 291 Tianjiao, Su Ba!

Chapter 292 Tongue fights spin pill realm!

Chapter 293 Bong to the end!

Chapter 294 See how you fight!

Chapter 295 The fifth true disciple!

Chapter 296 Next one, who will come!

Chapter 297 You can't hide!

Chapter 298 Thunder Dragon Fist!

Chapter 299 Great opportunity!

Chapter 300 Chi Guoguo's face!

Chapter 301 It’s too late to give up!

Chapter 302 Is this your method!

Chapter 303 Suffering from gains and losses!

Chapter 304 The mysterious Jin Tianji!

Chapter 305 Not to worry!

Chapter 306 True dragon advancement!

Chapter 307 Jin Tianji is here!

Chapter 308 Two proposals!

Chapter 309 Propose marriage!

Chapter 310 Especially owing!

Chapter 311 The audience is stunned!

Chapter 312 This is what you forced me!

Chapter 313 impulse!

Chapter 314 Shocking discovery!

Chapter 315 You can't help yourself!

Chapter 316 Thunder Dragon roars!

Chapter 317 I still underestimated you!

Chapter 318 Oh my God!

Chapter 319 Too abnormal!

Chapter 320 Is this something the acquired realm can

Chapter 321 How strong is Su Ba!

Chapter 322 The ultimate battle!

Chapter 323 Shocked!

Chapter 324 I want to defeat you, you must be defeat

Chapter 325 You wait!

Chapter 326 You have no chance!

Chapter 327 Tell the truth!

Chapter 328 The evidence!

Chapter 329 Three questions!

Chapter 330 What else to say!

Chapter 331 Do you dare to threaten me!

Chapter 332 You old man, forget about things!

Chapter 333 Spirit boy!

Chapter 334 Campfire!

Chapter 335 The sought-after Su Ba!

Chapter 336 Dungeon!

Chapter 337 Great opportunity!

Chapter 338 Thunder Dragon blood!

Chapter 339 The time has come!

Chapter 340 Don't do stupid things!

Chapter 341 Go alone!

Chapter 342 The origin of thunder!

Chapter 343 Touch the power of the law!

Chapter 344 You really came!

Chapter 345 Take it out and open your eyes!

Chapter 346 The foolish Miao Hong!

Chapter 347 Dragon General!

Chapter 348 Temple spirit!

Chapter 349 Ultimate: Blood of Thunder Dragon King!

Chapter 350 Without Su Ba!

Chapter 351 Death notice!

Chapter 352 I do not believe!

Chapter 353 God jealous of talent!

Chapter 354 Invasion of the Black Dragon Sect!

Chapter 355 The heart is like a mirror!

Chapter 356 The news came out!

Chapter 357 conspiracy!

Chapter 358 Nine months!

Chapter 359 The first nine of the Thunder Dragon Scr

Chapter 360 Out!

Chapter 361 Su Ba is still alive!

Chapter 362 A powerful opportunity!

Chapter 363 roll!

Chapter 364 Are you trying to smoke me!

Chapter 365 bad!

Chapter 366 Brag!

Chapter 367 Did you hear me wrong?

Chapter 368 Say it one last time!

Chapter 369 crisis!

Chapter 370 Evil smile!

Chapter 371 Found!

Chapter 372 helpless!

Chapter 373 I'm coming!

Chapter 374 You can die!

Chapter 375 The belated tenderness!

Chapter 376 Embarrassing incident!

Chapter 377 It's time to settle the accounts!

Chapter 378 set off!

Chapter 379 You will not fool me!

Chapter 380 too naive!

Chapter 381 Come out and die!

Chapter 382 The audience is stunned!

Chapter 383 Who stops me again, die!

Chapter 384 Pack you, enough!

Chapter 385 Don't be merciful!

Chapter 386 The power of the law is first revealed!

Chapter 387 The audience was shocked!

Chapter 388 Why be so scared!

Chapter 389 Three things!

Chapter 390 Reverse scales!

Chapter 391 Aggressive!

Chapter 392 Red gold jade slip!

Chapter 393 The first nine of the Thunder Dragon Scr

Chapter 394 Shoot yourself in the foot!

Chapter 395 Is that human being!

Chapter 396 Blood contract!

Chapter 397 Would you like to marry Xier as his wife

Chapter 398 It's enough to have you!

Chapter 399 Go to the East China Sea!

Chapter 400 camouflage!

Chapter 401 Strength test!

Chapter 402 Next, you come!

Chapter 403 First-class fighter!

Chapter 404 Choose a team!

Chapter 405 Itinerary planning!

Chapter 406 head shot!

Chapter 407 Captain Shi Long!

Chapter 408 Strange phenomenon!

Chapter 409 Playing for the first time!

Chapter 410 Corpse Guard!

Chapter 411 Su Ba's ingenious shot!

Chapter 412 Blinded by everyone!

Chapter 413 How did you win

Chapter 414 The name of the headshot!

Chapter 415 he came!

Chapter 416 Fearful!

Chapter 417 Count the gains and improve your strengt

Chapter 418 Spin pill sub-products, proficient in fo

Chapter 419 Secret action!

Chapter 420 Secret Record of the Black Dragon King!

Chapter 421 Kill a chicken with a knife!

Chapter 422 Upheaval!

Chapter 423 Enter, black whirlpool!

Chapter 424 Bad premonition!

Chapter 425 Dilemma!

Chapter 426 Scream!

Chapter 427 Give you ten seconds!

Chapter 428 interesting!

Chapter 429 Who are you!

Chapter 430 He is a headshot!

Chapter 431 Fierce battle!

Chapter 432 Discoloration!

Chapter 433 Black Dragon Grimoire!

Chapter 434 This world is crazy!

Chapter 435 Admit it!

Chapter 436 Yuding Vine!

Chapter 437 Grey altar!

Chapter 438 Large teleportation circle!

Chapter 439 Out!

Chapter 440 The strong gather!

Chapter 441 Back to the whirlpool!

Chapter 442 Open the space boundary!

Chapter 443 Weird world rules!

Chapter 444 Weird forest!

Chapter 445 Tang Suyun!

Chapter 446 I'm so angry with you!

Chapter 447 Perilous!

Chapter 448 The first wave of deaths!

Chapter 449 Dragon Palace!

Chapter 450 Devil!

Chapter 451 Robbery and murder!

Chapter 452 kill!

Chapter 453 Who killed my son!

Chapter 454 I'm here!

Chapter 455 Turn on deaf ears!

Chapter 456 He is Su Ba!

Chapter 457 The late extinction pill realm!

Chapter 458 Is this really a human!

Chapter 459 Full-blown!

Chapter 460 Run away!

Chapter 461 Leave the big team!

Chapter 462 conspiracy!

Chapter 463 profit distribution!

Chapter 464 You are so ridiculous!

Chapter 465 Wait for me there!

Chapter 466 Save the ancient formation!

Chapter 467 Waiting for you!

Chapter 468 The truth is revealed!

Chapter 469 It was discovered!

Chapter 470 See you pleasing to the eye!

Chapter 471 Deceptive tactics!

Chapter 472 Yuding Vine!

Chapter 473 Frustrated!

Chapter 474 Don't have a hole in the sky!

Chapter 475 Crazy thoughts!

Chapter 476 Crazy piano demon!

Chapter 477 God helps me too!

Chapter 478 Heaven to hell!

Chapter 479 Yuding Vine got it!

Chapter 480 Who is it!

Chapter 481 Escape!

Chapter 482 Swallowing the jade vine, the strength i

Chapter 483 Go kill with me!

Chapter 484 Never seen such a silly!

Chapter 485 Kill Jin Xiangqing!

Chapter 486 Ten years of appointment!

Chapter 487 Central Continent!

Chapter 488 Just give an outer disciple a waist card

Chapter 489 Frog at the bottom of the well!

Chapter 490 Juyuan Tower!

Chapter 491 Condensed pill vision!

Chapter 492 The shock of everyone!

Chapter 493 The law of thunder, the power of destruc

Chapter 494 Force measurement stone!

Chapter 495 try again!

Chapter 496 Mingjing Yuzhu, test the strongest attac

Chapter 497 destroy!

Chapter 498 Crazy crazy!

Chapter 499 Helos cube!

Chapter 500 Moving clouds and flowing water!

Chapter 501 Continuous breakthrough!

Chapter 502 Hold your thigh!

Chapter 503 The storm swept!

Chapter 504 Let him fight!

Chapter 505 Initial promotion conference!

Chapter 506 He is Su Ba!

Chapter 507 Reborn!

Chapter 508 Qianlong out of the abyss!

Chapter 509 The seat of the son!

Chapter 510 Su Ba, you are willing!

Chapter 511 Chosen!

Chapter 512 One hand alone!

Chapter 513 Zongzi benefits and responsibilities!

Chapter 514 The first test!

Chapter 515 look forward to!

Chapter 516 Why don't you give it a go!

Chapter 517 problem occurs!

Chapter 518 Bet your life!

Chapter 519 Why not be my furnace!

Chapter 520 Always be kind to others!

Chapter 521 Powerful!

Chapter 522 If you don't want to die!

Chapter 523 conspiracy!

Chapter 524 Murder brewing!

Chapter 525 You can't break this game!

Chapter 526 Dazzling style!

Chapter 527 Siege!

Chapter 528 Hunted!

Chapter 529 The strongest move!

Chapter 530 Do not kill me!

Chapter 531 The overall situation is important!

Chapter 532 Don't be happy too early!

Chapter 533 It's all dead!

Chapter 534 Mountain of trophy!

Chapter 535 crestfallen!

Chapter 536 The fierce name resounds!

Chapter 537 Scared to death!

Chapter 538 Qiyun transforms into shape!

Chapter 539 Kuisheng, here comes!

Chapter 540 Unrealistic self-confidence!

Chapter 541 It's over!

Chapter 542 Storm is coming!

Chapter 543 Blood Fiend Valley!

Chapter 544 clamor!

Chapter 545 Feel free to punch!

Chapter 546 Shura City!

Chapter 547 I come!

Chapter 548 The head is flying!

Chapter 549 Who else!

Chapter 550 Who is he!

Chapter 551 He is Su Ba, the arrogant of Qianlong!

Chapter 552 Seven Shura!

Chapter 553 interesting!

Chapter 554 Hot mind!

Chapter 555 Come on the second floor!

Chapter 556 Pay attention to your eyes!

Chapter 557 he came!

Chapter 558 Go on!

Chapter 559 It's your attack, too weak!

Chapter 560 Stepping stones!

Chapter 561 Boring!

Chapter 562 Superiority!

Chapter 563 Excellent training field!

Chapter 564 Blood evil eight stars!

Chapter 565 It's time to be cured!

Chapter 566 It's on the verge!

Chapter 567 Punch!

Chapter 568 See you in seven days!

Chapter 569 reward!

Chapter 570 acquaintance!

Chapter 571 Xiongtai is Su Ba!

Chapter 572 Little suggestion!

Chapter 573 Sniper!

Chapter 574 Just come on!

Chapter 575 Between talking and laughing, the stalki

Chapter 576 Is there anyone to challenge!

Chapter 577 There is no surrender, only life and dea

Chapter 578 Absolute power!

Chapter 579 What's wrong with you!

Chapter 580 Isn't it good to live an extra day!

Chapter 581 Battle day!

Chapter 582 Rule of destruction!

Chapter 583 Just come!

Chapter 584 The rising momentum!

Chapter 585 Yama, die!

Chapter 586 Not a good crop!

Chapter 587 Shura Avenue!

Chapter 588 Mysterious blood crystal!

Chapter 589 Up to three floors!

Chapter 590 Seven masters of Shura!

Chapter 591 Not for sale!

Chapter 592 Law practice field!

Chapter 593 Do you think you win?

Chapter 594 You will not feel painful!

Chapter 595 Su Ba kid!

Chapter 596 Leaving is a scourge!

Chapter 597 Still abuse you like a dog!

Chapter 598 Unfortunately, you are dead!

Chapter 599 good very good!

Chapter 600 The fear of the tower owner!

Chapter 601 The power of the law soars!

Chapter 602 How to defeat me!

Chapter 603 If 30% is not enough, then now!

Chapter 604 Let me go!

Chapter 605 Kenley!

Chapter 606 Ancient blood pit!

Chapter 607 Get out if you don't agree!

Chapter 608 Rating!

Chapter 609 Enter Shura Space!

Chapter 610 Like a broken bamboo!

Chapter 611 Emperor Tianjiao, Su Ba!

Chapter 612 Come from Asura Tower!

Chapter 613 Wait a minute!

Chapter 614 A lot of bullshit!

Chapter 615 conspiracy!

Chapter 616 Shura domain!

Chapter 617 One hundred days!

Chapter 618 First in ten thousand years!

Chapter 619 IQ in a hurry!

Chapter 620 Master is lonely!

Chapter 621 Don't regret it!

Chapter 622 Crazy promotion!

Chapter 623 The final reward!

Chapter 624 Time to go out!

Chapter 625 The banned air array is invalid!

Chapter 626 Kill streak!

Chapter 627 The shock of everyone!

Chapter 628 You are Su Ba!

Chapter 629 Qianyuan Pagoda Master!

Chapter 630 What is arrogance!

Chapter 631 Battle day!

Chapter 632 Just let it go!

Chapter 633 What do you do for body training, isn't

Chapter 634 Field, is it amazing!

Chapter 635 kneel!

Chapter 636 Chang Hao is different!

Chapter 637 How can this be!

Chapter 638 Fighting spirit!

Chapter 639 Just leave like this!

Chapter 640 Fight Qianyuan!

Chapter 641 Alien!

Chapter 642 This seat will kill you!

Chapter 643 Without further ado!

Chapter 644 Is that human being!

Chapter 645 Go to **** when you finish talking!

Chapter 646 The youngest tower owner in history!

Chapter 647 Everyone is shocked!

Chapter 648 A lot of wealth!

Chapter 649 Fire Demon Tower Master!

Chapter 650 Two choices!

Chapter 651 The main tower master's order!

Chapter 652 The means behind!

Chapter 653 lead the way!

Chapter 654 camouflage!

Chapter 655 time is limited!

Chapter 656 If there is no turnaround, come hard!

Chapter 657 The opportunity is here!

Chapter 658 The breath of luck!

Chapter 659 The battle of luck!

Chapter 660 The way forward!

Chapter 661 Metamorphosis!

Chapter 662 select!

Chapter 663 Exciting moment!

Chapter 664 Crossing the Gods and the Thunder Tribul

Chapter 665 Peerless style!

Chapter 666 Just send him on the road!

Chapter 667 The King Realm appointed by God!

Chapter 668 Is crossing the robbery like this?

Chapter 669 Give me someone!

Chapter 670 I control my own life!

Chapter 671 Walk for the sky!

Chapter 672 You dare!

Chapter 673 This is Sun Monkey’s magic weapon!

Chapter 674 East Continent, here I am!

Chapter 675 Big brother Wei Biao!

Chapter 676 Wei Biao's incredible!

Chapter 677 got the message!

Chapter 678 Feast of killing!

Chapter 679 I am back!

Chapter 680 Happy to everyone!

Chapter 681 long time no see!

Chapter 682 Lonely pride!

Chapter 683 Stop me, die!

Chapter 684 Spike!

Chapter 685 See how much strength you can force me!

Chapter 686 Climbing!

Chapter 687 The last resort!

Chapter 688 The killing begins!

Chapter 689 Go and see the outside world!

Chapter 690 Battle of Destiny!

Chapter 691 acquaintance!

Chapter 692 The gap is too big!

Chapter 693 Unspeakable happiness!

Chapter 694 Is it destined to fall!

Chapter 695 Enter the top list!

Chapter 696 Into the rain forest!

Chapter 697 The powerful effect of dog food!

Chapter 698 Conquer!

Chapter 699 The eve of the Battle of the Destiny!

Chapter 700 All directions are moving!

Chapter 701 Time to hunt!

Chapter 702 The ranking soared!

Chapter 703 Here comes the fault!

Chapter 704 Xue Xing!

Chapter 705 Just now, fight!

Chapter 706 It seems cruel!

Chapter 707 Terrible young man in red!

Chapter 708 End the countdown!

Chapter 709 second stage!

Chapter 710 Remember, stay away from him!

Chapter 711 Invincible!

Chapter 712 It's me!

Chapter 713 Liwei!

Chapter 714 Scalp tingling!

Chapter 715 Celebrate the whole family!

Chapter 716 The final stage!

Chapter 717 Opportunity to make money!

Chapter 718 Who is the real fool!

Chapter 719 Shocking scene!

Chapter 720 Bloodthirsty Sage!

Chapter 721 Three breaths!

Chapter 722 The world's first flourishing age!

Chapter 723 Inner obsession!

Chapter 724 Stomped to death!

Chapter 725 The shock of everyone!

Chapter 726 Accept the verdict!

Chapter 727 Do not be afraid!

Chapter 728 Surprise!

Chapter 729 Wait!

Chapter 730 You can't kill me!

Chapter 731 Invincible posture!

Chapter 732 Yes, let's start!

Chapter 733 Confused everyone!

Chapter 734 No need to waste time!

Chapter 735 Waves of shock!

Chapter 736 Big big big!

Chapter 737 Have you won!

Chapter 738 The legendary spirit soldier?

Chapter 739 Would you like to follow the old man as

Chapter 740 salute!

Chapter 741 Gift from the mainland!

Chapter 742 Something scary!

Chapter 743 Strength has improved!

Chapter 744 Supreme Tiandan!

Chapter 745 Rely on you

Chapter 746 The next battle book!

Chapter 747 It turned out to be brother!

Chapter 748 wait for me!

Chapter 749 Enlighten the wall!

Chapter 750 Screaming dog!

Chapter 751 Have not experienced the severe beating

Chapter 752 Is Su Ba still the great master of forma

Chapter 753 Promise Secret Realm

Chapter 754 Wipe your nose first

Chapter 755 Dragon image!

Chapter 756 Strange Su Ba

Chapter 757 Last three months

Chapter 758 I saw!

Chapter 759 Wanlong worships, the beast Qinglong!

Chapter 760 You can be so confident

Chapter 761 Supernatural powers, nine changes of She

Chapter 762 Battle spirit evolution!

Chapter 763 Two plans!

Chapter 764 Reminiscence

Chapter 765 Plans to return to Asura Tower!

Chapter 766 Li Linger

Chapter 767 trouble!

Chapter 768 Why don't you let you three hundred move

Chapter 769 Just want to leave!

Chapter 770 Don't be funny!

Chapter 771 Mysterious black robe man!

Chapter 772 Time is up!

Chapter 773 You are Su Ba!

Chapter 774 The power of Su Ba!

Chapter 775 Three on Shura Avenue!

Chapter 776 Shura!

Chapter 777 war!

Chapter 778 Strong enemy!

Chapter 779 time is limited!

Chapter 780 I can not do it!

Chapter 781 The ultimate form of the Shura domain!

Chapter 782 Amazing news!

Chapter 783 Don't stay here for long!

Chapter 784 The abnormality of the snarling dog!

Chapter 785 Open the Qibao Glazed Pagoda!

Chapter 786 Two things!

Chapter 787 baby!

Chapter 788 Robbery homeopathy!

Chapter 789 Dead end!

Chapter 790 Good people, good people!

Chapter 791 The peak of the kingdom!

Chapter 792 The eve of the decisive battle!

Chapter 793 The shock of everyone!

Chapter 794 set off!

Chapter 795 The day of the decisive battle has attra

Chapter 796 You are coming!

Chapter 797 This is impossible!

Chapter 798 The power of a stick!

Chapter 799 Incredible!

Chapter 800 Is it almost over!

Chapter 801 Fusion of laws!

Chapter 802 Perfect!

Chapter 803 Can't afford to lose!

Chapter 804 Maya's arrogance!

Chapter 805 Su Ba's ultimate means!

Chapter 806 Bloody sky!

Chapter 807 Mad Emperor, Su Ba!

Chapter 808 You have to pay it back when you come ou

Chapter 809 Just about to move!

Chapter 810 Single dog!

Chapter 811 The crisis is coming!

Chapter 812 The evil beast is coming!

Chapter 813 Something happened!

Chapter 814 Urgent assembly!

Chapter 815 The shock of the snarling dog!

Chapter 816 Black Dragon King!

Chapter 817 To shut up!

Chapter 818 Duty!

Chapter 819 A born king!

Chapter 820 Crowdfunding!

Chapter 821 plan!

Chapter 822 Swallow Tianyuan Colorful Fruit!

Chapter 823 The assembly is complete!

Chapter 824 Have you won!

Chapter 825 work hard together!

Chapter 826 Dragon King Trial!

Chapter 827 disaster!

Chapter 828 Don't blame me for being polite!

Chapter 829 Ben emperor, give you death!

Chapter 830 The reputation increased!

Chapter 831 720 points, open!

Chapter 832 Exit!

Chapter 833 Who would accompany me to hell!

Chapter 834 Fight to the death!

Chapter 835 Humble man!

Chapter 836 Take advantage of your carelessness, kil

Chapter 837 Good show, start!

Chapter 838 Crazy Black Dragon King!

Chapter 839 Great World Wall, open!

Chapter 840 Desire, obsession!

Chapter 841 Time, reverse!

Chapter 842 System repair and upgrade!

Chapter 843 A different world!

Chapter 844 Two things!

Chapter 845 Kneel down to I!

Chapter 846 Who are you!

Chapter 847 Shocked everyone!

Chapter 848 Unintentionally inserting willows into s

Chapter 849 B-level strong, is it strong!

Chapter 850 Xiao Nizi, practice more!

Chapter 851 Regarding the problem of repair and upgr

Chapter 852 Triggered by a top-grade real yuan stone

Chapter 853 At your own risk!

Chapter 854 Get off the horse!

Chapter 855 Dead liar!

Chapter 856 Invincible, I don't like to hear these w

Chapter 857 Three seconds later, send you on the roa

Chapter 858 Kyushu mainland dense!

Chapter 859 Different Wang Xiaoyi!

Chapter 860 Body of Nine Yin!

Chapter 861 Are you teaching me to do things!

Chapter 862 Start-up capital!

Chapter 863 Great mopping up!

Chapter 864 Amazing spirit!

Chapter 865 Strength test!

Chapter 866 In the blink of an eye, people are gone!

Chapter 867 Top Tier 5 monster!

Chapter 868 You move her, try!

Chapter 869 In this life, we are friends

Chapter 870 stay away from me!

Chapter 871 Su Ba, you still don't admit it!

Chapter 872 Zheng Jian's shock!

Chapter 873 What a courage!

Chapter 874 Confused!

Chapter 875 Brother can also be called by you!

Chapter 876 The language is amazing!

Chapter 877 I am enough!

Chapter 878 S-level powerhouse!

Chapter 879 Buy homicide!

Chapter 880 take away!

Chapter 881 Your number is gone!

Chapter 882 How many people came out to die!

Chapter 883 Will not let you die simply!

Chapter 884 reconciled

Chapter 885 Do you like this miracle

Chapter 886 The message of the interstate contest!

Chapter 887 Who do you think you are!

Chapter 888 At a loss!

Chapter 889 Wang Family Patriarch!

Chapter 890 I'm afraid I'll kill you by accident!

Chapter 891 join the team!

Chapter 892 Amazing discovery!

Chapter 893 Plan afterwards!

Chapter 894 Supervisor organization headquarters

Chapter 895 Just stand on the spot!

Chapter 896 Am I going to be gone!

Chapter 897 Arrived in Muzhou!

Chapter 898 What to do if you starve to death!

Chapter 899 Why are the flowers so red!

Chapter 900 You better change the place!

Chapter 901 No credit!

Chapter 902 A little bit cold!

Chapter 903 You can die!

Chapter 904 They are too weak!

Chapter 905 I heard you are the trump card!

Chapter 906 My heart sank!

Chapter 907 Play abuse!

Chapter 908 Shaking feet!

Chapter 909 Endless!

Chapter 910 Extermination!

Chapter 911 Crazy Mon Ho!

Chapter 912 The Meng family is destroyed, a huge sto

Chapter 913 The eve of the Shuizhou Interstate Compe

Chapter 914 Meet your teammates, the rules of the co

Chapter 915 The day of the game!

Chapter 916 Have we seen it!

Chapter 917 within Temptation!

Chapter 918 Patience is limited!

Chapter 919 this one!

Chapter 920 Think about it!

Chapter 921 Brother tyrants blow up!

Chapter 922 Wuhu, take off!

Chapter 923 Shocking shadow!

Chapter 924 You seem to be very confident!

Chapter 925 The mantis catches the cicada!

Chapter 926 The siskin is behind!

Chapter 927 Scratch your face and beat and kill!

Chapter 928 Points to send home!

Chapter 929 This world is crazy!

Chapter 930 Developed!

Chapter 931 Post-match benefits!

Chapter 932 You guys, wait a minute!

Chapter 933 Behavior, revealing weirdness!

Chapter 934 Can't escape the palm of the devil!

Chapter 935 Closed little world!

Chapter 936 Mozu!

Chapter 937 Slave India!

Chapter 938 Generous!

Chapter 939 luck!

Chapter 940 No need to be suppressed!

Chapter 941 marriage!

Chapter 942 Determined heart!

Chapter 943 My heart belongs!

Chapter 944 Strength does not allow low-key!

Chapter 945 Are you confused!

Chapter 946 Simple and rude!

Chapter 947 I lied to you without discussing it!

Chapter 948 Gorgeous crit!

Chapter 949 Finally going to the fairy world!

Chapter 950 A big wave of strengthening points!

Chapter 951 All aspects of attribute analysis!

Chapter 952 Twenty-eight new star selection contest!

Chapter 953 Strengthening points delivered to your d

Chapter 954 Ultimate strength, achievement rewards!

Chapter 955 This is a real boss!

Chapter 956 Let three tricks, you are sure!

Chapter 957 Fighting Peak!

Chapter 958 Really witty!

Chapter 959 as you wish!

Chapter 960 Soaring combat power!

Chapter 961 Challenge peak, is about to compete!

Chapter 962 Much attention!

Chapter 963 Let you run forty meters!

Chapter 964 Soaring ranking!

Chapter 965 The boss is here!

Chapter 966 Open your eyes!

Chapter 967 War books!

Chapter 968 You can not!

Chapter 969 Super enhanced!

Chapter 970 Experience mission!

Chapter 971 You are free, I have no objection!

Chapter 972 Stand up for Xiaoye!

Chapter 973 Little trash!

Chapter 974 Anti-General!

Chapter 975 How are you all right!

Chapter 976 Little bugs!

Chapter 977 Than lasting, can you!

Chapter 978 Smirk!

Chapter 979 In the dark!

Chapter 980 The ninth saint of Taoism!

Chapter 981 Uncle tolerable, aunt can't tolerate!

Chapter 982 Buy buy buy!

Chapter 983 The First Son of Dao Sect is here!

Chapter 984 Undercurrent surging!

Chapter 985 qualifications!

Chapter 986 a kiss!

Chapter 987 Everything is ready!

Chapter 988 More than talent, insufficient IQ!

Chapter 989 Unlock, strengthen it!

Chapter 990 I'm too lazy to play with you!

Chapter 991 Xitian, Da Leiyin Temple!

Chapter 992 Brain supplement is terrible!

Chapter 993 Never open the door!

Chapter 994 Underworld ghost king, half holy!

Chapter 995 Smashed into flesh!

Chapter 996 The saint wants to accept disciples!

Chapter 997 There is no sincerity, I will do it myse

Chapter 998 Ghost heart is not ancient!

Chapter 999 Is it late!

Chapter 1000 So many enhancement points!

Chapter 1001 good pal!

Chapter 1002 Another three years

Chapter 1003 Just want to leave!

Chapter 1004 Stupefied to burst!

Chapter 1005 Much attention!

Chapter 1006 One move, one move!

Chapter 1007 Challenge again!

Chapter 1008 The idea of ​​clearance!

Chapter 1009 Different levels!

Chapter 1010 Eight changes!

Chapter 1011 Exposed!

Chapter 1012 The violent fight defeated the Buddha!

Chapter 1013 Special supernatural powers!

Chapter 1014 Two things

Chapter 1015 Rely on!

Chapter 1016 Choose!

Chapter 1017 Damn it!

Chapter 1018 Cross the void!

Chapter 1019 Zhu Bajie

Chapter 1020 The Ninth Son of Buddhism!

Chapter 1021 The defeated men still dare

Chapter 1022 Rules, rumors!

Chapter 1023 How can the strong care about the eyes o

Chapter 1024 Tianxu Soldier World!

Chapter 1025 I don't play swords!

Chapter 1026 Good fellow, direct good fellow!

Chapter 1027 Magic soldiers will also play rogues!

Chapter 1028 Three top fairy artifacts!

Chapter 1029 The destination is here!

Chapter 1030 Bet me, are you sure!

Chapter 1031 Azure Dragon God Body, activate!

Chapter 1032 Abnormal event!

Chapter 1033 Heavenly artifact!

Chapter 1034 Care for the mentally retarded!

Chapter 1035 Tensions!

Chapter 1036 presumptuous!

Chapter 1037 Duel on the rooftop!

Chapter 1038 New achievement rewards!

Chapter 1039 Approaching challenge!

Chapter 1040 Give you a chance!

Chapter 1041 Much attention!

Chapter 1042 Stop beeping!

Chapter 1043 Tengwagu, surprise!

Chapter 1044 Tengwagu, it hurts!

Chapter 1045 Become the Son of God!

Chapter 1046 Get the best heaven and earth treasure!

Chapter 1047 Reward, Su Ba was shocked!

Chapter 1048 The news came out, shocking the world!

Chapter 1049 Dragon reaction!

Chapter 1050 Three breaths, get out!

Chapter 1051 Forgive and forgive

Chapter 1052 This is Shi Tian!

Chapter 1053 The assessment begins!

Chapter 1054 Wonderful flower! Wonderful flower!

Chapter 1055 A bunch of spicy chicken!

Chapter 1056 Shaotian is different!

Chapter 1057 Love will never change!

Chapter 1058 Death choice!

Chapter 1059 Was targeted!

Chapter 1060 The opportunity is here!

Chapter 1061 Within three strokes!

Chapter 1062 Squat down, hold your head!

Chapter 1063 Here comes the rabbit!

Chapter 1064 On the eve of the peak battle of the you

Chapter 1065 Super boost!

Chapter 1066 Time is up!

Chapter 1067 Misty Pavilion!

Chapter 1068 Shi Tian is tempted!

Chapter 1069 set!

Chapter 1070 Take the king's platform!

Chapter 1071 The contest begins!

Chapter 1072 Break into the King Tower!

Chapter 1073 Get out!

Chapter 1074 King screening!

Chapter 1075 accident!

Chapter 1076 Enter the top 100, phantom metamorphosis

Chapter 1077 Shi Tian's amazing aptitude!

Chapter 1078 Great news!

Chapter 1079 I feel that IQ has been insulted!

Chapter 1080 God gift!

Chapter 1081 Enter the top ten, arrogant and mad!

Chapter 1082 The final metamorphosis, shocking the au

Chapter 1083 Exit, fighting spirit!

Chapter 1084 Crazy thoughts!

Chapter 1085 Crazy crazy!

Chapter 1086 war!

Chapter 1087 I served it!

Chapter 1088 next!

Chapter 1089 Blow your dog's head!

Chapter 1090 The last three!

Chapter 1091 greatly awaited!

Chapter 1092 Liwei!

Chapter 1093 Destroyed!

Chapter 1094 Eyelids are jumping!

Chapter 1095 Su Ba's Azure Dragon Divine Body!

Chapter 1096 Hearty!

Chapter 1097 The limit is used to break!

Chapter 1098 Crowned!

Chapter 1099 The ultimate benefit of the King's Terra

Chapter 1100 Buddhism is boiling!

Chapter 1101 The mad emperor is back!

Chapter 1102 Excited everyone!

Chapter 1103 I am back!

Chapter 1104 Dad, Dad!

Chapter 1105 Amazing news!

Chapter 1106 You want to know too much!

Chapter 1107 The dragon master is here!

Chapter 1108 The ultimate trial of the four mythical

Chapter 1109 Long Ba!

Chapter 1110 Meet the rivals!

Chapter 1111 A group of mentally retarded!

Chapter 1112 What you see is strength!

Chapter 1113 I didn't expect you to be so weak!

Chapter 1114 Gamble!

Chapter 1115 Take advantage of the fire!

Chapter 1116 Beautiful!

Chapter 1117 Climb the ladder!

Chapter 1118 "Zhu Xian" is on!

Chapter 1119 I don't treat you as an opponent anymore

Chapter 1120 Thousands of calculations, not as good a

Chapter 1121 Who is he!

Chapter 1122 Tielong is floating!

Chapter 1123 The madness of the system!

Chapter 1124 heavy bomb!

Chapter 1125 The heart is decided!

Chapter 1126 Su Ba's ambition!

Chapter 1127 I am invincible!

Chapter 1128 Be regarded as a green leaf!

Chapter 1129 Time to go out!

Chapter 1130 The door of nothingness!

Chapter 1131 They are all at the bottom, so calm!

Chapter 1132 Not interested in!

Chapter 1133 Climb the ladder, take a walk in the cou

Chapter 1134 Suddenly hurried, ten times the speed of

Chapter 1135 Rush! Rush! Rush!

Chapter 1136 Go ahead!

Chapter 1137 One hundred thousand white jade stairs,

Chapter 1138 Damn, he is Su Ba!

Chapter 1139 Break through the world!

Chapter 1140 Murderous!

Chapter 1141 Three thousand miles around, creating a

Chapter 1142 Rush to the new limit!

Chapter 1143 Desperate rookie record!

Chapter 1144 At the end of the trial, be yourself!

Chapter 1145 special request!

Chapter 1146 How about a friendly match!

Chapter 1147 The eve of the three major battles

Chapter 1148 Collection notice!

Chapter 1149 Faintly uneasy!

Chapter 1150 Competition rules!

Chapter 1151 Arrived in the devil world!

Chapter 1152 Thousands of contestants!

Chapter 1153 Despicable revenge!

Chapter 1154 Threat!

Chapter 1155 Unexpected person!

Chapter 1156 Real man, never look back!

Chapter 1157 Yufu repaired!

Chapter 1158 The **** night is filled, and the night

Chapter 1159 Feeling offended!

Chapter 1160 This picture is so beautiful!

Chapter 1161 Points skyrocket!

Chapter 1162 The ranking soared!

Chapter 1163 crisis!

Chapter 1164 The pale youth!

Chapter 1165 Wake up, hunt for the moment!

Chapter 1166 time is limited!

Chapter 1167 It turned out to be Su Ba!

Chapter 1168 Isn't it good to be low-key?

Chapter 1169 Too much deception!

Chapter 1170 Who dares to be presumptuous, the woman

Chapter 1171 The situation has changed!

Chapter 1172 You dominate!

Chapter 1173 Destroyed!

Chapter 1174 I really didn't put you in my eyes

Chapter 1175 Improve your realm between talking and l

Chapter 1176 Stop talking nonsense!

Chapter 1177 Only the brave fight the workers!

Chapter 1178 problem occurs!

Chapter 1179 I want to fight, I will fight with you!

Chapter 1180 Demon Realm Proving Ground, out of contr

Chapter 1181 Blood flowed into a river!

Chapter 1182 The pale youth VS Mingzi!

Chapter 1183 Su Ba is here!

Chapter 1184 Breakthrough, half holy!

Chapter 1185 See if I can't shake you, you're done!

Chapter 1186 The highlight!

Chapter 1187 The clamor of the demon ancestor!

Chapter 1188 last blow!

Chapter 1189 Strongly crushed!

Chapter 1190 Mad Emperor, mighty!

Chapter 1191 The monkey changes its face!

Chapter 1192 Come shout 666!

Chapter 1193 I killed you!

Chapter 1194 Oh, just play!

Chapter 1195 Who said this king is dead!

Chapter 1196 The turning point of things!

Chapter 1197 Ten breaths!

Chapter 1198 Together!

Chapter 1199 Force the king to come!

Chapter 1200 You want to abuse me, that's it!

Chapter 1201 Beat it up!

Chapter 1202 Go crazy!

Chapter 1203 This king will kill you!

Chapter 1204 Kill the quasi saint!

Chapter 1205 kill! kill! kill!

Chapter 1206 Who killed the quasi saint!

Chapter 1207 Settle afterwards!

Chapter 1208 The brutal killing!

Chapter 1209 This young man is just what I want!

Chapter 1210 The demon ancestor is furious!

Chapter 1211 Su Ba will be here soon!

Chapter 1212 How lonely is invincibility!

Chapter 1213 The Mozu is stunned!

Chapter 1214 reward!

Chapter 1215 Nuwa's careful thinking!

Chapter 1216 The past of the system!

Chapter 1217 The decision of the Holy Ruins Realm!

Chapter 1218 Enter the door of nothingness!

Chapter 1219 Women's boudoir!

Chapter 1220 Broken eggs!

Chapter 1221 Zhu Xianjian's information!

Chapter 1222 You must not like women!

Chapter 1223 Shock the audience!

Chapter 1224 Another chaotic stone wall!

Chapter 1225 Do something!

Chapter 1226 plot!

Chapter 1227 It seems to be developed!

Chapter 1228 Make money!

Chapter 1229 It was discovered!

Chapter 1230 The cumulative upper limit of strengthen

Chapter 1231 turn up!

Chapter 1232 Wu Family Second Elder!

Chapter 1233 Do you know what hangs up?

Chapter 1234 The next trick is to abolish you!

Chapter 1235 Everyone knows the Southern Territory!

Chapter 1236 I thank you!

Chapter 1237 Conspiracy in the dark!

Chapter 1238 Big net!

Chapter 1239 As far as you can go!

Chapter 1240 Surrender or die!

Chapter 1241 fling in teeth!

Chapter 1242 Wanted all over the South!

Chapter 1243 transaction!

Chapter 1244 Treasure land!

Chapter 1245 Prepare to retreat!

Chapter 1246 Quasi-Saint mid-term, attribute limit!

Chapter 1247 Stop me, die!

Chapter 1248 Take your life!

Chapter 1249 Silent!

Chapter 1250 Not only distinguished, but also determi

Chapter 1251 Artifact bombing field!

Chapter 1252 Old stuff, it's very chic!

Chapter 1253 The momentum is like a broken bamboo!

Chapter 1254 Lao Tzu is innocent!

Chapter 1255 Congratulations to Lord Su Ba!

Chapter 1256 Go to Beitianyu!

Chapter 1257 Two hundred and five!

Chapter 1258 adoption!

Chapter 1259 Xiaoyao faction, senior!

Chapter 1260 Are you teaching me to do things!

Chapter 1261 Too much talk, not good!

Chapter 1262 Unexpected shocking news!

Chapter 1263 Colosseum!

Chapter 1264 sell!

Chapter 1265 The upper limit of strengthening points

Chapter 1266 Really stupid or pretend to be stupid!

Chapter 1267 Xiaoerha's first battle!

Chapter 1268 Erha look back, the days are over!

Chapter 1269 Ling Bingzong is here!

Chapter 1270 Do you have any last words!

Chapter 1271 with full force!

Chapter 1272 It's that Su Ba!

Chapter 1273 It's so arrogant!

Chapter 1274 I, Su Ba, stay with me to the end!

Chapter 1275 Journey is not the sea of ​​stars!

Chapter 1276 Remember, one month!

Chapter 1277 The pinnacle of the quasi-sage!

Chapter 1278 Xiheyu, here I am!

Chapter 1279 The show begins!

Chapter 1280 Holy rank trapped array!

Chapter 1281 Spin, jump, I close my eyes

Chapter 1282 Hunted!

Chapter 1283 Yang Ling's true strength!

Chapter 1284 Yang Ling, die!

Chapter 1285 To be developed!

Chapter 1286 Three domains are shocked!

Chapter 1287 The so-called condition!

Chapter 1288 After the matter is over, the goal is to

Chapter 1289 The King of Tianjiao Tournament!

Chapter 1290 Man of Destiny!

Chapter 1291 Giant, come!

Chapter 1292 Thunder Dragon Form!

Chapter 1293 Humanoid Thunder Dragon VS Rage King Kon

Chapter 1294 Out of power!

Chapter 1295 Northern sky, Genkai Castle!

Chapter 1296 Sign up for the competition!

Chapter 1297 Attribute limit, break through the saint

Chapter 1298 Break the darkness with thunder!

Chapter 1299 I have three hundred years of skill in t

Chapter 1300 Monkey Sai Lei!

Chapter 1301 What is painful not wanting to live!

Chapter 1302 Desperate Demon Ancestor!

Chapter 1303 Between silly A and silly C!

Chapter 1304 Who is the little one!

Chapter 1305 Accident!

Chapter 1306 Siege!

Chapter 1307 dilemma!

Chapter 1308 Here comes the magic sea sect!

Chapter 1309 qualifications!

Chapter 1310 Fengjian Temple!

Chapter 1311 Murderous intentions just around the cor

Chapter 1312 Goal, supreme realm!

Chapter 1313 A place of refuge!

Chapter 1314 Treat death as home!

Chapter 1315 Supreme realm, attribute limit!

Chapter 1316 Demon ancestor advancement! (Big

Chapter 1317 Sorrowful!

Chapter 1318 Do you doubt the IQ of the devil!

Chapter 1319 Su Ba is back!

Chapter 1320 The Fury of Su Ba!

Chapter 1321 See you soon!

Chapter 1322 In the name of the mad emperor!

Chapter 1323 Head-to-head! (Big

Chapter 1324 Is this going crazy!

Chapter 1325 Death consciousness!

Chapter 1326 Excalibur slaughter the devil!

Chapter 1327 Cheers to the ocean!

Chapter 1328 Crazy Demon Ancestor!

Chapter 1329 Bleak wind

Chapter 1330 Reshape the flesh!

Chapter 1331 Bad premonition!

Chapter 1332 no, I can not!

Chapter 1333 Devil, collapse!

Chapter 1334 Who can be the enemy!

Chapter 1335 Glowing blood!

Chapter 1336 Han Duxiu is here!

Chapter 1337 Goal, Da Leiyin Temple!

Chapter 1338 Demigod, everyone's tremor!

Chapter 1339 Group sentiment is indignant!

Chapter 1340 The Wrath of the Wind and Blood Sword

Chapter 1341 My urine is yellow, let me come!

Chapter 1342 Su Ba's chance!

Chapter 1343 Everyone was shocked by the appearance o

Chapter 1344 Incredible!

Chapter 1345 Three days

Chapter 1346 Su Ba, still alive!

Chapter 1347 The whole world is boiling!

Chapter 1348 The language is amazing!

Chapter 1349 discuss!

Chapter 1350 Plans for the future!

Chapter 1351 Big wedding!

Chapter 1352 Twenty years of appointment!

Chapter 1353 Without further ado!

Chapter 1354 Be in control!

Chapter 1355 Goal, Ye family!

Chapter 1356 he came!

Chapter 1357 Too much contempt for people!

Chapter 1358 Ma Shaoyan's means!

Chapter 1359 Forbidden land, extinction!

Chapter 1360 No doubt he will die!

Chapter 1361 Ming Wu!

Chapter 1362 Are you not sure about the situation!

Chapter 1363 Twelve strong, king!

Chapter 1364 Chance!

Chapter 1365 follow!

Chapter 1366 conflict!

Chapter 1367 I just think you are like a dog

Chapter 1368 You are dead!

Chapter 1369 Don't care!

Chapter 1370 Who are you!

Chapter 1371 Enter the camp!

Chapter 1372 The surname Su, get out!

Chapter 1373 Come to pay for life!

Chapter 1374 Still not bowing to the court!

Chapter 1375 You are at this level!

Chapter 1376 That's it!

Chapter 1377 This is impossible!

Chapter 1378 See if it really hurts!

Chapter 1379 God's favor!

Chapter 1380 Different treatment of strength!

Chapter 1381 You won't bluff me!

Chapter 1382 The way to leave the small world!

Chapter 1383 The land of the core!

Chapter 1384 The injustice strikes!

Chapter 1385 give it to me!

Chapter 1386 The hunt begins!

Chapter 1387 This is not bad!

Chapter 1388 The war is about to start!

Chapter 1389 Invincible!

Chapter 1390 giant!

Chapter 1391 are you crazy!

Chapter 1392 That's it!

Chapter 1393 Under the world, who else!

Chapter 1394 See if he is qualified enough!

Chapter 1395 The strongest human race in the forbidde

Chapter 1396 Don’t worry about the enemy now

Chapter 1397 See the strength of this king!

Chapter 1398 Green grassland!

Chapter 1399 You really want to fight!

Chapter 1400 Exclude!

Chapter 1401 Without your help!

Chapter 1402 Dangerous!

Chapter 1403 Tianhe exploded!

Chapter 1404 It almost exploded in situ!

Chapter 1405 I'm wrong!

Chapter 1406 How difficult!

Chapter 1407 break!

Chapter 1408 New spiritual pillars are beginning to r

Chapter 1409 Come, I won't hide!

Chapter 1410 His grandmother lost her face!

Chapter 1411 piss off!

Chapter 1412 Artifact professional household!

Chapter 1413 The crowd is boiling!

Chapter 1414 That's it!

Chapter 1415 Point Bilian, alright!

Chapter 1416 Time to find out!

Chapter 1417 Set off!

Chapter 1418 I didn't find the opportunity in front o

Chapter 1419 Looking back now, there is still a chanc

Chapter 1420 Something is coming!

Chapter 1421 The nuclear maze!

Chapter 1422 Mechanical creatures!

Chapter 1423 Horrible metal robot!

Chapter 1424 Where did the freak come from!

Chapter 1425 Xiaoqi

Chapter 1426 Build a magic circle!

Chapter 1427 Leave!

Chapter 1428 Ma Shaoyan's three million birthday!

Chapter 1429 If they are wise!

Chapter 1430 Which **** is messing up!

Chapter 1431 Get out, don't die!

Chapter 1432 Team up!

Chapter 1433 Xiao Qi, all disabled!

Chapter 1434 The Holy Ruins Realm is shaking!

Chapter 1435 Han family!

Chapter 1436 Supreme pinnacle, superbly divided produ

Chapter 1437 Property limit, it's time to go back!

Chapter 1438 Junior Brother Su, how are you growing u

Chapter 1439 Xiao Qixian, everyone stunned!

Chapter 1440 Falcon Guard is here!

Chapter 1441 Bold!

Chapter 1442 For new ideas, contact Monkey Sai Lei

Chapter 1443 Promise!

Chapter 1444 Come stop!

Chapter 1445 What the **** is it!

Chapter 1446 Procurement!

Chapter 1447 Strong wealth!

Chapter 1448 Who is it that bad Lao Tzu is a good thi

Chapter 1449 Stepping on a horse scared me to death!

Chapter 1450 New journey!