Pampered Darling: 99 Yuan Sweet Wife
Pampered Darling: 99 Yuan Sweet Wife
Novel Summary
Su Qingqing was being watched by a pervert. Yes, that man with a model figure and an immortal appearance that was all about women’s aesthetic points, however he was ruthless and refused to recognize her. He also successfully fooled her into a marriage with only ninety-nine yuan! It should’ve been that each takes what they need, it’s mutual benefit. Typically, everything should revolve around interests. But only watching her make a fool of herself, secretly letting her go, mocking her for being ugly without make-up!
Even worse, he squatted at her bedside one night. His handsome face was full of indignation. What do you mean by warding off evil spirits? What contraception?? The man laughed wantonly, and there was no trace of cold air in him. “Darling, I missed you all night last night.” “Shut up! What are you trying to do?” The man hooks his lips, trapping the person under his body with an overwhelming advantage. His posture was very provocative. “What do you want to do…” Eh? Is it not enough to pay you back? Do I have to sleep with you?? Su Qingqing’s heart trembled. “Go away, you pervert! Let go of me! If you have the ability, let go. Let…let’s fight!” “Fight? Then we can fight in bed.” “…” “Who shouts stop first is the loser, how about it?” He didn’t even give Su Qingqing the chance to regret, as the man kept her lips shut. Wuwu, this husband, she can’t stand it, can she give him away?
Chapter List

Chapter 1 Go to hell

Chapter 2 Sheep into the tiger's mouth and hugging

Chapter 3 Omg, I want to green him! !

Chapter 4 Women are not cruel

Chapter 5 almost murdered his wife

Chapter 6 What should I do if my husband is green,

Chapter 7 riotous engagement ceremony

Chapter 8 Absolutely very H very powerful

Chapter 9 Undress and be honest? !

Chapter 10 angry old man

Chapter 11 The fifth diamond king also hates marria

Chapter 12 Reverse girl, kneel down for me!

Chapter 13 Does your wife get bullied?

Chapter 14 Got tricked by the old fox

Chapter 15 Ten businessmen and nine traitors

Chapter 16 King Su Qingqing

Chapter 17 It hurts, can you take it easy?

Chapter 18 Bear's gossip soul

Chapter 19 Don't guess a man's mind

Chapter 20 A carefully selected woman

Chapter 21 I have to do it with my wife

Chapter 22 man's bad taste

Chapter 23 There are wolves before and tigers after

Chapter 24 transaction between father and daughter

Chapter 25 No couple at the negotiating table

Chapter 26 The lure of the wolf

Chapter 27 From now on, the king does not go to cou

Chapter 28 masculine too attractive

Chapter 29 Passionate first kiss

Chapter 30 sleep together

Chapter 31 Addressing the needs of women

Chapter 32 prostitution is cool

Chapter 33 Good seedlings cultivated by the motherl

Chapter 34 Damn survival, it smells so good

Chapter 35 stripped off, whitewashed

Chapter 36 Deliberately provoking trouble

Chapter 37 Baijin Lightning Rod

Chapter 38 Wisdom and strength

Chapter 39 Best not to exercise vigorously

Chapter 40 One kiss at a time

Chapter 41 One pet

Chapter 42 This man is a wolf

Chapter 43 Workers, Workers

Chapter 44 blooming flowers

Chapter 45 Actively throw a hug

Chapter 46 man's mouth deceiving ghost

Chapter 47 The brain is a good thing, she really do

Chapter 48 The longest routine is a woman's routine

Chapter 49 Uncle's **** education

Chapter 50 Encountered with the beauty of the Great

Chapter 51 scared to death, want to cry

Chapter 52 tell the truth after drinking

Chapter 53 What are you afraid of?

Chapter 54 Smile on the surface, MMP on the inside

Chapter 55 No reason to kiss your wife

Chapter 56 do you two have a leg

Chapter 57 Old Driver VS Little Chicken

Chapter 58 popular pastry

Chapter 59 The sky is falling, he will carry it

Chapter 60 Fulfill the obligations of husband and w

Chapter 61 In terms of combat power, she has never

Chapter 62 There is no worst luck, only worse

Chapter 63 The big guy is also Yan Control

Chapter 64 Smile for Pomeranian

Chapter 65 men's sexuality

Chapter 66 Lonely man and widow in a room


Chapter 68 Sure enough, it's my mother, stone hamme

Chapter 69 Men's shoes found in women's apartment

Chapter 70 Men are big hooves

Chapter 71 Peerless good mother-in-law, there is no

Chapter 72 man knocked down by fishbone

Chapter 73 poor woman with only money left

Chapter 74 Sweet or not, have a taste

Chapter 75 loan sharks are coming

Chapter 76 Is she too old recently?

Chapter 77 The family has ghosts

Chapter 78 Back to the big tree to enjoy the shade

Chapter 79 Su Qingqing's sugar-coated shells

Chapter 80 Rivers and lakes are called iron hens

Chapter 81 The reason for not getting drunk

Chapter 82 It's a piece of shit, stone hammer

Chapter 83 Pick up my husband

Chapter 84 Large-scale recognition site

Chapter 85 Love is slowly fermenting in the heart

Chapter 86 The Great Demon King's Indication

Chapter 87 The big devil started brainwashing her

Chapter 88 Good one-handed crossing Chencang

Chapter 89 The big devil is so powerful

Chapter 90 Betrayed by Uncle Bai Meow~

Chapter 91 She's not worth ten million

Chapter 92 This kind of bliss is a bit over the top

Chapter 93 One injured, three pets

Chapter 94 Protect your cabbage

Chapter 95 The Great Demon King's Love Story skills

Chapter 96 One bitch, two bitches

Chapter 97 Father-daughter confrontation, prevail

Chapter 98 What to do if you see something you shou

Chapter 99 Fluffy flowers gradually desire charming

Chapter 100 public declaration of sovereignty

Chapter 101 New driver vs old driver

Chapter 102 What to do if my husband can't wait onli

Chapter 103 Love to the depths of nature

Chapter 104 Take your life to pick up girls

Chapter 105 Be decisive, come directly

Chapter 106 Broke my mother's heart

Chapter 107 Rarely take the initiative

Chapter 108 treat her like a child

Chapter 109 Brave military training camp

Chapter 110 small battle

Chapter 111 Infidelity between men and women

Chapter 112 Fall in love and kill a little friend

Chapter 113 The big devil's firepower is too fierce

Chapter 114 Good day and beautiful scenery

Chapter 115 I can't restrain my heart throbbing

Chapter 116 The topic of women is inseparable from m

Chapter 117 woman matching major

Chapter 118 The woman the great devil keeps by his s

Chapter 119 What to do if your wife hates you

Chapter 120 The big devil's mouth is open to tease

Chapter 121 You look at the stars, I look at you

Chapter 122 No matter how docile a wolf is, it is st

Chapter 123 This little girl is not bad at heart

Chapter 124 Your black-bellied little fox is online

Chapter 125 Add a son and a half daughter early

Chapter 126 blood stained skirt

Chapter 127 Indifferent love killer

Chapter 128 bullied at school

Chapter 129 Dogs take mice, nosy

Chapter 130 watch a good show

Chapter 131 She fuels the fire in the backyard

Chapter 132 The bronze that the king can't carry

Chapter 133 Like a **** who knocks CP

Chapter 134 She was born into a family

Chapter 135 Intimate and avant-garde topics of mothe

Chapter 136 Step by step, attack the heart every inc

Chapter 137 her man can't lose

Chapter 138 Kidnapping with ulterior motives

Chapter 139 There are hungry wolves before and tiger

Chapter 140 All perverts like married women these da

Chapter 141 Devil's Temptation

Chapter 142 good old friends

Chapter 143 No love rival can't be solved by drinkin

Chapter 144 die, corpse

Chapter 145 One injured, all pets

Chapter 146 Husband and wife feud

Chapter 147 Today's Strongest Female Debater

Chapter 148 The first step of pampering your wife: F

Chapter 149 Fire at the city gate, bringing disaster

Chapter 150 Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law mixed

Chapter 151 Pick up a eldest son

Chapter 152 Hug your wife confidently

Chapter 153 Warm hearted devil

Chapter 154 Knocked cp is sugary

Chapter 155 Butcher dog at night

Chapter 156 Domineering to deal with the problem of

Chapter 157 A hot kiss is like a prairie fire

Chapter 158 No energy to toss in the middle of the n

Chapter 159 Unconditionally choose your husband

Chapter 160 Soft persimmons can be handled by anyone

Chapter 161 Three fires when the new official takes

Chapter 162 man, be careful

Chapter 163 Don't be tempted on the edge of danger

Chapter 164 Give her time to think slowly

Chapter 165 Is it fake or fake

Chapter 166 Catch a restless bunny

Chapter 167 To... catch a rape?

Chapter 168 A night of surprise and joy

Chapter 169 hot goblin

Chapter 170 It's not easy for a woman to be angry

Chapter 171 The pervasive gossip of women

Chapter 172 A narrow road meets the brave and wins

Chapter 173 As long as he says goodbye

Chapter 174 This woman's status is as stable as an o

Chapter 175 Does it hurt?

Chapter 176 Poor poor and helpless second master

Chapter 177 A wounded man is still a man

Chapter 178 The strongest mouth rips stepmother

Chapter 179 bad old man

Chapter 180 With the hearts of two old fathers

Chapter 181 It's scary to pluck the hair on the tige

Chapter 182 I listened to gossip in the toilet

Chapter 183 Which one is stronger in Chagang

Chapter 184 Soo Eun's love enemy dies fast

Chapter 185 money-spending lunatic

Chapter 186 Wipe out different sparks

Chapter 187 The scum turned out to be eyeing her min

Chapter 188 cheeky old man

Chapter 189 The wages of avarice is death

Chapter 190 break up see character

Chapter 191 Loyal to the country Loyal to you

Chapter 192 Pregnant out of wedlock?

Chapter 193 Straight Men's Love Mentor

Chapter 194 A round house, a round house (Happy Big

Chapter 195 Prodigal son's wishful thinking

Chapter 196 Husband and wife mixed doubles super pow

Chapter 197 Humble and helpless big nephew

Chapter 198 Yun Chengyi Chasing Wife Crematorium

Chapter 199 Start being a good husband

Chapter 200 Selling puppy stuff

Chapter 201 The big devil has three seconds to reach

Chapter 202 couple flirting

Chapter 203 Bear the wrath of the boss

Chapter 204 The cut is not tidy and chaotic

Chapter 205 Crazy and werewolf, perfect match

Chapter 206 drunk

Chapter 207 A bowl of medicine, a candy

Chapter 208 Bodyguards on the list of high-risk indu

Chapter 209 She was abandoned

Chapter 210 Husband and husband calling

Chapter 211 Come to the door looking for trouble

Chapter 212 Sure enough, it is good to enjoy the sha

Chapter 213 Young love makes people fascinated

Chapter 214 green tea please start the show

Chapter 215 Protect your cabbage

Chapter 216 put marriage on the agenda

Chapter 217 Those green tea are tool people

Chapter 218 Su Qingqing was scared to death

Chapter 219 How to coax my wife to wait online

Chapter 220 Single on the bed is ok

Chapter 221 Mysterious Woman's Text

Chapter 222 Her uncle is a double standard

Chapter 223 Desirable prey

Chapter 224 Divorce Quan Moting

Chapter 225 Pick up a big girl

Chapter 226 Powerful interpretation of tea language

Chapter 227 Want to make a villain at home

Chapter 228 to swear their sovereignty

Chapter 229 No one shakes the promotion of the group

Chapter 230 Tear green tea for wife

Chapter 231 Turn over the serf to sing (Sahuahua)

Chapter 232 Don't underestimate the jealousy of wome

Chapter 233 Peerless good mother-in-law

Chapter 234 A rival's rival can be a friend

Chapter 235 Finished calf, hit

Chapter 236 sonofabitch

Chapter 237 The identity is announced to the world

Chapter 238 These people are not right

Chapter 239 Great secret revealed

Chapter 240 You and I, who are very gossipy

Chapter 241 green grass on the head

Chapter 242 Zhou Weiwei is going offline?

Chapter 243 That woman is taboo

Chapter 244 Act as a parent meeting

Chapter 245 Become a strict mother-in-law

Chapter 246 stealing incense in the middle of the ni

Chapter 247 Let's run away together

Chapter 248 The firm heart is shaken

Chapter 249 It's okay to go stalking in Europe

Chapter 250 Thousand Miles Countdown

Chapter 251 What to do if you save someone from deat

Chapter 252 Whether the comer is good or bad

Chapter 253 couple reunion countdown

Chapter 254 really miss you

Chapter 255 Xiaobie wins newlyweds

Chapter 256 She is serious

Chapter 257 Little warmth between husband and wife

Chapter 258 Mother's family protects the calf

Chapter 259 long line for big fish

Chapter 260 deep into the tiger's den

Chapter 261 Become the richest woman

Chapter 262 Xiao Yunchu's past

Chapter 263 The temptation of husband (blush)

Chapter 264 Mandarin duck bath?

Chapter 265 Today's big devil is too cool

Chapter 266 show love day

Chapter 267 This godmother is so cute

Chapter 268 couple open up

Chapter 269 This soup invigorates the yang and nouri

Chapter 270 just want to eat you

Chapter 271 you don't move me

Chapter 272 Mysterious Man Appears

Chapter 273 hidden crisis

Chapter 274 Wonderful Gold Master Dad

Chapter 275 hurt and loved

Chapter 276 Provocation from Big Brother

Chapter 277 two people taking a nap together

Chapter 278 acid becomes a lemon tree

Chapter 279 Hungry Wolf's Meal

Chapter 280 A cute baby

Chapter 281 The big devil is not right

Chapter 282 pregnant woman

Chapter 283 Hateful people must be pitiful

Chapter 284 There are hungry wolves

Chapter 285 What should she do if her husband cheate

Chapter 286 Transform into a love story little princ

Chapter 287 Uncle used to like rainbow farts

Chapter 288 eat inside and out

Chapter 289 Perverted and tender

Chapter 290 "White Taro" CP (Juvenile)

Chapter 291 "White Taro" CP Meets Parents (Juvenile)

Chapter 292 "White Taro" cp repaired to a positive f

Chapter 293 Over the wall in the middle of the night

Chapter 294 a shameless pug

Chapter 295 silently care

Chapter 296 aunt escort

Chapter 297 luck in misfortune

Chapter 298 This loving husband is so cute

Chapter 299 Lovesick

Chapter 300 Being harassed by my father-in-law

Chapter 301 was lifted to the point of soft legs

Chapter 302 Finally married his little wild cat

Chapter 303 Pregnant women are sensitive

Chapter 304 It's a trap

Chapter 305 agree to his terms

Chapter 306 deep into the tiger's den

Chapter 307 Su Qingqing is very practical

Chapter 308 The reason is not enough to be coquettis

Chapter 309 Goodbye to the seriously injured Luo Xie

Chapter 310 Video call with the big devil

Chapter 311 She's just a pawn

Chapter 312 no eternal enemy

Chapter 313 grievance cry late at night

Chapter 314 Fragile enough to make the second master

Chapter 315 I don't listen, I don't listen, I don't

Chapter 316 bedside quarrel and bedside

Chapter 317 Deep love does not need doubt

Chapter 318 pregnant woman

Chapter 319 duplicitous little thing

Chapter 320 A castle that can't be prouder

Chapter 321 "Grandma Su" entered the Grand View Gard

Chapter 322 mother's first love

Chapter 323 Willows and Flowers Mingyou Village

Chapter 324 There is a big devil hidden in the golde

Chapter 325 What is wrong with a man

Chapter 326 almost miscarried

Chapter 327 Fallen Angel

Chapter 328 eve of escape

Chapter 329 woman alone in enemy camp

Chapter 330 The old father protects the calf and spo

Chapter 331 Su Qingqing is still in the rescue

Chapter 332 I feel bad for the old father

Chapter 333 Yun Chengyi, are you crazy!

Chapter 334 The first confrontation between the old

Chapter 335 Thank this woman for having children for

Chapter 336 Pseudo old husband VS strong son-in-law

Chapter 337 love her, love her, set her free

Chapter 338 Steven's life-saving dump

Chapter 339 The second master was scolded bloody

Chapter 340 Couple quarrel is a bit sweet

Chapter 341 Wife is to be coaxed

Chapter 342 Other people's food tastes better than y

Chapter 343 The gentle uncle is more charming

Chapter 344 Can this unlucky daddy give it away?

Chapter 345 man's mouth deceiving ghost

Chapter 346 The Su family's father and daughter

Chapter 347 A good pot to throw

Chapter 348 What I want is a row of mischievous dish

Chapter 349 lift her last layer of fig leaf

Chapter 350 The grass in your eyes is the treasure o

Chapter 351 The man who loves his wife is so handsom

Chapter 352 The Great Demon King Wants to Zhen Fugan

Chapter 353 Once the grass was favored by him

Chapter 354 The sweet crit of the couple

Chapter 355 Evil mother-in-law VS pregnant daughter-

Chapter 356 Angry mother-in-law full of aura

Chapter 357 How to get along with mother-in-law

Chapter 358 It's okay to order a doll

Chapter 359 Uncle Iceberg is also tender