Novel Summary
The accidental intervention of the “Lord of the Mysteries” fellow, Abner, the true traveler, will help Klein usher in a better ending. “Lord of the Mysteries” must be Klein, not Tianzun. The protagonist takes the reader path in the early stage.
Chapter List

v1 Chapter 1 Come

v1 Chapter 2 meet

v1 Chapter 3 Doubt

v1 Chapter 4 Get acquainted

v1 Chapter 5 Hugh and Jane

v1 Chapter 6 Extraordinary party

v1 Chapter 7 The test of the eye of wisdom

v1 Chapter 8 Sequence 9 reader

v1 Chapter 9 curse

v1 Chapter 10 Ask for help

v1 Chapter 11 Exorcism

v1 Chapter 12 Track down

v1 Chapter 13 trial

v1 Chapter 14 Abandoned manor

v1 Chapter 15 training

v1 Chapter 16 Ritual magic

v1 Chapter 17 Fors

v1 Chapter 18 3 questions

v1 Chapter 19 Jane's help

v1 Chapter 20 Brass charm

v1 Chapter 21 track

v1 Chapter 22 Missing case

v1 Chapter 23 Doll

v1 Chapter 24 Hugh's survey results

v1 Chapter 25 Adventurous dreams

v1 Chapter 26 round up

v1 Chapter 27 Sequence Eight

v1 Chapter 28 Prelude

v1 Chapter 29 Tragic

v1 Chapter 30 Backtracking

v1 Chapter 31 Jane's choice

v1 Chapter 32 parting

v1 Chapter 33 Commission

v1 Chapter 34 response

v1 Chapter 35 Commission from Damir Port

v1 Chapter 36 Pritz Harbor

v1 Chapter 37 Blood moon

v1 Chapter 38 Dream maze

v1 Chapter 39 Ready to enter

v1 Chapter 40 Level 9

v1 Chapter 41 notes

v1 Chapter 42 Layer 7

v1 Chapter 43 significance

v1 Chapter 44 Leave temporarily

v1 Chapter 45 Mr. Gaston’s extraordinary party

v1 Chapter 46 The negative effects of the prejudgment

v1 Chapter 47 Burst

v1 Chapter 48 Fierce battle

v1 Chapter 49 Departure

v1 Chapter 50 Golden Dream

v1 Chapter 51 Mutation

v1 Chapter 52 Complete materials

v1 Chapter 53 Shipwreck

v1 Chapter 54 key

v1 Chapter 55 The first "Meet"

v1 Chapter 56 On board

v1 Chapter 57 Anderson's message

v1 Chapter 58 Sequence Seven Keeper

v1 Chapter 59 New ability

v1 Chapter 60 unknown

v1 Chapter 61 Above the fog

v1 Chapter 62 tower

v1 Chapter 63 1 corner of the curtain

v1 Chapter 64 Arrive at Enmat Port

v1 Chapter 65 First Tarot Club

v1 Chapter 66 remind

v1 Chapter 67 Reflection

v1 Chapter 68 Meet again

v1 Chapter 69 Abner's discovery

v1 Chapter 70 East chestershire

v1 Chapter 71 meet

v1 Chapter 72 Secret and influence

v1 Chapter 73 Murder case

v1 Chapter 74 Gold coin and pharmacist

v1 Chapter 75 doom

v1 Chapter 76 Cello and violin

v1 Chapter 77 chat

v1 Chapter 78 prom

v1 Chapter 79 Giant

v1 Chapter 80 mask

v1 Chapter 81 Make up a diary

v1 Chapter 82 The Tarot Club That Starts Again

v1 Chapter 83 "Tower" request

v1 Chapter 84 Communication at the Tarot Meeting

v1 Chapter 85 Doctor away from home

v1 Chapter 86 Retrospect and Blood Moon

v1 Chapter 87 lucky

v1 Chapter 88 Witch of Pain

v1 Chapter 89 Hugh Returning

v1 Chapter 90 Abner in Hugh's Intuition

v1 Chapter 91 Azik and the mask

v1 Chapter 92 Hugh's experience

v1 Chapter 93 New commission

v1 Chapter 94 prince

v1 Chapter 95 Prince and witch

v1 Chapter 96 Long-lost extraordinary party

v1 Chapter 97 survey

v1 Chapter 98 Chasing the murderer

v1 Chapter 99 The other side of the stage

v1 Chapter 100 Channeling and Retrospect

v1 Chapter 101 Code of Acting for the Keeper

v1 Chapter 102 Desolate

v1 Chapter 103 Official

v1 Chapter 104 Test "sacrifice"

v1 Chapter 105 Express delivery business is about to go

v1 Chapter 106 Shared "Stories"

v1 Chapter 107 Sacrifices and gifts

v1 ~ Write before the shelves

v1 Chapter 108 Prom invitation (one/seven)

v1 Chapter 109 The Desolate's Request (2/7)

v1 Chapter 110 The first order after becoming famous (3

v1 Chapter 111 Roman's fiance (4/7)

v1 Chapter 112 Tracking and fierce battle (5/7)

v1 Chapter 113 Fierce battle and conversation

v1 Chapter 114 "Blood Feast" (7/7)

v1 Chapter 115 Parties

v1 Chapter 116 Little People's Adventure

v1 Chapter 117 Before the prom

v1 Chapter 118 "have a bee in one's bonnet"

v1 Chapter 119 "Thief"

v1 Chapter 120 seed

v1 Chapter 121 response

v1 Chapter 122 blockade

v1 Chapter 123 Opening

v1 Chapter 124 Crazy and chaotic world

v1 Chapter 125 Upcoming "headlines"

v1 Chapter 126 Famous again

v1 Chapter 127 Unexpected digestion

v1 Chapter 128 Summarize the "Knowledge Keeper" Acting

v1 Chapter 130 The purpose of the witch

v1 Chapter 131 Parasite

v1 Chapter 132 Continuous transaction

v1 Chapter 133 Commission

v1 Chapter 134 communicate with

v1 Chapter 135 Banquet invitation

v1 Chapter 136 transaction

v1 Chapter 137 "Upload" material

v1 Chapter 138 Invitation from Caspass

v1 Chapter 139 meet

v1 Chapter 140 Sharon and Maric

v1 Chapter 141 Goddess Sword

v1 Chapter 142 Audrey's clue

v1 Chapter 143 overture

v1 Chapter 144 begin

v1 Chapter 145 Progressive

v1 Chapter 146 Interlude

v1 Chapter 147 3 battlefields

v1 Chapter 148 fierce

v1 Chapter 149 Hate

v1 Chapter 150 end

v1 Chapter 151 advent

v1 Chapter 152 mood

v1 Chapter 153 The end of the witch

v1 Chapter 154 Dynamics and spoils of all parties

v1 Chapter 155 Aftermath

v1 Chapter 156 Behind the curtain

v1 Chapter 157 "Hero Detective"

v1 Chapter 158 Practice

v1 Chapter 159 Garden Villa

v1 Chapter 160 farewell

v1 Chapter 161 The Skards

v1 Chapter 162 Old friend

v1 Chapter 163 diary

v1 Chapter 164 Joint investigation

v1 Chapter 165 Multi-party transaction

v1 Chapter 166 Communicate and share

v1 Chapter 167 Susie's suggestion

v1 Chapter 168 case

v1 Chapter 169 Beast

v1 Chapter 170 Clue

v1 Chapter 171 Reasons and invitations

v1 Chapter 172 ready

v1 Chapter 173 gift

v1 Chapter 174 necklace

v1 Chapter 175 Karen's Reply

v1 Chapter 176 New storm

v1 Chapter 177 night

v1 Chapter 178 Jane's intention

v1 Chapter 179 Infiltration and rescue

v1 Chapter 180 Harvest and report

v1 Chapter 181 turn up

v1 Chapter 182 "arrangement"

v1 Chapter 183 Recite the honorable name

v1 Chapter 184 Tarot

v1 Chapter 185 Invitation and exorcism

v1 Chapter 186 Banquet and curse

v1 Chapter 187 recognize

v1 Chapter 188 Exorcism and live broadcast

v1 Chapter 189 Watch the naval battle

v1 Chapter 190 After the war

v1 Chapter 191 respective

v1 Chapter 192 Mr. A's party

v1 Chapter 193 Bidders and interrogators

v1 Chapter 194 Meet at night

v1 Chapter 195 Behind the scenes

v1 Chapter 196 New diary and book of necromancers

v1 Chapter 197 Tarot Club One More Time

v1 Chapter 198 Postponement

v1 Chapter 199 Abandoned Land

v1 Chapter 200 Transaction and commission

v1 Chapter 201 shepherd

v1 Chapter 202 Candidate

v1 Chapter 203 "Zero-Eight" writing style

v1 Chapter 204 remains

v1 Chapter 205 Information and the clown

v1 Chapter 206 Trading and exorcising again

v1 Chapter 207 Outskirt camping

v1 Chapter 208 Weird hotel

v1 Chapter 209 Ruins Exploration

v1 Chapter 210 Weird baron

v1 Chapter 211 Passionate fanny

v1 Chapter 212 After Shimen

v1 Chapter 213 Exchange information

v1 Chapter 214 Decipher

v1 Chapter 215 The Baron's Diary

v1 Chapter 216 camping

v1 Chapter 217 Request and aggregation

v1 Chapter 218 Mirror question and answer

v1 Chapter 219 Follow-up and commission

v1 Chapter 220 Reasoning and guessing

v1 Chapter 221 Leather armor and new commissions

v1 Chapter 222 The question of Miss Justice

v1 Chapter 223 Abner's guess

v1 Chapter 224 New pirate general

v1 Chapter 225 Jane's decision

v1 Chapter 226 Divination "Fallen Morning Star"

v1 Chapter 227 The result of divination

v1 Chapter 228 Meet and date

v1 Chapter 229 Parties

v1 Chapter 230 "Slag" Luo

v1 Chapter 231 Behind the scenes

v1 Chapter 232 Give up and problems

v1 Chapter 233 Conversation with Emma

v1 Chapter 234 Abner's speculation

v1 Chapter 235 Piece of truth

v1 Chapter 236 aware

v1 Chapter 237 prelude

v1 Chapter 238 Asymptotically

v1 Chapter 239 All

v1 Chapter 240 Layers of preparation

v1 Chapter 241 urgent

v1 Chapter 242 fierce

v1 Chapter 243 Fight and Separation

v1 Chapter 244 Escape

v1 Chapter 245 Hugh and the Fool

v1 Chapter 246 Tower and trial

v1 Chapter 247 Aftermath

v1 Chapter 248 Susie's growth

v1 Chapter 249 Jane and Hugh

v1 Chapter 250 2 letters

v1 Chapter 251 Miss Judge's debut

v1 Chapter 252 The envy of Alger

v1 Chapter 253 communicate with

v1 Chapter 254 Omnipotent

v1 Chapter 255 Various brain supplements

v1 Chapter 256 Cattleya arrives

v1 Chapter 257 Week 2

v1 Chapter 258 Send

v1 Chapter 259 prom

v1 Chapter 260 Save people

v1 Chapter 261 Azik and Silica

v1 Chapter 262 Meet with Azik

v1 Chapter 263 Thanks to Azik

v1 Chapter 264 Raid

v1 Chapter 265 overture

v1 Chapter 266 Interlude

v1 Chapter 267 Soldier and chess game

v1 Chapter 268 Progressive

v1 Chapter 269 Ban

v1 Chapter 270 Follow-up

v1 Chapter 271 Sequence Six "Loud Scholar"

v1 Chapter 272 Polymath

v1 Chapter 273 Lina

v1 Chapter 274 eve

v1 Chapter 275 Light and dark

v1 Chapter 276 Abner's plan

v1 Chapter 277 Audrey's arrangement

v1 Chapter 278 diary

v1 Chapter 279 resurrection

v1 Chapter 280 Dig a grave

v1 Chapter 281 PhD

v1 Chapter 282 Church of Plenty

v1 Chapter 283 "Tower" guess

v1 Chapter 284 Communicate alone

v1 Chapter 285 Klein's calculations

v1 Chapter 286 Interchange route

v1 Chapter 287 The Joker and the Nightmare

v1 Chapter 288 Dreamland

v1 Chapter 289 serial killer

v1 Chapter 290 Code and return

v1 Chapter 291 The Fool and the Judgment

v1 Chapter 292 MI9

v1 Chapter 293 Klein's thoughts

v1 Chapter 294 Actions of all parties

v1 Chapter 295 Issue tasks and accept tasks

v1 Chapter 296 Production commission

v1 Chapter 297 Try and reveal

v1 Chapter 298 Everything you say will be known

v1 Chapter 299 Detect

v1 Chapter 300 respective

v1 Chapter 301 Plans and speculations

v1 Chapter 302 Cooperation

v1 Chapter 303 The beast of the sewer

v1 Chapter 304 provocative

v1 Chapter 305 eve

v1 Chapter 306 ready

v1 Chapter 307 begin

v1 Chapter 308 Assassinate

v1 Chapter 309 Rosago on the run and Rosago who is abou

v1 Chapter 310 Puppets and commissions

v1 Chapter 311 analysis

v1 Chapter 312 All parties except Abner

v1 Chapter 313 No surprise dinner

v1 Chapter 314 Farewell and another Tarot meeting

v1 Chapter 315 Read diary

v1 Chapter 316 Remuneration and request

v1 Chapter 317 transaction

v1 Chapter 318 The vitality of the "world" and the happ

v1 Chapter 319 answer

v1 Chapter 320 Audrey's shock

v1 Chapter 321 Set off

v1 Chapter 322 parting

v1 Chapter 323 Actions of all parties

v1 Chapter 324 Parties in action

v1 Chapter 325 "reasoning"

v1 Chapter 326 Mr. Gaston’s Fan

v1 Chapter 327 Enter the 6th floor

v1 Chapter 328 Mission and armor golem

v1 Chapter 329 Fierce battle

v1 Chapter 330 Roselle and the Witch

v1 Chapter 331 Channeling and the spread of news

v1 Chapter 332 Lanrworth's calculations

v1 Chapter 333 Behind the incident and change the map

v1 Chapter 334 Play and fight

v1 Chapter 335 Fierce battle and revenge

v1 Chapter 336 Mission 1 completed

v1 Chapter 337 Russell's warnings and rewards

v1 Chapter 338 Pirate Assembly

v1 Chapter 339 Departure and meet

v1 Chapter 340 Lydia and Tran

v1 Chapter 341 New diary

v1 Chapter 342 The daily joy of the Tarot

v1 Chapter 343 Transaction and exchange

v1 Chapter 344 Wishing magic lamp

v1 Chapter 345 letter

v1 Chapter 346 Abner's alternative "fame"

v1 Chapter 347 Pale justice

v1 Chapter 348 Lieutenant General Iceberg

v1 Chapter 349 25 dragons and duels that do not make mi

v1 Chapter 350 Divine Envoy and Pope

v1 Chapter 351 duel

v1 Chapter 352 The pirate conference officially begins

v1 Chapter 353 eve

v1 Chapter 354 comminicate

v1 Chapter 355 Preparation before debut

v1 Chapter 356 The battle begins

v1 Chapter 357 Battlefield everywhere

v1 Chapter 358 Warring

v1 Chapter 359 Sink

v1 Chapter 360 Meet offline

v1 Chapter 361 Alger and the female pirates

v1 Chapter 362 Behind the scenes

v1 Chapter 363 Home bounty

v1 Chapter 364 Sword of the Golden Serpent

v1 Chapter 365 magician

v1 Chapter 366 Tower and Doctor Strange

v1 Chapter 367 Klein's new commission

v1 Chapter 368 conspiracy

v1 Chapter 369 Communication and transaction

v1 Chapter 370 Suggestion and Dreaming

v1 Chapter 371 Inquiry and observation

v1 Chapter 372 "Black Emperor" style mutation

v1 Chapter 373 Psychic

v1 Chapter 374 Lydia

v1 Chapter 375 "Doctor Strange" officially became famou

v1 Chapter 376 Russell and the Devil

v1 Chapter 377 Transaction and exposure

v1 Chapter 378 Lucky god

v1 Chapter 379 Sharing and cooperation

v1 Chapter 380 Djinn's worth

v1 Chapter 381 The identity of Doctor Strange

v1 Chapter 382 Everyone after the Tarot

v1 Chapter 383 A restless night without incident

v1 Chapter 384 Doctor Strange’s small class is open

v1 Chapter 385 Roselle Memorial Exhibition

v1 Chapter 386 Layer 5

v1 Chapter 387 Task

v1 Chapter 388 Unlucky

v1 Chapter 389 Restless night

v1 Chapter 390 Stimulate

v1 Chapter 391 Lucky god

v1 Chapter 392 Stewart in action

v1 Chapter 393 Contradiction

v1 Chapter 394 casualties

v1 Chapter 395 Trial of Courage

v1 Chapter 396 Trial of Will

v1 Chapter 397 Abner who almost lost his integrity

v1 Chapter 398 Trial of Strength

v1 Chapter 399 Future opportunity

v1 Chapter 400 New privilege

v1 Chapter 401 Recipe and clues

v1 Chapter 402 Gwen assaulted

v1 Chapter 403 Before the Tarot

v1 Chapter 404 Roselle's thumbs up

v1 Chapter 405 Communication and transaction

v1 Chapter 406 Multi-party exchange

v1 Chapter 407 Share news

v1 Chapter 408 People after the Tarot

v1 Chapter 409 respective

v1 Chapter 410 Roselle's Golden Armor

v1 Chapter 411 Ready to leave

v1 Chapter 412 Treasure

v1 Chapter 413 Backlund

v1 Chapter 414 maritime

v1 Chapter 415 Jane's Revenge

v1 Chapter 416 Jane's Revenge

v1 Chapter 417 End of the war

v1 Chapter 418 Linster's Curse of Sacrifice

v1 Chapter 419 Jane's letter and Melissa's diary

v1 Chapter 420 Diaries and novels

v1 Chapter 421 Teleportation

v1 Chapter 422 Expensive Secret Art

v1 Chapter 423 Diary and secret 1 corner

v1 Chapter 424 Little revenge from Mr. Fool

v1 Chapter 425 Before the dinner

v1 Chapter 426 Elaine

v1 Chapter 427 ambush

v1 Chapter 428 All annihilated

v1 Chapter 429 The secret mission of the military

v1 Chapter 430 The cautious Alger and the shameful Elai

v1 Chapter 431 Red Maid

v1 Chapter 432 Edwards-Brain Teleportation

v1 Chapter 433 News from the South Continent

v1 Chapter 434 Fake the diary one more time

v1 Chapter 435 Amon

v1 Chapter 436 Diary and transaction

v1 Chapter 437 poverty

v1 Chapter 438 Klein

v1 Chapter 439 The Fool and Amon

v1 Chapter 440 Parties

v1 Chapter 441 Little people's hope

v1 Chapter 442 Crafting items

v1 Chapter 443 Hajol's decision

v1 Chapter 444 Prelude (sorry, Cavin is late)

v1 Chapter 445 Hugh's way

v1 Chapter 446 Mr. Fool's intervention

v1 Chapter 447 Klein's 3 questions

v1 Chapter 448 Before Grand Theft Auto debut

v1 Chapter 449 The fall of Carpin

v1 Chapter 450 The calculation behind

v1 Chapter 451 Investigation and speculation

v1 Chapter 452 Abner

v2 Chapter 1 Postponed to update at 9 o'clock~~

v2 Chapter 454 The story and the kill

v2 Chapter 455 Natural disaster

v2 Chapter 456 Rescue

v2 Chapter 457 Aftermath

v2 Chapter 458 The "magic girl" on the edge of the viol

v2 Chapter 459 Nast's goal

v2 Chapter 460 Red Maid's new job

v2 Chapter 461 Klein's vigilance

v2 Chapter 462 Deal with Darkwell

v2 Chapter 463 Lina's mind

v2 Chapter 464 Arriving in the South Continent for the

v2 Chapter 465 Commission and selection of temporary ba

v2 Chapter 467 "Weirdness" in Gurain City

v2 Chapter 467 Week 1

v2 Chapter 468 Daily Brain Supplement of the Tarot Soci

v2 Chapter 469 "The World" Commission

v2 Chapter 470 Acting improvement

v2 Chapter 471 Intelligence of the Abraham family

v2 Chapter 472 King of Angels

v2 Chapter 473 "Insights in the Spiritual World"

v2 Chapter 474 Linkage

v2 Chapter 475 Secret arrangement

v2 Chapter 476 Harou's request

v2 Chapter 477 "Book of Astrology and Elements"

v2 Chapter 477 Prelude to the melee

v2 Chapter 478 In place

v2 Chapter 479 doom

v2 Chapter 481 "Zero-Eight" that seems to be overdrawn

v2 Chapter 482 Aurora Club vs. Punisher

v2 Chapter 483 "Fool"

v2 Chapter 484 Arrived in time

v2 Chapter 485 Method

v2 Chapter 486 Grand Theft Auto's curtain call

v2 Chapter 487 The reverberation of the event

v2 Chapter 488 Follow-up

v2 Chapter 489 Feedback and digestion

v2 Chapter 490 Meet

v2 Chapter 491 Nostalgia and thinking

v2 Chapter 492 Week 2

v2 Chapter 493 Klein's plan

v2 Chapter 494 Leonard visits

v2 Chapter 495 Extraordinary Party and Klein's Mission

v2 Chapter 496 Suspicious seed

v2 Chapter 497 Who is Klein

v2 Chapter 498 Alfred's highlight moment

v2 Chapter 499 Punishment of Doctor Strange

v2 Chapter 500 Departure and plan

v2 Chapter 501 In the rain

v2 Chapter 502 All walks of life

v2 Chapter 503 Asymptotic truth

v2 Chapter 504 Linster's Faith

v2 Chapter 505 Klein's preparation and the appearance o

v2 Chapter 506 Lion

v2 Chapter 507 problem

v2 Chapter 508 Grim and vengeful lion

v2 ~ Update postponed until nine o'clock in t

v2 Chapter 510 Daniel's Labyrinth

v2 Chapter 511 The end of Linster

v2 Chapter 512 Miss Sharon's Trust

v2 Chapter 513 "control"

v2 Chapter 514 trade

v2 Chapter 515 beginning

v2 Chapter 516 Enter "Mirror"

v2 Chapter 517 card

v2 Chapter 518 The plan first appeared

v2 Chapter 519 The gathering of saints

v2 Chapter 520 maze

v2 Chapter 521 He is already another person

v2 ~ 1st postponed to more than 9 o'clock

v2 Chapter 523 He is everywhere

v2 Chapter 524 analyze

v2 Chapter 525 Start

v2 Chapter 526 1 trigger

v2 Chapter 527 Unblock

v2 Chapter 528 get away

v2 Chapter 529 This is "Amon"

v2 Chapter 530 Reaction everywhere

v2 Chapter 531 Abner who appeared at the end

v2 Chapter 532 Who are you

v2 Chapter 533 Blood moon

v2 Chapter 534 Week 1 pm

v2 Chapter 535 New diary

v2 Chapter 536 human nature

v2 Chapter 537 Memory pieces

v2 Chapter 538 Replay

v2 Chapter 539 trade

v2 Chapter 540 Fors's suspicion

v2 Chapter 541 News from Audrey

v2 Chapter 542 Arrest the baron

v2 Chapter 543 Ownership of the box

v2 Chapter 544 Deceased lion

v2 Chapter 545 The root of the problem in the hot sprin

v2 ~ The first postponed more than 9 o'clock~

v2 Chapter 547 Descendants of Giants

v2 Chapter 548 Closfia

v2 Chapter 549 Abner's special

v2 Chapter 550 Fill up the puzzle

v2 Chapter 551 Negotiate terms

v2 Chapter 552 cloak

v2 Chapter 553 The calculation behind

v2 Chapter 554 Darkwell and the whip of pleasure

v2 Chapter 555 Darkwell's treatment

v2 Chapter 556 Amon's smile

v2 Chapter 557 Unknown date

v2 Chapter 558 Trapped

v2 Chapter 559 dinner

v2 Chapter 560 Mystery and Undercurrent

v2 Chapter 561 The second half of "Blood Feast"

v2 Chapter 562 Judy's backhand

v2 Chapter 563 Abner's Perception

v2 Chapter 564 Get out of trouble

v2 Chapter 565 Exploration and emblem

v2 Chapter 566 Lamia and Frank Lee

v2 Chapter 567 Mystery and photos

v2 Chapter 568 Conversation and conditions

v2 Chapter 569 Azik's Gift

v2 Chapter 570 3 requirements

v2 Chapter 571 Before the extraordinary party

v2 Chapter 572 Extraordinary party

v2 Chapter 573 The sect behind the scenes

v2 Chapter 574 Sunday

v2 Chapter 575 The origin of Lamia

v2 Chapter 576 3 princesses

v2 Chapter 577 Tarot Club One More Time

v2 Chapter 578

v2 Chapter 579 Questions and exchanges

v2 Chapter 580 The answer

v2 Chapter 581 Thank you

v2 Chapter 582 New wave

v2 Chapter 583 Mr. Azik and Calderon City

v2 Chapter 584 secret

v2 Chapter 585 Nightmare

v2 Chapter 586 "Looking back" to history

v2 Chapter 587 People come and go

v2 Chapter 588 Disaster Seal

v2 Chapter 589 "Polisher" digestion is complete

v2 Chapter 590 Complete main materials

v2 Chapter 591 Darkwell's new business?

v2 Chapter 592 Mr. Courier who ran back and forth was n

v2 Chapter 593 Silver Moon plan and materials are avail

v2 Chapter 594 Sequence Five Secret Skill Instructor

v2 Chapter 595 Half a prophet

v2 Chapter 596 Discovery of the Demon Hunter

v2 Chapter 597 The home of angels and evil spirits

v2 Chapter 598 rummage

v2 Chapter 599 Jane's nightmare

v2 Chapter 600 Psychotherapy and hypnosis

v2 Chapter 601 Upcoming "show"

v2 Chapter 602 Dream Weaver and Magic Mirror

v2 Chapter 603 Mirror door

v2 Chapter 604 Ms. Dai Li who is about to shovel

v2 Chapter 605 gift

v2 Chapter 606 Dunn's choice

v2 Chapter 607 prom

v2 Chapter 608 Fight and capture

v2 Chapter 609 The Tarot Club without a "tower"

v2 Chapter 610 The activeness of Miss "Trial"

v2 Chapter 611 Mr. Fool's Wrath

v2 Chapter 642 Powerful bone dragon

v2 Chapter 612 Powerful bone dragon

v2 Chapter 613 Back to Backlund

v2 Chapter 614 Conspiracy and Meet Lilith

v2 Chapter 615 Answer

v2 Chapter 616 "The miracle of civilization was destroy

v2 Chapter 617 The first meeting in reality

v2 Chapter 618 undercurrent

v2 Chapter 619 Attack of the Apostle of Desire

v2 Chapter 620 Reader characteristics

v2 Chapter 621 Q&A

v2 Chapter 622 Mirror without exaggeration

v2 Chapter 623 "The World" Commission

v2 Chapter 624 Ways to deal with the curse

v2 Chapter 625 "Happy Witch"

v2 Chapter 626 Root conspiracy and conspiracy at the en

v2 Chapter 627 Arrods finally found the owner

v2 Chapter 628 Before action

v2 Chapter 629 Talim on the thief ship

v2 Chapter 630 Analysis and framing

v2 Chapter 631 The calculation behind the scenes

v2 Chapter 632 Tool man and back pot man

v2 Chapter 633 Leonard was shocked

v2 Chapter 634 Response of all parties

v2 Chapter 635 unexpected result

v2 Chapter 636 Lack of power

v2 Chapter 637 Week 1

v2 Chapter 638 New diary

v2 Chapter 639 "Report" in disguise

v2 Chapter 640 Tower's Commission

v2 Chapter 641 Chance encounter

v2 Chapter 642 Stewart's Secret Art Spread

v2 Chapter 643 Daly and Arrods

v2 Chapter 644 Klein's Awakening

v2 Chapter 645 image

v2 Chapter 646 Gear book

v2 Chapter 647 deterrence

v2 Chapter 648 Speculation on the ability of "Pure Whit

v2 Chapter 649 comminicate

v2 Chapter 650 Soren Einhorn Medici

v2 Chapter 651 The king of angels who loves to paint

v2 Chapter 652 The "righteous" tower and the "treachero

v2 Chapter 653 Destiny beacon makes new achievements

v2 Chapter 654 New diary

v2 Chapter 655 Magic Wand Series

v2 Chapter 656 Klein's reminder

v2 Chapter 657 Eye of the Goddess

v2 Chapter 658 Dai Li

v2 Chapter 659 Happy New Year

v2 Chapter 660 The eve of the big event

v2 Chapter 661 Meteorite

v2 Chapter 662 All parties before the smog

v2 Chapter 663 Great smog and...

v2 Chapter 664 hero

v2 Chapter 665 Prince and witch

v2 Chapter 666 Mr. A's value

v2 Chapter 667 Murder from 1100 years ago

v2 Chapter 668 3 "doors"

v2 Chapter 669 Historical projection

v2 Chapter 670 door

v2 Chapter 670 Return to Bayam

v2 Chapter 672 Hunger who dare not squirm

v2 Chapter 673 "Witch card"

v2 Chapter 674 Man in the Iron Mask

v2 Chapter 675 The King and the Poor

v2 Chapter 676 Prelude to a new story

v2 Chapter 677 Return home

v2 Chapter 678 Lieutenant General's Intelligence

v2 Chapter 679 Door and hometown

v2 Chapter 680 "Moon" debut and various brain supplemen

v2 Chapter 681 Continue to replenish the brain

v2 Chapter 682 Journal

v2 Chapter 683 The discovery of the moon

v2 Chapter 684 Occult

v2 Chapter 685 "Tower" changes

v2 Chapter 686 Trading and killing

v2 Chapter 687 Blue ocean

v2 Chapter 688 Emlyn who is about to debut?

v2 Chapter 689 Overcast

v2 Chapter 690 Abner's plan

v2 Chapter 691 meet and talk

v2 Chapter 692 Owen's goal

v2 Chapter 693 The conspiracy behind

v2 Chapter 694 "attacked"

v2 Chapter 695 The Delian family's counterattack

v2 Chapter 696 Katerina's "Adventure"

v2 Chapter 697 theater

v2 Chapter 698 dream is true

v2 Chapter 699 late dance

v2 Chapter 700 Daly's calm and Melissa's shock

v2 Chapter 701 Abner's Table Party

v2 Chapter 702 Abner's plan

v2 Chapter 703 Re-diffusion of a certain mystery

v2 Chapter 704 incident

v2 Chapter 705 Q&A

v2 Chapter 706 Derrick's growth

v2 Chapter 707 Tool Man Danitz

v2 Chapter 708 God of disappointment

v2 Chapter 709 Step 1 of the Future Angel

v2 Chapter 710 The relationship between Arrodes and his

v2 Chapter 711 world and tower

v2 Chapter 712 Abner's Reminder

v2 Chapter 713 Sunday

v2 Chapter 714 bansi

v2 Chapter 715 Another Tarot Club

v2 Chapter 716 Journal

v2 Chapter 717 trade

v2 Chapter 718 Fors' activity

v2 Chapter 719 Each has a harvest

v2 Chapter 720 Communion

v2 Chapter 721 Bernadette who came to the door

v2 Chapter 722 shareholders meeting

v2 Chapter 723 Bernadette's net worth

v2 Chapter 724 change

v2 Chapter 725 Flesh Trigger

v2 Chapter 726 Audrey with the wrong result and the rig

v2 Chapter 727 Viewing

v2 Chapter 728 Goddess

v2 Chapter 729 Translation of "The Feast of Blood"

v2 Chapter 730 studious abner

v2 Chapter 731 Forsi's Great Crisis

v2 Chapter 732 Taboo on names

v2 Chapter 733 set off

v2 Chapter 734 storm

v2 Chapter 735 Lynn City and the Devil

v2 Chapter 736 Roselle's legacy

v2 Chapter 737 lion's astonishment

v2 Chapter 738 Helen

v2 Chapter 739 The effect of backtracking

v2 Chapter 740 "Pure White Eye"

v2 Chapter 741 maze

v2 Chapter 742 answer questions

v2 Chapter 743 last question

v2 Chapter 744 The details of the maze

v2 Chapter 745 post war

v2 Chapter 746 Divide the spoils

v2 Chapter 747 Dinner of Desire

v2 Chapter 748 try to decrypt

v2 Chapter 749 bloody pupil

v2 Chapter 750 natural disaster

v2 Chapter 751 "Rats"

v2 Chapter 752 rat track

v2 Chapter 753 people in prophecy

v2 Chapter 754 offerings

v2 Chapter 755 Old Huang's Calculations

v2 Chapter 756 Klein's daze

v2 Chapter 757 1 notification, 1 reminder, 1 delegate

v2 Chapter 758 who will he be

v2 ~ Chapter 759 Klein's guess

v2 Chapter 760 Good afternoon, Mr. Fool~

v2 Chapter 761 Tentative

v2 Chapter 762 Zaratu

v2 Chapter 763 "World" special fresh food officially op

v2 Chapter 764 Brain tonic

v2 Chapter 765 Everyone after the Tarot

v2 Chapter 766 Enter the travelogue

v2 Chapter 767 Dragon

v2 Chapter 768 Roselle's calculations

v2 Chapter 769 Start

v2 Chapter 770 Klein's identity

v2 Chapter 771 Bureau

v2 Chapter 772 rotten

v2 Chapter 773 reinforcements come

v2 Chapter 774 Thales news

v2 Chapter 775 invitation to hunt

v2 Chapter 776 Another card of blasphemy

v2 Chapter 777 the eve of the decisive battle

v2 Chapter 778 Amon's judgment

v2 Chapter 779 go to war

v2 Chapter 780 Abner's Bloody Script

v2 Chapter 781 barren

v2 Chapter 782 Mr. Fool who took a photo

v2 Chapter 783 you came early

v2 Chapter 784 Calculation of consecutive reversals

v2 Chapter 785 Miracle

v2 Chapter 786 new blessing

v2 Chapter 787 God's Reward

v2 Chapter 788 Back to the City of Miracles

v2 Chapter 789 Honesty Hall

v2 Chapter 790 Ritual of the "Insighter"

v2 Chapter 791 hidden haze

v2 Chapter 792 The increasingly unlucky "Lieutenant Gen

v2 Chapter 793 Goddess' Reward

v2 Chapter 794 Both sides of the test

v2 Chapter 795 Klein's plan

v2 Chapter 796 Week 5

v2 Chapter 797 Miss Courier

v2 Chapter 798 Follow Klein's words

v2 Chapter 799 2 missions

v2 Chapter 800 "Lucky"

v2 Chapter 801 Battle of Hazel

v2 Chapter 802 Tudor

v2 Chapter 803 Legacy of the Blood Emperor?

v2 Chapter 804 what's happening with the ladies

v2 Chapter 805 female pirates

v2 Chapter 806 The famous detective is famous again

v2 Chapter 807 tragic story

v2 Chapter 808 Arrive in Trier and another Tarot Club

v2 Chapter 809 "Hidden" Observations

v2 Chapter 810 Journal

v2 Chapter 811 Attribution of the characteristics of th

v2 Chapter 812 respective transactions

v2 Chapter 813 Miss Justice's advice

v2 Chapter 814 Pleasure in the Tarot Club

v2 Chapter 815 after the meeting

v2 Chapter 816 Klein's plan

v2 Chapter 817 Danitz's fear

v2 Chapter 818 Tracy and Elaine

v2 Chapter 819 The red saint?

v2 Chapter 820 "Men in Black"

v2 Chapter 821 dice

v2 Chapter 822 after the eyes

v2 Chapter 823 Are you awake?

v2 Chapter 824 Various roles of the occult master

v2 Chapter 825 The chaotic Delean family

v2 Chapter 826 Maimiao Church

v2 Chapter 827 evolutionary prophecy

v2 Chapter 828 infiltrate prison

v2 Chapter 829 Bonova's attention

v2 Chapter 830 Lilith's influence

v2 Chapter 831 target confirmation

v2 Chapter 832 skirmish

v2 Chapter 833 hidden secret

v2 Chapter 834 The Witch Concentration of the Dark Empe

v2 Chapter 835 Klein's confidence

v2 Chapter 836 Abner's calculation

v2 Chapter 837 Klein's discovery

v2 Chapter 838 Bianca

v2 Chapter 839 Klein

v2 Chapter 840 Mutations and Shakes

v2 Chapter 841 backer

v2 Chapter 842 alliance

v2 Chapter 843 Nath's Stupid

v2 Chapter 844 Box

v2 Chapter 845 attacking salted fish

v2 Chapter 846 hand of lyon

v2 Chapter 847 Abby's Diary

v2 Chapter 848 Audrey's Dream

v2 Chapter 849 box of gods

v2 Chapter 850 return trip

v2 Chapter 851 The arrival of another tarot club

v2 Chapter 852 Adabo's bottom

v2 Chapter 853 After the meeting

v2 Chapter 854 Asymptotic truth

v2 Chapter 855 parties

v2 Chapter 856 Research Bianca (Academic Issues)

v2 Chapter 857 Abner's Conspiracy

v2 Chapter 858 Mausoleum

v2 Chapter 859 Free Thunderbird

v2 Chapter 860 Purifying Light

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v2 Chapter 861 Knight Wraith (make up for yesterday's)

v2 Chapter 862 Ritual and Door (2 in 1)

v2 Chapter 863 leave the ruins

v2 Chapter 864 The history of the casket of the gods

v2 Chapter 865 Roselle's message

v2 Chapter 866 Change

v2 Chapter 867 Busy Abner

v2 Chapter 868 wedding

v2 Chapter 869 Back to the Tarot Club

v2 Chapter 870 Tired Cattleya

v2 Chapter 871 Abner's mistake

v2 Chapter 872 Luxurious lineup of "Lust"

v2 Chapter 873 happy Birthday

v2 Chapter 874 Vera

v2 Chapter 875 Meet

v2 Chapter 876 aggressive princess

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v2 Chapter 877 The Secrets of the Delien Family

v2 Chapter 878 opening

v2 Chapter 879 "Lust" dream

v2 Chapter 880 The Fall of the Old "Lust"

v2 Chapter 881 The birth of a new "lust"

v2 Chapter 882 reward

v2 Chapter 883 1 Flashing Tarot Club

v2 Chapter 884 Klein's Aspects

v2 Chapter 885 Abner's speculation

v2 Chapter 886 Deep Sea Festival

v2 Chapter 887 Fanny's Revenge

v2 Chapter 888 boom!

v2 Chapter 889 conspiracy

v2 Chapter 890 Ms. Long Wei

v2 Chapter 891 Vice Admiral Deep Sea

v2 Chapter 892 active abner

v2 Chapter 893 Turned Karen

v2 Chapter 894 Vice Admiral Deep Sea's Decision

v2 Chapter 895 call friends

v2 Chapter 896 the beginning of the war

v2 Chapter 897 misfortune

v2 Chapter 898 ending

v2 Chapter 899 thanks and parting

v2 Chapter 900 Sequence Four Prophet

v2 ~ end of volume summary

v2 Chapter 1 New abilities and pure white eyes

v2 Chapter 2 The curtain is gradually drawn

v2 Chapter 3 Abner's Intuition

v2 Chapter 4 Prophecy and another seal

v2 Chapter 5 Curiosity kills...

v2 Chapter 6 Tarot Club of Demigods

v2 Chapter 7 new diary

v2 Chapter 8 Klein's analysis

v2 Chapter 9 Abner of Clearance

v2 Chapter 10 A relieved Klein

v2 Chapter 11 shocking

v2 Chapter 12 Advent Harvest Church

v2 Chapter 13 Conversation with Lilith

v2 Chapter 14 Attempt to break through

v2 Chapter 15 Floating City?

v2 Chapter 16 The history of floating city

v2 Chapter 17 friends

v2 Chapter 18 Hugh's mission goals

v2 Chapter 19 Counterfeit Expert

v2 Chapter 20 Nightmare Town

v2 Chapter 21 Jagged 10 character meeting

v2 Chapter 22 Demigod first battle

v2 Chapter 23 stripping cocoons

v2 Chapter 24 Vera

v2 Chapter 25 entrust

v2 Chapter 26 Week 3

v2 Chapter 27 Filina

v2 Chapter 28 Abner's Tips

v2 Chapter 29 Weak Thales

v2 Chapter 30 Fors

v3 Chapter 1

v3 Chapter 31 The frescoes of Ourorius

v3 Chapter 32

v3 Chapter 33 Bernadette's invitation

v3 Chapter 34 just play

v3 Chapter 35 mythical gate

v3 Chapter 36 redemption rose

v3 Chapter 37 "Fate" manifests

v3 Chapter 38 perfect

v3 Chapter 39 porter roselle

v3 Chapter 40 afternoon town

v3 Chapter 41 Abner and the Floating City

v3 Chapter 42 Morning star shines

v3 Chapter 43 3 members

v3 Chapter 44 messenger of god

v3 Chapter 44 Morning Star Yayan

v3 Chapter 45 Morning Star Yayan

v3 Chapter 46 Mechanical Codex

v3 Chapter 47 1 key to everything

v3 Chapter 48 Frank's special

v3 Chapter 49 to please

v3 Chapter 50 Meet

v3 Chapter 51 Platform (1/9)

v3 Chapter 52 leave (two/nine)

v3 Chapter 53 How did Bernadette die? (Three/Nine)

v3 Chapter 54 Summary and Tarot Club (4/9)

v3 Chapter 55 Notes and Diaries (Five/Nine)

v3 Chapter 56 "Ancient" (Six/Nine)

v3 Chapter 57 Transactions (Seven/Nine)

v3 Chapter 58 The choice of destiny (8/9)

v3 Chapter 59 The truth of the fall of the floating ci

v3 Chapter 60 operator gram

v3 Chapter 61 lurking

v3 Chapter 62 self-questioning

v3 Chapter 63 Inquiry

v3 Chapter 64 Actively act

v3 Chapter 65 behind the scenes

v3 Chapter 66 elizabeth and duster

v3 Chapter 67 doom

v3 Chapter 68 monster

v3 Chapter 69 Wolf and Dragon

v3 Chapter 70 Yarrow Blue

v3 Chapter 71 The truth of crossing?

v3 Chapter 72 dog blood story

v3 Chapter 73 Yalloran's request

v3 Chapter 74 Cohinam and Yalloran

v3 Chapter 75 secret

v3 Chapter 76 Guessing and Midnight Horrors

v3 Chapter 77 blood crystals

v3 Chapter 78 Abner's suggestion

v3 Chapter 79 The taste of the box has changed

v3 Chapter 80 Islant doesn't know what he's facing

v3 Chapter 81 Anomalies in Anderson

v3 Chapter 82 Audrey's question

v3 Chapter 83 Beldan's plan

v3 Chapter 84 "Courtesy" Miss Courier

v3 Chapter 85 trip

v3 Chapter 86 gluttony

v3 Chapter 87 leonard

v3 Chapter 88 a frustrated leonard

v3 Chapter 89 Emma

v3 Chapter 90 Liu Bo

v3 Chapter 91 Constantine

v3 Chapter 92 Admiral Deep Sea is back to square one

v3 Chapter 93 witch

v3 Chapter 94 aftercare

v3 Chapter 95 failed experiment

v3 Chapter 96 Goddess' calculation

v3 Chapter 97 Klein's request

v3 ~ The thing about the group...

v3 Chapter 98 Tarot Club

v3 Chapter 99 journal

v3 Chapter 100 Alger's condition

v3 Chapter 101 Emlyn who is about to fall into the "con

v3 Chapter 102 Commission and Communication

v3 Chapter 103 Klein taking off his mask

v3 Chapter 104 Melissa's Misunderstanding

v3 Chapter 105 Honest and serious Bernadette

v3 Chapter 106 Bernadette who dares to see anything

v3 Chapter 107 Overture to the Great War

v3 Chapter 108 because of "prophecy"

v3 Chapter 109 Purpose

v3 Chapter 110 "Farewell"

v3 Chapter 111 Dark hand

v4 Chapter 1 right~~

v4 Chapter 112 You don't know either?

v4 Chapter 113 Fate? nonexistent

v4 Chapter 114 Mr. X, who is still powerless to resist

v4 Chapter 115 reflection

v4 Chapter 116 Week 3

v4 Chapter 117 decay

v4 Chapter 118 open

v4 Chapter 119 Reasoning and Decryption

v4 Chapter 120 meet

v4 Chapter 121 hijack

v4 Chapter 122 Weird Katarina

v4 Chapter 123 Abner's Bad Taste

v4 Chapter 124 Breen's Seed

v4 Chapter 125 russell home delivery

v4 Chapter 126 The Housekeeping Skills of Ancient Schol

v4 Chapter 127 Book of Virtues

v4 Chapter 128 Melissa's astonishment

v4 Chapter 129 Busy Abner

v4 Chapter 130 Abner who was caught

v4 Chapter 131 Steam Hime's request

v4 Chapter 132 Transformation Belt

v4 Chapter 133 Psychological Alchemy Conference

v4 Chapter 134 "Greedy" and "lazy" reputation

v4 Chapter 135 Back to Backlund

v4 Chapter 136 The wind is rising

v4 Chapter 137 ready to take

v4 Chapter 138 Only authority can fight against authori

v4 Chapter 139 Rooming

v4 Chapter 140 Tarot Club

v4 Chapter 141 bloody planetarium

v4 Chapter 142 Backstage

v4 Chapter 143 "Sincere"

v4 Chapter 144 Hugh

v4 Chapter 145 1 A big wave of surprises is coming

v4 Chapter 146 ringing...

v4 Chapter 147 discipline……

v4 Chapter 148 Sharon's mind

v4 Chapter 149 stripping cocoons

v4 Chapter 150 Adam's purpose

v4 Chapter 151 make matters worse

v4 Chapter 152 Arrodes' problem

v4 Chapter 153 Glory

v4 Chapter 154 prelude

v4 Chapter 155 3 Dent

v4 Chapter 156 not smooth

v4 Chapter 157 Abner's Power

v4 Chapter 158 fighting

v4 Chapter 159 Accident (4,000 words)

v4 Chapter 160 Transform

v4 Chapter 161 1st line of life and death

v4 Chapter 162 "The Prophet" digestion completed

v4 Chapter 163 guess and harvest

v4 Chapter 164 I am Abner

v4 Chapter 165 new question

v4 Chapter 166 home

v4 Chapter 167 bad luck

v4 Chapter 168 Bernadette preparing for the "cloud"

v4 Chapter 169 "The Sun"

v4 Chapter 170 mechanical king

v4 Chapter 171 promise

v4 Chapter 172 before the dance

v4 Chapter 173 The Black Maiden

v4 Chapter 174 combat meeting

v4 Chapter 175 Interception of the "Black Maiden"

v4 Chapter 176 hunting

v4 Chapter 177 Sequence Three "Insighter"

v4 Chapter 178 successively promoted

v4 Chapter 179 The ability of the insight

v4 Chapter 180 Giuseppe despised again

v4 Chapter 181 Bribery and Prophecy

v4 ~ Let's talk about the readership

v4 Chapter 182 Revisiting the town of Cornwall

v4 Chapter 183 experiment

v4 Chapter 184 missing memory

v4 Chapter 185 marked price

v4 Chapter 186 The meaning of existence

v4 Chapter 187 friend

v4 Chapter 188 3 rules

v4 Chapter 189 week 1

v4 Chapter 190 Roselle's last diary

v4 Chapter 191 Alger's Anxiety

v4 Chapter 192 Recalcitrant

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v4 Chapter 193 Abner's Thunder Means

v4 Chapter 194 Meet

v4 Chapter 195 1 detective

v4 Chapter 196 turmoil

v4 Chapter 197 disaster

v4 Chapter 198 Arc de Triomphe

v4 Chapter 199 War Witch

v4 Chapter 200 last hurdle

v4 Chapter 201 choose

v4 Chapter 202 0 jun 1 round

v4 Chapter 203 behind the scenes

v4 Chapter 204 Review

v4 Chapter 205 token

v4 Chapter 206 Insight into the secrets of the eternal

v4 Chapter 207 Dealing with witches

v4 Chapter 208 unexpected visitor

v4 Chapter 209 key to planning

v4 Chapter 210 award

v4 Chapter 211 reaction

v4 Chapter 212 unknown

v4 Chapter 213 Abner's speculation

v4 Chapter 214 The dark hand of the mother tree

v4 Chapter 215 Another Tarot Club

v4 Chapter 216 Abner who traded and endured for 1 year

v4 Chapter 217 Shocking Insider

v4 Chapter 218 date invitation

v4 Chapter 219 3 things

v4 Chapter 220 The "catastrophe" of the future

v4 Chapter 221 death

v4 Chapter 222 Aga/Ritu

v4 Chapter 223 occult

v4 Chapter 224 before resurrection

v4 Chapter 225 self-deprecating Abner

v4 Chapter 226 Alvin Abraham

v4 Chapter 227 Master of Miracles

v4 ~ About the title event

v4 Chapter 228 abner

v4 Chapter 229 The attitude of the angels

v4 Chapter 230 Abrahams

v4 Chapter 231 Klein's actions

v4 Chapter 232 Klein, who is fighting wits and courage

v4 Chapter 233 curiosity

v4 Chapter 234 shovel about to swing

v4 Chapter 235 long lost tingen

v4 Chapter 236 urgent

v4 Chapter 237 adequate preparation

v4 Chapter 238 "Star"

v4 Chapter 239 Tarot Club and Roselle's Taunt

v4 Chapter 240 Labels and Transactions

v4 Chapter 241 Humanity is stable

v4 Chapter 242 "Sun" "Moon" "Star"

v4 Chapter 243 Klein, who feels more and more bad

v4 Chapter 244 open and honest

v4 Chapter 245 birthdays and miracles

v4 Chapter 246 palace

v4 Chapter 247 The Path to Wealth and the True Fountain

v4 Chapter 248 make a wish to me

v4 Chapter 249 ordinary people

v4 Chapter 250 audience

v4 Chapter 251 "Alliance"

v4 Chapter 252 ransom

v4 Chapter 253 "Sword of God"

v4 Chapter 254 Back to the Tarot Club

v4 Chapter 255 The Diary and the Witch of Doom

v4 Chapter 256 public vest

v4 Chapter 257 Miss Temperance's Proclamation

v4 Chapter 258 trade

v4 Chapter 259 Abner (thought about it for 5 minutes an

v4 Chapter 260 Goodbye Bernadette

v4 Chapter 261 burst

v4 Chapter 262 chase the murderer

v4 Chapter 263 Ghost Empire

v4 Chapter 264 haven't seen you for a long time

v4 Chapter 265 Door

v4 Chapter 266 choose

v4 Chapter 267 "Game of Life"

v4 Chapter 268 chance encounter

v4 Chapter 269 The goals of the old days?

v4 Chapter 270 Giuseppe

v4 Chapter 271 past truth

v4 Chapter 272 new "world"

v4 Chapter 273 someone everywhere

v4 Chapter 274 The details of the whimsical code

v4 Chapter 275 Return to the Land Forsaken

v4 Chapter 276 "One-forty-two" with the chief

v4 Chapter 277 Tooth Extraction and Indo

v4 Chapter 278 Gathering in Indo Harbor

v4 Chapter 279 foundation

v4 Chapter 280 3 artifact

v4 Chapter 281 holy seal

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v4 Chapter 282 God the Father

v4 Chapter 283 Succubus creator?

v4 Chapter 284 Captain's Room

v4 Chapter 285 source of corruption

v4 Chapter 286 Back to Backlund

v4 Chapter 287 Alliances and Assaults

v4 Chapter 288 reunion

v4 Chapter 284 Borrowing the chicken to lay the egg

v4 Chapter 290 Before the Tarot

v4 Chapter 291 journal

v4 ~ Ask for leave

v4 Chapter 292 Mr. "Star" who is standing up (make up f

v4 Chapter 293 secret arrangement

v4 Chapter 294 Evening Day Celebration

v4 Chapter 295 parties

v4 Chapter 296 Ming Wu

v4 Chapter 297 Anderson

v4 Chapter 298 Ring of Ornia

v4 Chapter 299 prelude

v4 Chapter 300 go to war

v4 Chapter 301 Standing and fighting

v4 Chapter 302 Fools who don't belong to this era

v4 Chapter 303 "The Avengers"

v4 Chapter 304 belong

v4 Chapter 305 Death of Ince Zangwill

v4 ~ Cheeky leave

v4 Chapter 306 The gift of fate (make up for yesterday)

v4 Chapter 307 1 paragraph

v4 Chapter 308 round-the-clock

v4 Chapter 309 "The Crafty Mage" Klein

v4 Chapter 310 ambush

v4 Chapter 311 exchange and purpose

v4 Chapter 312 Abner's guess

v4 Chapter 313 Torzina's "revenge"

v4 Chapter 314 1 gift or 1 curse

v4 Chapter 315

v4 Chapter 316 Inspiration and popular science

v4 Chapter 315 remember still

v4 Chapter 318 unknown authority

v4 Chapter 319 Rhine Karendia's Castle

v4 Chapter 320 Knowledge and tasks

v4 Chapter 321 Q&A

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v5 Chapter 322 Welcome home

v5 Chapter 323 see parents

v5 Chapter 324 deep black heaven

v5 Chapter 325 Sharf's anomaly

v5 Chapter 326 Hermit's Ritual

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v5 Chapter 327 The Fool is still Liu Bo

v5 Chapter 328 frank and sharfe

v5 Chapter 329 revisit

v5 Chapter 330 Invasion

v5 Chapter 331 Dragon and Feathered Serpent

v5 Chapter 332 The Old 6 Acts of George III

v5 Chapter 333 baby snake is born

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v5 Chapter 334 The hidden dangers of the future and the

v5 Chapter 335 The Diary and Klein's Abbot

v5 Chapter 336 "plot"

v5 Chapter 337 "friend"

v5 Chapter 338 question

v5 ~ It's double at the end of the month~~~~

v5 Chapter 339 conditions of the ceremony

v5 Chapter 340 Dorian's commission

v5 Chapter 341 Ai and Mon

v5 Chapter 342 real trap

v5 Chapter 343 Godly Abnormal

v5 Chapter 344 from own calculations

v5 Chapter 345 see Audrey

v5 Chapter 346 The Purple Maiden

v5 Chapter 347 plot

v5 Chapter 348 banquet invitation

v5 Chapter 349 Do not worry

v5 Chapter 350 "The Sun" Problems and Solutions

v5 Chapter 351 is Amon

v5 Chapter 352 Beldan city at night

v5 Chapter 353 Reason and truth

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v5 Chapter 354 Status of the Territory

v5 Chapter 355 Whistling Town

v5 Chapter 356 Divine grace

v5 Chapter 357 cologne

v5 Chapter 358 trap

v5 ~ Activity summary and addition plan

v5 Chapter 359 forced into a dream

v5 Chapter 360 Week 6

v5 Chapter 361 corruption

v5 Chapter 362 Meet

v5 Chapter 363 get out of trouble

v5 Chapter 364 "Angel of Wisdom", key sequence

v5 Chapter 365 prom eve

v5 Chapter 366 prophet

v5 Chapter 367 The red angel who remembers what to eat

v5 Chapter 367 3 conditions

v5 Chapter 369 Behind the scenes and invitations

v5 Chapter 370 alliance

v5 Chapter 371 sacrifice

v5 Chapter 372 Careful Amon

v5 Chapter 373 coincide?

v5 Chapter 374 Before the Tarot

v5 Chapter 375 journal

v5 Chapter 376 Clearance

v5 Chapter 377 Abner's Reminder

v5 Chapter 378 Castle Trial

v5 Chapter 379 infiltration

v5 Chapter 380 Bella

v5 Chapter 381 old library

v5 Chapter 382 block the way

v5 Chapter 383 sleepy

v5 Chapter 384 No way? !

v5 Chapter 385 secret

v5 Chapter 386 Dream

v5 Chapter 387 3rd floor

v5 Chapter 388 top things

v5 Chapter 389 insight

v5 Chapter 390 Prepare

v5 Chapter 391 Oath of the Rose

v5 Chapter 392 ceremony room

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v6 Chapter 393 Q&A (make up for yesterday's)

v6 Chapter 394 misfortune

v6 Chapter 395 Memory Theater

v6 Chapter 396 chat

v6 Chapter 397 behind the scenes

v6 Chapter 398 what just happened

v6 Chapter 399 mantra

v6 Chapter 400 1 corner of the plan

v6 Chapter 401 leave

v6 Chapter 402 end of September

v6 Chapter 403 Tarot Club

v6 Chapter 404 Missing Hidden Sage

v6 Chapter 405 many more

v6 Chapter 406 Busy

v6 Chapter 407 "A deer is a horse"

v6 Chapter 408 surgical preparation

v6 Chapter 409 traveller

v6 Chapter 410 Gift

v6 Chapter 411 Changes in Beldan City

v6 Chapter 412 license

v6 Chapter 413 Change

v6 Chapter 414 airship (

v6 Chapter 415 Surprise and worry

v6 Chapter 416 Amon enters the game

v6 Chapter 417 interesting

v6 Chapter 418 Hugh's scolding

v6 Chapter 419 why so long

v7 Chapter 1 around 9 o'clock

v7 Chapter 420 Advent Nath

v7 Chapter 421 The "protective layer" of the **** of lu

v7 Chapter 422 back to morning star

v7 Chapter 423 Mechanic's Calculation

v7 ~ The book friend group exploded again~~

v7 Chapter 424 morning star dawn

v7 Chapter 425 god of desire

v7 Chapter 426 Derrick goes to town

v7 Chapter 427 Derrick's news

v7 Chapter 428 The Mechanical Emperor and Morningstar C

v7 Chapter 429 Mystery Demon

v7 Chapter 430 Tarot Club

v7 Chapter 431 "Angel"

v7 Chapter 432 unfathomable smile

v7 Chapter 433 Castle of Thorns and the End

v7 Chapter 434 conversation

v7 Chapter 435 Tentative

v7 Chapter 436 Ghoshnam's request

v7 Chapter 437 Audrey's hypnosis...

v7 Chapter 438 "plot"

v8 Chapter 1 make up tomorrow

v8 Chapter 439 How cruel!

v8 Chapter 440 "Couple" mixed doubles

v8 Chapter 441 who betrayed

v8 Chapter 442 Wizard Laurel and Seeker's Robe

v8 Chapter 443 The Acquiescence of the Church and the C

v8 Chapter 444 booty

v8 Chapter 445 Disposal and Amon's "Discovery"

v8 Chapter 446 rolls

v8 Chapter 447 The Tarot Club and the New Pirate Genera

v8 Chapter 448 don't ask me how i guessed

v8 Chapter 449 full moon night

v8 Chapter 450 the survivors

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v9 Chapter 451 Ceremony (make up for yesterday's)

v9 Chapter 452 Door

v9 Chapter 453 Re-entering the "theater"

v9 Chapter 454 traps and calculations

v9 Chapter 455 Bureau

v9 Chapter 456 New messenger?

v9 Chapter 457 The gods come again

v9 Chapter 458 3 rewards

v9 Chapter 459 Asmo

v9 Chapter 460 Nightmare's Disgust

v9 Chapter 461 test

v9 Chapter 462 Klein's sassy operation

v9 Chapter 463 The earth will raise its sword

v9 Chapter 464 war begins

v9 Chapter 465 brother and sister meet again

v9 Chapter 466 Encounter

v9 Chapter 467 playing with old friends

v9 Chapter 468 subscribe

v9 Chapter 469 news from dun

v9 Chapter 470 Before Tarot

v9 Chapter 471 New Transformation Wand

v9 Chapter 472 I do not accept

v9 Chapter 473 Triss

v9 Chapter 474 save luka

v9 Chapter 475 visionary

v9 Chapter 476 Klein's reminder

v9 Chapter 477 worry

v9 Chapter 478 The Situation of Feysac and the Role of

v9 Chapter 479 spy play house

v9 Chapter 480 The Mechanical Emperor is about to be pr

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v10 Chapter 481 Knowledge tutor (make up yesterday's)

v10 Chapter 482 Empower

v10 Chapter 483 planning

v10 Chapter 484 ready to enter

v10 Chapter 485 Use Beibei to scare away Huang Huang?

v10 Chapter 486 fighting

v10 Chapter 487 golden saint

v10 Chapter 488 Advent Level 1

v10 Chapter 489 steal

v10 Chapter 490 white pagoda

v10 Chapter 491 The Hanged Man

v10 Chapter 492 Require

v10 Chapter 493 visiting friends

v10 Chapter 494 asymptotically

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v10 Chapter 495 Tarot meeting again

v10 Chapter 496 Beacon of Destiny (replenish yesterday's

v10 Chapter 497 3 goals

v10 Chapter 498 ambush

v10 Chapter 499 succeed

v10 Chapter 500 second in sequence

v10 ~ end of paper summary

v10 Chapter 1 "Philosophy" and "Higher Dimensions"

v10 Chapter 2 tower

v10 Chapter 3 1 by 1 analysis

v10 Chapter 4 blood moon

v10 Chapter 5 unknown pillar

v10 Chapter 6 Symbol of "unknown"

v10 Chapter 7 Excitement! Excitement!

v10 Chapter 8 Master of the Revenant

v10 Chapter 9 The sixty-eighth Tarot meeting

v10 Chapter 10 special advisor

v10 Chapter 11 Crane's "Horror"

v10 Chapter 12 missionary

v10 Chapter 13 arrange

v10 Chapter 14 Klein was promoted to "Ancient Scholar"

v10 Chapter 15 reasoning clown

v10 Chapter 16 Klein's enjoyment

v10 Chapter 17 Amon's guess

v10 Chapter 18 deep winter

v10 Chapter 19 wait half an hour

v10 Chapter 20 learn to "tolerance"

v10 Chapter 21 Knights of Virtue Gather

v10 Chapter 22 Decision to Clear Amon (Merry Christmas)

v10 Chapter 23 Make a decision

v10 Chapter 24 succeed

v10 Chapter 25 "Flying Dragon Rides Face"

v10 Chapter 27 start

v10 Chapter 27 destiny

v10 Chapter 28 revenge

v10 Chapter 29 caught

v10 Chapter 30 hidden battle

v10 Chapter 31 game

v10 Chapter 32 Vera on top

v10 Chapter 33 reason

v10 Chapter 34 mansion art

v10 Chapter 35 Truth Tenpyo

v10 Chapter 36 recite

v10 Chapter 37 Let's play 1 game

v10 Chapter 38 Reversed situation

v10 Chapter 39 Redemption and punishment

v10 Chapter 40 Seventy-fourth Tarot Club

v10 Chapter 41 Tell and trade

v10 Chapter 42 "good luck"

v10 Chapter 43 invite

v10 Chapter 44 respective efforts

v10 Chapter 45 andorra

v10 Chapter 46 entrust

v10 Chapter 47 grown miss gwen

v10 Chapter 48 converge

v10 Chapter 49 Appetizer

v10 Chapter 50 weak

v10 Chapter 51 mayor

v10 Chapter 52 kill him

v11 Chapter 1 , make up tomorrow

v11 Chapter 53 key

v11 Chapter 54 hit hard

v11 Chapter 55 The effect of "Liu Bo"

v11 Chapter 56 camouflage

v11 Chapter 57 Inner Town Screenplay

v11 Chapter 58 reunion

v11 Chapter 59 prologue with real monsters

v11 Chapter 60 The opening and past secrets

v11 Chapter 61 Apostle of the "Decadent King"

v11 Chapter 62 the whole story

v11 Chapter 63 gradually surfaced

v11 Chapter 64 Enter the Kingdom of God

v11 Chapter 65 dimensional interference

v11 Chapter 66 Throne of the Blood Emperor

v11 Chapter 67 problem

v11 ~ A letter to book friends in the new year

v11 Chapter 68 trade

v11 Chapter 69 "The Traveler"

v11 Chapter 70 Preparation for Ascension and the Tarot

v11 Chapter 71 The Missing Mystery Queen

v11 Chapter 72 Why not work hard?

v11 Chapter 73 The sincerity of the "high-dimensional o

v12 Chapter 1 Leave, make up tomorrow

v12 Chapter 74 Arrangement of hidden sages

v12 Chapter 75 respective

v12 Chapter 76 leave him alone

v12 Chapter 77 Beldan in the flames of war is still cal

v12 Chapter 78 capitalist abner

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v12 Chapter 79 Territory Development (Happy Chinese New

v12 ~ Lunar New Year's day, leave tomorrow to

v12 Chapter 80 old acquaintances

v12 Chapter 81 faith and courage

v12 Chapter 82 coming

v12 Chapter 83 Promoted one after another

v12 Chapter 84 skillful

v12 Chapter 85 looking for help

v12 Chapter 86 May 8th

v12 Chapter 87 entrust

v12 Chapter 88 Guess what I did?

v12 Chapter 89 explode

v12 Chapter 90 Meet

v12 Chapter 91 Inventory combat power

v12 Chapter 92 converge

v12 Chapter 93 1 corpse

v12 Chapter 94 Slough

v12 Chapter 95 Olnia's question

v12 Chapter 96 open group

v12 Chapter 97 everywhere battlefield

v12 Chapter 98 see the picture

v12 Chapter 99 insight

v12 Chapter 100 start

v12 Chapter 101 to board

v12 Chapter 102 god of war

v12 Chapter 103 block and succeed

v12 Chapter 104 Solution

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v12 Chapter 105 just 'playing'

v12 Chapter 106 fight back

v12 Chapter 107 the enemy

v12 Chapter 108 Spoils of War and the End of the Demigod

v12 Chapter 109 distribute

v12 Chapter 110 Principality of Heidler

v12 Chapter 111 Goals and Explorations

v12 Chapter 112 Freguera's Kingdom

v12 Chapter 113 war money

v12 Chapter 114 Development Planning and Messenger

v12 Chapter 115 United Empire?

v12 Chapter 116 Another Tarot Club

v12 Chapter 117 secret

v12 Chapter 118 grafting

v12 Chapter 119 open and honest

v12 Chapter 120 What is Lao Liu playing again?

v12 Chapter 121 Trier

v12 Chapter 122 Fools come, light comes

v12 Chapter 123 assassinate

v12 Chapter 124 Lyon's history

v12 Chapter 125 The Worm of Time and the Eye of Wisdom

v12 Chapter 126 ceremony requirements

v12 Chapter 127 All demigods

v12 Chapter 128 abyss

v12 Chapter 129 Abner's influence

v12 Chapter 130 Sages and Gods

v12 Chapter 131 distinguished name

v12 Chapter 132 god of truth

v12 Chapter 133 Authority and container

v12 Chapter 134 The Tarot Club where the "tower" is abse

v12 Chapter 135 Aquaman's shock

v12 Chapter 136 The Tarot Club made a collective appeara

v12 Chapter 137 about to start

v12 Chapter 138 All parties are ready

v12 Chapter 139 Beginning of God's War

v12 Chapter 140 titmouse and hunter

v12 Chapter 141 dark hands

v12 Chapter 142 lasso

v12 Chapter 143 Suicide

v12 Chapter 144 fantasy and exchange

v12 Chapter 145 flames of war

v12 Chapter 146 gave me humanity

v12 Chapter 147 choice and situation

v12 Chapter 148 duke

v12 Chapter 149 Which country to join?

v12 Chapter 150 A new journey

v12 ~ The condition is not good, please leave

v12 Chapter 151 Program and Cleanup

v12 Chapter 152 Tarot and the megaphone

v12 Chapter 153 Klein's return

v12 Chapter 154 on the island

v12 Chapter 155 Mausoleum of the Black Emperor

v12 Chapter 156 Full of humanity

v12 Chapter 157 abundant humanity

v12 Chapter 158 victory

v12 Chapter 159 god of war and destruction

v12 Chapter 160 2nd Tea Party

v12 Chapter 161 Valkyrie

v12 Chapter 162 "Miracle Sharon"

v12 ~ The chapter at midnight is moved to tomo

v12 Chapter 163 work of valkyrie

v12 Chapter 164 the time has come