Novel Summary
Rebirth In the ancient times before the Great God War, Li Changshou became a small gas-refining man. There was no luck to add body, nor a destined son of a big catastrophe. He only had a dream of immortality cultivation that wanted immortality. In order to be able to live a life in the cruel floods, he tried hard not to cause cause and effect, killing people will raise their ashes, move in everything, and never easily step into danger. Hidden cards, repair escape, alchemy poison, palm magic, unmoving steady like an old dog, a rock-shattering shock, and quietly leave after moving. Originally Li Changshou’s plan, he would have been hiding in the mountains to practice spiritually and peacefully, until one year, his teacher thought quietly, and gave him… to take a sister back…
Chapter List

v1 Chapter 1 Little Linge

v1 Chapter 2 Brother's entry audit

v1 Chapter 3 Introduction Lesson 1

v1 Chapter 4 The world is dangerous

v1 Chapter 5 Night tutoring

v1 Chapter 6 Sister and sister grow up

v1 Chapter 7 Experience Conference

v1 Chapter 8 Brewmaster goes live

v1 Chapter 9 Please keep the restraint of the iceberg

v1 Chapter 10 Xuan Ya's Compensation

v1 Chapter 11 Leaving team 1 light

v1 Chapter 12 Fox tail

v1 Chapter 13 "Anti-kill"

v1 Chapter 14 Can this still fall from the sky?

v1 Chapter 15 1 pretty boy who did not want to be name

v1 Chapter 16 Poisonous, definitely poisonous

v1 Chapter 17 Only live to the end of the cardinal

v1 Chapter 18 Walk very peacefully

v1 Chapter 19 Masters come to aid

v1 Chapter 20 Some pits can't jump over

v1 Chapter 21 Brother Smelly

v1 Chapter 22 The first set of "Assisting the Teacher

v1 Chapter 23 Arranged by Brother

v1 Chapter 24 It's impossible for a real fairy to work

v1 Chapter 25 Uncle Shi Keeper

v1 Chapter 26 "Representation"

v1 Chapter 27 Huh, this small area

v1 Chapter 28 Night Party ‘Old Father’

v1 Chapter 29 The second set of "Assisting the Teacher

v1 Chapter 30 "Master and Apprentice"

v1 Chapter 31 Dragon Palace Invitation

v1 Chapter 32 Me, Qi Yuan, even if he was hacked to de

v1 Chapter 33 Volume 1 of Wu Wei Jing

v1 Chapter 33 After all, this teacher is not a big evi

v1 ~ About 1 detail! (Interim announcement, d

v1 Chapter 34 Sims

v1 Chapter 35 Routine, anti-routine, anti-reverse rout

v1 Chapter 36 Folded Zhang Liangji, and there is a wal

v1 Chapter 37 Big scene, little trick

v1 Chapter 38 As long as you are calm enough, nothing

v1 Chapter 39 3 teaching, gas refining, heavenly disas

v1 Chapter 40 I, Prince 2 of Dragon Palace

v1 Chapter 41 Human Dragon ‘Peak’ duel!

v1 Chapter 42 My brother...

v1 Chapter 43 As long as the skin is thick enough

v1 Chapter 44 Master, my brother actually

v1 Chapter 45 1 point, plan to seal the gods

v1 Chapter 46 My nephew, I'm not a bad guy

v1 Chapter 47 Rebellious dragon, online...

v1 Chapter 48 Tons tons tons tons tons

v1 Chapter 49 My brother, this troublesome character

v1 Chapter 50 Featured Land

v1 Chapter 51 "Washing the Dragon"

v1 Chapter 52 Thank you Master Tianjiao for taking the

v1 Chapter 53 Sky Tribulation, please love me again!

v1 Chapter 54 9 Xiaoshen Demon Tribulation!

v1 Chapter 55 Brother Nanhai Drifting

v1 Chapter 56 Xiong's Xiongzhai

v1 Chapter 57 "Kindness"

v1 Chapter 58 There are... routines everywhere! [Thank

v1 Chapter 58 Everywhere in the world... Routine [Than

v1 Chapter 59 Xiongzhai strong secret·pseudo [Thanks

v1 Chapter 60 Wen Zi Jing [Thanks to the new leader "B

v1 Chapter 61 Xiao Qiongfeng [Thanks to the fierce sup

v1 Chapter 62 It’s hard to teach first-person

v1 Chapter 63 Less routine, more sincerity

v1 Chapter 64 Go on the poison road

v1 Chapter 65 Me, sister, this wave of tests is at lea

v1 ~ , Reading tips

v1 Chapter 66 Turns out you were fucking

v1 Chapter 67 Those who know me will live long!

v1 Chapter 68 The first experience of magic reform

v1 Chapter 69 Don't force me to draw a sword!

v1 Chapter 70 What is this way?

v1 Chapter 71 I, Ao Yi... not long

v1 Chapter 72 Don't worry, I can't fight this time

v1 Chapter 73 Xianzhi 1 sweep, lying in a half...

v1 Chapter 74 I have a showdown!

v1 Chapter 75 Stable in victory·Form 1

v1 Chapter 76 The mystery of the amazing girl! [Thanks

v1 Chapter 77 Old, polite

v1 Chapter 78 Admission order for the inner hall of Da

v1 Chapter 79 After getting what you want, the wine gi

v1 Chapter 80 Yuan Ze: This matter will be successful!

v1 Chapter 81 Caused by a porcelain bottle...

v1 Chapter 82 "Preparation"

v1 Chapter 83 Toxic Team

v1 Chapter 84 Longevity, what do you say

v1 Chapter 85 The mosquito control strategy lies in...

v1 Chapter 86 If I were a sneak attacker...

v1 ~ About the date of listing, and a few w

v1 Chapter 87 Drug battle, hey, drug battle!

v1 Chapter 88 New funeral services

v1 Chapter 89 Please go quickly...

v1 Chapter 90 Crying is also a skill

v1 Chapter 91 Paper Army Bald Strike!

v1 Chapter 92 "Come here!"

v1 Chapter 93 Xiaoqiong crematorium opened a big barga

v1 Chapter 94 "Seek stability"

v2 Chapter 1 A serious testimonial

v2 Chapter 95 1 point card

v2 Chapter 96 "Scare Mosquito"

v2 Chapter 97 Thigh leg

v2 Chapter 98 Ru disciple, treat me kindly

v2 Chapter 99 "Wild" God's Worries

v2 Chapter 100 Men should treat themselves...

v2 ~ Update time

v2 Chapter 101 Birth of the poor

v2 Chapter 102 You don’t understand Poseidon at all!

v2 Chapter 103 God of Destruction 1

v2 Chapter 104 This script is a bit wrong

v2 Chapter 105 The secret of Xiongzhai's strength·True

v2 Chapter 106 Not sure about Li Changshou

v2 Chapter 107 Suddenly the dragon is lame

v2 Chapter 108 I'll take merit, you guys back

v2 Chapter 109 Brother 1 laugh

v2 Chapter 110 Daoyou, you have heard of...

v2 Chapter 111 It's impossible for a gas refiner to vis

v2 Chapter 112 On the Influence of Venue on the Hand of

v2 Chapter 113 1 special charm charm!

v2 Chapter 114 Master culprit

v2 Chapter 115 Daoyou, the road is narrower

v2 Chapter 116 With one's way, double back to others

v2 Chapter 117 Alas, the relationship broke down

v2 Chapter 118 Xiaoqiongfeng Specialty Ambitious Pill

v2 Chapter 119 Dabi kicks off, cheered by 2 teachers

v2 Chapter 120 Really a close match

v2 Chapter 121 The only way to overcome fear

v2 Chapter 122 White man in Tanah Lot Temple

v2 Chapter 123 The person who knows my heart, Nanhai Po

v2 ~ Attachment: "12 Admonishments"

v2 Chapter 124 Lan Linge

v2 Chapter 125 Must-see attractions in Duxianmen

v2 Chapter 126 Learned, learned

v2 Chapter 127 Shou's farewell gift

v2 Chapter 128 Brother 1 "Angry"

v2 Chapter 129 Xian Shi Du Pill: Heart Burning

v2 Chapter 130 Master, the disciple did his best

v2 Chapter 131 You are already very handsome

v2 Chapter 132 True and false pills

v2 Chapter 133 Xiaoqiongfeng Wandering Plan

v2 Chapter 134 I... have 1 Daoyou

v2 Chapter 135 Blind frog meets dead mosquito

v2 Chapter 136 When is it?

v2 Chapter 137 Nanzhou Qi Xiaozhan, longevity worship i

v2 Chapter 138 People teach the 2nd thigh!

v2 Chapter 139 Admonition of the Archmage

v2 Chapter 140 1 Stone startled flock of birds

v2 Chapter 141 Chang Geng Dao Ren

v2 Chapter 142 The sky falls...

v2 Chapter 143 Xiaoqiong Wolin "Brother"

v2 Chapter 144 Only Uncle Xiao can defeat Uncle Xiao!

v2 Chapter 145 The furry version of "The Poseidon Recor

v2 Chapter 146 This grandson...

v2 Chapter 147 I have an appointment with God of Wealth

v2 Chapter 148 Uncle Bo Yuntian Zhao

v2 Chapter 149 Honghuang's first standard touch porcela

v2 Chapter 150 Brother will teach again, will pass the

v2 Chapter 151 Xiaoqiongfeng attends small classroom

v2 Chapter 152 "Pretending to be injured"-from entry to

v2 Chapter 153 The birth of the fairy god

v2 Chapter 154 Those who are good at using treasures...

v2 Chapter 155 Departing soon, Brother Ling'e

v2 Chapter 156 Chang Geng 1st

v2 Chapter 157 Kinder Shoulder

v2 Chapter 158 Poseidon is here?

v2 Chapter 159 The Little Bear Apprenticeship

v2 Chapter 160 3 teachings gather, jade charm shakes pe

v2 Chapter 161 Jiangshan Xiaoshe Jiji

v2 Chapter 162 Bears in Mingshou in the dark

v2 Chapter 163 People teach advanced test

v2 Chapter 164 Reverse teaching

v2 Chapter 165 The road to fame of Faye bird cage

v2 Chapter 166 Act in my eyes

v2 Chapter 167 You think I might have lost, but...

v2 Chapter 168 "Touch Porcelain" · Qiong Xiao Advanced

v2 Chapter 169 The floods are too complicated, the road

v2 Chapter 170 Otherwise, you make an oath...

v2 ~ Year-end summary (with 170th

v2 Chapter 171 Common Fighting Mode

v2 Chapter 172 Alas, Jinxian is really hard to kill

v2 Chapter 173 Certified Master Mage

v2 Chapter 174 Made a mistake in the deep sea~

v2 Chapter 175 Supernatural power: Spread beans into so

v2 Chapter 176 Yin and Yang are also wrong

v2 Chapter 177 Ruthless and ruthless and stable

v2 Chapter 178 Shou's layers of routines

v2 Chapter 179 Most afraid of strangers suddenly caring

v2 Chapter 180 Daomen Dayun, continue for another 100 m

v2 Chapter 181 Honghuang Rectification 1 small step

v2 Chapter 182 Shoumen

v2 Chapter 183 Bravely say no to touch porcelain!

v2 Chapter 184 Can you say fear for powerful things?

v2 Chapter 185 Shimei can't do it!

v2 Chapter 186 The answer cannot be that simple!

v2 Chapter 187 The gift of Keng Shou

v2 Chapter 188 Understood, all understood!

v2 Chapter 189 "Back"

v2 Chapter 190 Candidate Magic Man

v2 Chapter 191 If you don’t change, you won’t get y

v2 Chapter 192 You can't look at it…beans

v2 Chapter 193 Coming

v2 Chapter 194 Sensitive month old, online nursing

v2 Chapter 195 Porcelain sea boundless

v2 Chapter 196 Hold the talk and kiss the goose

v2 Chapter 197 Ferocious conscience

v2 Chapter 198 I, Ao Yi, can never be a girl...

v2 Chapter 199 Dare to ask Leer fairy name!

v2 Chapter 200 Sad, so big

v2 Chapter 201 Since ancient times, passionate spare ha

v2 Chapter 202 Low-key, contains a hint of luxury

v2 Chapter 203 Shanshou has its own plan

v2 Chapter 204 Master, can only help you get here

v2 Chapter 205 No one can beat the poor in this field!

v2 Chapter 206 Avenue oath, 1 key 5 companies

v2 Chapter 207 This matter, Gongming helped!

v2 Chapter 208 Fairy Bean Soldier Super Evolution

v2 Chapter 209 A good arranger will eventually be...

v2 Chapter 210 From director to audience

v2 Chapter 211 What's your name is Bianzhuang!

v2 Chapter 212 "Laugh without talking"

v2 Chapter 213 Hijacking the South China Sea, the cardu

v2 Chapter 214 Stable Words Twelve Tricks and Days

v2 Chapter 215 Master, look who it is~

v2 Chapter 216 We even prepared music for the show

v2 Chapter 217 Surface 40,000, actual...

v2 Chapter 218 9 turn Dan into the hole library!

v2 Chapter 219 Who hasn't scolded Jade Emperor yet?

v2 Chapter 220 1 dose of strong medicine

v2 Chapter 221 Reward for the deceptive acts of heaven

v2 Chapter 222 "Hey"

v2 Chapter 223 What you are looking for is Poseidon, sh

v2 Chapter 224 Toshiyuki poison tongue

v2 Chapter 225 My rich son is not worthy of having a co

v2 Chapter 226 Wind damage

v2 Chapter 227 Uncle Zhao's... My Sister?

v2 Chapter 228 Stared Life

v2 Chapter 229 Cunning Rabbit 3 · · Cave

v2 Chapter 230 To be an excellent queen

v2 Chapter 231 Skyjacket fever

v2 Chapter 232 Daoist, have you heard of Nanhai Poseido

v2 Chapter 233 Degree (people) cents (teaching) Xiaoyue

v2 ~ Happy New Year

v2 Chapter 234 Make Shou Hair Loss

v2 Chapter 235 Blame him... overactive

v2 Chapter 236 Ahead ahead, Nether East

v2 Chapter 237 Imp

v2 Chapter 238 Shou Zhiji Cao Routine

v2 Chapter 239 Rescue Master Shu!

v2 Chapter 240 Traditional Arts

v2 Chapter 241 New mouth on Xiaoqiongfeng

v2 Chapter 242 Heavenly Jade Emperor Status

v2 Chapter 243 1 of my jade emperor friends

v2 Chapter 244 Going to heaven!

v2 Chapter 245 Worthy of you

v2 Chapter 246 The cow that was blown before, today...

v2 Chapter 247 A new form of entertainment

v2 Chapter 248 seal! reward! Righteous God!

v2 Chapter 249 Can't it be discounted?

v2 Chapter 250 People teach traditional skills

v2 Chapter 251 Is a good person

v2 Chapter 252 The treatment of ordinary ministers

v2 Chapter 253 The only way to treat lethargy

v2 Chapter 254 People teach 6 Xiaojie

v2 Chapter 255 Still the original formula, the familiar

v2 Chapter 256 On-site teaching

v2 Chapter 257 Send Uncle... to the road

v2 Chapter 258 VIP Channel

v2 Chapter 259 Jinxian Tribulation Countdown!

v2 Chapter 260 Featured Land of Robbery (Two)

v2 Chapter 261 Are you sure about the crossover this ti

v2 Chapter 262 Words are small and things are big!

v2 Chapter 263 The strongest supernatural power of Shou

v2 Chapter 264 Really, nothing can stop

v2 Chapter 265 There are always things that are difficu

v2 Chapter 266 You see this pit is big and deep

v2 Chapter 267 Take care, old folks

v2 Chapter 368 Honghuang Game 1... Draft

v2 Chapter 269 Hardship is impossible

v2 Chapter 270 The first'war' burning lamp

v2 Chapter 271 I need to enrich myself!

v2 Chapter 272 Master, look here...

v2 Chapter 273 Lifeguard Messenger

v2 Chapter 274 Seasoning is the romance of men!

v2 Chapter 275 Go to the Lingxiao Hall and go out every

v2 Chapter 276 Which one are you handsome?

v2 Chapter 277 Big fish accidentally fried

v2 Chapter 278 King of Poetry

v2 Chapter 279 Heavenly Emperor in White

v2 ~ Q&A about the background of "Brother"

v2 Chapter 280 All are choices

v2 Chapter 281 Careful treasure hunting has no gain, ca

v2 Chapter 282 Birthday

v2 Chapter 283 Ah, it's lonely...

v2 Chapter 2 Top 2

v2 Chapter 284 Probe into Huoyun Cave, Xuehu asks his h

v2 Chapter 285 Caring for the harmonious life of the re

v2 Chapter 286 If you don’t take it, you won’t give

v2 Chapter 287 Thank you senior!

v2 Chapter 288 Long way to study the road, step by step

v2 Chapter 289 Have you ever seen Honghuang Ugly... Wil

v2 Chapter 290 Bao is not born, the big brother comes f

v2 Chapter 291 Who hasn't had a personal addiction!

v2 Chapter 292 Falling treasure coins!

v2 Chapter 293 5 more beads, Duobao touches the burning

v2 Chapter 294 Yunxiao 3 Questions

v2 Chapter 295 Starry night sent thousands of miles, Li

v2 Chapter 296 9 days Su Ling robbery!

v2 Chapter 297 Brother, I'm sure...

v2 Chapter 298 Chang Geng's purpose is to play Black Pa

v2 Chapter 299 Secret cards

v2 Chapter 300 Take Jade Emperor to go fishing

v2 Chapter 301 Brother Yu, you are blocked.

v2 Chapter 302 Jade Emperor in White Expressing Emperor

v2 Chapter 303 Xuandu You Xiaoqiong, longevity wants to

v2 Chapter 304 First of all, there should be a small pl

v2 Chapter 305 On Saint

v2 ~ "Stable Word Classic" (Refined 2nd Editi

v2 Chapter 306 Grumpy Taye, online...

v2 Chapter 307 The ultimate card... Part 1

v2 Chapter 308 The first meeting of the sage

v2 Chapter 309 Take the Net Dragon Stories, Mountain Ga

v2 Chapter 310 Only... can defeat the demons!

v2 Chapter 311 Heaven Emperor slashes the magic sword,

v2 Chapter 312 Poseidon, do you lack female apprentices

v2 Chapter 313 Grand Master returns, 3 Xiandao send pea

v2 Chapter 314 3 teach all to eat only Poseidon!

v2 Chapter 315 Dragon Heart in the Crystal Palace!

v2 Chapter 316 You melon, will it stay cooked?

v2 Chapter 317 What spirit beast? What spirit beast do

v2 Chapter 318 Xiaoqiongfeng Longevity Loose Peach, 3 F

v2 Chapter 319 Leader deceptive behavior

v2 Chapter 320 What do you think when I come here? Now

v2 Chapter 321 Take care of teaching, take care

v2 Chapter 322 Pantao feast is coming, longevity seeks

v2 Chapter 323 Heavenly Court has risen ever since!

v2 Chapter 324 Xiansheng is only one scene

v2 Chapter 325 The skin of the western saints is today

v2 Chapter 326 Pan Peach Feast Chang Geng Jin 3, the Dr

v2 Chapter 327 Sense of crisis

v2 Chapter 328 Raise teacher sister 0 years old, use...

v2 Chapter 329 I want to have a lot of land in heaven,

v2 Chapter 330 Relentlessly popular Real God!

v2 Chapter 331 It's you, Li!

v2 Chapter 332 "Arrangement": From spiritual practice t

v2 Chapter 333 Rest assured, keep your mouth shut!

v2 Chapter 334 Cross-service communication

v2 Chapter 335 Lose, don't lose!

v2 Chapter 336 From the West China Sea, the fairies fol

v2 Chapter 337 No one knows better than me [delay time]

v2 Chapter 338 Heavenly court civil servant, not good a

v2 Chapter 339 Honghuang is the strongest assisting kin

v2 Chapter 340 Happened to pass by

v2 Chapter 341 Longevity is sometimes poor, the dragon

v2 Chapter 342 Wish, Gu for life!

v2 Chapter 343 Improper happiness

v2 Chapter 344 First name enemy

v2 Chapter 345 Keep your mouth shut (there is a sequel

v2 Chapter 346 Honghuangzhi...... Which one is strong!

v2 Chapter 347 Gentleman revenge, don't be too late

v2 Chapter 348 Interpretation of the double-education Z

v2 Chapter 349 3Teach all the immortals to Lingshan!

v2 Chapter 350 Shou, no face

v2 Chapter 351 Just call 7 Treasure Tree!

v2 Chapter 352 1 point [small] thing

v2 Chapter 353 Yin and Yang are undecided

v2 Chapter 354 3 steps 1 course

v2 Chapter 355 Ghost Story

v2 Chapter 356 Can actually have

v2 Chapter 357 Gynecological master only water god

v2 Chapter 358 Underground demon cave, the sword of the

v2 Chapter 359 Longevity is a demon, and Leer will help

v2 Chapter 360 The Battle of Overlord [4D

v2 ~ Reader Reader ~ Come in and talk~

v2 Chapter 361 Take advantage of life

v2 Chapter 362 Worshiping the Virgin in the Notre Dame

v2 Chapter 363 Nu Wa 3 Questions

v2 Chapter 364 The Goddess of the Pool [5000 words]

v2 Chapter 365 Shou's determination

v2 Chapter 366 Qi Yuan's Bizarre Adventure

v2 Chapter 367 1 lesson in life

v2 Chapter 368 Small calculation, big revenge

v2 Chapter 369 Shenzhu to Shenguang, Gongming met Kong

v2 Chapter 370 Teacher's brother, online assist

v2 Chapter 371 Fairy Point Life

v2 Chapter 372 Some people, walking and walking...the r

v2 Chapter 373 Hunting water god

v2 Chapter 374 Jizo Dao Youcheng never bully me

v2 Chapter 375 Heavenly Court Civil Service Reference

v2 Chapter 376 I am a **** of water, absolutely no coop

v2 Chapter 377 She is just my sister...

v2 Chapter 378 Chunyang withered wood is spring

v2 Chapter 379 Jade Emperor's troubles

v2 ~ Mourning post

v2 Chapter 380 "ordinary"

v2 Chapter 381 guard! The most gentle gentle ancestor o

v2 Chapter 382 Queen Mother's Punishment, Jade Emperor'

v2 Chapter 383 Although it’s just cultivation of turb

v2 ~ About Fox Nulan

v2 Chapter 384 The best reward for warriors is...

v2 Chapter 385 Business【上】

v2 Chapter 386 Brother, take care

v2 Chapter 387 "support"

v2 Chapter 388 Give me... a face! 【in

v2 Chapter 389 Quotation 【Next】

v2 Chapter 390 1 small wine

v2 Chapter 391 Conversation with Taiqing Sage [He Baiyi

v2 Chapter 392 For help from the depths of the prefectu

v2 Chapter 393 Secrets in the Notre Dame

v2 Chapter 394 Sad, how spicy [He Baiyin Dameng "Cz丶"

v2 Chapter 395 Unlock the Desire of Shackles

v2 Chapter 396 Tianke

v2 Chapter 397 Master, we need a lot of masters

v2 Chapter 398 Luxury lineup

v2 Chapter 399 professional team

v2 Chapter 400 Houtu·7 Love【Super Large

v2 Chapter 401 89 Xuan Gong

v2 Chapter 402 Longevity returns to the mountain

v2 Chapter 403 "The Whole Life"

v3 Chapter 1

v3 Chapter 405 A certain beast: I have been in a unilat

v3 Chapter 406 Do you really want to fight with heaven?

v3 ~ Please leave half a night and make up du

v3 Chapter 407 Grand Master's Gift

v3 Chapter 408 There were once 100,000 demons, breaking

v3 Chapter 409 It must be admitted that there is an ele

v3 Chapter 410 Which one is persecuted

v3 Chapter 411 Blackpool Theory

v3 Chapter 412 "White Give"

v3 Chapter 413 So spirit beads

v3 Chapter 414 This child won't even be in trouble!

v3 Chapter 415 Bai Ze's prestige, the West will recalcu

v3 Chapter 416 Righteous light!

v3 Chapter 417 Advent

v3 Chapter 418 Fight Jinwu!

v3 Chapter 419 Yunzi visits the door

v3 Chapter 420 How to fight this battle!

v3 Chapter 421 Lingxiao

v3 Chapter 422 Zhuxian 4 swords figure

v3 Chapter 423 Time management

v3 Chapter 424 Ling'e down the mountain

v3 Chapter 425 Rewards and penalties

v3 Chapter 426 Temporarily leave 5 continents

v3 Chapter 427 Hitomi Oni

v3 Chapter 428 Queen Mother and Jade Emperor

v3 Chapter 429 Demon

v3 Chapter 430 Shameless, live online

v3 Chapter 431 Devil's voice

v3 Chapter 432 You chase me, you chase me...

v3 ~ Don't panic

v3 Chapter 433 Eguishan

v3 Chapter 434 Youming and Ningshuang

v3 Chapter 435 The luck begins

v3 Chapter 436 Zhanbeizhou (Part 1)

v3 Chapter 437 Thousands, things, equals, balance! [Hig

v3 Chapter 438 Jade Emperor: What kind of mentality has

v3 Chapter 439 Longevity is determined to count in the

v3 Chapter 440 No, you are not happy [Happy Birthday Li

v3 Chapter 441 300 Chang'e General Teaching

v3 Chapter 442 Talking about robbery in Lingxiao Temple

v3 Chapter 443 Yunxiao drunk

v3 Chapter 444 Slashing Flying Sword·Disassembly Tutor

v3 Chapter 445 Heaven's court rises again, the water **

v3 Chapter 446 Fight Beizhou! [No one thought there was

v3 Chapter 447 District Moon Palace

v3 Chapter 448 Water God enters the Moon Palace

v3 Chapter 449 Longevity Darkness Chen Cang, Yunhua Fai

v3 Chapter 450 5 word killing fairy

v3 Chapter 451 1 point, small hole

v3 Chapter 452 1 point, small counterattack

v3 Chapter 453 The fairy heart

v3 Chapter 454 So cold

v3 Chapter 455 ??? / a>

v3 Chapter 456 Call from [Taiqing]!

v3 Chapter 457 Taiqing worship in Taiqing

v3 Chapter 458 Xuan Ya is in the sky, Shou visits Yuqua

v3 Chapter 459 Wen Jing reported, Bianzhuang panicked

v3 Chapter 460 The dark hall is fixed in the chess and

v3 Chapter 461 Lu Yue

v3 Chapter 462 Drunken Hero

v3 Chapter 463 Shouhua plus 1

v3 Chapter 464 Honghuang Horror Story

v3 Chapter 465 "How to Use E"

v3 Chapter 466 Tiandao Bond Holder

v3 Chapter 467 Yan Jun's Words, Lin Tian Sheng Nuo

v3 Chapter 468 Blood changes

v3 ~ Opinion Collection

v3 Chapter 469 Call of stability! Super Masters!

v3 Chapter 470 Steady as wind, often accompanied by lon

v3 Chapter 471 7 love first battle!

v3 Chapter 472 How can reasoning be considered an offen

v3 Chapter 473 Master Tongtian, online...【中

v3 Chapter 474 Shoubianqun

v3 Chapter 475 Start gong!

v3 Chapter 476 Kill Taiyi, righteous heart!

v3 Chapter 477 Yuan Shixiao received the quote, longevi

v3 Chapter 478 3 Tuhe Xian· 2nd Round【Super Large

v3 Chapter 479 Hope people are okay

v3 Chapter 480 To heaven, treasure, please

v3 Chapter 481 Feng Taibai, steadily hiding

v3 Chapter 482 At this time, we add one more detail...

v3 Chapter 483 My brother, this is not a terrible Shura

v3 Chapter 484 I tried my best

v3 Chapter 485 Lingzhu is different, visit Guanghan aga

v3 Chapter 486 Kunlun Jade Travel

v3 Chapter 487 Xianmeng Leader

v3 Chapter 488 Wild Bird Jinpeng

v3 Chapter 489 Beating from the fairy

v3 Chapter 490 Mizukami 琬鹰

v3 ~ Get up and ask for a ticket weakly

v3 Chapter 491 Are you enlightened?

v3 Chapter 492 Xianmeng eve

v3 Chapter 493 Chang Geng stabilizes power!

v3 Chapter 494 Xianfan's Argument (Part One)

v3 Chapter 495 Xianfan's Debate (Part 2)

v3 Chapter 496 Poison Immortal Tribulation, 6th visit t

v3 Chapter 497 Heaven beats people! Check it out!

v3 Chapter 498 Jade Emperor in White

v3 Chapter 499 【go with】

v3 Chapter 500 Come back, all come back!

v3 Chapter 501 Fengyunhui Honglian, interpreting the se

v3 Chapter 502 Brother-in-law~

v3 Chapter 503 Funny soul

v3 Chapter 504 Daomen, no fight!

v3 Chapter 505 The killing spear emerges!

v3 Chapter 506 The strongest fairy group, dream online!

v3 Chapter 507 Ah, the breath of spring

v3 Chapter 508 You, it doesn't matter [Super Large Cup]

v3 Chapter 509 Banana fan!

v3 Chapter 510 Visit 3 Qingyuan, keep the fairy sleep

v3 Chapter 511 shock! The cut saints and the water ****

v3 Chapter 512 Life is sometimes poor

v3 Chapter 513 Honghuang promotes which one is strong!

v3 Chapter 514 After all, we are not evil

v3 Chapter 515 "support"

v3 Chapter 516 Ling'e's perfect experience

v3 Chapter 517 Unlucky Rock

v3 Chapter 518 Duobao: Me, the **** of water, playing m

v3 Chapter 519 Duobao reprimanded sectarian

v3 Chapter 520 Brother, you're not right

v3 Chapter 521 I am low-key

v3 Chapter 522 Translation translation, what is surpris

v3 Chapter 523 Too White House! Taibai Temple!

v3 Chapter 524 Tumble, dark waves!

v3 Chapter 525 "Contacts"

v3 Chapter 526 Taibai Toast

v3 Chapter 527 Longji apprenticeship!

v3 Chapter 528 Taibai right [thanks to the Silver Leagu

v3 Chapter 529 Being a fairy, happiness is the most imp

v3 Chapter 530 Shuiman Temple

v3 Chapter 531 Chang Geng repairs the mysterious body a

v3 Chapter 532 Chang Geng Opera Group, online...

v3 Chapter 533 Who brought it, Taiqing's call~

v3 Chapter 534 "Spy"

v3 Chapter 535 6 Saints gathered at Zixiao Palace!

v3 Chapter 536 Cross talk

v3 Chapter 537 Hongjun's small stove

v3 Chapter 538 2 teach in action

v3 Chapter 539 There is only one truth!

v3 Chapter 540 Fairy's determination【Large Cup】

v3 Chapter 541 Misery·Kunpeng·Misery【Middle Cup】

v3 Chapter 542 Sorcerer demon!

v3 Chapter 543 The Prodigal'Year'

v3 Chapter 544 Ao Yidu robbed the Golden Immortals, and

v3 Chapter 545 Lingshan 1 move, letter from 8 parties!

v3 Chapter 546 Maitreya!

v3 Chapter 547 Du Xianjie, Xiao Qiongfeng! 【big cup�

v3 Chapter 548 Society my birthday brother

v3 Chapter 549 Li Changgeng

v3 Chapter 550 E's life is too difficult; 3000 world wa

v3 Chapter 551 This little corner of the sky

v3 Chapter 552 Heavenly Devil is never a slave!

v3 Chapter 553 Urgent more urgent pioneer! [Plus (suppl

v3 Chapter 554 Maitreya: Western foul language!

v3 Chapter 555 Will Yunxiao, police dragon clan, confro

v3 ~ Leave, make up tomorrow

v3 Chapter 556 3rd place

v3 Chapter 557 Yang Jianli Yuquan, Taibaimou Bodhi

v3 Chapter 558 Pick grapes, grab bodhi!

v3 Chapter 559 Jade Emperor understands everything

v3 Chapter 560 As the situation rises, Chang Geng holds

v3 Chapter 561 Fa Tian·Part 1

v3 Chapter 562 Honghuang's evil situation in the White

v3 Chapter 563 Sky eyes! open!

v3 Chapter 564 2 Lang smashed the mountain Taibaihu, bu

v3 Chapter 565 Doomsday Tips·Advanced Edition

v3 Chapter 566 1 wave is still, 1 wave is up again

v3 Chapter 567 Chi Yuanxuan

v3 Chapter 568 Kunpeng's invitation

v3 Chapter 569 Superstar Yang Jian!

v3 Chapter 570 7 loves of the drunken girl

v3 Chapter 571 "Pangu"

v3 Chapter 572 This Kunpeng is very active

v3 Chapter 573 Tianyi opens a business!

v3 Chapter 574 Heavenly Devil... Lame.

v3 Chapter 575 Brother Conscience, online...

v3 ~ Organize the outline, owe 1 more

v3 Chapter 576 Uncle Shi talks, Kunpeng game

v3 Chapter 577 Taoist doubts

v3 Chapter 578 Attack on E!

v3 Chapter 579 Sui Ren Huo morality, the road never goe

v3 Chapter 580 The strongest fishing group in the wild!

v3 Chapter 581 This can be a windfall

v3 Chapter 582 Shouzhan, Qingjie

v3 Chapter 583 "tender"

v3 Chapter 584 Oh, 90% 8

v3 Chapter 585 Tame the flying knife, open the battle!

v3 Chapter 586 Meeting the wind and clouds, Hongmeng an

v3 Chapter 587 Genuine purple gas! [Medium to large cup

v3 Chapter 588 Taibai's rebellious Taoist ancestor, Yun

v3 Chapter 589 Fairy Fanxin

v3 Chapter 590 Kunpeng's heart, the secret room of wave

v3 Chapter 591 This is definitely not an autistic chall

v3 Chapter 592 The gate of heaven is difficult before t

v3 Chapter 593 Danger·Shou·Danger

v3 Chapter 594 Re-enter the Zixiao Palace

v3 Chapter 595 Taibai returns, heaven moves

v3 ~ Ding~ there is a July summary, please ch

v3 Chapter 596 Make a big wave!

v3 Chapter 597 Daji appeared, Yaozu was removed

v3 Chapter 598 Ping Bei Demon, Steady Cunning Lingshan

v3 Chapter 599 �第�

v3 Chapter 600 Facing the Western Saints, Taibai Search

v3 Chapter 601 Chang Geng's Wenjing, Dongzhou now has s

v3 Chapter 602 This time it is fixed!

v3 Chapter 603 Explaining and teaching 12 Golden Immort

v3 Chapter 604 Xiaozhong, nice guy

v3 Chapter 605 Bian Zhuang is dead

v3 Chapter 606 Shouzhi counterattacked and lifted the t

v3 Chapter 607 "Prince and Minister Best Partner"

v3 Chapter 608 �第�

v3 Chapter 609 Longevity is strong and fearful of stayi

v3 Chapter 610 The price of play

v3 Chapter 611 Yudi Tianwei Town Kunlun!

v3 Chapter 612 Ling Xiao opens the hall, the trial is b

v3 Chapter 613 Taibai was murderous

v3 Chapter 614 Sudden changes in the situation, burning

v3 Chapter 615 In front of the Lingxiao Palace! The ult

v3 Chapter 616 Lights off! Lights off! 【Super Cup】

v3 Chapter 617 Reincarnation tower hero shakes the anci

v3 Chapter 618 Brother, Shou can only help you here

v3 Chapter 619 The saint's little padded jacket, runnin

v3 Chapter 620 �第�

v3 Chapter 621 Stop the Chaos Clock!

v3 Chapter 622 Damn it! ruthless!

v3 Chapter 623 Zhong Jiandi

v3 Chapter 624 �第��

v3 Chapter 625 Taiqingguan's number one mission

v3 Chapter 626

v3 Chapter 627 Rock exploration in Huaguo Mountain, Xua

v3 Chapter 628 Li Jing waits to go down the mountain, L

v3 Chapter 629 Own person, feel free

v3 Chapter 630 The main reason for the reincarnation of

v3 Chapter 631 Good brother, for a lifetime!

v3 Chapter 632 Letter from the underworld, the grandpa

v3 Chapter 633 Flowers reopened, petals are different

v3 ~ Please take a half day off, Kavin

v3 Chapter 634 Saints

v3 Chapter 635 Shou'e Double Tour

v3 Chapter 636 This is a lie, no one will give in

v3 Chapter 637 Emperor Tiandi

v3 Chapter 638 Tianzi

v3 Chapter 639 Cut to teach killing words! 【Ordinary

v3 Chapter 640 The little secret of heaven

v3 Chapter 641 Wanxianweiling! 【Super Cup】

v3 Chapter 642 �第�

v3 Chapter 643 Dao fights Lingshan!

v3 Chapter 644 Xuantu Duobao fights quasi mention, Gong

v3 Chapter 645 The little **** is fair

v3 Chapter 646 The West is temporarily closed

v3 Chapter 647 Blame initiative

v3 Chapter 648 Zhong Liu Xiaoqiongfeng

v3 Chapter 649 Taibai Classroom

v3 Chapter 650 �第�

v3 Chapter 651 Rhythm master

v3 Chapter 652 Being an official

v3 ~ August summary

v3 Chapter 653 Emperor

v3 Chapter 654 Black Panther changed its name, calculat

v3 Chapter 655 Countdown to Fengshen Killing Tribulatio

v3 Chapter 656 Shen Bao Jiang Gong returned to Yuxu, Ch

v3 Chapter 657 How many ways are there to write ah?

v3 Chapter 658 Night party

v3 ~ One day after reading

v3 Chapter 659 Wind from Nanzhou

v3 Chapter 660 Chaoge City is hot to win the protagonis

v3 Chapter 661 Very first

v3 Chapter 662 "Emperor Xin"

v3 Chapter 663 Spirit Orb will be reincarnated

v3 Chapter 664 Chen Tang changed!

v3 Chapter 665 Make a choice

v3 Chapter 666 It's him, it's him, it's him

v3 Chapter 667 Shou's little miss

v3 Chapter 668 Such as

v3 Chapter 669 Nuwa Temple

v3 Chapter 670 Go to his heaven! 【Must-see·Pseudo Hi

v3 Chapter 671 Fatian·November

v3 Chapter 672 ember

v3 Chapter 673 40%

v3 ~ ·Summary of existing intelligence

v3 Chapter 674 Mu Gong’s worries, Da Ji will appear

v3 Chapter 675 This treasure is interesting

v3 Chapter 676 where! upbraid!

v3 Chapter 677 The first conflict with Ao Gongzi

v3 Chapter 678 Miserable, master, miserable

v3 ~ Leave slips, burned after reading

v3 Chapter 679 Daji enters the palace

v3 Chapter 680 Ao Bingqi kills

v3 Chapter 681 The first soul of Conferred God!

v3 Chapter 682 Counting Dragons to Protect Humanity

v3 Chapter 683 Taiyi real person's words skills classro

v3 Chapter 684 Flooded Chentang!

v3 Chapter 685 Father, Chen Tang and Li Jing!

v3 Chapter 686 Taibai Pressure Dragon

v3 Chapter 687 "Stability Education"

v3 Chapter 688 On Dao Hongjun (Part 1)

v3 Chapter 689 Master, this time is really not delibera

v3 Chapter 690 Fengshen'academy'!

v3 Chapter 691 Interpret the first battle

v3 Chapter 692 Almost talked about the small broken clo

v3 ~ Chat 1 about recent creative dilemmas

v3 Chapter 693 Gongming wedding!

v3 Chapter 694 E this wave, there must be a row!

v3 Chapter 695 You

v3 Chapter 696 Shennong Yun Ling Dan!

v3 Chapter 697 Kill mad, kill mad

v3 Chapter 698 Jin Lingyouxi

v3 Chapter 699 True or false

v3 Chapter 700 Taibai 1 worship

v3 Chapter 701 Notre Dame in prison

v3 Chapter 702 May this flame give you some warmth

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v3 Chapter 703

v3 Chapter 704 The saint's end is 10 critical [Middle C

v3 Chapter 705 Shou's not assured

v3 Chapter 706 Saint Killer: Shou [the biggest cup! 】

v3 Chapter 707 From today onwards, there are only 5 sai

v3 Chapter 708 Raising ash is a very ceremonial thing

v3 Chapter 709 The robbery broke the road!

v3 Chapter 710 Ancient Dragon Soul

v3 ~ Ask for votes!

v3 Chapter 711 On Dao Hongjun (Middle) [Happy National

v3 Chapter 712 Mosquitoes count golden lotus

v3 Chapter 713 Enemy of creatures!

v3 Chapter 714 Wen Zhongming's death, advice in dreams

v3 Chapter 715 Daozu comes!

v3 Chapter 716 Shou won the Daozu 1 array!

v3 Chapter 717 Master, you are taking pictures

v3 Chapter 718 Guang Chengzi's plan to surprise

v3 Chapter 719 "Stars"

v3 Chapter 720 Shou Lin【Middle Cup】

v3 ~ Free chapter: Summary of the author's pl

v3 Chapter 721 Tear up

v3 Chapter 722 Yuanshi Tianzun

v3 Chapter 723 "Sky Change"

v3 Chapter 724 Thick

v3 Chapter 725 Wandering in the mysterious capital city

v3 Chapter 726 Look at Honghuang from another angle

v3 Chapter 727 List of Li Changshou's treasures

v3 Chapter 728 Eh hey

v3 Chapter 729 Oh, this familiar tone

v3 Chapter 730 Meet Duobao first, then Laojun

v3 Chapter 731 Lao Jun points 1 finger, Dao Zuo stone t

v3 Chapter 732 Sitting in the mountains, Bodhi waits fo

v3 Chapter 733 Turn Hu into Buddha!

v3 Chapter 734 Lingshan seizes power

v3 Chapter 735 The stone monkey was born!

v3 Chapter 736 Daozu, the big horse monkey!

v3 Chapter 737 Erased memory

v3 Chapter 738 "Learners"

v3 Chapter 739 Teaching the Monkey (Part 1)

v3 Chapter 740 Teaching Monkey (Part 2)

v3 Chapter 741 The end of ‘Xu Bodhi’

v3 Chapter 742 Immortal Golden Soul

v3 Chapter 743 Tipuxu

v3 Chapter 744 Connector Master

v3 Chapter 745 Betrayal

v3 Chapter 746 Danger·Jinchan·Danger

v3 Chapter 747 Call up

v3 Chapter 748 "The Great Sage" [Big Cup! 】

v3 Chapter 749 Goku goes to heaven again, Bodhi sits in

v3 Chapter 750 Xuanya Admonition

v3 Chapter 751 Broke

v3 Chapter 752 Equilibrium Road is here again! 【big c

v3 Chapter 753 The direction, Zixiao Palace! 【big cup

v3 Chapter 754 On Dao Hongjun! (under)

v3 Chapter 755 Weak but dominate

v3 ~ Free single chapter: plot sorting out of

v3 ~

v3 Chapter 756 May my way light up the flames of stars

v3 Chapter 757 Cut the sky, down!

v3 Chapter 758 Decisive battle against Daozu! 【Millio

v3 Chapter 759 Actually, someone lied

v3 Chapter 760 The weakest Jinxian (also known as: Lund

v3 Chapter 761 The never ending little Qiongfeng·The f

v3 ~ End of this testimonial