Novel Summary
Miss sister in love? It’s the kind of kidney but not heart! Beauty appointment? Can’t give you happiness, at least give you comfort! I have hundreds of millions of dollars in business and want to talk to two pretty girls, I don’t know… I want to have sex with all the beauties here, who agrees? Who opposes? Ding! The host shows the true nature of male (scum) god (male), life force +1! Spirit power +1! Chinese currency +100,000! Charm +10… A story about a protagonist who harmed the world in the era of aura recovery but accidentally became the savior of mankind. Ling Xiao: I just want to be a scumbag. How come I suddenly become a god of war?
Chapter List

Chapter 1 I have hundreds of millions of business

Chapter 2 Soaring strength!

Chapter 3 Cub! Dad is disappointed in you!

Chapter 4 are you crazy!

Chapter 5 Beautiful girls applaud for love!

Chapter 6 Leap of faith

Chapter 7 Please be a man!

Chapter 8 No one can fight!

Chapter 9 You pay for the room, everything is easy

Chapter 10 Me, Ling Xiao, Yi Bo Yuntian!

Chapter 11 I'm not! I do not have! Freeze said!

Chapter 12 Blast the tester!

Chapter 13 Humans in another world

Chapter 14 Life Soul Tier 3!

Chapter 15 From the destiny of the wild!

Chapter 16 Achieve the soul!

Chapter 17 signature

Chapter 18 The second form!

Chapter 19 Does Miss Sister warm the bed?

Chapter 20 My **** charm!

Chapter 21 The kind that can make you go to heaven!

Chapter 22 Mentality explosion

Chapter 23 It's a talent!

Chapter 24 Xeon Budokan

Chapter 25 Hope of the whole city

Chapter 26 All of you here are weak!

Chapter 27 I promise you

Chapter 28 Glancing stick

Chapter 29 next

Chapter 30 Summer insects can not speak ice

Chapter 31 Stick skill proficiency upgrade

Chapter 32 Sweep!

Chapter 33 Crazy bet!

Chapter 34 Full burst!

Chapter 35 Wang Ning was defeated!

Chapter 36 Wang Ming

Chapter 37 Do things!

Chapter 38 Please eat six dollars Mala Tang!

Chapter 39 Ways to make money

Chapter 40 Shock! Some players did this!

Chapter 41 Still young after all!

Chapter 42 This is the devil!

Chapter 43 Points 30!

Chapter 44 In case of hell

Chapter 45 Aunt, we don’t make an appointment!

Chapter 46 There are so many people who want to cha

Chapter 47 The second round of melee begins!

Chapter 48 Let go of that girl!

Chapter 49 I guess you didn't!

Chapter 50 Life Soul Tier 3

Chapter 51 you know too much

Chapter 52 Logical ghost!

Chapter 53 The audience was shocked!

Chapter 54 Win both battles!

Chapter 55 It's cool to lick the dog, but it's alwa

Chapter 56 How happy you are

Chapter 57 The scene was very embarrassing

Chapter 58 You also said that you are not offending

Chapter 59 Izumi Province Takeda

Chapter 60 Skilled to scary

Chapter 61 Low-grade Alchemy Pill

Chapter 62 Refining Primary Qi and Blood Pill

Chapter 63 High quality!

Chapter 64 Myocardial infarction

Chapter 65 Waiting online is anxious!

Chapter 66 transaction

Chapter 67 Challenge!

Chapter 68 Weird match table

Chapter 69 Beat in an instant!

Chapter 70 Fate Soul Martial Skill

Chapter 71 100 into 50

Chapter 72 Fight against Wang Ming!

Chapter 73 See him rise from a tall building, see h

Chapter 74 The voice of fate!

Chapter 75 Nami!

Chapter 76 King of Face Slaps!

Chapter 77 Collect money

Chapter 78 I have a MMP

Chapter 79 Face Slap Emperor has collected your mag

Chapter 80 Do you do hair

Chapter 81 I'm not very good at talking

Chapter 82 This style of painting is wrong!

Chapter 83 Men are big trotter!

Chapter 84 Let you

Chapter 85 Qualifying!

Chapter 86 Step into another world

Chapter 87 Iron bristle pig

Chapter 88 Kill Ironmane Pig!

Chapter 89 Krypton gold can become stronger!

Chapter 90 The kids next door are crying

Chapter 91 Lick the dog

Chapter 92 Look at you like this, look at you

Chapter 93 Wangcai, is that you!

Chapter 94 Spirit Beast Wolf Language

Chapter 95 To be honest, I am actually a beast mast

Chapter 96 Recklessness

Chapter 97 People are worse than dogs

Chapter 98 Give your future husband a hat

Chapter 99 Lingguo

Chapter 100 Prosperous fortune

Chapter 101 Wangcai injured

Chapter 102 Kneel down and kiss the soil at my feet!

Chapter 103 Pike

Chapter 104 tip of the iceberg

Chapter 105 Group destroy engine

Chapter 106 Life Soul Tier 4

Chapter 107 Cloud Stepping Beast

Chapter 108 Fighting Cloud Beast

Chapter 109 Shake the sea to upgrade!

Chapter 110 giant

Chapter 111 The most beautiful boy in the universe

Chapter 112 Large face slap

Chapter 113 Huge improvement

Chapter 114 This martial art is about to be decided!

Chapter 115 Blade of Destroyer!

Chapter 116 That is simply an insult to the dog!

Chapter 117 The rules are up to me!

Chapter 118 Beheaded!

Chapter 119 Kill two people in one fell swoop!

Chapter 120 Shocking alchemy talent

Chapter 121 Life Soul Pill

Chapter 122 Crazy hand speed!

Chapter 123 The pill of fusion!

Chapter 124 Open your eyes and see clearly!

Chapter 125 You can now fulfill your bet!

Chapter 126 Repent

Chapter 127 brazen!

Chapter 128 Are you just this capable

Chapter 129 President Chen

Chapter 130 This is the rhythm of accepting disciple

Chapter 131 Dan pattern

Chapter 132 Go to wind Dan

Chapter 133 vomit!

Chapter 134 Become a low-grade alchemist!

Chapter 135 Zhou Jia Mingzhu

Chapter 136 I can treat him immediately

Chapter 137 Treat Zhou Lao

Chapter 138 Cheques and invitations

Chapter 139 Birthday party

Chapter 140 What is the relationship between these t

Chapter 141 it is good! I promised!

Chapter 142 Dan Xiang covers the entire hall!

Chapter 143 I'm just the height of Mount Everest

Chapter 144 Taxue Wuhen arrives

Chapter 145 You take advantage of me!

Chapter 146 Do you have fate and soul martial arts?

Chapter 147 Fight Zhoukui!

Chapter 148 Dragon Legs

Chapter 149 Maybe you are not enough for me to fight

Chapter 150 Defeat Gao Jun with one move!

Chapter 151 I Lingxiao booked the championship!

Chapter 152 Ling Xiao's terrifying record!

Chapter 153 I'm afraid you can't hold it!

Chapter 154 I give you ten chances!

Chapter 155 Another trick!

Chapter 156 Would you be my boyfriend

Chapter 157 Send you a baby

Chapter 158 Invisibility!

Chapter 159 Crazy temptation on the edge of death

Chapter 160 Did you break through when you woke up?

Chapter 161 Still a trick!

Chapter 162 Improve the grade of Huadan

Chapter 163 roll!

Chapter 164 Juehun Dan was successfully refined!

Chapter 165 I gave you a face, right?

Chapter 166 Instantly squeeze!

Chapter 167 The horror of Wu Danshi

Chapter 168 Terrified

Chapter 169 Pig teammate!

Chapter 170 A group of good people!

Chapter 171 Soaring combat power!

Chapter 172 Let's play a little game

Chapter 173 What a tough battle

Chapter 174 Actually you don't need to be so serious

Chapter 175 Couldn't hold back for a while

Chapter 176 Then give the money directly

Chapter 177 Kyoto Auction

Chapter 178 Seated

Chapter 179 Starting price 1 billion

Chapter 180 Bid up

Chapter 181 Do you have so much money in your card

Chapter 182 A full 2 ​​billion!

Chapter 183 Dapeng Life and Soul!

Chapter 184 Advance to the top 4!

Chapter 185 No routine this time

Chapter 186 Who has seen this scene!

Chapter 187 Actually I think so too

Chapter 188 Network boiling

Chapter 189 Ling Xiao in full force

Chapter 190 Suddenly backward money weight

Chapter 191 I want to blast it with my fist

Chapter 192 Say you want to blow it up!

Chapter 193 Half-step Hualing

Chapter 194 Dual Life Soul VS Half-Step Transformati

Chapter 195 Not worth mentioning!

Chapter 196 champion!

Chapter 197 Eye-popping

Chapter 198 The sensation caused by Ling Xiao

Chapter 199 Crazy quote

Chapter 200 System Upgrade

Chapter 201 Mr. Lu Xun once said

Chapter 202 I just want to step on you!

Chapter 203 I decided to step on my face to apologiz

Chapter 204 Demon's gaze

Chapter 205 Me, Ling Xiao, school bully

Chapter 206 Even the teacher is not letting go of th

Chapter 207 The teacher is going to explode!

Chapter 208 Business exchange

Chapter 209 Freshman test ranking

Chapter 210 Can't afford to provoke!

Chapter 211 I am too strong, blame me

Chapter 212 Is this sticker that I am missing

Chapter 213 Classmate, your body is a little weak

Chapter 214 Have you experienced despair

Chapter 215 Actually I am Qin Shihuang, I am not dea

Chapter 216 Come on together!

Chapter 217 Then let me convince you!

Chapter 218 Injured a hundred people in one blow!

Chapter 219 Break through the spiritual realm!

Chapter 220 Hua Ling second order!

Chapter 221 God bless Jingwu! China Dangxing!

Chapter 222 So realistic

Chapter 223 You are so noisy!

Chapter 224 WTF!

Chapter 225 Duel table

Chapter 226 Become a tier 1 array mage

Chapter 227 It's noon!

Chapter 228 Sorry, I'm used to the pill bottle blowi

Chapter 229 I lost my troubles!

Chapter 230 Break the battle with one move!

Chapter 231 Open your dog eyes and let me know!

Chapter 232 You can't take care of yourself in life!

Chapter 233 The difference between heaven and earth,

Chapter 234 The array burst!

Chapter 235 Bow left and right

Chapter 236 Internet sensation!

Chapter 237 Dou Dan!

Chapter 238 Don't bet too much, just bet with both h

Chapter 239 There is no difficulty for me!

Chapter 240 Well, let's open your eyes!

Chapter 241 Dan Qi auspicious! Three turns of Dan pa

Chapter 242 Run away in the chaos and asked me if I

Chapter 243 Come and not be indecent!

Chapter 244 Press conference

Chapter 245 At this level

Chapter 246 Hurry up, I'm very busy!

Chapter 247 No, you don't believe it!

Chapter 248 Add fuel to the fire

Chapter 249 Do you believe

Chapter 250 Yes, but not necessary!

Chapter 251 Punish the soul!

Chapter 252 Then as you wish!

Chapter 253 Instantly defeated!

Chapter 254 But the mayfly shakes the tree!

Chapter 255 How do you think they can resist me

Chapter 256 You don’t know anything about power!

Chapter 257 Get world attention!

Chapter 258 Dapeng Wing Slash!

Chapter 259 They fell down before I tried hard!

Chapter 260 Kill the heart!

Chapter 261 Humiliating people will always be humili

Chapter 262 Skewers hurt Hualing

Chapter 263 The last battle!

Chapter 264 Is this what you rely on

Chapter 265 The terrified Liu Dongxu

Chapter 266 Suppress!

Chapter 267 One person, one country!

Chapter 268 To shut up!

Chapter 269 Ling Xiao, my life is for you!

Chapter 270 Ancient ruins!

Chapter 271 Strength is not allowed!

Chapter 272 Does that work!

Chapter 273 set off!

Chapter 274 I'm being wiped out!

Chapter 275 It's enough to kill you!

Chapter 276 Best not to mess with it!

Chapter 277 Let you linger for a while!

Chapter 278 A perilous ancient ruins!

Chapter 279 For me, it’s not dangerous

Chapter 280 You are looking for death!

Chapter 281 Go to **** for me!

Chapter 282 Cut three people in a row!

Chapter 283 Let you see

Chapter 284 Are you scared now

Chapter 285 Is this your strength?

Chapter 286 What if i say no

Chapter 287 Laugh at your ignorance!

Chapter 288 Compared to me, you are a mediocre!

Chapter 289 Give you a punch like this!

Chapter 290 Fight the giant ape!

Chapter 291 Eat alone!

Chapter 292 I'm not as good as **** who goes to hell

Chapter 293 Yuanjia Road is narrow!

Chapter 294 Are you so eager to die?

Chapter 295 Then I have to send you to death!

Chapter 296 The eighth stage of the Spirit Realm, bu

Chapter 297 Ancient Secret Treasure?

Chapter 298 Ancient books!

Chapter 299 Run after stealing things, thieves are e

Chapter 300 King of Ming Dynasty Supreme Battle Body

Chapter 301 The flesh is sanctified!

Chapter 302 Can the ancient power compare with me?

Chapter 303 Want to run, late!

Chapter 304 Hope you don’t regret it!

Chapter 305 It's what you call the most popular, rig

Chapter 306 The power of the battle body!

Chapter 307 Now, have you served?

Chapter 308 Are you here to send warmth too?

Chapter 309 No, you are!

Chapter 310 Boy, your path is wide

Chapter 311 Francis

Chapter 312 Come up and die!

Chapter 313 Noisy!

Chapter 314 You are afraid that you have caught deat

Chapter 315 Skeleton Knights and Ghost Horses!

Chapter 316 Special armor

Chapter 317 Sure enough, I'm still too strong

Chapter 318 Promote to the sixth stage of the spirit

Chapter 319 This will work!

Chapter 320 Shocking harvest!

Chapter 321 I don't bother to watch it!

Chapter 322 The most annoying thing is Lingguo!

Chapter 323 I really can't help it!

Chapter 324 Felbat!

Chapter 325 No bones left!

Chapter 326 Senior, I seem to be faster than you!

Chapter 327 Killing and transcending!

Chapter 328 Jimmy, die!

Chapter 329 Broken fruit!

Chapter 330 Even kill the ghost lion!

Chapter 331 Star list!

Chapter 332 You are too happy!

Chapter 333 cut!

Chapter 334 Seal the throat with one knife!

Chapter 335 Who do you think you are!

Chapter 336 How long can you last

Chapter 337 Practice on a hundred steps

Chapter 338 Step 91!

Chapter 339 You are looking for death!

Chapter 340 To the top!

Chapter 341 If you want to see, then trade your fate

Chapter 342 If you don't want to die, get out of her

Chapter 343 Now, it's time for you!

Chapter 344 Unfortunately, I don't need it!

Chapter 345 Broken Palm!

Chapter 346 Out of the ruins

Chapter 347 It's not only a difference, but also lif

Chapter 348 Life and death battle, start!

Chapter 349 I'm afraid you won't have a chance later

Chapter 350 The reputation of Lingxiao shocked the w

Chapter 351 Full combat readiness!

Chapter 352 Cracks appear!

Chapter 353 Seal crack

Chapter 354 Crack the ground!

Chapter 355 I have all your limbs!

Chapter 356 Cao Ming's scream!

Chapter 357 Can you still be as confident as before

Chapter 358 What to do with me!

Chapter 359 How can you

Chapter 360 Fight beyond the border!

Chapter 361 Crazy fighting!

Chapter 362 The horror of transcending the strong!

Chapter 363 Break the air claw!

Chapter 364 Cut Zuo Zong!

Chapter 365 Enter another world again!

Chapter 366 Qing Lingzong

Chapter 367 Isn't this what

Chapter 368 What if i say no

Chapter 369 Who gives you the courage!

Chapter 370 You do not deserve!

Chapter 371 You are no exception!

Chapter 372 I came by myself!

Chapter 373 Today next year will be your anniversary

Chapter 374 I hope you can survive!

Chapter 375 Array Master Competition

Chapter 376 Formation Family

Chapter 377 Some people you can't afford to offend!

Chapter 378 The first round of the Master of Array!

Chapter 379 Break the formation instantly!

Chapter 380 Full of loopholes

Chapter 381 Do not live

Chapter 382 Heart Eater!

Chapter 383 Li's actions

Chapter 384 I am someone you can't afford to provoke

Chapter 385 The Li family is nothing but that!

Chapter 386 Ancient Killing Array!

Chapter 387 Is this what you call a killing array?

Chapter 388 Destroy the formation!

Chapter 389 Dragon City has changed!

Chapter 390 Promote to the eighth level of the spiri

Chapter 391 Magical Absolute Sound Array!

Chapter 392 Get out of the magic array!

Chapter 393 New record!

Chapter 394 The third round!

Chapter 395 Singles out nine people!

Chapter 396 Served

Chapter 397 Someone wants to give my daughter-in-law

Chapter 398 I'm not the kind of dedicated person

Chapter 399 Sorrow of the Chosen Son

Chapter 400 Bloodthirsty fierce demon array!

Chapter 401 Is this to die?

Chapter 402 Flat and round

Chapter 403 Heavenly Formation Sect, Qin Ming!

Chapter 404 Are you worthy?

Chapter 405 The game is over!

Chapter 406 Wu Ji Land

Chapter 407 Yongcheng Zhao Family Zhao Xun

Chapter 408 Why should I give you a face!

Chapter 409 Two consecutive defeats!

Chapter 410 Come here if you want to die!

Chapter 411 Do a business

Chapter 412 Keep your mouth clean!

Chapter 413 Come on, tell me how to write dead words

Chapter 414 I want to do it, no one can stop it!

Chapter 415 Hand of God!

Chapter 416 200 shares

Chapter 417 Ninth order of Lingling!

Chapter 418 I can give you a ride!

Chapter 419 Remember my name, Ling Xiao!

Chapter 420 Something that lives and lives!

Chapter 421 Is the transcendence strong?

Chapter 422 Ultimately transcendence!

Chapter 423 Are you going to die?

Chapter 424 Fight at high altitude!

Chapter 425 King Ming's Fist!

Chapter 426 Enter the land of Wu Ji!

Chapter 427 Life Stone

Chapter 428 Scraped

Chapter 429 Have you asked my opinion?

Chapter 430 Kill one person!

Chapter 431 Behead all!

Chapter 432 Cut the grass and root!

Chapter 433 Bad news!

Chapter 434 Nancheng is at stake!

Chapter 435 Defending the South City!

Chapter 436 anger!

Chapter 437 Miscellaneous from other worlds, come ou

Chapter 438 Shadow Brothers!

Chapter 439 Assassination and counterattack!

Chapter 440 Leave it to me!

Chapter 441 Relieved!

Chapter 442 Meet Elder Zhu again!

Chapter 443 Open the sky!

Chapter 444 This is the evildoer!

Chapter 445 Nancheng Pingding!

Chapter 446 Go to Tianquan

Chapter 447 Acting God possesses!

Chapter 448 Your death date is up

Chapter 449 You shouldn't have come into this world!

Chapter 450 Dong Liuchuan who lost his left arm

Chapter 451 The happiness of the rich is so boring

Chapter 452 Assassination Squad

Chapter 453 I say you die, you have to die!

Chapter 454 Who told you that I'm going to let peopl

Chapter 455 One hit!

Chapter 456 The **** person is you!

Chapter 457 All three are destroyed!

Chapter 458 Give a big gift!

Chapter 459 Burn blood

Chapter 460 I can hit ten like you with one punch!

Chapter 461 The third tier of transcendence is comin

Chapter 462 All the ultimate moves!

Chapter 463 Three ways to force back!

Chapter 464 Chen Feng arrives

Chapter 465 Zixiao thundering array!

Chapter 466 Even your formation dare to blow like th

Chapter 467 Learned after just one and five eyes

Chapter 468 You don't even have the right to blew yo

Chapter 469 Ping Tianquan!

Chapter 470 The happiness of the strong

Chapter 471 Road to revenge!

Chapter 472 No one can recruit!

Chapter 473 Today is the time when your Spirit Pill

Chapter 474 Sect Master Ling Pill, get out of here!

Chapter 475 The three of you are not enough for me t

Chapter 476 Are you looking for me

Chapter 477 Three people were seriously injured with

Chapter 478 The frog at the bottom of the well is st

Chapter 479 Fang Yin, die!

Chapter 480 Tomb of Emperor Wu!

Chapter 481 That person is no ordinary person

Chapter 482 Generally speaking, people like you die

Chapter 483 Why are you so strong!

Chapter 484 I also think it should be counted!

Chapter 485 It's easy for me!

Chapter 486 You're welcome, just call me Dad!

Chapter 487 The prohibition disappeared!

Chapter 488 Of course it is to crack the formation!

Chapter 489 Then you are optimistic

Chapter 490 What did you just say

Chapter 491 No island fish!

Chapter 492 All fell into the water!

Chapter 493 Come here quickly!

Chapter 494 Weird pottery figurines!

Chapter 495 Pottery figurines that can absorb the po

Chapter 496 Skinny hands!

Chapter 497 Corpse bug!

Chapter 498 King of Pit!

Chapter 499 Are there any panting

Chapter 500 Thousands of deadly formations!

Chapter 501 act recklessly

Chapter 502 Heart is under the kyte!

Chapter 503 Shura Field!

Chapter 504 I am not the kind of person who is greed

Chapter 505 Zombie!

Chapter 506 The main burial chamber!

Chapter 507 What are you laughing

Chapter 508 No one can stop it!

Chapter 509 Frost cold Kyushu!

Chapter 510 Emperor Ji Nine Heavens Jue!

Chapter 511 The comer is not good!

Chapter 512 Use your heads!

Chapter 513 Emperor Jiu Tianzhi!

Chapter 514 Qianyuan State Capital!

Chapter 515 I am Ling Xiao!

Chapter 516 Qianxu died!

Chapter 517 unstoppable!

Chapter 518 Emperor Ji Nine Sky Claws!

Chapter 519 You should pay the price!

Chapter 520 Enemies are extremely jealous when they

Chapter 521 The third order of transcendence!

Chapter 522 Just behead you before that!

Chapter 523 Your death date is here!

Chapter 524 This is revenge!

Chapter 525 Dry order, die!

Chapter 526 Hidden family of ancient warriors!

Chapter 527 Are you leaving in such a hurry?

Chapter 528 I am afraid of wasting time!

Chapter 529 The audience was shocked!

Chapter 530 Just a brother!

Chapter 531 You are so slow!

Chapter 532 You are so accurate!

Chapter 533 No, I'm afraid you are autistic!

Chapter 534 Beyond Dan!

Chapter 535 Do you still have questions?

Chapter 536 The emperor is not in a hurry!

Chapter 537 A transcendent pill with five turns of p

Chapter 538 Ten billion credits!

Chapter 539 Go to the sea of ​​Soma!

Chapter 540 grim Reaper!

Chapter 541 Footsteps!

Chapter 542 Do you want tickets for hell?

Chapter 543 Catch it all!

Chapter 544 Giant kun form!

Chapter 545 Crush!

Chapter 546 Boom and scum!

Chapter 547 Transcendence fourth-order monster!

Chapter 548 Painful neigh!

Chapter 549 Kill me and practice for more than ten y

Chapter 550 God of God!

Chapter 551 Martial art!

Chapter 552 How about hemiplegia!

Chapter 553 The defeated man! The defeated man!

Chapter 554 You have no choice!

Chapter 555 I fight until you are convinced!

Chapter 556 I have an immature tip!

Chapter 557 You can earn blood, and Ling Xiao will n

Chapter 558 I Ling Xiao, single out your group!

Chapter 559 Don't ink, I'm very busy

Chapter 560 The Arabian Nights!

Chapter 561 Sweep the audience!

Chapter 562 Artistic conception tower!

Chapter 563 Is this reason enough

Chapter 564 Without hindrance!

Chapter 565 Because I look more handsome!

Chapter 566 Ugly, it's not your fault!

Chapter 567 I couldn't straighten up the next day!

Chapter 568 Practice in the mood tower!

Chapter 569 Crisp slap in the face in a trance!

Chapter 570 This is a crime!

Chapter 571 The tenth floor of the Artistic Concepti

Chapter 572 Death of obsessive-compulsive disorder p

Chapter 573 Artistic conception stele!

Chapter 574 The artistic conception of soil!

Chapter 575 I told you already!

Chapter 576 Defeat Lin Yue!

Chapter 577 Smell of Tongtian Tower again!

Chapter 578 Rescue operations!

Chapter 579 Furin Mountain!

Chapter 580 silly!

Chapter 581 A quick fight!

Chapter 582 Horror killer!

Chapter 583 Emperor Ji Nine Heavens Palm!

Chapter 584 Hidden weapon of mechanism technique!

Chapter 585 You are so noisy!

Chapter 586 You are not enough!

Chapter 587 The dead never need an answer!

Chapter 588 The attack was successful!

Chapter 589 The male **** who will never get in this

Chapter 590 This feels good!

Chapter 591 Very angry, but I can’t help it!

Chapter 592 God wolf cub!

Chapter 593 Mount Everest!

Chapter 594 He already gave the answer

Chapter 595 Three billion euros!

Chapter 596 Who dares to take a step forward, die!

Chapter 597 You are the reptile!

Chapter 598 This is the gap between us!

Chapter 599 Mathematics!

Chapter 600 Hurry up, the flowers I'm waiting for ar

Chapter 601 IOU!

Chapter 602 Broken Buddha!

Chapter 603 Not for sale!

Chapter 604 Open the Buddha statue!

Chapter 605 The essence of life!

Chapter 606 Violent things, can you control

Chapter 607 Supreme list!

Chapter 608 I can rest assured that!

Chapter 609 Fight against the strongest!

Chapter 610 court death!

Chapter 611 Larkin, die!

Chapter 612 Any comments

Chapter 613 Fast chase!

Chapter 614 You said what should I do with you now

Chapter 615 Four Seasons Hotel!

Chapter 616 Transcendence fourth order!

Chapter 617 Qionglou Hall on the top of Mount Everes

Chapter 618 You are dead, I am still alive!

Chapter 619 What a heartbreak!

Chapter 620 Large quantities of spiritual fruit!

Chapter 621 Harvest is full!

Chapter 622 Kill you, it's over!

Chapter 623 You are no exception!

Chapter 624 A palm flies!

Chapter 625 What should i do with you

Chapter 626 Organ creation!

Chapter 627 If it is not difficult, I will leave!

Chapter 628 I have never seen a mechanic with an exp

Chapter 629 Middle grade agency!

Chapter 630 The baby rat explodes!

Chapter 631 Do you match with me? How many!

Chapter 632 The formation shows its power!

Chapter 633 Dead end!

Chapter 634 Enter the Institutional Shushu Pavilion!

Chapter 635 Mechanism creation drives tokens!

Chapter 636 Dead end!

Chapter 637 Why are you stunned and keep fighting!

Chapter 638 Killers of Four Seasons Hotel!

Chapter 639 Come on, what do you want to die!

Chapter 640 Did i let you talk

Chapter 641 Corpses everywhere

Chapter 642 Who is your brother, I'm not free!

Chapter 643 Kitty, I advise you to be kind!

Chapter 644 About to be scared to pee!

Chapter 645 I don't want you to think, I want me to

Chapter 646 Taming collar

Chapter 647 Today’s ingredients are decided by you

Chapter 648 Now, do you know my strength

Chapter 649 Break the cognition!

Chapter 650 Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot!

Chapter 651 What if i say no

Chapter 652 The little princess of the Connor family

Chapter 653 Solve by fighting!

Chapter 654 It's terrible to have no brains!

Chapter 655 Weird mountain wall!

Chapter 656 Ugly rejection!

Chapter 657 Ancient battle armor, Ling Yuzhu!

Chapter 658 I just look down on weak chickens!

Chapter 659 The defense of the armor!

Chapter 660 Unscathed!

Chapter 661 Intercept!

Chapter 662 You don’t know anything about power!

Chapter 663 Divide the spoils

Chapter 664 Majestic statue!

Chapter 665 I'm afraid you can't bear it!

Chapter 666 If you refuse to accept it, come here!

Chapter 667 Have the ability to take a few steps!

Chapter 668 Both rain and dew!

Chapter 669 The reason is simple, because handsome!

Chapter 670 War of the Ancients!

Chapter 671 bloody battle!

Chapter 672 I am laughing at your ignorance!

Chapter 673 The audience is sluggish!

Chapter 674 People are not rich without windfall!

Chapter 675 go away!

Chapter 676 Ocean monster!

Chapter 677 The little girl being chased

Chapter 678 Kill you, but at the fingertips!

Chapter 679 Blow!

Chapter 680 You will know soon!

Chapter 681 It depends on whether you have this abil

Chapter 682 You are nothing but that!

Chapter 683 Lingxiao’s luxurious recipes have now

Chapter 684 I'll eat you up again!

Chapter 685 Do you have any food delivery?

Chapter 686 Don't hurry to my bowl!

Chapter 687 But you!

Chapter 688 I want to ask you, are you delicious

Chapter 689 It's too slow

Chapter 690 small toy

Chapter 691 Go to hell!

Chapter 692 Huh, how do you know

Chapter 693 Cover the sea and imprison the formation

Chapter 694 Sky City!

Chapter 695 Arena!

Chapter 696 I'll take you first!

Chapter 697 Crazy gambling!

Chapter 698 Break the mountain!

Chapter 699 There is no avatar under the fierce name

Chapter 700 Race through!

Chapter 701 I'm afraid you will die too soon!

Chapter 702 10 let's go together!

Chapter 703 Flame Demon Slash!

Chapter 704 Balrog flashes!

Chapter 705 Why not

Chapter 706 Let's try seven people first!

Chapter 707 Within three swords, take your head!

Chapter 708 Play between the palms!

Chapter 709 I'm almost impatient

Chapter 710 66 consecutive victories!

Chapter 711 Wave it!

Chapter 712 Instant cut!

Chapter 713 Broken soul!

Chapter 714 Sky token!

Chapter 715 Let me do it first!

Chapter 716 No one will fight!

Chapter 717 The audience was in an uproar!

Chapter 718 Fight Zhu Qi!

Chapter 719 have equal shares!

Chapter 720 Zhu Qi admit defeat!

Chapter 721 Sell ​​Tongtian Token!

Chapter 722 2400 life soul stones!

Chapter 723 Primary training area!

Chapter 724 You should be the one who rolled!

Chapter 725 You should be thankful!

Chapter 726 If there is such a good thing, just ask

Chapter 727 I took this task!

Chapter 728 Get out of me!

Chapter 729 Master Qu!

Chapter 730 You are like a group of dogs!

Chapter 731 Double Sky Points!

Chapter 732 Refining in person!

Chapter 733 Rank Six Rising Dragon Pill!

Chapter 734 Step on the body to become famous!

Chapter 735 Liu Ruoyan

Chapter 736 It's not because I look so good!

Chapter 737 Which onion are you?

Chapter 738 Just a licking dog!

Chapter 739 Deathmatch!

Chapter 740 But you!

Chapter 741 What kind of green onion are you?

Chapter 742 Qualifying!

Chapter 743 Challenge second place!

Chapter 744 You look too high on yourself!

Chapter 745 Mediocre!

Chapter 746 You do not deserve!

Chapter 747 Yang and Su failed miserably!

Chapter 748 Angry Deng Feng!

Chapter 749 Literally, defeat you with one move!

Chapter 750 16 consecutive victories, no one dared t

Chapter 751 Challenge first!

Chapter 752 Slaughter the world!

Chapter 753 Defeat Su Xun!

Chapter 754 Reward, library area!

Chapter 755 Congratulations, you got it!

Chapter 756 thanks for your care!

Chapter 757 Get 800 points from the sky!

Chapter 758 Tongtian Tower high-level meeting!

Chapter 759 Hunting mission, the big action of Tongt

Chapter 760 You are not sincere at all!

Chapter 761 It's so good, it's also a kind of loneli

Chapter 762 Grab the power of the soul with bare han

Chapter 763 Ancient treasure map ancient scroll!

Chapter 764 Real men just want to be positive!

Chapter 765 Dead end!

Chapter 766 Cerebral palsy!

Chapter 767 Sorry, I am a master of high rank format

Chapter 768 Go away, let me come!

Chapter 769 It's time for you to fulfill the bet!

Chapter 770 This is quite suitable for your cemetery

Chapter 771 As many as I kill!

Chapter 772 The death of Su Xun!

Chapter 773 You are not even qualified to be my slav

Chapter 774 Heart of Metal!

Chapter 775 The top floor of Tongtian Tower!

Chapter 776 Nether Thunderfire Bomb!

Chapter 777 Go to the treasure area!

Chapter 778 Annihilate the All Souls Array!

Chapter 779 Sorry, I broke my promise!

Chapter 780 Ambush!

Chapter 781 Life Soul Quarry!

Chapter 782 The plan is in progress!

Chapter 783 Crazy digging!

Chapter 784 It was discovered!

Chapter 785 Heaven and earth wind and thunder wall!

Chapter 786 Crazy!

Chapter 787 Escape!

Chapter 788 I can kill you!

Chapter 789 Unscathed!

Chapter 790 Knife Emperor inheritance!

Chapter 791 Dao Shishi!

Chapter 792 Leave the stone tire for me!

Chapter 793 Then die for me!

Chapter 794 Hand over the stone fetus of the sword a

Chapter 795 Stone tire succeeded!

Chapter 796 Come on, what are you going to do

Chapter 797 It's just trash that can be cleaned up!

Chapter 798 return

Chapter 799 Heavenly Teaching!

Chapter 800 Go to Tongzhou!

Chapter 801 Not necessary

Chapter 802 Wonderful!

Chapter 803 Fly directly!

Chapter 804 Resolve between gestures!

Chapter 805 The battle is over!

Chapter 806 start to act!

Chapter 807 Brainwashing conference!

Chapter 808 Nonsense!

Chapter 809 There is no way for you to vote!

Chapter 810 A pair of actors!

Chapter 811 Again!

Chapter 812 Of course, you must smash it thoroughly!

Chapter 813 Holy envoy!

Chapter 814 All waste package!

Chapter 815 Restless Tianlinjiao!

Chapter 816 Tracking!

Chapter 817 You look at him too high!

Chapter 818 If I dare to hurt the wolf cub, I dare t

Chapter 819 You don't have to hide if you kill it!

Chapter 820 Your life is still in my hands!

Chapter 821 Xiao Ming was seriously injured!

Chapter 822 Go kill!

Chapter 823 Do you know this

Chapter 824 Hello, your takeaway is here!

Chapter 825 After taking this pill, I will spare you

Chapter 826 I want them to die immediately!

Chapter 827 Only if he still has a tone, he can't di

Chapter 828 I will kill you too!

Chapter 829 Great ambassador!

Chapter 830 Shattered with a punch!

Chapter 831 Still not enough!

Chapter 832 Successful positioning!

Chapter 833 Arrived in Yucheng!

Chapter 834 Risks and benefits!

Chapter 835 When the action is in progress!

Chapter 836 Give you a ride!

Chapter 837 I'm dead to grandma's house!

Chapter 838 The last injured person is destined to b

Chapter 839 The action ended perfectly!

Chapter 840 Appointment!

Chapter 841 Press conference!

Chapter 842 The whole network is boiling!

Chapter 843 Snap your fingers!

Chapter 844 Sword posture!

Chapter 845 Your dog's life is mine!

Chapter 846 Qian Hong's death date!

Chapter 847 This is forcing, I give full marks!

Chapter 848 You will all become corpses!

Chapter 849 cut!

Chapter 850 You should wipe your neck quickly!

Chapter 851 Not worth mentioning!

Chapter 852 Are you so anxious to reunite with him?

Chapter 853 Deng Feng!

Chapter 854 A knife is as fast as a knife!

Chapter 855 Old dogs can't play new tricks!

Chapter 856 One sword is great!

Chapter 857 Tongyou Bingpodan!

Chapter 858 There is a kind, come here!

Chapter 859 A chain of loopholes!

Chapter 860 Are you sure

Chapter 861 Tugged very hard, but reluctant to admit

Chapter 862 I laughed at your formation!

Chapter 863 All 19 people are destroyed!

Chapter 864 The live broadcast is over, after the wa

Chapter 865 got windy!

Chapter 866 Civilization destroyer!

Chapter 867 All strike out!

Chapter 868 Kill the eighth peak with a single blow!

Chapter 869 Amagi!

Chapter 870 Legendary Elder, Tu Yun!

Chapter 871 It may be twice as big as yours!

Chapter 872 You are the one who is in disaster!

Chapter 873 Green from the beginning to the end!

Chapter 874 Are you just this capable

Chapter 875 Do you have any last words

Chapter 876 Emperor Jiu Tian Jin!

Chapter 877 The first battle of Tiancheng is over!

Chapter 878 arrow!

Chapter 879 I don't recognize you grandson!

Chapter 880 Now it's my turn!

Chapter 881 It was unexpectedly weak!

Chapter 882 If you want to sleep, someone will pass

Chapter 883 Cut three people in a row!

Chapter 884 The plan is in progress!

Chapter 885 You are so afraid of being the chosen on

Chapter 886 What can't be done, what can't be done!

Chapter 887 Raise your hand to break!

Chapter 888 Which clove of garlic are you?

Chapter 889 Eternal Thunder Array!

Chapter 890 A small knife will open your eyes!

Chapter 891 Fight Fangqi!

Chapter 892 Shocking combat power!

Chapter 893 You all have to die!

Chapter 894 Great resource technique!

Chapter 895 This is a BUG!

Chapter 896 Its heart is punishable!

Chapter 897 Pengcheng!

Chapter 898 It will succeed, but it can only succeed

Chapter 899 You have no choice!

Chapter 900 Pengcheng Refuge!

Chapter 901 Zhuolong!

Chapter 902 No need to choose, no use anyway!

Chapter 903 Make the battle a little more interestin

Chapter 904 Crazy demons!

Chapter 905 Sparks and lightning all the way!

Chapter 906 You have the ability to fight me close!

Chapter 907 Emperor Ji is broken in nine days!

Chapter 908 You are too happy!

Chapter 909 The victory of the Kryptonian Party!

Chapter 910 Zhuolong's determination!

Chapter 911 The winner is me!

Chapter 912 Land of artistic conception!

Chapter 913 enter!

Chapter 914 You have some misunderstandings about me

Chapter 915 Make people bald!

Chapter 916 Beat our friend!

Chapter 917 900 meters!

Chapter 918 Tie the record of God of War!

Chapter 919 The land of artistic conception is 1000

Chapter 920 The beginning of the war book!

Chapter 921 Ling Xiao arrived!

Chapter 922 The eighth level of transcendence!

Chapter 923 War begins!

Chapter 924 Long business environment!

Chapter 925 Five Elements Artistic Conception!

Chapter 926 The devil turns!

Chapter 927 It seems a bit slow!

Chapter 928 Fan Fei opened the curtain!

Chapter 929 Battle in the sea!

Chapter 930 Fly in an instant!

Chapter 931 Emperor Ji's nine days burst!

Chapter 932 Shocking!

Chapter 933 Super news!

Chapter 934 Wang Qing's shock!

Chapter 935 Qianlong Secret Realm!

Chapter 936 The ninth order of transcendence! Soarin

Chapter 937 Go to the battlefield!

Chapter 938 Ling Xiao shot!

Chapter 939 The furious ancestor of Tongtian Tower!

Chapter 940 You are really wasteful!

Chapter 941 Come up and get beaten!

Chapter 942 Caught off guard!

Chapter 943 Squirting wildly!

Chapter 944 Emperor Ji Nine Heavens Slash!

Chapter 945 bloody battle!

Chapter 946 Yin and Yang mood!

Chapter 947 The strongest state!

Chapter 948 It's over!

Chapter 949 The ancestors of Tongtian Tower retreat!

Chapter 950 Dragon Town!

Chapter 951 Seems to have learned it!

Chapter 952 Destroy the furnace, mark of the gods!

Chapter 953 What are you running!

Chapter 954 action!

Chapter 955 Your life is mine!

Chapter 956 what are you doing!

Chapter 957 Melee!

Chapter 958 the second time!

Chapter 959 Dapeng Wing Slash!

Chapter 960 Learn it in less than a minute!

Chapter 961 Demon possession array!

Chapter 962 Mark of the gods!

Chapter 963 We are getting married!

Chapter 964 The smile is too presumptuous!

Chapter 965 Well, it was an accident!

Chapter 966 Can I choose righteousness?

Chapter 967 This is my world!

Chapter 968 season finale