Resurrection of Reiki: Start Awakening Super Talent
Resurrection of Reiki: Start Awakening Super Talent
Novel Summary
Three thousand years ago, gods and Buddhas disappeared all over the sky, and the inheritance of practice was broken. It was not until the ancient civilization was destroyed that spiritual energy recovered. Ten thousand races took advantage of this to invade. Five hundred years later, the human race gradually rose up and began to fight for control of the land of China, and counterattacked all races. Three hundred years later, Fang Yi, the Lord of the Great Dao, slaughtered all clans, destroyed all the heavens, stepped out of the myriad realms, and fought against the Dao of Heaven. In desperation, Fang Yi sacrificed blood to eight hundred small worlds, reversed time and space, and was reborn nineteen years old. In this life, he wants to live a more relaxed life, perfect his Dao Xin, and conquer the Dao of Heaven again.
Chapter List

Chapter 1 reborn 300 years ago

Chapter 2 Martial Arts Nine Heavens

Chapter 3 Kaimai Jue

Chapter 4 Awakening super talent

Chapter 5 old man chen gift

Chapter 6 martial arts must fight martial arts mus

Chapter 7 life and death fight

Chapter 8 one punch

Chapter 9 leave college

Chapter 10 Hall of Preparedness

Chapter 11 Three Realms of Martial Arts

Chapter 12 Refining five elements

Chapter 13 Lin Xianrou

Chapter 14 i come i conquer

Chapter 15 Mr. Lin

Chapter 16 boxing gym

Chapter 17 Inner strength manifests nothing more th

Chapter 18 The Jiang family was furious

Chapter 19 Jiang Chen arrives

Chapter 20 into

Chapter 21 to invite

Chapter 22 Punch

Chapter 23 help brother open pulse

Chapter 24 ten people

Chapter 25 Kai Gakuin

Chapter 26 Zangshuge

Chapter 27 Su Wan suspects

Chapter 28 physical pinnacle

Chapter 29 Zhou Hai returns

Chapter 30 evil cultivator

Chapter 31 Hall of Blood

Chapter 32 uproar

Chapter 33 When the drums sound, the thunder gather

Chapter 34 What is Jiulongwei

Chapter 35 challenge five

Chapter 36 but so

Chapter 37 Overwhelming India

Chapter 38 riding a tiger

Chapter 39 power of a sword

Chapter 40 Kowloon order

Chapter 41 Out of town

Chapter 42 sunset mountain

Chapter 43 Lin Xianrou's anger

Chapter 44 Monster Lizard

Chapter 45 Myriad trees

Chapter 46 Wan Dao Fruit

Chapter 47 Random killing

Chapter 48 Trample the Bandit Den

Chapter 49 Tai Shang Sensei Jue

Chapter 50 Liufeng mother stone

Chapter 51 Kinkonban

Chapter 52 round castle

Chapter 53 Dragon Slayer

Chapter 54 real open sea

Chapter 55 set off

Chapter 56 eve of the war

Chapter 57 fight against

Chapter 58 The name of the sword is Zhutian

Chapter 59 Jiang family traitors

Chapter 60 natal star duel

Chapter 61 half-step Wu Zun

Chapter 62 Lin Xianrou's parents

Chapter 63 Forbidden God Banner

Chapter 64 Carve up the Jiang family

Chapter 65 Soul Breaker

Chapter 66 ready to reincarnate

Chapter 67 Nine Yang True Body

Chapter 68 Want to travel far

Chapter 69 Su Wan resigns

Chapter 70 Jiu Yin Jue

Chapter 71 Out of town

Chapter 72 Detailed Explanation of Martial King Rea

Chapter 73 The Ironhoof is coming

Chapter 74 Jade Face Shura

Chapter 75 ninety seconds

Chapter 76 statue

Chapter 77 Commander Wu Ji

Chapter 78 old pipe smoker

Chapter 79 Stay inn

Chapter 80 blind man li

Chapter 81 Observing the sun and the moon

Chapter 82 Takeshichi daughter

Chapter 83 Three Great Families

Chapter 84 Liu Erye

Chapter 85 Kill the half-step Wuhuang

Chapter 86 Avatar and Formation

Chapter 87 Suzaku Spear

Chapter 88 Eye of Heaven

Chapter 89 Those who humiliate the Dragon Warrior d

Chapter 90 Su Qi

Chapter 91 Fury

Chapter 92 Ask the teacher to blame

Chapter 93 Fang Yi is too domineering

Chapter 94 This is the Martial God Realm?

Chapter 95 Blind Li opens his eyes, the sun and the

Chapter 96 Wu Qiniang's Disintegration Dafa

Chapter 97 Lord Ye Tao

Chapter 98 Divide the spoils

Chapter 99 castle office

Chapter 100 I want a meteorite

Chapter 101 Talisman

Chapter 102 little girl in red

Chapter 103 small nine

Chapter 104 Robber's brain is not working

Chapter 105 stockade

Chapter 106 The head of the village, one-eyed, bald,

Chapter 107 Five Sacred Talisman Formation

Chapter 108 Refining the Sea of ​​Consciousness

Chapter 109 saved a woman

Chapter 110 Enter Qinglong City

Chapter 111 Evacuate the treasure house

Chapter 112 The whereabouts of the Azure Dragon Armo

Chapter 113 beggar girl stealing roast chicken

Chapter 114 Miserable Long Wuwei

Chapter 115 broken arm evergreen

Chapter 116 to the old town

Chapter 117 meet

Chapter 118 deer demon woman

Chapter 119 change formation

Chapter 120 Mutiny of the Patriarch

Chapter 121 kill Ye Patriarch

Chapter 122 Transformation of the moat

Chapter 123 Proceedings begin

Chapter 124 Blood Puppetry

Chapter 125 Fang Yi Appears

Chapter 126 Array start

Chapter 127 Yin and Yang reverse the universe upside

Chapter 128 Zheng Fengyun's highlight moment

Chapter 129 last resort

Chapter 130 Tobacco appeared

Chapter 131 Enter the Azure Dragon Secret Realm

Chapter 132 Zhu Tianyou

Chapter 133 evil physique

Chapter 134 Buson stone statue

Chapter 135 continue sending

Chapter 136 dragon family

Chapter 137 To a member of the Demon Gate

Chapter 138 Demon Pill

Chapter 139 Azure Dragon's Might

Chapter 140 fishing

Chapter 141 Bai Yuesha

Chapter 142 Children of the Ling family

Chapter 143 Zhong Ting

Chapter 144 News of the past in Penglai

Chapter 145 personally apologize

Chapter 146 Li Xiazi's family

Chapter 147 bullfighting

Chapter 148 Scar Man

Chapter 149 Zhong Ting came to the door

Chapter 150 Three-eyed golden-eyed beast

Chapter 151 Sign up

Chapter 152 one punch man

Chapter 153 Santo's Invitation

Chapter 154 go to dinner

Chapter 155 five heads of household

Chapter 156 shadow

Chapter 157 enshrined deity

Chapter 158 Cut off the power of faith

Chapter 159 Luo Yunjiao scene

Chapter 160 long line

Chapter 161 tripartite talks

Chapter 162 scruffy young man

Chapter 163 Swordsman Xuanyuanhao

Chapter 164 Soul Control Circle

Chapter 165 The demon **** is out of control

Chapter 166 Capture Meng Liqun Alive

Chapter 167 Martial Saint Dharma Body

Chapter 168 Xuanyuan Hao made a move

Chapter 169 Strong suppression

Chapter 170 half demon

Chapter 171 avengers war

Chapter 172 sun and moon field

Chapter 173 Go to Martial Arts Academy

Chapter 174 Son

Chapter 175 Heaven Sealing Jedi Formation

Chapter 176 flame fusion

Chapter 177 weird bug

Chapter 178 orphanage

Chapter 179 The Harvest of Luo Yunjiao's Secret Room

Chapter 180 Martial Arts Academy Trial

Chapter 181 object of suspicion

Chapter 182 heads-up? OK! I want one to ten

Chapter 183 only three legs

Chapter 184 King Wu contest begins

Chapter 185 into the secret

Chapter 186 Fang Yi arrived

Chapter 187 Zhu Tianyou's Crisis

Chapter 188 See you again

Chapter 189 men's blindfold

Chapter 190 hot weapon warrior

Chapter 191 Tianjijiao

Chapter 192 Phishing Enforcement

Chapter 193 Hot Weapon: Bomb

Chapter 194 press for information

Chapter 195 eerie valley

Chapter 196 life sacrifice

Chapter 197 steady steady

Chapter 198 back and forth

Chapter 199 monsters in the water

Chapter 200 war young master

Chapter 201 Talent of the Sirius Clan

Chapter 202 Battle of Dragon and Wolf

Chapter 203 Here comes a group of fishermen

Chapter 204 Bloodline Fruit

Chapter 205 men in black in action

Chapter 206 Meng Tianhan

Chapter 207 fall in one blow

Chapter 208 King Wu contest ends

Chapter 209 into the secret

Chapter 210 Ling grass

Chapter 211 carp essence

Chapter 212 Bu Jinglong

Chapter 213 Meng Kangping died

Chapter 214 Colorful Demon Pill

Chapter 215 Su Wan's brother

Chapter 216 I am coming

Chapter 217 this is my brother

Chapter 218 thunderstorm

Chapter 219 powerful way to break

Chapter 220 Wanyuan tree

Chapter 221 two-headed dog

Chapter 222 Tiangang bear's power is unparalleled

Chapter 223 Little Gray Showtime

Chapter 224 absorb platform stone

Chapter 225 five emperors

Chapter 226 meteorite

Chapter 227 block backfire

Chapter 228 Sirius

Chapter 229 Fang Yi breaks through and advances to t

Chapter 230 Xu Fei died

Chapter 231 Know the sky in the sea

Chapter 232 Kai Tianmai

Chapter 233 Weird Taiyun Mountain

Chapter 234 Earth atmosphere is as heavy as a mounta

Chapter 235 Lin Xianrou is my Ni Lin

Chapter 236 Three hundred steps to the top

Chapter 237 The source of the dispute

Chapter 238 Alchemy Mountains

Chapter 239 Goodbye Leng Ange

Chapter 240 soul seeker

Chapter 241 Create blood golem

Chapter 242 nemesis of the sirians

Chapter 243 Signal

Chapter 244 Martial Saint Realm Puppet

Chapter 245 Siege Corpse

Chapter 246 Siege

Chapter 247 Heaven's End

Chapter 248 Thunderbolt

Chapter 249 Stormpike Town Demon

Chapter 250 strongest blow

Chapter 251 and an ambush

Chapter 252 252nd copy area

Chapter 253 Ye Chen's sudden appearance

Chapter 254 I believe in him

Chapter 255 Make another miracle

Chapter 256 a book

Chapter 257 it's over

Chapter 258 to interrogate

Chapter 259 Xiao Jiu's chance

Chapter 260 teleportation array

Chapter 261 Purple Forest Snake

Chapter 262 trampled to death

Chapter 263 Shake the Three Realms of Martial Kings

Chapter 264 Yanaka Valley

Chapter 265 golden elixir

Chapter 266 Yao Fox

Chapter 267 Mind attack

Chapter 268 The fox is not reconciled

Chapter 269 King Wu's sword? That's it

Chapter 270 Zhenshan array

Chapter 271 Evolution

Chapter 272 Another beast tide?

Chapter 273 Xuanling Pagoda

Chapter 274 It's not a big deal, block the teleporta

Chapter 275 spike

Chapter 276 flick away afterwards

Chapter 277 Zhu Tianyou made a mistake

Chapter 278 Breakthrough Pill

Chapter 279 Su Wan promoted to Emperor Wu

Chapter 280 farewell to the saddest person

Chapter 281 Come to Huishan

Chapter 282 Tune the tiger away from the mountain

Chapter 283 Find Xuanyanquan

Chapter 284 turn your back on people

Chapter 285 Cleverness is mistaken by cleverness

Chapter 286 Refining Xuanyan

Chapter 287 Arrive at Sunset City

Chapter 288 open a room

Chapter 289 Zhu Tianyou wants to run

Chapter 290 boxing gym

Chapter 291 good fighter

Chapter 292 see also self-destruct

Chapter 293 Lin Xianrou fell asleep

Chapter 294 Millennium Agarwood

Chapter 295 Breaking the realm pill thirty million s

Chapter 296 Take it directly

Chapter 297 see also scroll

Chapter 298 last lot

Chapter 299 Bid for Holy Soldiers

Chapter 300 suicide attack

Chapter 301 I don't have any money, no surprise

Chapter 302 I want to draw 60%

Chapter 303 Sunset Mountain

Chapter 304 Jinwu tribe

Chapter 305 Keep sword box

Chapter 306 I surrender heroes don't kill me

Chapter 307 this tea is poisonous

Chapter 308 This man is so insidious

Chapter 309 The place where the golden crow fell

Chapter 310 Zhen Tianjun Appears

Chapter 311 The golden crow is now flying into the s

Chapter 312 This is a dark cloud

Chapter 313 Outsider ghost spider

Chapter 314 Zhenshan array made its debut

Chapter 315 Sword Qi town mountains and rivers

Chapter 316 Assembly array

Chapter 317 Little fan Li Mobai

Chapter 318 One of the Seven Priests of Luoyun Sect

Chapter 319 Jin Luo enters the city

Chapter 320 Enter the secret again

Chapter 321 let me ride you

Chapter 322 Li Riyue's Crisis

Chapter 323 Glutton

Chapter 324 irregular law

Chapter 325 weird steps

Chapter 326 Qimen Dunjia

Chapter 327 Sword Mound

Chapter 328 sword spirit

Chapter 329 a bow

Chapter 330 See also Shi Zhong

Chapter 331 My name is Dayi, I will live for the hum

Chapter 332 Gluttony

Chapter 333 because of the taste

Chapter 334 Little Gray's Evolution

Chapter 335 Allocate Breakthrough Pills

Chapter 336 Yangping Town

Chapter 337 weird wedding scene

Chapter 338 ashes on the bed

Chapter 339 girl is a ghost

Chapter 340 weird coffin

Chapter 341 female ghost su qiushuang

Chapter 342 Wake up Jinluo

Chapter 343 bloody eyes

Chapter 344 Clean up the souls

Chapter 345 Enter Tiangang City

Chapter 346 Armorer

Chapter 347 Visit Tianqing Palace

Chapter 348 banquet begins

Chapter 349 gift giving

Chapter 350 accuse the lord

Chapter 351 reverse black and white

Chapter 352 Lian Xingyun's choice

Chapter 353 sword cut rainbow

Chapter 354 i have a sword

Chapter 355 hell open

Chapter 356 Wronged souls face to face

Chapter 357 face to face

Chapter 358 devil

Chapter 359 devil may cry jade

Chapter 360 purification and absorption

Chapter 361 hilltop fight

Chapter 362 weird teleportation array

Chapter 363 Zhao Yanghui's death

Chapter 364 Humans and ghosts enter reincarnation by

Chapter 365 Basket girl

Chapter 366 mountain god

Chapter 367 a drowned woman

Chapter 368 Arrive at Chengyang Lake

Chapter 369 Kowloon makes the strong kneel down

Chapter 370 Enter Chengyang Lake

Chapter 371 Kill Wu Zun

Chapter 372 call the dead

Chapter 373 Mr. Righteousness

Chapter 374 Six-headed Snake

Chapter 375 underwater battle

Chapter 376 What a big turtle is not basalt

Chapter 377 It's just crushing

Chapter 378 old man's wish

Chapter 379 Tiangang Zhensha

Chapter 380 The consequences of underestimating the

Chapter 381 Ghosts

Chapter 382 psychic pillar

Chapter 383 The ghost girl is dumbfounded

Chapter 384 Cute girl Yan Muqing

Chapter 385 Dengluo Mountain

Chapter 386 Can the dying man break through

Chapter 387 It turns out that having nightmares is n

Chapter 388 Easy in the cloud

Chapter 389 It's not good

Chapter 390 Nightmares

Chapter 391 this could be a dead end

Chapter 392 It's snowing tonight

Chapter 393 hilltop wedding

Chapter 394 step into martial arts

Chapter 395 One Man Fights Two Saints

Chapter 396 I am Emperor Wu

Chapter 397 Scholar is a happy wind

Chapter 398 Tianchi City

Chapter 399 Shock after entering the city

Chapter 400 The city lord is also affected by the pl

Chapter 401 female doctor

Chapter 402 get dressed and go

Chapter 403 Zheng Baifeng

Chapter 404 There is a problem with Yaowang Pavilion

Chapter 405 Traveling Doctor Nangong Wentian

Chapter 406 Yiran is an alchemy genius

Chapter 407 Spiritual Grass

Chapter 408 she is my granddaughter

Chapter 409 Shadowrats

Chapter 410 Rat tide is coming

Chapter 411 blood curse

Chapter 412 Bloodlines

Chapter 413 Clouds and rain

Chapter 414 The second layer of Nine Suns Avatar

Chapter 415 Back to my hometown in Lianyun City

Chapter 416 Martial King Realm of Garbage

Chapter 417 sea ​​battle

Chapter 418 running water

Chapter 419 Heaven Killing Sword Formation

Chapter 420 no one left

Chapter 421 black market

Chapter 422 Hitman Organization: After Sunset

Chapter 423 Sword body

Chapter 424 kill through a street

Chapter 425 One sword cut Valkyrie

Chapter 426 banning shot

Chapter 427 Realm drop

Chapter 428 diamond body

Chapter 429 Cooperation between Wu Zun

Chapter 430 Zhen Tianjun's woman

Chapter 431 Landing on Liuli Island

Chapter 432 people of relic college

Chapter 433 news from parents

Chapter 434 Shonan City Huang's House

Chapter 435 tackle the stalker

Chapter 436 Golden Relic

Chapter 437 Relics open

Chapter 438 enter the ruins

Chapter 439 Frost Bird

Chapter 440 fusion of flames

Chapter 441 The students of the Relic Academy appear

Chapter 442 Jiugongzhen

Chapter 443 It turns out that this is asking Tiangon

Chapter 444 control array

Chapter 445 Killed Cui Xinghe with one punch

Chapter 446 find parents

Chapter 447 Xuanwu show off

Chapter 448 The killer wants to build an orphanage

Chapter 449 Take the initiative to kill Shangdao

Chapter 450 kill one

Chapter 451 Unify the Six Islands

Chapter 452 parents wake up

Chapter 453 looking for trees

Chapter 454 parting

Chapter 455 In the middle of the night, Jin Luo came

Chapter 456 Very strong illusion

Chapter 457 Bai Yunfei

Chapter 458 illusion registration

Chapter 459 The illusion game begins

Chapter 460 murderer found

Chapter 461 back to town

Chapter 462 I teach you

Chapter 463 Refining phantom stone

Chapter 464 use of illusion

Chapter 465 we join

Chapter 466 The little girl who stole the jade penda

Chapter 467 Congenital sword bone

Chapter 468 Baijiao

Chapter 469 Mo Li's mother

Chapter 470 birthday party

Chapter 471 mice are mice

Chapter 472 irritate him

Chapter 473 Taoist Liangyijin

Chapter 474 stomped on his head

Chapter 475 Arrive in Rain City

Chapter 476 what is sword

Chapter 477 Silver Knight

Chapter 478 ancient stone plate

Chapter 479 Enter the Research Office of the Academy

Chapter 480 Degree plate

Chapter 481 This used to be a battlefield

Chapter 482 Restoration of Ancient Heroic Spirits

Chapter 483 Chaos Array

Chapter 484 The golden horse and the iron horse fall

Chapter 485 Absorb the previous weather

Chapter 486 Ask the teacher to blame

Chapter 487 illusion only

Chapter 488 The Sword Forging Conference opens ahead

Chapter 489 Sword family

Chapter 490 Tibetan Sword Mountain

Chapter 491 i think i fit

Chapter 492 Forbidden to open

Chapter 493 First Battle Sword Clan

Chapter 494 Got it

Chapter 495 then i will stay

Chapter 496 Sword Clan Mysteries

Chapter 497 The sword is the way to kill

Chapter 498 Sword Intent

Chapter 499 Sword Clan

Chapter 500 The most powerful body of the three teac

Chapter 501 mutant avatar

Chapter 502 Sky Sword

Chapter 503 Big melee

Chapter 504 One Arrow One Sword Clan

Chapter 505 Dark Sword

Chapter 506 heaven and earth sword

Chapter 507 Jin Luo left

Chapter 508 fortune teller

Chapter 509 festival

Chapter 510 strange steps

Chapter 511 drop

Chapter 512 mountain scroll

Chapter 513 What is this

Chapter 514 She turned out to be of all races

Chapter 515 speak the law

Chapter 516 Who dares to stop me

Chapter 517 re-follow

Chapter 518 Wanfo Temple

Chapter 519 Worship the Buddha

Chapter 520 Enlightenment

Chapter 521 Buddha is Tao

Chapter 522 become a buddha

Chapter 523 What I do and say for the Buddha is the

Chapter 524 Attunement Breakthrough

Chapter 525 Teaching the Diamond Sutra

Chapter 526 Jin Luo is still a novel fan

Chapter 527 Looking for all races

Chapter 528 Thousand Faces

Chapter 529 Xiangshan

Chapter 530 A landslide

Chapter 531 sabotage

Chapter 532 Fangyuan City

Chapter 533 easy to reach

Chapter 534 surrender the banjo

Chapter 535 war is about to begin

Chapter 536 trap

Chapter 537 Kill all races

Chapter 538 Deathstroke

Chapter 539 white robe woman

Chapter 540 got caught again

Chapter 541 cut off

Chapter 542 star gate

Chapter 543 add me back

Chapter 544 you can join

Chapter 545 mysterious invitation

Chapter 546 Xuanling Pagoda opens

Chapter 547 mighty red-eyed horned bull

Chapter 548 please forgive me

Chapter 549 Soul Talisman

Chapter 550 picking peaches

Chapter 551 Second floor

Chapter 552 stop pretending to be robbery

Chapter 553 Anti-encirclement and suppression

Chapter 554 Treasure Chest Treasure Chest

Chapter 555 copy flying sword

Chapter 556 Phantasm

Chapter 557 induce

Chapter 558 kill all

Chapter 559 Healing the Patronus

Chapter 560 my little helper

Chapter 561 Exit Xuanling Pagoda

Chapter 562 split up

Chapter 563 elves

Chapter 564 new power

Chapter 565 Kill the flying python

Chapter 566 three minutes

Chapter 567 Overwhelm Golden Lotus

Chapter 568 ninth floor

Chapter 569 Armor

Chapter 570 chase battle

Chapter 571 insect

Chapter 572 special teleporter

Chapter 573 Jiuxuan Town Demon Tower

Chapter 574 start refining

Chapter 575 Zhentian Army Recruitment

Chapter 576 Why don't you hear

Chapter 577 five beads together

Chapter 578 starry sky stone

Chapter 579 chase

Chapter 580 Fang Yi arrived

Chapter 581 Star City

Chapter 582 acquaintance

Chapter 583 Goodbye Aokong

Chapter 584 observatory

Chapter 585 conspiracy

Chapter 586 hostage exchange

Chapter 587 fighting

Chapter 588 Reincarnation

Chapter 589 stars shine

Chapter 590 kill

Chapter 591 Diwei

Chapter 592 useless

Chapter 593 information

Chapter 594 Meet Taoist again

Chapter 595 Heavenly City

Chapter 596 life energy

Chapter 597 into the secret

Chapter 598 heavenly purgatory

Chapter 599 Volcanic stone platform

Chapter 600 The Great War of Human Races