Novel Summary
The well known Ming Wuxiang of the comprehension plane did not expect that luck would favor him again and let him return to his world. He was back to the age of eighteen when many things happened in the year. Looking down at the grass, even if it was all disorganized, it was still unable to cover up the man who was full of honor and nobleness. Ming Wuxiang bowed his head and pondered: mm-hmm, this handsome wounded man looks familiar. Take it away ≥ ▽ ≤. President Gu: ^_^
Chapter List

Chapter 1 Wear it again

Chapter 2 Turning point

Chapter 3 Learn

Chapter 4 Buy medicinal herbs

Chapter 5 Gu Tang

Chapter 6 Wash tendons

Chapter 7 I'm really not careful

Chapter 8 Home on holiday

Chapter 9 A poor Li Jiahua

Chapter 10 Buy land

Chapter 11 Pick up people

Chapter 12 Hug home

Chapter 13 Apply medicine

Chapter 14 Gu always laughs

Chapter 15 Can't laugh, be serious

Chapter 16 Be kind

Chapter 17 I believe you

Chapter 18 On the importance of having a thick skin

Chapter 19 So-called eyesight

Chapter 20 Cell phone

Chapter 21 Beauty is all clouds

Chapter 22 interesting

Chapter 23 Betting on rocks

Chapter 24 Gambling Street

Chapter 25 The plot of finding the difference is he

Chapter 26 On how the people who eat melons become

Chapter 27 So-called public face

Chapter 28 The protagonist halo, please come for a

Chapter 29 Opportunity Knocks

Chapter 30 The protagonist's halo is not working we

Chapter 31 Heaven and earth

Chapter 32 Popular face

Chapter 33 Listen to gossip

Chapter 34 Gambling on stones really makes money

Chapter 35 On how cannon fodder is dead

Chapter 36 Take the acting skills of the golden man

Chapter 37 Red emerald

Chapter 38 Blood beauty

Chapter 39 stimulate

Chapter 40 Preparation before formation

Chapter 41 Formation

Chapter 42 That's awesome. My President Gu

Chapter 43 Older left-behind children Mr. Gu

Chapter 44 Blue Water and Yellow Fei

Chapter 45 Shennong Jue

Chapter 46 So-called contrast cute

Chapter 47 President Gu's endurance is really stron

Chapter 48 Refining

Chapter 49 The legendary perverted problem

Chapter 50 Social I Gu

Chapter 51 Refining medicine is a technical activit

Chapter 52 Successfully refined

Chapter 53 Start treatment

Chapter 54 End of first treatment

Chapter 55 Advanced refining stage

Chapter 56 Mr. Gu has a big brain hole

Chapter 57 The college entrance examination forgott

Chapter 58 Mr. Gu, who was hid by the Golden House

Chapter 59 Sooner or later there is a chance

Chapter 60 The missing apron

Chapter 61 Capture site

Chapter 62 Plant the second batch of herb seedlings

Chapter 63 Light bulbs generated by the human body

Chapter 64 Bigudan

Chapter 65 Money making plan

Chapter 66 Collect elixir

Chapter 67 Bone Forging Pill

Chapter 68 Gu Tang's mind

Chapter 69 depressed

Chapter 70 Fathers, calm down

Chapter 71 Actress Emperor is online again

Chapter 72 Elixir battle

Chapter 73 Mr. Gu broke down

Chapter 74 Mr. Gu was contracted

Chapter 75 Li Jiahua who has been missed

Chapter 76 Choose a university

Chapter 77 President Gu who choked to death

Chapter 78 So-called interesting

Chapter 79 The end is the beginning

Chapter 80 Poor Xing Aofeng

Chapter 81 Cautious President Gu

Chapter 82 Converge

Chapter 83 Xing Liushao who got sprayed

Chapter 84 Crazy car

Chapter 85 martial arts master

Chapter 86 Same inn

Chapter 87 Culture Street

Chapter 88 Copper coin

Chapter 89 Five Emperor Money

Chapter 90 Evil weapon

Chapter 91 Monk

Chapter 92 Lead the snake out of the hole

Chapter 93 Summer auction

Chapter 94 Jade finger

Chapter 95 A mixed auction

Chapter 96 Master Dao is also very careful

Chapter 97 incense burner

Chapter 98 Can't just set flag

Chapter 99 Don't pretend

Chapter 100 The cultivation world is not easy to mix

Chapter 101 Just accident

Chapter 102 Mad at you

Chapter 103 Make a big profit

Chapter 104 I am also a good person, Young Master Xi

Chapter 105 Actually offended God, right?

Chapter 106 Demon

Chapter 107 Struggle

Chapter 108 Seizure

Chapter 110 End

Chapter 111 Li Jiahua treated differently

Chapter 111 The situation in the practice world

Chapter 112 Present

Chapter 113 Exposed

Chapter 114 parting

Chapter 115 Run away

Chapter 116 The first day Mr. Gu left

Chapter 117 Why should i go

Chapter 118 problem occurs

Chapter 119 Transform weapon

Chapter 120 Tang Pengfei went crazy

Chapter 121 Jade pendant

Chapter 122 Tang Pengfei is abolished?

Chapter 123 Xing Aofeng: I'm so proud

Chapter 124 Father Tang's decision

Chapter 125 Set out north to find jade

Chapter 126 Evil spirits spread

Chapter 127 problem occurs

Chapter 128 Ability and responsibility

Chapter 129 Joint search and rescue team

Chapter 130 In distress

Chapter 131 Disguise or something, just make do with

Chapter 132 Unexplainable way to debut

Chapter 133 news

Chapter 134 Terrorist found

Chapter 135 The alchemist is like this

Chapter 136 As expected, BOSS will only appear at th

Chapter 137 Yaoshou! Cheating!

Chapter 138 Master Dao started

Chapter 139 Don't guess God's mind

Chapter 140 Handsome guy, come and have fun?

Chapter 141 General Gu's skills

Chapter 142 Mr. Gu, you are really efficient

Chapter 143 Buy jade seed material

Chapter 144 Reciprocity

Chapter 145 Why am I not reliable?

Chapter 146 Refining Yunyuan Pill

Chapter 147 Rub medicine balls

Chapter 148 What do you want to do back in time?

Chapter 149 Sweet, lychee flavor

Chapter 150 So-called genetic

Chapter 151 Fitness Pill

Chapter 152 Interesting girl

Chapter 153 Mr. Gu, are you jealous?

Chapter 154 President Gu, calm down!

Chapter 155 University report

Chapter 156 Bidong is a technical job

Chapter 157 you belong to Me

Chapter 158 safety button

Chapter 159 Hard and easy

Chapter 160 The most mysterious organization in the

Chapter 161 Different fireworks

Chapter 162 So-called slow

Chapter 163 Mr. Gu, who is dumbfounding

Chapter 164 Look for it in the crowd

Chapter 165 Alchemy furnace

Chapter 166 doubt

Chapter 167 reward

Chapter 168 meet new friends

Chapter 169 Freshman outreach training

Chapter 170 Friendship boat

Chapter 171 I am not the Father

Chapter 172 Missing

Chapter 173 Help find someone

Chapter 174 Tiansheng Mountain

Chapter 175 found it

Chapter 176 Gu Tang's anomaly

Chapter 177 Strategic shift

Chapter 178 On the Importance of Qiyun

Chapter 179 Treasure advancement

Chapter 180 Meet

Chapter 181 The declining practice world

Chapter 182 Innate Spirit Tool

Chapter 183 All get together

Chapter 184 Congenital Spiritual Tool

Chapter 185 Big brother, please hug your thighs!

Chapter 186 Cut grass and root

Chapter 187 Blood worm drop

Chapter 188 The worst innate spiritual weapon in his

Chapter 189 Follow-up

Chapter 190 Mr. Gu

Chapter 191 Development Outlook

Chapter 192 beat

Chapter 193 propose?

Chapter 194 Monk's ability

Chapter 195 So-called golden thighs

Chapter 196 Mr. Gu, just skin it

Chapter 197 Poor President Gu

Chapter 198 Mr. Gu is also protected

Chapter 199 Gambling exchange meeting

Chapter 200 Gold fingers are so easy to use

Chapter 201 Gold fingers can do whatever they want

Chapter 202 muah

Chapter 203 Jade wool auction

Chapter 204 Master Dao, I just flap my wings gently

Chapter 205 Small punishment and big punishment

Chapter 206 news

Chapter 207 Stone

Chapter 208 collapsed?

Chapter 209 Pretended to be forced

Chapter 210 Master Dao, I shot

Chapter 211 The vest is going to be used

Chapter 212 Formation

Chapter 213 Unexpected

Chapter 214 breakthrough

Chapter 215 Chikuki

Chapter 216 Meet the parents

Chapter 217 The two overly enthusiastic old men

Chapter 218 Retreat

Chapter 219 Refining Xisui Pill

Chapter 220 Successfully refined

Chapter 221 The identity shows that the latter two r

Chapter 222 President Gu of Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur

Chapter 223 Preparation before washing

Chapter 224 Welfare, caught off guard

Chapter 225 President Gu

Chapter 226 Mr. Gu's cultivation talent really pulls

Chapter 227 Gu Tang's transformation

Chapter 228 Two people

Chapter 229 Reactions and plans from all parties

Chapter 230 Xia Mawei and sweet dates

Chapter 231 Hong Hai's chance

Chapter 232 On Gu's Speed

Chapter 233 Serious men are the most handsome

Chapter 234 Back to school

Chapter 235 The girl's brain hole is too big, she is

Chapter 236 Weird old man

Chapter 237 Conspiracy

Chapter 238 Gu Tang breakthrough

Chapter 239 Successful breakthrough, early stage of

Chapter 240 Reactions from all sides

Chapter 241 The unwilling sword sect

Chapter 242 Cooperation with Medical Valley

Chapter 243 Sword repair in the foundation period

Chapter 244 Put another force

Chapter 245 Thunder tactic

Chapter 246 Strange Li Yarou

Chapter 247 birthday

Chapter 248 conspiracy

Chapter 249 Magic repair news

Chapter 250 The plan is successful?

Chapter 251 Never offend the Son of Destiny!

Chapter 252 Unpredictable plan

Chapter 253 The power of technology

Chapter 254 Li Yarou's end

Chapter 255 Evil can't triumph

Chapter 256 Extra