The Enemy Sticks to Me Every Day
Novel Summary
“Rong Yu Perspective” Rong Yu accidentally picked up a cute little tentacle monster. The little tentacles are soft, sweet and sticky. Rong Yu is so fascinated that he just wants to rua his little cutie every day. The only problem is-this little cutie is the avatar of his deadly enemy Ji Li. In order to get Ji Li’s little tentacles, Ji Li pointed out that he would not go west, Ji Li wanted the stars and he did not give the moon, and finally succeeded in… Get it by Ji Li. “Seasonal Perspective” Dead Tsundere Ji Li can cite one hundred examples of Rong Yu’s secret love for him. Rong Yu confessed to him in public, peeked at him in class, teased him on the field, and even stole his spiritual body as a pet. In view of the youthful but sincere performance of classmate Rong Yu. He was finally willing to confess his honor and promised classmate Rong Yu’s confession. He even thought about how many people should be invited to the wedding, which planet to go to after marriage, and how many times a day he should hug him. As a result, there was a thunderbolt on the sunny day. Rong Yu was actually a peerless scumbag, and didn’t like him at all. He just greeted his little tentacles, and even gave him soft and cute little tentacles if he wanted to hug him. The high-cold and reserved little son was touched by the little tentacles, taking advantage of all the advantages, but could not wait for anything, even watching Rong Yu rioting in front of him. Finally forced to become a fierce and arrogant 1. Rong Yu: “Can you touch your tentacles?” Ji Li: “Yes, kiss me first.” [small theater] One day, Ji Li asked Rong Yu what he wanted. Rong Yu: “Tentacles! Tentacles! So many cute tentacles!” Ji Li turned his head with his ears and said, “You are too greedy.” After several years of marriage- Rong Yu: “Don’t stop me, I will go back to the Dark Shark myself.” [The evolutionary history of Tsundere Attack from passive to active, from active to chaotic. ] [Tsaojiao high cold vinegar fine attack (Ji Li) vs. Smiling Tiger’s force value explosion (Rong Yu)] Front row tips: 1. Non-sentinel writing, private design of spiritual body 2. StarCampus 3. Non-straight ball, Tsundere ball with eighteen bends on Quliguaishan Road. 4. Don’t make a mistake about attacking and receiving! Content Tag: Qiangqiang Huanxiyuanjia Interstellar Sweet Text Search keywords: protagonist: Rong Yu, Ji Li supporting role: pre-collected text “a pre-collected text” Brief introduction: Tsundere Princess becomes fierce 1 Conception: the heroic dreams of teenagers and teenagers
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