My Wife is the Villain King Shark
My Wife is the Villain King Shark
Novel Summary
Jiang Chaosheng has passed the book. The male protagonist is the reborn prince with excellent luck, and he is the cannon fodder prince who is destined to fail in the palace fight. He is about to be sent to the desolate island in the extreme south, and the fiefs are less than 100 people. Jiang Chaosheng sunbathed salt, fished… He soon prepared abundant supplies for the rest of his life, but there was an accident when he was eating and waiting to die. He was slow to discover that there were fish thieves in the house! Jiang Chaosheng set a trap and successfully caught the fish thief on the spot
It was a beautiful merman with eyes like emeralds and hair like sapphire
The poor little merman has a slender waist, glistening scales, and a pitiful posture: I can’t afford the supplies, but I can be your wife and give birth to a little mermaid to repay you
Jiang Chaosheng: Also… not impossible
After a long time, Jiang Chaosheng learned that his wife is actually the villain of the original text, the psychological shadow of the male protagonist Long Aotian, the King of the Sea who is rich in the sea.
The lucky salted fish attack vs the cruel shark emperor
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