How Could I Like Him
How Could I Like Him
Novel Summary
1. The two private high schools have merged. The big guys of the two schools look at each other rather unpleasantly, and they are constantly fighting.
Sui Hou Yu looked at the other party and curled his lips: He looks like a dog, so why don’t you do human affairs?
Hou Mo looked at the other party and sneered: He looks a disaster for the country and the people, and his temper is quite big. You should be a school flower when you are a schoolboy. 2. Sui Hou Yu had mania and severe insomnia, and suddenly found that as long as he was close to Hou Mo, he could fall asleep.
Since then, Hou Mo’s bed has an irritable little monster.
Despise him, and come to sleep with him every day. 3. If the tennis doubles match is won, the two people who are partners can still make an appointment on the rooftop. It is estimated that they will only follow Hou Yu and Hou Mo.
After the teammates learned about it, all of them were very anxious.
After a long time, I came back with Hou Yu, his lips were slightly swollen, and the corners of his mouth were bruised, and everyone was so angry that they wanted to find Hou Mo to settle accounts.
Until Hou Mo returned to the class, there were tooth marks on his throat and two buttons on his neckline. He followed Hou Yu’s explanation: “I really didn’t smile at girls when I was playing. I was born with a smile.”
Let it go… 4. Reporter: Please use four words to describe your opinion of him.
Hou Mo: I can’t put it down.
Sui Hou Yu: Fuck it.
Reporter: What hobbies do you usually have?
Hou Mo: Fishing.
Sui Hou Yu: Fighting monkeys. *
Marry the chicken with the chicken. Marry the Hou with the chicken, the love story of “can’t sleep” and “can’t wake up”.
“I Love Learning” Sao Hua Gong x “Versatile” Explosive
[Double bosses, double learning spirits, sports students] [Tennis doubles partner] [Bamboo horse] [The most special bond between each other] Note: Daily sweet articles, running account, Su Su Su.
There is no prototype, no matter if it is an anime or a star in reality, please don’t substitute blindly, thank you.
Demining: The subject is really manic, flammable and explosive. It’s a real sorrow, a wave and a dog. Each character has its own shortcomings, and individual characters speak fragrantly. Haihan is also invited. If you mind, you can read other good books.
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Bib: Mexico who can’t wake up Content Tags: Strong Competitive Competitive Love and Kill Campus
Search keywords: Protagonist: Sui Hou Yu, Hou Mo ┃ Supporting roles: Ran Shu, Sang Xian, Su Anyi, Deng Yiheng, Shen Junjing, Xu Youyi, Ai Mengtian ┃ Others: Tennis Doubles, Bamboo Horse
One-sentence brief: The most ruffian attack, the wildest lover.
Purpose: The dream of two teenagers in tennis doubles.
Chapter List

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