Novel Summary
Lin Wei Xi found out after she died that she was just a cannon fodder in a novel, used as contrast to the gentle and considerate and virtuous female lead. The male lead was her ex-husband, the dignified heir of Yan Wang, his family were superior and brilliant, but the heroine was not her. The female lead was her concubine-born younger sister, and her husband’s white moonlight, his cinnabar mole, no wonder! After Lin Wei Xi died, her husband finally married her sister as he wished. She watched coldly at the two like honey in the oil, in love and harmonious, everyone using the success of her younger sister to contrast the impropriety of the original wife. Lin Wei Xi sneered, okay, since your love moves the world, then this sister will come back and be your stepmother! So she married her ex-husband’s father, the father-in-law she never met in the previous life, the country’s God of war, who has not remarried after losing his wife, the one that hold military power, the brilliant Yan Wang. Later Yan Wang, who was in his prime years and used to act decisively, looked at his small, delicate, much younger wife, and had a headache. No matter, she is still young, he have to spoil her, indulge her, teach her.
Chapter List

Chapter 1 Rebirth

Chapter 2 Forced marriage

Chapter 3 .Yan Wang

Chapter 4 .take away

Chapter 5 .Overlord

Chapter 6 Marriage

Chapter 7 Anti-marriage

Chapter 8 .Beijing

Chapter 9 .Come back

Chapter 10 .Sister

Chapter 11 .Shizi

Chapter 12 .bow down

Chapter 13 .justice

Chapter 14 Resentment

Chapter 15 .against

Chapter 16 .war

Chapter 17 .dowry

Chapter 18 .Net worth

Chapter 19 .family

Chapter 20 Amazing

Chapter 21 .Shousuke

Chapter 22 .chili

Chapter 23 Bad idea

Chapter 24 .wife

Chapter 25 Pique

Chapter 26 .Media

Chapter 27 .Zhengfei

Chapter 28 .Maiden

Chapter 29 .Red makeup

Chapter 30 Big wedding

Chapter 31 . Anthurium

Chapter 32 . Tea

Chapter 33 Framed

Chapter 34 Return a gift

Chapter 35 . Slave

Chapter 36 Couple

Chapter 37 .reading

Chapter 38 .Preferences

Chapter 39 .Qianji

Chapter 40 .Xu Jia

Chapter 41 Emperor grace

Chapter 42 Demonstration

Chapter 43 Wait on

Chapter 44 False money

Chapter 45 Mother-in-law

Chapter 46 .Xingshi

Chapter 47 .condemn

Chapter 48 .punish

Chapter 49 .Divergence

Chapter 50 Penalty

Chapter 51 .goddess

Chapter 52 Younger brother

Chapter 53 .Discipline

Chapter 54 .avoid arousing suspicion

Chapter 55 .arrogant

Chapter 56 .Transparent

Chapter 57 .Red sleeves

Chapter 58 Dead wife

Chapter 59 Coquettish

Chapter 60 .New Year's Eve

Chapter 61 .new Year

Chapter 62 .newborn

Chapter 63 .Asaga

Chapter 64 Relatives

Chapter 65 .birthday

Chapter 66 .Shangyuan

Chapter 67 .Pisces

Chapter 68 .Concubine

Chapter 69 .adultery

Chapter 70 .Red Apricot

Chapter 71 .Out the wall

Chapter 72 .Anger

Chapter 73 .end

Chapter 74 .past

Chapter 75 .juvenile

Chapter 76 .Han

Chapter 77 Offspring

Chapter 78 .Summer

Chapter 79 Ride together

Chapter 80 Prostitute

Chapter 81 .People

Chapter 82 .adopt

Chapter 83 .Shen's

Chapter 84 .Pregnant

Chapter 85 Dead

Chapter 86 .the truth

Chapter 87 .Mind

Chapter 88 .frank

Chapter 89 .moonlight

Chapter 90 .doubt

Chapter 91 .Li Buddha

Chapter 92 .accident

Chapter 93 .It's you

Chapter 94 Fall off

Chapter 95 .Thunder

Chapter 96 .Wind blows

Chapter 97 .produce

Chapter 98 .Pearl

Chapter 99 .Resurrection

Chapter 100 .sisters