The Great Tang: God-level Bear Child
Novel Summary
Li Chengfeng, a scientific research genius of the 21st century, traveled through the Tang Dynasty and turned into Li Shimin’s six-year-old son?   In the god-given god-level bear boy system, Li Chengfeng grabbed Li Shimin’s beard and started mad at Fang Xuanling and Du Ruhui, but there was nothing they could do about it.   Li Chengfeng used his genius scientific knowledge to solve natural disasters by diverting water from the south to the north, and the hybrid rice developed by him can produce 2,000 catties per mu. After destroying the Turks and subduing Goguryeo, Li Chengfeng was conferred the title of God King of the Tang Dynasty at the age of six. It can be said that Mo Chou has no confidant in the future, who in the world does not know the king?
Chapter List

Chapter 1 Crazy start to Du Ruhui and Fang Xuanl

Chapter 2 Pulled Li Shimin's beard

Chapter 3 Stay at the Prince’s Mansion

Chapter 4 Diaphragm responds to Wei Zheng, with

Chapter 5 South-to-North Water Diversion, Li Shi

Chapter 6 Reward, 11,000 gold!

Chapter 7 What is Datang No. 1 Gang Jingwang?

Chapter 8 A small notebook, Li Chengfeng's Death

Chapter 9 The immoral things Li Shimin did in th

Chapter 10 3rd rank minister!

Chapter 11 Surprised Li Yuan

Chapter 12 Chess genius, Li Yuan wants to learn f

Chapter 13 Purchase 3 talents

Chapter 14 Competing with Li Shimin, I won’t go

Chapter 15 Li Shimin was blown up

Chapter 16 Cheng Yaojin, I advise you not to mess

Chapter 17 There must be a demon in everything th

Chapter 18 Bold Cheng Yaojin, you dare to slander

Chapter 19 Punish Cheng Yaojin, one hundred stick

Chapter 20 How can there be no electric fan in th

Chapter 21 Make an electric fan? Confused Li Yuan

Chapter 22 I have a showdown, and I don't pretend

Chapter 23 Happy Lee Yeon, Angry Lee Semin

Chapter 24 Aggrieved Li Shimin

Chapter 25 The literary competition between Li Ch

Chapter 26 Wu Xu is the future Empress Wu Zetian?

Chapter 27 Wendou! Li Chengfeng VS Du Ruhui!

Chapter 28 What is the principle of the generator

Chapter 29 Surprised, the eight princes electrocu

Chapter 30 The 0 ancient problem that plagued the

Chapter 31 The engine leaked electricity, and a m

Chapter 32 I quarreled with Li Shimin and blew hi

Chapter 33 Confinement for 1 month

Chapter 34 Buy, Carpenter Mechanism!

Chapter 35 Go-getter Mo Xie, reappear in the worl

Chapter 36 Create flying bamboo wings

Chapter 37 Damn, you still want to fly to the sky

Chapter 38 8 The prince really flew away?

Chapter 39 Fly from the palace to Chang'an Avenue

Chapter 40 Princess Changle was kidnapped?

Chapter 41 I'm only 6 years old, I can't do anyth

Chapter 42 How dare you dare to rob this prince?

Chapter 43 Smashed Huamanlou and rescued Princess

Chapter 44 Li Lizhi was so moved

Chapter 45 It's actually the 8th prince and Princ

Chapter 46 Li Shimin's suppressed anger!

Chapter 47 3000 Xuanjia Army, march south to Chan

Chapter 48 Who dares to touch me?

Chapter 49 Li Shimin arrives, beheading the state

Chapter 50 Return to the Prince's Mansion

Chapter 51 Grain is grown in Zhenwang Mansion

Chapter 52 Princess Changle visits

Chapter 53 If you don't see each other every day,

Chapter 54 Li Yuan's request for help

Chapter 55 Chess genius, kill Wei Zheng without l

Chapter 56 Wei Zheng earned nine hundred gold!

Chapter 57 Take away all Li Shimin's ice cubes!

Chapter 58 Make watermelon yogurt shaved ice

Chapter 59 Meet Grandma Queen Dou

Chapter 60 Tomorrow in the Wenxuan Pavilion, drag

Chapter 61 Hou Junji, don’t talk about me if yo

Chapter 62 Calligraphy competition, Hou Junji VS

Chapter 63 God rewards hard work, Li Shimin was s

Chapter 64 Li Shimin, are you looking for scoldin

Chapter 65 8 The prince's calligraphy is amazing!

Chapter 66 Li Shimin's tricky question!

Chapter 67 Plan ahead!

Chapter 68 Cold Air Maker

Chapter 69 Vibrant vitality in the backyard of Zh

Chapter 70 what? Is there a monster at work?

Chapter 71 Queen Dou's birthday present

Chapter 72 Li Shimin was bitten by a dog!

Chapter 73 Handbook for the establishment of new

Chapter 74 Chef's BBQ plan

Chapter 75 Li Shimin, you can't eat seafood

Chapter 76 Adopt a pet, the God Dog of the Wester

Chapter 77 Cheng Yaojin is here to catch the dog

Chapter 78 Cheng Yaojin was blown away by Li Chen

Chapter 79 Li Shimin exploded again

Chapter 80 Perfect swordsmanship, defeating Li Ju

Chapter 81 In the palace, 100,000 gold was stolen

Chapter 82 I have the heart to want to die!

Chapter 83 Angry Li Shimin

Chapter 84 Give you 3 days to solve the case

Chapter 85 Fang Xuanling and Li Chengfeng joined

Chapter 86 100,000 gold disappeared?

Chapter 87 Clues to the gold theft case

Chapter 88 The thief appears!

Chapter 89 Collect evidence, go to court!

Chapter 90 Embedding flowers and grafting trees,

Chapter 91 Li Shimin is going to kill Chai Shao?

Chapter 92 Shocking clues

Chapter 93 See through, someone wants to blame Ch

Chapter 94 Zhang Tan's assassination plan

Chapter 95 The thief appeared in the town's palac

Chapter 96 Catch the turtle in the urn, catch Zha

Chapter 97 Sinner punishes the law, beheads the D

Chapter 98 When the hand rises and the knife fall

Chapter 99 The eldest Sun Chong showed up to make

Chapter 100 Make a bet with Changsun Chong!

Chapter 101 Comparing strength, moving stones?

Chapter 102 The power of the overlord should not b

Chapter 103 Changsun Chong broke a bone?

Chapter 104 It scared Li Shimin a big jump!

Chapter 105 Ask Zhang Sun Chong to pay back the mo

Chapter 106 Zhang Sun Chong stole money and return

Chapter 107 Changsun Chong was chased and bitten b

Chapter 108 Li Shimin's inner worries!

Chapter 109 Tax collection genius Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 110 Start with Wei Zheng first!

Chapter 111 8 Prince, the veteran wants to report!

Chapter 112 Cheng Yaojin and Liu Zhenghui are figh

Chapter 113 After one day of hard work, 100,000 go

Chapter 114 All ministers are here to send money!

Chapter 115 People from the eldest grandson's fami

Chapter 116 Tang Dynasty rich man

Chapter 117 Two thousand catties of rice per mu?

Chapter 118 Li Shimin was moved to tears!

Chapter 119 Find the eldest grandson Wuji to pay t

Chapter 120 In those years, the immoral things the

Chapter 121 Successfully collected 120,000 gold in

Chapter 122 Ask Li Shimin for iron ore!

Chapter 123 Where is Flattery Mountain?

Chapter 124 He is actually Li Yuanba?

Chapter 125 Li Yuanba is crazy, want to kill Li Sh

Chapter 126 An invitation from the eldest grandson

Chapter 127 Soap is poisonous, do not eat!

Chapter 128 Go to Tai Chi Palace to chop bamboo ag

Chapter 129 Li Chengfeng's flying plan!

Chapter 130 Make a hot air balloon, Li Chengfeng i

Chapter 131 Send Li Shimin to the sky!

Chapter 132 Li Shimin, wandering for 3 days!

Chapter 133 Li Yuanba ran out from Flattery Mounta

Chapter 134 Frightened Li Shimin, terrified!

Chapter 135 Li Yuanba is coming to kill Li Shimin!

Chapter 136 Li Shimin was almost hammered to death

Chapter 137 Shennong's living medical skills

Chapter 138 Li Chengfeng's medical skills shocked

Chapter 139 complete the hidden mission

Chapter 140 Traveling in microservices with Li Shi

Chapter 141 Foreign trade? What it is?

Chapter 142 Extremely smart Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 143 Return to the attic of the West Wing a

Chapter 144 Famine, cannibalism?

Chapter 145 Heiwa and the old lady in Taixiang Vil

Chapter 146 The wronged Hei Wa!

Chapter 147 Go to the street to buy rice and water

Chapter 148 Do you dare to accept money from my ei

Chapter 149 Heiwa is in danger!

Chapter 150 Angry Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 151 Go-getter sword, eliminate harm for th

Chapter 152 Li Shimin's Compassionate Heart

Chapter 153 A third-rank inspector from Youzhou Ci

Chapter 154 Li Chengfeng directly splashed water o

Chapter 155 Old Li, you can come down to eat!

Chapter 156 Do you dare to call me Lao Li?

Chapter 157 The revenge incident of the Xuanwu Sec

Chapter 158 Heiwa was seriously ill, Li Chengfeng

Chapter 159 Li Shimin was captured by bandits?

Chapter 160 Zhao Gui, how dare you?

Chapter 161 Buy talent, the art of riding a horse!

Chapter 162 3000 Xuanjia Army, go straight to Xuan

Chapter 163 Infiltrate the enemy

Chapter 164 8 How did the prince become Young Mast

Chapter 165 Save Li Shimin and Wei Zheng!

Chapter 166 the big secret

Chapter 167 I am the grandson!

Chapter 168 Change 3 identities in a row!

Chapter 169 To save Wei Zheng?

Chapter 170 Find Lu Chi Li Junxian

Chapter 171 3000 Xuanjia troops, besieging Xuanwuz

Chapter 172 Any revenge must be avenged, the time

Chapter 173 Left hand Moxie, right hand go-getter!

Chapter 174 Bring your general back!

Chapter 175 Take revenge on that **** Zhao Gui!

Chapter 176 Zhao Gui cheated 100,000 catties of ri

Chapter 177 Return to the Palace Town Palace

Chapter 178 Li Shimin's monstrous anger

Chapter 179 Li Shimin is going to kill Sun Shunde,

Chapter 180 Everyone in Changsun Wuji was scared t

Chapter 181 The Changsun Mansion is looking for th

Chapter 182 Grandson Wuji, come to ask Li Chengfen

Chapter 183 The light of righteousness shines on t

Chapter 184 There is one person who has not left t

Chapter 185 Shangshu of the Ministry of Punishments

Chapter 186 Sophistry genius, grandson Wuyi has co

Chapter 187 The eldest grandson Wuyi, with a tongu

Chapter 188 Did Wei Zheng vomit blood again?

Chapter 189 Li Shimin asks Li Chengfeng for help

Chapter 190 Sophistry, Li Chengfeng VS Changsun Wu

Chapter 191 A debate contest between two masters!

Chapter 192 8 Is the prince really a fairy?

Chapter 193 Zi Feiyu? Ambush trap!

Chapter 194 Wait until I call Sun Wucheng over!

Chapter 195 Super logical white horse is not a hor

Chapter 196 In those years, the immoral deeds of t

Chapter 197 Li Shimin's punishment

Chapter 198 Wei Zheng came to ask Li Chengfeng for

Chapter 199 8 The prince wants to donate 20,000 go

Chapter 200 Come to Wenxuan Pavilion to make money

Chapter 201 Take a pen, I, Li Chengfeng, are going

Chapter 202 Create calligraphy and poetry!

Chapter 203 Buy talent, painting saint and piano f

Chapter 204 Tomorrow's Wenxuan Pavilion, Poetry, C

Chapter 205 1 song "Spring Hope", see how many peo

Chapter 206 Ministers are starting to increase pri

Chapter 207 The competition between Qin Qiong and

Chapter 208 Look at a group of ministers crying ag

Chapter 209 earned 32,000 gold

Chapter 210 How to manage yourself?

Chapter 211 Li Yuanqiu Calligraphy and Painting

Chapter 212 10 steps kill 1 person, 0 miles do not

Chapter 213 Nian Rujiao・Chibi Nostalgia

Chapter 214 Draw a portrait of Empress Dou!

Chapter 215 Surprised Princess Changle!

Chapter 216 Li Yuan also loves pretending!

Chapter 217 Damn, I met a little beauty!

Chapter 218 1 sunny day, Li Mingda was stupefied

Chapter 219 Lao Li, Lao Li, you can really give bi

Chapter 220 Princess Jinyang, will she die at the

Chapter 221 Li Shimin wants to hug me? nonexistent

Chapter 222 Tianshan Fire Lotus and Obsidian!

Chapter 223 Treat Li Mingda!

Chapter 224 Go to Tianshan Temple and pray for the

Chapter 225 Wei Zheng, why did you get beaten up?

Chapter 226 Wu Xu can't get married?

Chapter 227 A woman without talent is a virtue

Chapter 228 Beat Master Shikong!

Chapter 229 Master Shikong asked Li Shimin to file

Chapter 230 Li Chengfeng once again clashed with L

Chapter 231 You are not a good father!

Chapter 232 Li Chengfeng ran away from home?

Chapter 233 Princess Jinyang is critically ill?

Chapter 234 Who is the king who prescribed the med

Chapter 235 Men all out!

Chapter 236 Master Shikong wants to practice?

Chapter 237 Release the old thief's meat jar?

Chapter 238 Buy, super invincible abdominal pain l

Chapter 239 Father, how about I make a bet with yo

Chapter 240 Bet 100,000 gold!

Chapter 241 Li Shimin's excited heart!

Chapter 242 Li Yuan drives

Chapter 243 The effect of laxatives is here

Chapter 244 What is Aoligi?

Chapter 245 Why is Datang so powerful?

Chapter 246 Repair the electric fan for Li Yuan!

Chapter 247 Li Shimin knew that Li Chengfeng took

Chapter 248 I want to steal your gold!

Chapter 249 Lee 2? You gave me a nickname again?

Chapter 250 Fighting, right? Come on, who is afrai

Chapter 251 This trick is called Xuanyuan Yujian T

Chapter 252 Almost killed Li Junxian!

Chapter 253 Li Shimin, are you shameless?

Chapter 254 This big horn can be played for 35 yea

Chapter 255 Bet with Li Chengfeng with 3000 Xuanji

Chapter 256 Li Chengfeng's vision pattern!

Chapter 257 All those who raised their hands will

Chapter 258 The name of the poor monk is Tang Xuan

Chapter 259 Fudge, fudge Tang Xuanzang hard!

Chapter 260 Li Shimin lost to Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 261 Hehe, your devil instructor is here

Chapter 262 training manual

Chapter 263 Start training with discipline!

Chapter 264 Military God Li Jing was surprised!

Chapter 265 Abolish the 0 husband system

Chapter 266 Get out of here if you don't listen!

Chapter 267 Anyone who offends me in the Tang Dyna

Chapter 268 100,000 naughty points, buy good thing

Chapter 269 The start of devil training!

Chapter 270 Where are we standing?

Chapter 271 Dragon Lion Tiger, Team 3!

Chapter 272 No, I'm going to eat it today!

Chapter 273 Li Shimin is seriously ill, 100,000 ur

Chapter 273 No, Li Shimin was crushed and passed o

Chapter 274 Li Shimin is seriously ill, 100,000 ur

Chapter 275 8 Prince, please save the emperor!

Chapter 276 Li Shimin is going to have a craniotom

Chapter 277 Li Shimin's will!

Chapter 278 Shave your head first, and then underg

Chapter 279 Open Li Shimin's head!

Chapter 280 Li Chengqian's sense of oppression!

Chapter 281 Fighting for the head, not giving an i

Chapter 282 Li Shimin's big bald head!

Chapter 283 Li Shimin was very moved

Chapter 284 Let Li Chengfeng handle the government

Chapter 285 In the palace, I am the biggest!

Chapter 286 To all the ministers, a lesson!

Chapter 287 Conversation with a smile on the surfa

Chapter 288 Punishment Junji, digging the Grand Ca

Chapter 289 4 states cut off food, Li Chengfeng re

Chapter 290 This question is very simple!

Chapter 291 One month later, Lao Li is back!

Chapter 292 1 Temperament

Chapter 293 The prodigal son, the prodigal son of

Chapter 294 Li Shimin, what are you betting on wit

Chapter 295 If you win, you will be crowned King o

Chapter 296 Li Chengfeng's idea!

Chapter 297 Go to Anjun County to inspect the peop

Chapter 298 Seeing Li Chengfeng is like seeing a g

Chapter 299 Changsun Wuji to Li Chengfeng's milita

Chapter 300 Wei Zheng is the eyeliner arranged by

Chapter 301 The dog-headed military division, the

Chapter 302 Departure to the frontier Suzhou

Chapter 303 Protect me on the frontier of the Tang

Chapter 304 It turns out that they are not trouble

Chapter 305 Everyone, come and see, the eighth pri

Chapter 306 Suzhou, Hejian King Li Xiaogong!

Chapter 307 We are going to do something big!

Chapter 308 A plan to make a fortune!

Chapter 309 If you don't enter the tiger's lair, h

Chapter 310 It is the money of the Turkic and Tubo

Chapter 311 what? Li Chengfeng ran away from home a

Chapter 312 Wei Zheng who came to Suzhou overnight

Chapter 313 I'll be back in 3 days!

Chapter 314 Swords and swords on the frontier batt

Chapter 315 Buy Wujin Overlord Bow!

Chapter 316 Get out of the way, I'm going to start

Chapter 317 The overlord bow that even Lee Hyo-gon

Chapter 318 Use the pedal bow to shoot the Turkic

Chapter 319 Genius archer and strategist!

Chapter 320 Just wait for 3 days!

Chapter 321 The logic of business geniuses!

Chapter 322 who is it? let them in

Chapter 323 In the war against the Turks, let’s

Chapter 324 Li Chengfeng committed 7 crimes to Tuj

Chapter 325 On the battlefield, there are no wrong

Chapter 326 The Xuanjia army squats down, the arch

Chapter 327 On the battlefield, there is no need f

Chapter 328 Don't pick up the sesame seeds, but lo

Chapter 329 Power, Wisdom, Money!

Chapter 330 The deduction power of I Ching and Eig

Chapter 331 There was a fire at the south gate, an

Chapter 332 Are the Tubo people going to attack Da

Chapter 333 I Ching 8 hexagrams calculation, the v

Chapter 334 Angry Li Shimin

Chapter 335 Datang soldiers and horses, full fire

Chapter 336 Tubo elephant cavalry!

Chapter 337 Hostile 100,000 Tubo army!

Chapter 338 Tubo royal family

Chapter 339 Are you not convinced? Do you want to

Chapter 340 To deceive the Tubo people around

Chapter 341 Why do you have to pay back the money

Chapter 342 Empty city plan and delay strategy

Chapter 343 leisurely

Chapter 344 Bet against 200,000 gold!

Chapter 345 There is a conspiracy between the two

Chapter 346 Dragon Captain Li Changan's strength

Chapter 347 Songtsam Blue Moon's concerns

Chapter 348 You are in good shape

Chapter 349 Riding an elephant to attack Li Chengf

Chapter 350 System Upgrade! A super talent is born!

Chapter 351 Mirror copy talent, catch it!

Chapter 352 The nine princesses of Tubo were frigh

Chapter 353 It would be nice to have another five

Chapter 354 A mountain that cannot be overcome in

Chapter 355 Tubo attacked Suzhou South City

Chapter 356 Loyal bones are buried everywhere in t

Chapter 357 Qin Qiong is here, 8,000 powerful cava

Chapter 358 sound the horn of counterattack

Chapter 359 The talent advantage of the second lay

Chapter 360 Have you found the whereabouts of the

Chapter 361 My heart is ashamed, Songzan Lanyue!

Chapter 362 I can help you raise elephants

Chapter 363 Elephant left!

Chapter 364 Return to Chang'an City!

Chapter 365 Put 600,000 gold into the West Chamber

Chapter 366 Fan Meng's life experience? The Lin Fa

Chapter 367 See Li Shimin again!

Chapter 368 Why don't you bring me with you to mak

Chapter 369 What if 1 makes you mad?

Chapter 370 The person who cares about Li Chengfen

Chapter 371 I won't let you die so easily

Chapter 372 Tianshan Fire Lotus Seed!

Chapter 373 Li Yuan's vegetable garden!

Chapter 374 Grab all of Li Yuan's big cocks!

Chapter 375 Kill a chicken to get blood, feed Tian

Chapter 376 Potato stewed chicken, have you tried

Chapter 377 The dark forces of the prince and prin

Chapter 378 I am the No. 1 God of Cooking in the T

Chapter 379 I ate Li Yuan's chicken!

Chapter 380 Changle told the truth!

Chapter 381 Where is Li Chengfeng's mother?

Chapter 382 Li Shimin did it!

Chapter 383 Li Yuan's concern for Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 384 Start making scam bombs!

Chapter 385 Go to the Royal Garden with a trick!

Chapter 386 Li Shimin picked up fraudulent bullets

Chapter 387 The number one hero in the Tang Dynast

Chapter 388 The fried brains are buzzing!

Chapter 389 Give Li Chengfeng a task!

Chapter 390 The boulder in the Tianyue Grand Canal

Chapter 391 I will not sell 100,000 gold!

Chapter 392 A 100,000-jin boulder!

Chapter 393 How to move the boulder up completely?

Chapter 394 Give me a fulcrum, I can move the eart

Chapter 395 Father, how can you mess around?

Chapter 396 Li Chengqian's thoughts on the city!

Chapter 397 Fake bombs, blast rocks!

Chapter 398 Li Shimin, you forced me to do this!

Chapter 399 Li Chengqian's secret plan!

Chapter 400 2 ways, it's very simple!

Chapter 401 Mirror copy, awaken the power of eleph

Chapter 402 What is the beam balance principle?

Chapter 403 There was an accident, one chain was b

Chapter 404 Crazy stone, almost crushed Li Shimin

Chapter 405 Conversation between 3 masked men and

Chapter 406 Shocking secret, Li Chengqian's super

Chapter 407 Is this killing with a borrowed knife,

Chapter 408 What to do with the watermelons in the

Chapter 409 Almost killed Li Shimin

Chapter 410 Do you want to assassinate Li Shimin?

Chapter 411 Not good, something big is about to ha

Chapter 412 Assassinate Li Shimin, his life hangs

Chapter 413 I owe you another life!

Chapter 414 Fan Meng fell in love with Li Chengfen

Chapter 415 Li Shimin who took the initiative to s

Chapter 416 Li Shimin courted death by himself?

Chapter 417 It's a showdown, I'm here to kill you!

Chapter 418 The missing Li Shimin!

Chapter 419 Fan Meng, I have seen through you!

Chapter 420 Come on, Prince Eight, kill me!

Chapter 421 Fan Meng committed suicide!

Chapter 422 This woman is really stupid!

Chapter 423 Why did this happen?

Chapter 424 Domineering Lee Seung Bong

Chapter 425 Juling Pavilion, Assassin Organization

Chapter 426 The hidden door, the rainstorm pear bl

Chapter 427 Race against time, duty-bound!

Chapter 428 Xanadu Ningting Town!

Chapter 429 Excuse me, do you want to court death?

Chapter 430 The discomfort from Li Junxian!

Chapter 431 My Mr. Li, do you dare to move?

Chapter 432 Good man, please forgive me

Chapter 433 The power of the overlord, the ultimat

Chapter 434 All three doors come out, the world is

Chapter 435 Li Chengfeng VS Wu Fei!

Chapter 436 The hidden door, the hidden word formu

Chapter 437 Master duel, kill with 1 hit!

Chapter 438 If you can't beat them, just engage in

Chapter 439 The unique skill of the Tang Sect, the

Chapter 440 What a cruel rainstorm silver needle?

Chapter 441 Showdown, I am the Eighth Prince of Ta

Chapter 442 The immoral things you did in those ye

Chapter 443 Unlucky Long Fei

Chapter 444 The man in black is here with Li Shimi

Chapter 445 Li Shimin must not die!

Chapter 446 This 1 move is called anti-indirect tr

Chapter 447 8 Prince, I can't stand it anymore!

Chapter 448 Li Junxian VS Li Xiongfeng

Chapter 449 1 blade cut, 0 grass withered!

Chapter 450 The adults behind?

Chapter 451 Forbidden mystery, double-knife escape

Chapter 452 I seem to owe you another life

Chapter 453 Li Chengfeng, the new owner of Juling

Chapter 454 Why are you crying? I'm not dead yet!

Chapter 455 Moths to the flame!

Chapter 456 Negotiate conditions with Li Shimin

Chapter 457 Extremely angry Li Shimin!

Chapter 458 Could it be that the eldest grandson's

Chapter 459 Save Fan Meng, you still owe me 1 life

Chapter 460 Who is that man in black?

Chapter 461 parting!

Chapter 462 Go to the Changsun Mansion and ask que

Chapter 463 Li Yuan's daily tasks!

Chapter 464 Li Shimin, you are out of date!

Chapter 465 Do you always feel that you have been

Chapter 466 Li Chengqian's past experiences!

Chapter 467 This child is too jealous

Chapter 468 what? Goguryeo's son came to Beijing?

Chapter 469 The little girl is willing to wait for

Chapter 470 Backhand subdue Li Lizhi!

Chapter 471 How decent are you like this?

Chapter 472 I am the boss, you are the boss wife

Chapter 473 Li Chengfeng and Li Lizhi are fighting

Chapter 474 How could I be deceived?

Chapter 475 Li Lizhi was kidnapped by robbers agai

Chapter 476 Fatty who collects the fee!

Chapter 477 Father, come and recognize your son

Chapter 478 Extremely angry Li Shimin!

Chapter 479 Save Princess Changle!

Chapter 480 Desperate Li Lizhi!

Chapter 481 Get back together, Li Lizhi admits her

Chapter 482 Who dares to touch her? Kill the 9 cla

Chapter 483 Let's all be beaten to death with stic

Chapter 484 Fear from Wei Zheng!

Chapter 485 The arrival of the crown prince of Gog

Chapter 486 Come to Datang just to learn

Chapter 487 Say hello to Gao Chen!

Chapter 488 Datang's meat buns are delicious!

Chapter 489 Collision between Lee Semin and Gogury

Chapter 490 The showdown is over, I am the Emperor

Chapter 491 Goguryeo Crown Prince admits his mista

Chapter 492 Stealing my limelight? impossible!

Chapter 493 Opera is also a talent!

Chapter 494 1 Cao Cao, stunned everyone!

Chapter 495 Not a hero, do not read Three Kingdoms

Chapter 496 Youzhou was broken, and Qin Qiong retu

Chapter 497 Excuse me first!

Chapter 498 Hostile relationship!

Chapter 499 Come to Qin Qiong's mansion

Chapter 500 How is Qin Qiong's injury?

Chapter 501 Duke Yi, will he die?

Chapter 502 Let me try it!

Chapter 503 Collect blood to treat Qin Qiong!

Chapter 504 Taking blood to save Qin Qiong

Chapter 505 Qin Qiong wakes up

Chapter 506 Harvest 2,000 catties of millet per mu

Chapter 507 Haven't found the whereabouts of the T

Chapter 508 Don’t listen, don’t listen, Wang 8

Chapter 509 Jiangnan God of Gamblers, won Li Shimi

Chapter 510 Songzan Lanyue came to find Li Chengfe

Chapter 511 Xiaozuo, the elephant, is seriously il

Chapter 512 A hairpin for Songtsam Blue Moon!

Chapter 513 Come to Xicheng Ranch!

Chapter 514 Treat Elephant Little Zuo!

Chapter 515 The spring breeze is a passerby, and t

Chapter 516 Duplicity, Songzan Blue Moon!

Chapter 517 Is riding an elephant fun?

Chapter 518 Yo, there is a girl from the Western R

Chapter 519 Eat a bear's paw!

Chapter 520 1 hand of Dongpo meat, Li Yuan cried g

Chapter 521 Li Yuan's evaluation of Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 522 Li Yuan educates Li Shimin!

Chapter 523 what? Are you the nine princesses of Tu

Chapter 524 Datang will not keep you, so do it you

Chapter 525 Eunuch Wu's thoughts!

Chapter 526 Memories of the past!

Chapter 527 Liu Yu, who was once punished by Li Ch

Chapter 528 8 Prince, the servant is leaving!

Chapter 529 Is Xuanwu Gate really haunted?

Chapter 530 The explosion of Xuanwu Gate!

Chapter 531 Someone is trying to frame me?

Chapter 532 Rebuttal of Li Chengfeng and Li Shimin

Chapter 533 Come, come, see who can stand who!

Chapter 534 The real culprit is on the scene!

Chapter 535 Lost children and grandchildren, lost

Chapter 536 The incomparably frightened Li Chengqi

Chapter 537 Drive, go to the Prince's Mansion!

Chapter 538 Eunuch Wu's confession!

Chapter 539 Eunuch Wu who apologized with death!

Chapter 540 Sin slave Wu did

Chapter 541 Eunuch Wu hanged himself!

Chapter 542 Call a guard for artificial respiratio

Chapter 543 Unbelievable Li Lizhi!

Chapter 544 What is artificial respiration?

Chapter 545 Li Shimin drives the Prince's Mansion!

Chapter 546 Send Li Chengqian to Tianshan Temple t

Chapter 547 Songzan Lanyue went to Datang Youzhou

Chapter 548 Give me an explanation?

Chapter 549 Refuting the genius Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 550 The father and son started to quarrel

Chapter 551 Father, you have disappointed me so mu

Chapter 552 Go to the West Chamber Pavilion to get

Chapter 553 3000 Xuanjia hostile to 500,000 troops

Chapter 554 Is there a way to make me bigger?

Chapter 555 The third layer talent of the system,

Chapter 556 Hide in Fan Meng's bathtub!

Chapter 557 The scene is 1 degree 10 points embarr

Chapter 558 I am the eighth prince after 16 years!

Chapter 559 Fool Fan Meng, fool hard!

Chapter 560 So, that's fine!

Chapter 561 Consumes 600 naughty points in 10 minu

Chapter 562 100,000 gold to buy a horse!

Chapter 563 Remember to bring Mrs. Fan Meng as a g

Chapter 564 How did you all become savages?

Chapter 565 Each person will be rewarded with 1 BM

Chapter 566 Assemble the 3rd team of Dragon Master

Chapter 567 Check the training results!

Chapter 568 Manufacture 30,000 fraud bombs!

Chapter 569 Where did the savage army come from?

Chapter 570 Buy horses and support Youzhou City!

Chapter 571 What are these things written about?

Chapter 572 Arrived in Youzhou City!

Chapter 573 What do you mean by the 8 princes?

Chapter 574 All generals gather!

Chapter 575 Bragging in the wine market is to blow

Chapter 576 Is Li Jing angry?

Chapter 577 Analysis of the battle situation in Yo

Chapter 578 Lee Seung Bong's 3 methods!

Chapter 579 How to defeat the 500,000 coalition fo

Chapter 580 Sun Wuyi, the commander of the dog-hea

Chapter 581 Songtsan Lanyue was arrested and about

Chapter 582 1 knife down, it shouldn't be very pai

Chapter 583 To keep people under the sword, the ov

Chapter 584 Save Songtsam Blue Moon!

Chapter 585 Aggrieved Li Jing!

Chapter 586 I am willing to die for Datang!

Chapter 587 Wei Zheng kneels down!

Chapter 588 The flames are rising, the war is comi

Chapter 589 Sweaty horse, red mane and red!

Chapter 590 The Tubo army attacked Youguan!

Chapter 591 Don't come here, you will die!

Chapter 592 1 Kick the Tubo prince away!

Chapter 593 Songtsen Gampo's insidious scheme!

Chapter 594 Run, this is my last wish!

Chapter 595 Angry Li Chengfeng, explode!

Chapter 596 Explode a blood path!

Chapter 597 Cheng Yaojin was blown away!

Chapter 598 The imprisoned Songzan Lanyue!

Chapter 599 Songzan Lanyue, fled to Tang Dynasty!

Chapter 600 Air blasted Songtsen Gampo!

Chapter 601 Information about Songtsam Blue Moon!

Chapter 602 The messenger sent the message, Li Shi

Chapter 603 Goguryeo crown prince wants to marry D

Chapter 604 Do you want to betroth Changle to the

Chapter 605 Sad Li Lizhi!

Chapter 606 Swear to die not to marry!

Chapter 607 telescope? This is 0 miles!

Chapter 608 The Tumeng invaded, and Li Jing was se

Chapter 609 Let Li Chengfeng be the commander in c

Chapter 610 Sand can put out fire!

Chapter 611 Arguing with Cheng Yaojin!

Chapter 612 Visual feast, black cloud army!

Chapter 613 False bullets come out, **** on earth!

Chapter 614 They are all devils!

Chapter 615 Layer 3 of the system is on!

Chapter 616 Li Jing wrote to Li Shimin!

Chapter 617 Gao Chen visits Li Shimin!

Chapter 618 Gao Chen's courtship, Li Shimin's sche

Chapter 619 Li Shimin deceived Li Lizhi!

Chapter 620 After 3 days, I will be the matchmaker

Chapter 621 Li Chengfeng's secret plan!

Chapter 622 Goguryeo agreed to form an alliance!

Chapter 623 A sad night that belongs to the empero

Chapter 624 Wei Zheng and Changsun Wuyi are follow

Chapter 625 Encounter the Tubo army!

Chapter 626 On the correct way to open drama essen

Chapter 627 Excellent jerky!

Chapter 628 I vomited! Can this jerky be eaten?

Chapter 629 Ruined the granary, leave quickly!

Chapter 630 Fuck, why did Songtsan City come here?

Chapter 631 I will support you, as long as you are

Chapter 632 Idiot, the undercover agent is the eig

Chapter 633 Wei Zheng and Changsun Wuyi were arres

Chapter 634 Use the talent to restore the original

Chapter 635 So you are the real undercover agent?

Chapter 636 The explosion of the No. 2 granary!

Chapter 637 Reappearance of the hidden door trick!

Chapter 638 Blow up 3 granaries in Tubo!

Chapter 639 Where did you go? Can he fly?

Chapter 640 The time for Datang's counterattack ha

Chapter 641 Annihilate the 600,000 enemy troops of

Chapter 642 The arrival of the Taiwu God King!

Chapter 643 Brother and sister love each other dee

Chapter 644 Changle gets married!

Chapter 645 5 surnames 7 Wang status?

Chapter 646 I'm here to pick up my sister!

Chapter 647 It's a showdown, I'm here to grab a ki

Chapter 648 Regret the marriage, steal the marriag

Chapter 649 I want Old Li to give me an explanatio

Chapter 650 8 The prince returned to Beijing and s

Chapter 651 Changle, why did you come back with me

Chapter 652 That's right, I, Li Chengfeng, robbed

Chapter 653 They are all your lackeys!

Chapter 654 3000 Xuanjia troops, surround the pala

Chapter 655 The latest secret report!

Chapter 656 The awakened Li Shimin!

Chapter 657 I only want you to reward 100,000 gold

Chapter 658 Lee Seung Bong's daily life!

Chapter 659 Gong Shang Jiao Zheng Yu!

Chapter 660 Visit Princess Jinyang!

Chapter 661 1 Nan Shan Nan, amazing audience!

Chapter 662 Pull Fan Meng over!

Chapter 663 The Tang Dynasty band is officially es

Chapter 664 Wooden boy and ponytail girl!

Chapter 665 Alliance Banquet!

Chapter 666 Lonely Li Yuan!

Chapter 667 Gao Chen came out to make trouble?

Chapter 668 Li Chengfeng refuted Gao Chen!

Chapter 669 suddenly realized, suddenly awakened!

Chapter 670 Drinking and composing poems to add to

Chapter 671 The great river goes east, and the wav

Chapter 672 I lost, and I am convinced of the loss

Chapter 673 The ancient Qiang dance!

Chapter 674 Li Chengfeng and Li Lizhi fought again

Chapter 675 Li Chengfeng, the show is amazing!

Chapter 676 Li Lizhi cried!

Chapter 677 Bought 1 2 Hu!

Chapter 678 Bo Ya is absolutely stringed, high mou

Chapter 679 Li Chengfeng solo, 2 Hu VS Guzheng

Chapter 680 2 Quan Yingyue, make everyone cry!

Chapter 681 Li Mingda drank vinegar wine?

Chapter 682 Princess Jinyang is sick, in a critica

Chapter 683 Ripe Tianshan Fiery Lotus!

Chapter 684 Li Shimin slapped Li Lizhi in the face

Chapter 685 Treat the condition!

Chapter 686 Blood freezes!

Chapter 687 Cauldron therapy!

Chapter 688 Li Lizhi ran away from home?

Chapter 689 Got 2 gold mines!

Chapter 690 Gao Chen apprentice!

Chapter 691 Li Chengfeng accepts disciples!

Chapter 692 Threats of 5 Surnames and 7 Hopes!

Chapter 693 Wait for an opportunity to rectify!

Chapter 694 The art of ghost valley vertical and h

Chapter 695 Go out to find Princess Changle!

Chapter 696 MILFs, the charm is still there!

Chapter 697 Fan Meng's little thought!

Chapter 698 Do you want me to be a father at the a

Chapter 699 Li Junxian was injured?

Chapter 700 May I ask who dares to touch people in

Chapter 701 If he does not die, all martial arts w

Chapter 702 Grand Master Swordsman, Layman Bizhu!

Chapter 703 Departure to Chang'an City Winter Stre

Chapter 704 Life is Han people, death is the soul

Chapter 705 Teach Wu Fei the hidden word formula!

Chapter 706 Grandmaster, bamboo leaf sword energy

Chapter 707 Girl light ink!

Chapter 708 Xu Qingmo's admirer, Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 709 Li Chengfeng VS Bizhu layman!

Chapter 710 Swordsmanship competition!

Chapter 711 Worried Fan Meng!

Chapter 712 Celestial swordsmanship, reprimand!

Chapter 713 Sword Three Thousand VS Dragon Swallow

Chapter 714 Li Lizhi has a showdown!

Chapter 715 Five thousand swords, whirlwind dance

Chapter 716 Layman Bizhu lost!

Chapter 717 Who is the person who hurt Li Junxian?

Chapter 718 Fire Swordsman, Red Fox appears!

Chapter 719 The cold light flashes away, silently!

Chapter 720 Li Junxian lost all his martial arts!

Chapter 721 Li Chengfeng comforts Li Junxian!

Chapter 722 Li Shimin came here, very angry!

Chapter 723 Li Shimin issued an order to chase and

Chapter 724 Sudden killing intent!

Chapter 725 Li Chengfeng was assassinated?

Chapter 726 So it was you, Xu Qingmo?

Chapter 727 Let's take it back to Zhenwang Mansion

Chapter 728 1 cut, talk about it later!

Chapter 729 Hu Luoping Pingyang bullied by dogs?

Chapter 730 Li Junxian was beaten violently!

Chapter 731 Heavenly Dragon Emperor Swordsmanship!

Chapter 732 Xu Qingmo's first time!

Chapter 733 Warm Li Lizhi!

Chapter 734 On the first day of the first lunar mo

Chapter 735 Li Shimin invited Li Chengfeng to play

Chapter 736 Right pair? I'm the best at it!

Chapter 737 Three hundred and sixty-nine, wait for

Chapter 738 Fishing master!

Chapter 739 Li Lizhi went into the water to find a

Chapter 740 Li Lizhi was taken away by a water gho

Chapter 741 Water ghost, right? wait!

Chapter 742 Catch water ghosts and parade them to

Chapter 743 Refugees are coming to Chang'an City?

Chapter 744 Li Lizhi is jealous of Fan Meng again!

Chapter 745 Little fairy, eight princes!

Chapter 746 Are the refugees in Liangzhou making t

Chapter 747 Li Shimin is extremely angry, arrest W

Chapter 748 Someone wants to frame Li Shimin?

Chapter 749 add sand to porridge water

Chapter 750 Who is the real culprit?

Chapter 751 Patriarch of Qinghe Cui Clan, come on

Chapter 752 Cui Honghu's true identity!

Chapter 753 Encounter 0-year-old ginseng!

Chapter 754 Cui Kai, the young master of the Cui f

Chapter 755 Haha, you fell for me!

Chapter 756 Terrified Cui Honghu, this is a master

Chapter 757 Father, he hit me!

Chapter 758 Losing money, 10,000 gold!

Chapter 759 What gift is so expensive?

Chapter 760 This is the crime of deceiving the kin

Chapter 761 Shameless Li Shimin!

Chapter 762 Empress Dou is critically ill?

Chapter 763 Empress Dou died of illness!

Chapter 764 Surprised Wei Zheng, is that your bene

Chapter 765 I am a distant relative of the Eighth

Chapter 766 I ran into the young master of the Cui

Chapter 767 Li Junxian VS Cui Honghu!

Chapter 768 No, the royal family also has masters?

Chapter 769 Kill people in this place?

Chapter 770 A master of cursing masters!

Chapter 771 My cousin was originally called Li Xiu

Chapter 772 You killed my younger brother!

Chapter 773 Brother, I killed you!

Chapter 774 The king of town was originally reserv

Chapter 775 The Cui family, here we come!

Chapter 776 Your majesty, it is impossible to prot

Chapter 777 Open a hotel on the 1st floor, and eng

Chapter 778 The number one hidden weapon in the wo

Chapter 779 What a powerful hidden weapon! I want

Chapter 780 If it is possible to produce

Chapter 781 Send a gift to Fan Meng!

Chapter 782 5-year-old Tang Gaozong Li Zhi?

Chapter 783 Li Chengfeng scared Li Zhi to tears?

Chapter 784 The West Wing Pavilion was robbed?

Chapter 785 Li Shimin and Concubine Yang are worki

Chapter 786 Counterfeit law? Angry Li Shimin

Chapter 787 1 fine, 1 beheaded!

Chapter 788 The New Year is coming!

Chapter 789 Smoke Li Yuan, smoke Huazi!

Chapter 790 New Year's Eve dinner, here we come!

Chapter 791 She can be regarded as half Tang Dynas

Chapter 792 Li Chengqian is back from Tianshan Tem

Chapter 793 Set off firecrackers and fireworks!

Chapter 794 The red fox died, it was all caused by

Chapter 795 5 surnames and 7 hope, start plotting

Chapter 796 The relationship between the 5 surname

Chapter 797 Cui Xiaolou, the lord of the fire line

Chapter 798 New Year's Day, New Year's gift!

Chapter 799 Weilong Latiao, give it to Li Shimin!

Chapter 800 Weilong Latiao, Heylong Latiao?

Chapter 801 On Lunar New Year's Day, the Cui famil

Chapter 802 Datang No. 1 Quarrel King

Chapter 803 Desert Eagle VS Cui Xiaolou!

Chapter 804 1 shot broke Cui Xiaolou's heart!

Chapter 805 4 key points of rebellion!

Chapter 806 The death of Cui Xiaolou, Cui Yansong

Chapter 807 Happy New Year on the 2nd day of the L

Chapter 808 What kind of gifts did Li Chengfeng pr

Chapter 809 Li Shimin is too shameless!

Chapter 810 Li Shimin laughed, the Desert Eagle is

Chapter 811 5 surname 7 look to come to pay New Ye

Chapter 812 Pixiu opens its eyes, it is a bad omen

Chapter 813 3 people fight the landlord, Li Chengf

Chapter 814 Someone ruined the feng shui of Prince

Chapter 815 There is still 120,000 naughty points

Chapter 816 Li Shimin has black air between his br

Chapter 817 Li Chengqian is grateful to Li Chengfe

Chapter 818 Damn it, Pixiu opened his **** eyes?

Chapter 819 Solve the problem of geomantic omen in

Chapter 820 Li Shimin was bewitched?

Chapter 821 God-level witchcraft cultivation techn

Chapter 822 Gold-swallowing **** Gu, the king of t

Chapter 823 Take a name, call it Xiaojin!

Chapter 824 Go to the Wenxuan Pavilion to teach!

Chapter 825 Is Li Chengfeng also a teacher?

Chapter 826 A good way to harvest naughty points!

Chapter 827 Phoenix dance for 9 days, dance for me

Chapter 828 Li Shimin was stunned, and the demons

Chapter 829 Apply 1 handful of flour to Li Shimin'

Chapter 830 Debate Contest between Lee Seung Bong

Chapter 831 Can't beat and beat, scold and scold,

Chapter 832 The character of the Tang Dynasty is w

Chapter 833 Li Shimin's old love, mushroom?

Chapter 834 Li Shimin's dark forces are out!

Chapter 835 Datang mysterious organization, posthu

Chapter 836 Wei Zheng, Wei Dangdang is online!

Chapter 837 Gu worm evolves, dragon qi and blood G

Chapter 838 I, Li Chengfeng, pinch Gu worms with b

Chapter 839 Swallowing Gold God Gu, Swallowing Dra

Chapter 840 Let Li Shimin become a puppet emperor!

Chapter 841 Blood Gu backlash, the Cui family is n

Chapter 842 Smart and witty Lee Seung Bong

Chapter 843 8 Prince has launched a new course?

Chapter 844 I let you learn Kame-style Qigong wave

Chapter 845 The ancestors appeared!

Chapter 846 S-level hidden mission!

Chapter 847 Datang's treasury is really empty?

Chapter 848 The technique of deduction, the mushro

Chapter 849 Find the whereabouts of the mushrooms!

Chapter 850 Mr. Li, your hair is gray?

Chapter 851 Li Shimin's annual emotional drama!

Chapter 852 Let me play some music to enhance the

Chapter 853 Who is the real prince?

Chapter 854 Li Shimin robs other people's wives?

Chapter 855 Complete S hidden missions, upgrade!

Chapter 856 Cardamom Year Li Lizhi!

Chapter 857 Li Lizhi likes Li Xiuda?

Chapter 858 Accompany Fan Meng on her birthday!

Chapter 859 1 person plays 2 identities!

Chapter 860 Run away after being dragged by Li Liz

Chapter 861 Do you want to know more about orthope

Chapter 862 What's inside the Layer 4 system?

Chapter 863 Go to the Qinghe Cui family alone!

Chapter 864 After scolding, it's so refreshing!

Chapter 865 Do you want to rebel?

Chapter 866 Are you all kneeling on the ground to

Chapter 867 8 Prince, you can't escape!

Chapter 868 The way to assassinate the eight princ

Chapter 869 Gu worms in butter tea!

Chapter 870 It's all in my calculations, Li Chengf

Chapter 871 Qinghe Cui's treasury!

Chapter 872 Removed all the gold!

Chapter 873 Assassination plan, start!

Chapter 874 A ruthless character appears!

Chapter 875 Yu An, the master of witchcraft!

Chapter 876 The extremely frightened Cui Yansong!

Chapter 877 Conspiracy plan!

Chapter 878 Hurry up and accept the supernatural p

Chapter 879 Trapped Cui Kai?

Chapter 880 Anyone who reveals the secret will die

Chapter 881 This wave of young masters is on the 5

Chapter 882 The Great Elder of the Wugu Sect is on

Chapter 883 Return to Chang'an City!

Chapter 884 I earned 2 million 2 gold!

Chapter 885 Li Shimin's secret plan!

Chapter 886 Unrequited love Li Lizhi!

Chapter 887 Li Shimin wants to steal Li Chengfeng'

Chapter 888 Is the Datang treasury really empty?

Chapter 889 How rich is Datang's treasury?

Chapter 890 Li Chengfeng educates Xu Qingmo!

Chapter 891 The plan of the Cui family!

Chapter 892 Open the entrance of the gold mine!

Chapter 893 The person who died was Cui Kai!

Chapter 894 Li Chengfeng is homesick!

Chapter 895 Victory, take down the two cities of T

Chapter 896 The conspiracy of the Cui family!

Chapter 897 Breaking into the Queen's School compo

Chapter 898 Today, I will spank your ass!

Chapter 899 Block the palace!

Chapter 900 Inside the palace, people are panickin

Chapter 901 Li Lizhi fell ill!

Chapter 902 Why not do it?

Chapter 903 The doctor is benevolent!

Chapter 904 Save Datang's zero surname!

Chapter 905 Did you go to Taiyuan Valley?

Chapter 906 Fan Meng was hit by a Gu, Wu Fei broke

Chapter 907 Look for Wang Feixue from the posthumo

Chapter 908 What are you trying to do with me?

Chapter 909 Taiyuan Valley, Wugu Sect!

Chapter 910 Unlock the heart-biting Gu for Fan Men

Chapter 911 Kind girl!

Chapter 912 Li Chengfeng's secret plan!

Chapter 913 sss level hidden mission

Chapter 914 Qinghe Cui's rebellion!

Chapter 915 Li Junxian, the king is back!

Chapter 916 Cui Yansong's anger!

Chapter 917 Old man, old thief!

Chapter 918 The palace is at stake!

Chapter 919 Li Chengfeng returns, kill!

Chapter 920 1 arrow hit Cui Yansong!

Chapter 921 Li Chengfeng is back!

Chapter 922 Li Shimin's insights!

Chapter 923 I am fighting for dignity!

Chapter 924 0 Surnames also joined the battle?

Chapter 925 The battle is turning!

Chapter 926 Wang Feixue's father is Wang Tianquan?

Chapter 927 Good news and bad news!

Chapter 928 Black Wind Gu, revive it!

Chapter 929 Man, this man!

Chapter 930 You all want to be emperors?

Chapter 931 Save Wang Feixue!

Chapter 932 The death of Cui Yansong!

Chapter 933 Put down the rebellion and usher in a

Chapter 934 Rainy June day!

Chapter 935 Fish catching competition!

Chapter 936 Wei Zheng was stunned!

Chapter 937 Li Shimin started a group, but the gro

Chapter 938 Catch Li Yuan's duck!

Chapter 939 Bamboo charcoal roast duck!

Chapter 940 Worship the Dragon King Temple!

Chapter 941 Li Lizhi who loves to gamble!

Chapter 942 Galleria Casino!

Chapter 943 Jiangnan God of Gamblers Li Lizhi!

Chapter 944 Li Lizhi is addicted to gambling!

Chapter 945 Borrow five hundred and two gold!

Chapter 946 Grab it and sell it to Chunfenglou!

Chapter 947 Dragon King Temple, find Li Lizhi!

Chapter 948 To sacrifice to the Dragon King, do we

Chapter 949 This **** pot, I, Wei Zheng, will carr

Chapter 950 Meet Li Tai!

Chapter 951 Let's go, Spring Breeze Building!

Chapter 952 Who is the girl accompanying the wine?

Chapter 953 Is this the third time you have been s

Chapter 954 Angry Wei Wang Li Tai!

Chapter 955 1002 gold, buy your life!

Chapter 956 Back to Galleria Casino!

Chapter 957 Jiangnan God of Gamblers, Li Chengfeng

Chapter 958 Gambling, how to win without cheating?

Chapter 959 I'm stud, you can do whatever you want

Chapter 960 Master Long is out!

Chapter 961 This kid is stronger than me?

Chapter 962 Won 12,000 gold!

Chapter 963 Dog bites dog, a good show!

Chapter 964 An actor from Chang'an City!

Chapter 965 The story of the old man and Gouwa!

Chapter 966 Take Liu Anshan and Gouwa!

Chapter 967 The storyteller under the Yunque Bridg

Chapter 968 Tell you the story of Journey to the W

Chapter 969 Gained tens of thousands of naughty po

Chapter 970 Storyteller, Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 971 Li Shimin is here? run!

Chapter 972 Night Market Chang'an City!

Chapter 973 The truth about boys and girls!

Chapter 974 Angry Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 975 Secret plan!

Chapter 976 Sure enough, Li Lizhi likes Li Xiuda!

Chapter 977 Swap identities, the show begins!

Chapter 978 Get on the sedan chair and become a tr

Chapter 979 Emperor, keep people under your comman

Chapter 980 boys and girls

Chapter 981 Forget it, I won't play anymore!

Chapter 982 I, Li Lizhi, oppose this marriage!

Chapter 983 Li Lizhi taught Li Chengfeng a lesson!

Chapter 984 Wei Zhengbao is sad!

Chapter 985 It's all the fault of the eighth prince,

Chapter 986 Talk back when you are angry, show you

Chapter 987 Want to lock me up? impossible!

Chapter 988 Abolish your black hats!

Chapter 989 The Tibetans mastered the iron bomb?

Chapter 990 An envelope from Li Chengfeng's mother

Chapter 991 I'm going to dig Tianyue Mountain

Chapter 992 Reward 3000 Xuanjia Army!

Chapter 993 Does Yugong move mountains?

Chapter 994 The principle of thermal expansion and

Chapter 995 The right time, place and people!

Chapter 996 Really smart or fake confused?

Chapter 997 You kid, do you want to be emperor?

Chapter 998 Or father, we are taking a gamble?

Chapter 999 time does not wait

Chapter 1000 I won't eat your set!

Chapter 1001 Li Shimin was chased by a boulder!

Chapter 1002 SSS level hidden missions and space-ti

Chapter 1003 System Upgrade Tier 5!

Chapter 1004 I, Nima, can still become a woman?

Chapter 1005 Li Chengfeng and Wu Xu are engaged!

Chapter 1006 I chose 3 targets for Changle!

Chapter 1007 Feng Li Chengfeng, a bachelor of Longh

Chapter 1008 Back to the West Chamber Pavilion again!

Chapter 1009 What is Dragon King Messenger?

Chapter 1010 On how the magic stick fooled Li Shimi

Chapter 1011 You are not from this world!

Chapter 1012 Dragon Tiger Mountain Sword Fighting C

Chapter 1013 Yun Feiyang and Ye Jiandi!

Chapter 1014 Li Shimin came to the East Chamber Pav

Chapter 1015 Is the dry pot frog delicious?

Chapter 1016 March Truce!

Chapter 1017 Sword Saint Yun Feiyang!

Chapter 1018 Li Shimin also participated in the swo

Chapter 1019 Dragon Tiger Mountain, Fairy Sword Tav

Chapter 1020 The extremely uncomfortable Li Shimin!

Chapter 1021 Can you make Li Shimin angry enough to

Chapter 1022 Li Shimin has a showdown!

Chapter 1023 This kid, don't talk about Wude!

Chapter 1024 Zhao Longer is actually a woman?

Chapter 1025 Wang Ming and Yun Feiyang!

Chapter 1026 No. 1 in the world, Xuanyuan Fox!

Chapter 1027 Xuanyuan Yujian technique? 1 sword and

Chapter 1028 It turns out that everything is a cons

Chapter 1029 Why did you peek at me yesterday?

Chapter 1030 Li Chengfeng VS Zhao Longer!

Chapter 1031 Someone is going to challenge Li Shimi

Chapter 1032 On how a village develops

Chapter 1033 Pit dad represents Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 1034 Japanese swordsman, Okita Lanteng!

Chapter 1035 What is social beating?

Chapter 1036 Li Shimin was shortlisted for the comp

Chapter 1037 Someone assassinated Li Shimin!

Chapter 1038 Li Shimin was tricked again!

Chapter 1039 Don't call me a little villain!

Chapter 1040 This is, the smell of the sea!

Chapter 1041 Isn't this bullying honest people?

Chapter 1042 You must be mentally ill!

Chapter 1043 My mother won't let me play with idiot

Chapter 1044 Not Mr. Zhao, but Miss Longer

Chapter 1045 I agree to this marriage!

Chapter 1046 Li Shimin Fishing

Chapter 1047 Li Chengfeng VS Juggernaut Yun Feiyang

Chapter 1048 Put water on Li Shimin and it's over!

Chapter 1049 Xuanyuan Fox VS Cheng Tian!

Chapter 1050 Form 7, Xuanyuan Yulong Jue!

Chapter 1051 Xuanyuan Fox attacked Cheng Tian!

Chapter 1052 Xuanyuanhu was defeated, Li Chengfeng

Chapter 1053 Li Chengfeng defeated Sword Saint Yun

Chapter 1054 Lonely Sword Emperor, Ye Sanyao appear

Chapter 1055 The final is about to start!

Chapter 1056 The ancient magic weapon, Xuanyuan Swo

Chapter 1057 The king of quarrels has never lost!

Chapter 1058 Cheng Tian's kendo field!

Chapter 1059 Cheng Tian VS Li Chengfeng! finals!

Chapter 1060 Li Lizhi's inner thoughts!

Chapter 1061 Taiji swordsmanship, have you seen it?

Chapter 1062 The number one swordsman in the world,

Chapter 1063 Assassination plan, start!

Chapter 1064 Injured by the Gold Swallowing God Gu?

Chapter 1065 Furious Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 1066 Hurry up, don't affect my performance

Chapter 1067 Li Chengfeng, the ultimate fool king

Chapter 1068 Killing and punishing the heart!

Chapter 1069 Danger, Li Shimin's death is imminent

Chapter 1070 Li Shimin's hidden weapon, Desert Eagl

Chapter 1071 What is so great about Li Shimin!

Chapter 1072 Block important news!

Chapter 1073 Li Chengqian's conspiracy has begun

Chapter 1074 Exclusive secret barbecue sauce!

Chapter 1075 Wu Xu is injured!

Chapter 1076 Barbecue, the best food in the world!

Chapter 1077 Collective hug and cry!

Chapter 1078 Lee Se-min's 3 important things!

Chapter 1079 Being the king of the town is too trou

Chapter 1080 Tell Li Xiuda to come out and meet you

Chapter 1081 Meet Li Chengqian by chance!

Chapter 1082 The Lantern Festival is a blind date m

Chapter 1083 The four great talents in Chang'an?

Chapter 1084 Who can catch up with Li Lizhi?

Chapter 1085 Li Chengfeng got on someone else's boa

Chapter 1086 The girl in red, Yuejiang Lingxue!

Chapter 1087 Yue Jiang's special identity!

Chapter 1088 I'm already in love with you!

Chapter 1089 Li Chengfeng gives you popular science

Chapter 1090 Li Chengfeng rejected Yuejiang Lingxue

Chapter 1091 Li Lizhi jumped into the river?

Chapter 1092 Li Xiuda, are you convicted?

Chapter 1093 Li Shimin confronts Li Xiuda!

Chapter 1094 1 Be sure to come to me!

Chapter 1095 The dangers of lies!

Chapter 1096 I knew you were hiding inside!

Chapter 1097 You two are working together!

Chapter 1098 2 live treasures, fighting again!

Chapter 1099 Wei Zheng felt something was wrong!

Chapter 1100 Sad to the extreme!

Chapter 1101 Li Lizhi is really dead?

Chapter 1102 Save the princess and bring her back t

Chapter 1103 Pull back from the brink of death!

Chapter 1104 Chang Le lost his memory?

Chapter 1105 Uncomfortable Wu Xu!

Chapter 1106 I still have to find the memory of Cha

Chapter 1107 This painting is for you!

Chapter 1108 Li Lizhi recovered her memory!

Chapter 1109 Let me see how you explain it to me?

Chapter 1110 So beautiful, praise the blue moon!

Chapter 1111 Mid-Autumn Festival!

Chapter 1112 Li Chengqian's plan!

Chapter 1113 Li Shimin's negotiation!

Chapter 1114 Desperate assassination!

Chapter 1115 Grumpy Geely Khan!

Chapter 1116 At times of crisis, Li Yuanba stepped

Chapter 1117 Li Shimin lost feeling in both legs!

Chapter 1118 Li Chengqian goes to court!

Chapter 1119 The mysterious man's envelope!

Chapter 1120 Mother Li Chengfeng, Cheng Yingying!

Chapter 1121 The only hope to survive!

Chapter 1122 All Tibetan women will be taken away!

Chapter 1123 2 big heroes, there must be 1 competitio

Chapter 1124 Cheng Yaojin, are you convicted?

Chapter 1125 Li Chengqian is going to kill Cheng Ya

Chapter 1126 The King of the Tang Dynasty, Wei Zhen

Chapter 1127 Do you dare to kill him one try?

Chapter 1128 The king of quarrels in the Tang Dynas

Chapter 1129 Li Chengqian, you made a big mistake!

Chapter 1130 Li Chengqian punished himself with thi

Chapter 1131 Cheng Yingying meets Li Shimin!

Chapter 1132 The tavern of the prince and eight pri

Chapter 1133 What is a surprise?

Chapter 1134 The No. 1 Singer and Dancer of the Tan

Chapter 1135 The wealthy merchants of the Tang Dyna

Chapter 1136 Li Chengfeng's plan!

Chapter 1137 I thought you had hemorrhoids!

Chapter 1138 The miracle doctor Tu Hua Tuo!

Chapter 1139 Li Chengqian was blown up!

Chapter 1140 How rich is the Yuan family?

Chapter 1141 Peerless beauty, Yuejiang Lingxue

Chapter 1142 auction the right to dine

Chapter 1143 Fang Yiai is there too?

Chapter 1144 Wang Ma, I don't want to do it!

Chapter 1145 Yuejiang Lingxue's shaking!

Chapter 1146 Fang Yiai apologized to Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 1147 Get you out of here!

Chapter 1148 Scary Queen!

Chapter 1149 Insidious and vicious Wang Feng!

Chapter 1150 How much, you set a price!

Chapter 1151 The 3rd rank governor is his old lover

Chapter 1152 1 must strictly investigate the truth!

Chapter 1153 Fang Yiai, can you write pleadings?

Chapter 1154 Arrest them all, interrogate them

Chapter 1155 8 The prince serves as Yue Jiang's law

Chapter 1156 Wang Feng refused to admit it

Chapter 1157 The loser will be basically sentenced

Chapter 1158 Divide into 2 groups, collect evidence

Chapter 1159 Mr. Zhou, you are not calling yourself

Chapter 1160 Li Chengfeng is angry with Li Chengqia

Chapter 1161 Arrogant Fang Yiai!

Chapter 1162 Zhou Haigong, come and plead guilty!

Chapter 1163 The case is understood, Li Chengfeng w

Chapter 1164 Make dumplings and eat!

Chapter 1165 Pork dumplings are delicious!

Chapter 1166 Li Shimin fell in love with Yuejiang L

Chapter 1167 Li Shimin's bad intentions!

Chapter 1168 Help me sign it, father!

Chapter 1169 Sheet music, youth is slow!

Chapter 1170 This man speaks like thunder!

Chapter 1171 How to use the membership card!

Chapter 1172 Charge ten 2 get five 2 free!

Chapter 1173 It's all a routine!

Chapter 1174 Easily earned 782,000 gold

Chapter 1175 Is it because I am not attractive enou

Chapter 1176 Li Chengfeng is crowned king!

Chapter 1177 Chang'an City, the tomb of aliens

Chapter 1178 Li Chengfeng is going to fight

Chapter 1179 Praise the city for help!

Chapter 1180 Praise the lies of the blue moon!

Chapter 1181 Fan Meng promised to help!

Chapter 1182 Let the tiger go back to the mountain!

Chapter 1183 1 Everything is premeditated!

Chapter 1184 Should these two people be killed?

Chapter 1185 Do whatever you want, even kill it!

Chapter 1186 Li Chengfeng is back!

Chapter 1187 Dogs fight against others, foxes prete

Chapter 1188 Li Chengfeng confronts Li Chengqian!

Chapter 1189 Li Chengfeng robs prison, who dares to

Chapter 1190 Li Chengfeng hit Li Chengqian!

Chapter 1191 1 pair of golden armor per person!

Chapter 1192 ultimate weapon, ak rifle

Chapter 1193 Angry Li Chengfeng!

Chapter 1194 Disobedient, 1 law punishment

Chapter 1195 Capture Songtsan Gampo!

Chapter 1196 Arrived in Suzhou again!

Chapter 1197 All the ministers want to kill Fan Men

Chapter 1198 The whereabouts of Geely Khan!

Chapter 1199 Li Chengqian's conspiracy!

Chapter 1200 Cheng Yingying's past!

Chapter 1201 Cheng Yingying was fooled!

Chapter 1202 Li Chengfeng's past!

Chapter 1203 Shadow ninja of the island country!

Chapter 1204 Li Shimin suspects that he has been ch

Chapter 1205 Capture Cheng Yingying!

Chapter 1206 Do you really want to behead them all?

Chapter 1207 Mr. Wu reported the letter!

Chapter 1208 The Juling Pavilion's plan!

Chapter 1209 Father, are you going to behead my mot

Chapter 1210 1 Everything is Li Chengqian's trap!

Chapter 1211 I know the real culprit, but there is

Chapter 1212 somewhat disrespectful

Chapter 1213 Mobile phone video, collect evidence!

Chapter 1214 Your weakness is that your heart is to

Chapter 1215 Fudge rebellion!

Chapter 1216 Borrow the dragon chair and use it onc

Chapter 1217 What do you bet with me?

Chapter 1218 8 The prince really knows spells?

Chapter 1219 Abolish the crown prince, and put him

Chapter 1220 Make sure of Li Chengqian!

Chapter 1121 Li Shimin prayed for immortality?

Chapter 1222 Grandson Wugou asks to see Li Chengfen

Chapter 1223 Shadow and Forest 3's plan!

Chapter 1224 Space-time fragments and gates of time

Chapter 1225 Travel to the seaside!

Chapter 1226 Seven ninjas of the island country!

Chapter 1227 Kill Yunluowan in seconds!

Chapter 1228 Yunluomaru dies

Chapter 1229 Puppet puppets are still fun!

Chapter 1230 Li Lizhi almost beheaded Li Shimin!

Chapter 1231 Puppet puppets are amazing!

Chapter 1232 Li Lizhi VS Liu 14!

Chapter 1233 The power of puppets!

Chapter 1234 Grandson Wugou's rescue plan!

Chapter 1235 Tonight, plan to rob prison!

Chapter 1236 Loving mother loses child!

Chapter 1237 Li Chengqian is completely blackened!

Chapter 1238 Li Chengqian was released from prison

Chapter 1239 My mind is full of revenge plans

Chapter 1240 Introductory Manual for High-end Mech

Chapter 1241 You will be imprisoned in the prison f

Chapter 1242 Li Chengqian's ultimate plan!

Chapter 1243 Li Chengfeng returns home to visit rel

Chapter 1244 Assassinate Li Shimin!

Chapter 1245 What a big dog!

Chapter 1246 Li Junxian vs Puppet Puppet!

Chapter 1247 Li Shimin stole something!

Chapter 1248 Shadow Ninja Rakshamaru!

Chapter 1249 Li Junxian VS Luochawan!

Chapter 1250 Overlord Sword Art, the crazy Liu 14!

Chapter 1251 Datang's puppet master!

Chapter 1252 Kagekimaru and Yunxiaomaru!

Chapter 1253 Capture Li Shimin alive!

Chapter 1254 Let Lin 3 pretend to be the emperor!

Chapter 1255 Conspiring to rebel and seeking imperi

Chapter 1256 Either become a ghost or become a god

Chapter 1257 The entire Tang Dynasty is about to ch

Chapter 1258 Is Li Junxian here? How to do?

Chapter 1259 Brain supplement king, Li Junxian!

Chapter 1260 Restore the position of Prince Li Chen

Chapter 1261 natural enemy

Chapter 1262 Li Shimin abolished the kingship syste

Chapter 1263 Meet Lee Seung-qian again!

Chapter 1264 What happened to Li Shimin?

Chapter 1265 This is a fake emperor!

Chapter 1266 3rd, Li Shimin is dead

Chapter 1267 the abdication of the false emperor

Chapter 1268 Then all of you, stop living!

Chapter 1269 Wei Zheng is arrested!

Chapter 1270 The real showdown starts now

Chapter 1271 Li Chengfeng's ultimate reasoning!

Chapter 1272 Li Chengfeng rejects the power of the

Chapter 1273 let me think for a while

Chapter 1274 It's not easy to be an emperor!

Chapter 1275 Follow Li Chengqian!

Chapter 1276 Li Chengqian threatened Li Shimin!

Chapter 1277 89 out of 10!

Chapter 1278 This meal, the money will be free

Chapter 1279 Today is Li Chengqian's birthday!

Chapter 1280 Is Laotan sauerkraut noodles delicious

Chapter 1281 The effect of laxatives!

Chapter 1282 7 sins of Li Chengqian!

Chapter 1283 The real emperor appears!

Chapter 1284 After 3 days, the Xuanwu Gate asks to

Chapter 1285 Li Chengqian is crazy!

Chapter 1286 What is the death of lips and teeth?

Chapter 1287 The little boy who bought charcoal!

Chapter 1288 Let's go to Nanling Mountain!

Chapter 1289 Li Lizhi is missing?

Chapter 1290 Sure enough, they are human trafficker

Chapter 1291 Li Lizhi's dangerous situation!

Chapter 1292 Arrive at the foot of Nanling Mountain

Chapter 1293 Li Lizhi's plan to instigate rebellion

Chapter 1294 I am the daughter of Emperor Datang

Chapter 1295 Princess Changle who miscalculated!

Chapter 1296 Congratulations, you were sentenced to

Chapter 1297 Li Li is practicing martial arts! exch

Chapter 1298 Li Lizhi who is addicted to mahjong!

Chapter 1299 Wu Xu who was cheated miserably

Chapter 1300 Depressed Li Shimin

Chapter 1301 Amazing hot water bottle!

Chapter 1302 Shocked Li Lizhi

Chapter 1303 Fan Meng was shocked and set off for a

Chapter 1304 Delicious barbecue, try flying chess

Chapter 1305 The short-sighted bandit

Chapter 1306 Sneak into Fuyun Village

Chapter 1307 Give you free public meals!

Chapter 1308 the surname of 0 who greeted each othe

Chapter 1309 Advice, appreciated by Li Shimin

Chapter 1310 Li Shimin wants to set off lanterns to

Chapter 1311 Have fun with the people and set off l

Chapter 1312 Li Shimin played a racing game

Chapter 1313 Game fans Li Lizhi and Li Shimin

Chapter 1314 I, Wei Zheng, never play games

Chapter 1315 I am Du Ruhui! Stand like me??

Chapter 1316 Autumn hunting, the power of compound

Chapter 1317 Shoot the bear and stun everyone

Chapter 1318 meet a storyteller

Chapter 1319 Cultivate Mr. Pingshu

Chapter 1320 Fighting father? I'm afraid to say it

Chapter 1321 Who is the iron plate

Chapter 1354 Dumplings before departure

Chapter 1322 1 family should be tidy

Chapter 1323 Families in panic

Chapter 1324 Storyteller's first show

Chapter 1325 The popular storyteller in the city

Chapter 1326 unlucky kidnapper

Chapter 1327 Magic down jacket

Chapter 1328 Reward the fox fur? look down on

Chapter 1329 I can eat 10 bowls like this

Chapter 1330 Li Shimin listened to books for the fi

Chapter 1331 Wuxu is back, the magical warm baby

Chapter 1332 Reverie of Li Shimin

Chapter 1333 The root cause, Li Lizhi was stunned

Chapter 1334 Forced to show cooking skills

Chapter 1335 something happened in the east chamber

Chapter 1336 Are you public or private?

Chapter 1337 The shivering official minister

Chapter 1338 Please 8 princes to monitor 0 official

Chapter 1339 Practice! Li Lizhi complained

Chapter 1340 Fan Meng joined the training team

Chapter 1341 Li Shimin also wants to practice marti

Chapter 1342 Arrangement of the East Wing Pavilion

Chapter 1343 Taste of the Year, Stir-fried Bacon wi

Chapter 1344 The majestic 8 princes as cooks?

Chapter 1345 Simple preparation, luxurious dress

Chapter 1346 Contribute famous watches, reward swor

Chapter 1347 Lee Seung-Feng Poetry in 4 Steps

Chapter 1348 Sword dance, skill over the audience

Chapter 1349 After the dinner party, Li Shimin was

Chapter 1350 Purging Chang'an City, White Lotus Sec

Chapter 1351 Preparations before departure, body ar

Chapter 1352 Fantastic vacuum storage bag

Chapter 1353 The leader of the Tiance Army acts as

Chapter 1354 Dumplings before departure

Chapter 1355 Leaving Chang'an, the old man who hang

Chapter 1356 The Chivalrous Li Lizhi

Chapter 1357 strange inn

Chapter 1358 Weird Heyuan County

Chapter 1359 Arrive in Heyuan County

Chapter 1360 Missing Wu Xu and Li Lizhi

Chapter 1361 White Lotus Cult mark

Chapter 1362 Burning the teahouse, full of doubts

Chapter 1363 Mystery, the secret of the misfortune

Chapter 1364 Risking Yourself, Whereabouts of the G

Chapter 1365 Rescue the Missing Girl

Chapter 1366 10 ambushes, ready to attack

Chapter 1367 Eradicate Bailian, the mysterious man

Chapter 1368 Lee Seung-bong who was surrounded

Chapter 1369 strange bandit

Chapter 1370 Golden Retriever Waterloo

Chapter 1371 Golden Retriever succeeds

Chapter 1372 Recruit Golden Retriever

Chapter 1373 The magistrate in question

Chapter 1374 unlucky white lotus believer

Chapter 1375 Colluding with the White Lotus Sect, j

Chapter 1376 Home raid, strange screen wall

Chapter 1377 Golden Retriever returns, old enemy

Chapter 1378 Next stop Ningzhou

Chapter 1379 News from the White Lotus Sect

Chapter 1380 You call this little orange cat

Chapter 1381 Arrive in Ningzhou City

Chapter 1382 Assassinated in Ningzhou Prefecture

Chapter 1383 Traces of the White Lotus Sect

Chapter 1384 Attack the White Lotus Sect branch

Chapter 1385 Destroy the Ningzhou branch of the Whi

Chapter 1386 Catch the inner ghost

Chapter 1387 a suspicious peddler

Chapter 1388 Water Transport Gang

Chapter 1389 The plan of the White Lotus Sect

Chapter 1390 Negotiation with Water Transport Gang

Chapter 1391 Round up the White Lotus Sect

Chapter 1392 A play intentionally performed

Chapter 1393 Li Chengfeng's plan

Chapter 1394 Calculation Wushuang, conspiracy

Chapter 1395 The plan is implemented, and there are

Chapter 1396 The Turkic caravan was arrested

Chapter 1397 Suspicious servant

Chapter 1398 5 Collusion between Poison Sect and Wh

Chapter 1399 Inside the Scout's Death

Chapter 1400 capture internal response alive

Chapter 1401 The dark tide is surging, the thief Li

Chapter 1402 Juvenile supernatural power stunned ev

Chapter 1403 Competing for lightness skills, humili

Chapter 1404 Compete with Li Lizhi, ready to go

Chapter 1405 Rush to Taiyuan, meet Zou Chi on the r

Chapter 1406 Arrive in Taiyuan, meet Yang Qi again

Chapter 1407 Taiyuan Night Market, lesson Zou Qi

Chapter 1408 win over Zou Zhi

Chapter 1409 The death of Zou Zhi caused a havoc in

Chapter 1410 The Zou Qi incident, the movement of t

Chapter 1411 Deal reached, leave Taiyuan

Chapter 1412 Situation in Jizhou

Chapter 1413 News from the Water Transport Gang

Chapter 1414 The mighty Lee Seung Bong

Chapter 1415 strange village, master of recluse

Chapter 1416 The patriarch of the Yuwen clan, the c

Chapter 1417 Arrive in Youzhou, White Lotus Sect pl

Chapter 1418 Design by Lee Seung Bong

Chapter 1419 Punish the Master, Yunzhou Express

Chapter 1420 Rush to Yunzhou, helpless Xuan 2

Chapter 1421 Arrived in Yunzhou, seriously injured

Chapter 1422 Clues of the White Lotus Sect

Chapter 1423 Undercurrent surging

Chapter 1424 clue! secretly

Chapter 1425 secret path trap, 0 flower poison

Chapter 1426 Crisis resolved

Chapter 1427 Fight! The first appearance of the Mus

Chapter 1428 Interception, Grand Master shot

Chapter 1429 Great victory, the Virgin of the White

Chapter 1430 Sad reminder of the Turks, Li Shimin's

Chapter 1431 Siege of the White Lotus Sect

Chapter 1432 fierce battle

Chapter 1433 Great victory, serious injury to Yang

Chapter 1434 Martial Arts Competition, Mysterious M

Chapter 1435 Fighting in the arena, sneaking into L

Chapter 1436 Master-student battle, Li Chengfeng ma

Chapter 1437 Yang Yu disappeared, beheaded Yang Qu

Chapter 1438 Li Lizhi was arrested

Chapter 1439 Sneak into the gambling stall and resc

Chapter 1440 Go to war, with 1 enemy and 0!

Chapter 1441 Fighting Kaiyang, Li Lizhi was rescued

Chapter 1442 mysterious letter

Chapter 1443 Prepare, go to the White Lotus Sect

Chapter 1444 The Water Transport Gang was destroyed

Chapter 1445 recall, wind word team

Chapter 1446 The provocation of Tupan envoys

Chapter 1447 Meet Yang Qi again

Chapter 1448 clues to the mysterious organization

Chapter 1449 Master Zhang of Puzhou

Chapter 1450 Humanoid beast Li Chengfeng

Chapter 1451 Make a fuss in the government office

Chapter 1452 secret transaction

Chapter 1453 Stealing the Country

Chapter 1454 Back to Chang'an

Chapter 1455 The Three Princes of Tubo

Chapter 1456 The arena, one hit will destroy

Chapter 1457 Cheng Zheng's suffering, building mome

Chapter 1458 The wind rises from Chang'an

Chapter 1459 fire network coverage

Chapter 1460 Chaos in Chang'an

Chapter 1461 space-time debris clues

Chapter 1462 Changes in the samurai family

Chapter 1463 real cause

Chapter 1464 Set off! to dry hills

Chapter 1465 Encounter with old friends, Vulcan rel

Chapter 1466 Assassin attack

Chapter 1467 Silence! caucasian shot

Chapter 1468 Hell Shura

Chapter 1469 Great battle! seriously injured

Chapter 1470 Arrive in Jinzhou, no break no stand

Chapter 1471 Changes in all parties, strength recov

Chapter 1472 Qianshan enters the game, doubts aboun

Chapter 1473 Contradictions within the door? Gambli

Chapter 1474 Stolen! Arrive in Ezhou

Chapter 1475 Call! mysterious old man

Chapter 1476 Get off Mawei, the air-exploded sea mo

Chapter 1477 Cooperation! dry mountain attitude

Chapter 1478 Assassination in the middle of the nig

Chapter 1479 Need to add money! Opening of Taoism

Chapter 1480 In the first duel, Li Chengfeng made a

Chapter 1481 A duel with great disparity in strengt

Chapter 1482 Shock the audience

Chapter 1483 Mutation, Luhai Taoist made a move

Chapter 1484 Brawl! Li Chengfeng poisoned

Chapter 1485 Bottom card! Taoist Fuxin

Chapter 1486 Fragments of time and space, stealing

Chapter 1487 No. 1 wine in the world

Chapter 1488 secret letter, real identity

Chapter 1489 I can't laugh or cry, the stupid thief

Chapter 1490 Silence! Shura in white

Chapter 1491 heavy fog

Chapter 1492 holy thing! Calculating with red eyes

Chapter 1493 Corpse White Scythe

Chapter 1494 Hole cards! Broken mirrors one after a

Chapter 1495 curtain down, covert action

Chapter 1496 Strange disease! detoxification method

Chapter 1497 0 Yue royal family died tragically

Chapter 1498 Yangzhou Literature Society

Chapter 1499 Slap Qinghuang in the face, pity the i

Chapter 1500 clues, mystery balls

Chapter 1501 Night visit to Liu's mansion

Chapter 1502 12 square statues

Chapter 1503 Attack, Lian Xing disappeared

Chapter 1504 The whole story, Lian Xing appeared

Chapter 1505 Framed the Xu family, martial law thro

Chapter 1506 Li Chengfeng's plan! Prefect calculati

Chapter 1507 Intercept Fang Zun, Li Chengfeng's pla

Chapter 1508 With Fang Zun in hand, Dao Realm enter

Chapter 1509 Increased strength, reinforcement vang

Chapter 1510 Arrangement, besieging and killing the

Chapter 1511 Dao realm self-detonation, life and de

Chapter 1512 fall into a hallucination, wake up

Chapter 1513 Reunion, Li Shimin's secret order

Chapter 1514 Strange death, hypothermia

Chapter 1515 Explosion, Kunza Cult Stronghold

Chapter 1516 Breaking through secret passages, illu

Chapter 1517 It’s hard to distinguish between tru

Chapter 1518 clues, round up Bai Ze

Chapter 1519 Bai Ze was arrested, the war will star

Chapter 1521 The world is like chess, system task

Chapter 1520 The world is like chess, system task

Chapter 1521 Unlucky Du Wei 2 people

Chapter 1522 ready to backhand

Chapter 1523 Bet, Li Lizhi joins the mission

Chapter 1524 Fantastic hanging neck fan

Chapter 1525 A sensation in the city, sharing fans

Chapter 1526 Delicious shaved ice, popular in Chang

Chapter 1527 Commissioned by Li Shimin, Drought in

Chapter 1528 Situation in Tubo, drinking accidents

Chapter 1529 Battle of Lingzhou, set off again

Chapter 1530 Invitation to a joint note, fragment c

Chapter 1531 Gu corpse blocks the way, meet Xuanfen

Chapter 1532 Arrival in Longzhou, street clashes

Chapter 1533 Brother and sister of the Bai family,

Chapter 1534 God of Gamblers Lee Seung-Feng, fishin

Chapter 1535 hidden secrets of medicinal materials,

Chapter 1536 Encountering bandits on the road, Turk

Chapter 1537 Surprise attack on Wahu Village

Chapter 1538 Lingzhou incident, go alone

Chapter 1539 Breaking into the Barracks at Night, M

Chapter 1540 Disinfection of spirits, a living medi

Chapter 1541 Grenade! The collapsed Turkic army

Chapter 1542 Victory again!

Chapter 1543 Fierce battle, reinforcements arrive

Chapter 1544 2 women poisoned, both sides prepare

Chapter 1545 Poison trick! Turkic withdrawal

Chapter 1546 The decisive battle is coming

Chapter 1547 end

Chapter 1548 The wind and fire troops arrived, coun

Chapter 1549 Surprise attack on Mutil

Chapter 1550 accidental exposure

Chapter 1551 Turkic king thought, sneak into

Chapter 1552 No. 1 Warrior Goutal

Chapter 1553 Entering the palace, summoned by the T

Chapter 1554 Cooperation, Turkic sincerity

Chapter 1555 Back to Camp, Full Offensive

Chapter 1556 Arena battle, Operation Tianming Pavil

Chapter 1557 Prepare for action, warriors gather

Chapter 1558 Those who are not used by me shall be pu

Chapter 1559 General attack, enter the Destiny Pavi

Chapter 1560 Shared photos appeared, and the fighti

Chapter 1561 The battle ends, the game between the

Chapter 1562 Frontier construction, wake up in 1 la

Chapter 1563 veterans should not be humiliated

Chapter 1564 Arrived in Chang'an, stubborn father a

Chapter 1565 Reward time and space fragments

Chapter 1566 entrusted, pending public case

Chapter 1567 major leads

Chapter 1568 The unsolved case was solved, making f

Chapter 1569 Special Hand Scroll, Tsundere Li Shimi

Chapter 1570 Message from a joint note

Chapter 1571 attack

Chapter 1572 helpless, leave

Chapter 1573 Protagonist template, Lu Wen

Chapter 1574 Ancient Tomb Trap, Lu Family Banquet

Chapter 1575 Zhan Tianren, Ming Wu

Chapter 1576 The Lu family is done, meet Haiyue aga

Chapter 1577 Bodhi Temple, enter the ancient tomb

Chapter 1578 break the chess game, separate

Chapter 1579 Fight zombies, intercept and kill

Chapter 1580 Reward, Strange Beast

Chapter 1581 Beastmaster, subdue the beast

Chapter 1582 Demon Jue, Black Tooth Sword

Chapter 1583 Go back to Liangzhou, intercept and ki

Chapter 1584 Fight, leave Liangzhou

Chapter 1585 Take a note together, meet Tianxuan ag

Chapter 1586 Defeat Tianxuan

Chapter 1587 Arrived in Puzhou, encountered a confl

Chapter 1588 The fugitive princess of Tubo

Chapter 1589 Oolong, leave Puzhou

Chapter 1590 The second son of the Wang family, Lu

Chapter 1591 Cooperation, visit Wang's house at nig

Chapter 1592 Secret Letter, Wang Family’s Dangero

Chapter 1593 Fight against the Kunsa Cult and save

Chapter 1594 Japanese ambitions, Yingzhou banditry

Chapter 1595 magic locator

Chapter 1596 Strange death, Li Chengfeng guessed

Chapter 1597 Arrange actions, meet Saimaga again

Chapter 1598 Trap, siege of the Cult of Kunza

Chapter 1599 Kill Tiger Chu

Chapter 1600 0 mask, Yi Rong Dan

Chapter 1601 Attacked on the outskirts of the mount

Chapter 1602 Accept Xiong Ju, Po Dao Pill

Chapter 1603 Xie family dude, furious

Chapter 1604 Judge Xie Yu

Chapter 1605 The arrogant Xie Shu, the whole family

Chapter 1606 Misunderstanding, Water Transport Gang

Chapter 1607 Puzhou Hualou, Xue Ji

Chapter 1608 Mohist cooperation request

Chapter 1609 The cooperation has been reached, the

Chapter 1610 Kill Xuanfei, warn the Mohists

Chapter 1611 Arrive in Henan province

Chapter 1612 Kill the Black Tiger Hall, spy

Chapter 1613 Capture Miao Wei, clue!

Chapter 1614 Multi-party cloud movement, arrived in

Chapter 1615 Lanzhou government has a headache, the

Chapter 1616 Explore Gushan Temple, beat Lu Wen

Chapter 1617 The birth of the treasure, the golden

Chapter 1618 Crazy escape, a group of demons dancin

Chapter 1619 Unexpected joy, strength improvement

Chapter 1620 Trade, Taoist Fuxin request

Chapter 1621 Meet Xue Ji again, the Mohist request

Chapter 1622 Greedy Wolf's Surprise

Chapter 1623 Title, Ghost Force

Chapter 1624 Fantastic module, the general arrives

Chapter 1625 Learn from each other, new rules in th

Chapter 1626 Thousands of people, conflict!

Chapter 1627 Killing Fuhai, a windfall

Chapter 1628 Go to war and destroy the Kunza strong

Chapter 1629 The 7 killing army is dispatched, and

Chapter 1630 face to face

Chapter 1631 The battle begins

Chapter 1632 War Tiejun, Chi Bu's Covenant

Chapter 1633 The battle ends

Chapter 1634 Back to Chang'an, the whole country ce

Chapter 1635 Warm moment, gourmet guide

Chapter 1636 Tubo envoy, Chang'an Shengjing

Chapter 1637 Discussion in the study room, brillian

Chapter 1638 Teasing a few girls, news from the env

Chapter 1639 Tubo proclaims its vassal, full of dou

Chapter 1640 mutation, huge impact

Chapter 1641 Li Shimin was furious, conjectured

Chapter 1642 Doubtful

Chapter 1643 misfortune, removal of evil

Chapter 1644 Arrive in Qizhou, meet Saimaga by chan

Chapter 1645 Songtsen Gampo disappeared, public not

Chapter 1646 Clue, Gongshu Wei

Chapter 1647 Mysterious woman, help me

Chapter 1648 The tip of the iceberg of truth

Chapter 1649 Escorts and Robbers

Chapter 1650 Killing in a dream, arriving in Qinzho

Chapter 1651 Negotiation, the beginning and end of

Chapter 1652 Cooperation reached, important news

Chapter 1653 Secrets of Wannian County

Chapter 1654 Most Wanted, Strange Death

Chapter 1655 Bloody Man Tu Zhugui

Chapter 1656 With 1 enemy and 0, wipe out the wante

Chapter 1657 Encounter Yuwen Oak again

Chapter 1658 Arrive in Lanzhou, fight Tianshu

Chapter 1659 The mighty Chi Bu, the mysterious old

Chapter 1660 Huangfu Family, Xue Yu Appears

Chapter 1661 Mechanism show off, gambling

Chapter 1662 Tubo secret letter, accident

Chapter 1663 Inside story, Songtsan Gampo location

Chapter 1664 Arrive at Daxue Mountain, explore

Chapter 1665 Rescue Songtsen Gampo

Chapter 1666 out of danger, ruthless

Chapter 1667 Declining cooperation, returning to Da

Chapter 1668 Punish the blood monk

Chapter 1669 Reunion with Wu Hui, the whole story

Chapter 1670 Crushing, kind Lee Seung-bong

Chapter 1671 Cat play mouse, Wu will choose

Chapter 1672 coastal harassment, crime

Chapter 1673 Prepare in advance, meet Fan Meng agai

Chapter 1674 Cold noodles, beauty tomato

Chapter 1676 Drawings of Daifuku ship manufacturing

Chapter 1675 People from Ganshan, important informa

Chapter 1677 arrange a plan, prepare for action

Chapter 1678 The blue sea will be destroyed, artisa

Chapter 1679 Bet, technical competition

Chapter 1680 The competition is over, Gongshuli win

Chapter 1681 Shadows come to the door, hooligans ga

Chapter 1682 Lee Seung Bong's plan, 3 things

Chapter 1683 For future generations, go up to anoth

Chapter 1684 Take note of action, leave Chang'an

Chapter 1685 The fleeing girl, the bandit chasing

Chapter 1686 Tortured bandits, filled with righteou

Chapter 1687 Confession of identity, map problem

Chapter 1688 Demonic Jue has been improved again

Chapter 1689 Willows are dark and flowers are brigh

Chapter 1690 Encounter a water thief by chance, do

Chapter 1691 Capture all the water thieves

Chapter 1692 Meet the sea moon again, the secret pl

Chapter 1693 **** father, poor girl

Chapter 1694 Jiang Hao probing, greedy for sea moon

Chapter 1695 Arrived in Ezhou, domineering woman

Chapter 1696 True and false identity, 1 punch blast

Chapter 1697 2 Difficult Choices, Powerful Supreme

Chapter 1698 Officer ship search, list of officers

Chapter 1699 Yang Qi's ambition, hidden history

Chapter 1700 Fuxin's Proverbs, Daughter's Thoughts

Chapter 1701 Arrive at Jiangzhou, spread the murder

Chapter 1702 Confrontation in the hall, the dog jum

Chapter 1703 The truth came to light, the murderer

Chapter 1704 In the fog, the Musketeers arrive

Chapter 1705 Gather again and leave Jiangzhou

Chapter 1706 I, less master, make money

Chapter 1707 Windfall, Flying Thief Yang Xuan

Chapter 1708 Necklace secret, gatekeeper token

Chapter 1709 In the past of Linjiacun, Yanyun's evi

Chapter 1710 Imitation from top to bottom, betting

Chapter 1711 lead soldiers to surround and capture

Chapter 1712 Happy to the hearts of the people, sui

Chapter 1713 Rehabilitation and rehabilitation, dis

Chapter 1714 Explore hidden treasures, greed kills

Chapter 1715 I ran into Yang Qi and entered the gat

Chapter 1716 Get rid of the wolves, hide the palace

Chapter 1717 Ancient Secret, Inheritance Altar

Chapter 1718 Stepping into the Dao Realm and encirc

Chapter 1719 1 troublesome, roadside strength

Chapter 1720 The end of the war, exploring the coas

Chapter 1721 Japanese pirates atrocities, liquidati

Chapter 1722 Bold, Golden Cube

Chapter 1723 The 3rd thing, beating to death

Chapter 1724 Wei Zheng came to crown the prince

Chapter 1725 Close attack and long view, leaving Li

Chapter 1726 Blood Slave Hunting, Mysterious Boy

Chapter 1727 The identity of the teenager, the secr

Chapter 1728 To use it for the people, Yu Qi is det

Chapter 1729 To teach martial arts, to subdue the h

Chapter 1730 Arrogant Ruan Fatty, protecting Mrs. R

Chapter 1731 Blood-stained Yuezhou capital, the tyr

Chapter 1732 Expose identity, liquidate the Ruan fa

Chapter 1733 A national sensation, the He family me

Chapter 1734 Ghost Ship on the River, Shadow Obsess

Chapter 1735 Secret past, enemies meet

Chapter 1736 Gao's account book, wife news

Chapter 1737 Divide into 2 groups, choose gifts

Chapter 1738 Nanzhao action, debunking the scam

Chapter 1739 finger point feather Qi, re-destructio

Chapter 1740 Ezhou flower boat, there are strange t

Chapter 1741 Good intentions to do bad things, behi

Chapter 1742 The bad guy appears, the real murderer

Chapter 1743 Meet Yuwen again? h, the difference be

Chapter 1744 Li Shimin's calculations, Dongying war

Chapter 1745 Dao Realm Onmyoji, crushing potential

Chapter 1746 Chang'an drama, reunion of father and

Chapter 1747 Li Chengfeng's plan, Yu Qi's tasting

Chapter 1748 Preparations from all walks of life, L

Chapter 1749 Here comes the chicken soup, put down

Chapter 1750 The action begins, and the parade in C

Chapter 1751 The fish take the bait, and the sky is

Chapter 1752 Break the illusion, kill the Dao realm

Chapter 1753 Li Shimin came to the door, He's marri

Chapter 1754 Seeing injustice on the road, meeting

Chapter 1755 Girlish mind, eccentric Boss Yu

Chapter 1756 Follow the vines, act boldly

Chapter 1757 Grace of reinvention, whipping Boss Yu

Chapter 1758 Convinced by the public, He Bei sent a

Chapter 1759 Obsession, something happened in Zuixi

Chapter 1760 Fake death to cheat corpses, dead peop

Chapter 1761 Shura field, fragile heart

Chapter 1762 Ready, Li Chunfeng offers advice

Chapter 1763 Changzhi Strategy, Popular Ten Thousan

Chapter 1764 Bandit den, rats serve as bridesmaids

Chapter 1765 Deal with the follow-up, the crowd is

Chapter 1766 Supervise Buddhism and Taoism, resentm

Chapter 1767 Shared Notes and Clues, Mine Tragedy

Chapter 1768 Sacrificial Girl, Weird County

Chapter 1769 Deformed monster, flustered 0 surname

Chapter 1770 Immortal means to reproduce the water

Chapter 1771 Kill the tiger with bare hands, the gu

Chapter 1772 There is a big marriage, the oriole is

Chapter 1773 Perceiving the clues, Jiang Junyuan in

Chapter 1774 The photo of the clubhouse, Yujueqiong

Chapter 1775 Fragrant rabbit meat, steel stone cara

Chapter 1776 Lead the snake out of the hole, Lizhou

Chapter 1777 In the middle, put a long line to catc

Chapter 1778 Goodbye Xue Yu, Dao Realm War

Chapter 1779 Ancient Secret History, Nine Nether Tr

Chapter 1780 Leaving Lizhou, robbery occurs frequen

Chapter 1781 The weird old man, the formation is in

Chapter 1782 Auspicious people and celestial signs,

Chapter 1783 Slaughter, confrontation against adver

Chapter 1784 All 8 sides are killed, support arrive

Chapter 1785 Chi Bu fell, Qianshan entered the game

Chapter 1786 Mysterious identity, return to Chang'a

Chapter 1787 Special surprise, ironic

Chapter 1788 Martial arts is determined, and the me

Chapter 1789 Plague of locusts, artifact manifests

Chapter 1790 Win the trust of the people, and the h

Chapter 1791 The pinnacle of Dao Realm, Dongying Gu

Chapter 1792 Crazy public loser, shady plan

Chapter 1793 sudden accident, grievance

Chapter 1794 Strange past events, a joint note

Chapter 1795 best offering, relic

Chapter 1796 Ready to go to Golden State

Chapter 1797 Mojin Family, Arriving at Huangfu Fami

Chapter 1798 Situation of the ruins, Lee Seung-bong

Chapter 1799 Negotiation, conditions of the Huangfu

Chapter 1800 Exploring ruins, river monsters

Chapter 1801 Die from small thoughts, monster attac

Chapter 1802 Heavenly Demon Judgment, Humanoid Beas

Chapter 1803 The real entrance, to crack the mechan

Chapter 1804 Evil black sword, swarms of insects

Chapter 1805 Ancient battlefield, black armor throb

Chapter 1806 breakthrough! Dao Realm 2 Heaven

Chapter 1807 Leaving the ruins, forcing the Japanes

Chapter 1808 Attitude, return to Chang'an

Chapter 1809 Shocking the monarchs and ministers, t

Chapter 1810 Beautiful women come to your door, no

Chapter 1811 Hit the wall again, Li Chengfeng is re

Chapter 1812 Attack the Princess Mansion at night,

Chapter 1813 counterattack preparation, Yangmou

Chapter 1814 Officially dispatch troops, carefully

Chapter 1815 Sneaking into the mansion, Peng Yan's

Chapter 1816 Both sides prepare, mobilize troops

Chapter 1817 action, the wedding banquet begins

Chapter 1818 Fierce battle, one-sided war

Chapter 1819 Xue Yu blew himself up and censored of

Chapter 1820 Prisoner Psychology, Efficient Interro

Chapter 1821 fixed plan, acting in court

Chapter 1822 Escape from Chang'an, throw yourself i

Chapter 1823 Termites are infested, paraded in the

Chapter 1824 Fried stinky tofu, pungent smell

Chapter 1825 Martial arts rules, Jibang ambition

Chapter 1826 The surname 0 came to the door, and th

Chapter 1827 Floating Clouds Inn, gathering warrior

Chapter 1828 Plenty of crimes, no space

Chapter 1829 Underground ring, Li Chengfeng made a

Chapter 1830 Suppress the audience and prepare for

Chapter 1831 Lively, warriors gather

Chapter 1832 player scroll, intending to recruit

Chapter 233 Currently, catch the thief and see the

Chapter 1834 Fairness and honesty, the reason behin

Chapter 1835 Withdrawal of the lawsuit and the open

Chapter 1836 Kill chickens and monkeys, the group a

Chapter 1837 Shared note raid, test

Chapter 1838 After the points match, prepare for su

Chapter 1839 See you in the middle of the night, hi

Chapter 1840 Intense ranking competition, Mudu invi

Chapter 1841 Accept Mudu, Chengpeng status

Chapter 1842 Cloud cake, eat Li Lizhi

Chapter 1843 Dongying Victory News, hanging head bl

Chapter 1844 Hongzhi challenges and promotes junior