Novel Summary
As a hamster spirit that has been cultivated for thousands of years, An Yan’s greatest wish was to succeed in his transformation. However, when he was just one step away from his transformation, he somehow crossed over to the interstellar age and became the only human who could maintain his normal form. In response, An Yan just wanted to cry out in his heart, “Who is the demon?” However, becoming a human being wasn’t that bad. He was making potions, making a lot of money, abusing scum, and living a prosperous life. But then, he turned back into a hamster! An Yan: Squeak? Cheng Yi: This hamster is so cute; it’s perfect for roasting. An Yan: Squeak?!
Chapter List

v1 Chapter 1 a hamster

v1 Chapter 2 white lotus cousin

v1 Chapter 3 weird human world

v1 Chapter 4 drug tester

v1 Chapter 5 pharmacist

v1 Chapter 6 positive

v1 Chapter 7 Boutique Pharmacy

v1 Chapter 8 Zhao family

v1 Chapter 9 first test

v1 Chapter 10 fun little experiment

v1 Chapter 11 second test

v1 Chapter 12 day labor

v1 Chapter 13 make it their own

v1 Chapter 14 was admitted

v1 Chapter 15 Finally got it

v1 Chapter 16 coercion

v1 Chapter 17 Evidence in hand

v1 Chapter 18 first place

v1 Chapter 19 start of day labor

v1 Chapter 20 i remember you

v1 Chapter 21 send fruit

v1 Chapter 22 scared you

v1 Chapter 23 Fate is wonderful

v1 Chapter 24 have you slept

v1 Chapter 25 confessed

v1 Chapter 26 address in hand

v1 Chapter 27 Another bottle of fine medicine

v1 Chapter 28 Ten million

v1 Chapter 29 Take the opportunity to eat tofu

v1 Chapter 30 mental overload

v1 Chapter 31 I can not help you

v1 Chapter 32 big wave of surprises

v1 Chapter 33 change attitude

v1 Chapter 34 weekend guest

v1 Chapter 35 milky milky

v1 Chapter 36 change in attitude

v1 Chapter 37 Trial result

v1 Chapter 38 Thirteen bottles of fine medicine

v1 Chapter 39 buy a new house

v1 Chapter 40 school starts

v1 Chapter 41 Two bottles of medicine

v1 Chapter 42 love at first sight

v1 Chapter 43 refuse to be provocative

v1 Chapter 44 find out the truth

v1 Chapter 45 reverse experiment

v1 Chapter 46 back to hamster

v1 Chapter 47 friction friction

v1 Chapter 48 almost exposed

v1 Chapter 49 take a bath

v1 Chapter 50 sleep

v1 Chapter 51 my new pet

v1 Chapter 52 like you most

v1 Chapter 53 Formed successfully

v1 Chapter 54 be frank

v1 Chapter 55 Kaigakuin

v1 Chapter 56 jealous

v1 Chapter 57 ask for contempt

v1 Chapter 58 do me a favor

v1 Chapter 59 hamster again

v1 Chapter 60 gossip

v1 Chapter 61 simple and rude

v1 Chapter 62 Disappointed

v1 Chapter 63 lose face

v1 Chapter 64 Apologize in public

v1 Chapter 65 College Mecha Competition

v1 Chapter 66 Cognitive error

v1 Chapter 67 Cognition is correct

v1 Chapter 68 Drug Hypothesis

v1 Chapter 69 first try

v1 Chapter 70 white tiger

v1 Chapter 71 Cultivation guide

v1 Chapter 72 new approach

v1 Chapter 73 change jobs

v1 Chapter 74 weekend routine

v1 Chapter 75 shy

v1 Chapter 76 hug

v1 Chapter 77 Grandpa Cheng

v1 Chapter 78 Check the mental domain

v1 Chapter 79 things get better

v1 Chapter 80 Grandpa Cheng assists

v1 Chapter 81 to please mother

v1 Chapter 82 share transfer

v1 Chapter 83 mental imitation

v1 Chapter 84 self repair

v1 Chapter 85 practice course

v1 Chapter 86 first practice

v1 Chapter 87 deliberate calculation

v1 Chapter 88 poor acting

v1 Chapter 89 question again and again

v1 Chapter 90 Recreate the potion

v1 Chapter 91 double the penalty

v1 Chapter 92 thinking direction

v1 Chapter 93 The experiment was successful

v1 Chapter 94 invited to be a guest

v1 Chapter 95 Submit your paper

v1 Chapter 96 apologize in person

v1 Chapter 97 perpetrator and victim

v1 Chapter 98 be interrogated

v1 Chapter 99 Visit Cheng's house

v1 Chapter 100 Battle of the potions

v1 Chapter 101 towards reversal

v1 Chapter 102 Institute meeting

v1 Chapter 103 reveal the truth

v1 Chapter 104 The boss is here

v1 Chapter 105 fell off the horse

v1 Chapter 106 shy

v1 Chapter 107 like someone

v1 Chapter 108 I like you

v1 Chapter 109 Sign up for the competition

v1 Chapter 110 three-way horse

v1 Chapter 111 humiliated

v1 Chapter 112 frank

v1 Chapter 113 Apply for an engagement

v1 Chapter 114 dog blood brain tonic

v1 Chapter 115 An Yan's father

v1 Chapter 116 a bunch of superb

v1 Chapter 117 go shopping

v1 Chapter 118 Zhu's house is over

v1 Chapter 119 Special Achievement Award

v1 Chapter 120 Postponement of awards

v1 Chapter 121 human error

v2 Chapter 122 second paper

v2 Chapter 123 pre-match training

v2 Chapter 124 open love

v2 Chapter 125 first round

v2 Chapter 126 Cheng Yang's partner

v2 Chapter 127 second round

v2 Chapter 128 Battle of Pink and Black

v2 Chapter 129 Anti-Sky Potion

v2 Chapter 130 first opponent

v2 Chapter 131 unexpected effect

v2 Chapter 132 come hit me

v2 Chapter 133 Cheng Yang's worries

v2 Chapter 134 recovery state

v2 Chapter 135 you can't lie to me

v2 Chapter 136 collectively admit wrongdoing

v2 Chapter 137 Beast Mecha

v2 Chapter 138 reach cooperation

v2 Chapter 139 Third round promotion

v2 Chapter 140 Mecha Manufacturing Discussion

v2 Chapter 141 two gifts

v2 Chapter 142 assist

v2 Chapter 143 set engagement date

v2 Chapter 144 fourth round

v2 Chapter 145 change the rules of the game

v2 Chapter 146 pass by

v2 Chapter 147 Advance to offline

v2 Chapter 148 tough cut

v2 Chapter 149 Shapeshifting Potion Experiment

v2 Chapter 150 face to face

v2 Chapter 151 Little pink pig

v2 Chapter 152 consecutive failures

v2 Chapter 153 new guess

v2 Chapter 154 Verify Guess

v2 Chapter 155 The fifth round begins

v2 Chapter 156 ungrateful teammate

v2 Chapter 157 face to face

v2 Chapter 158 ignore directly

v2 Chapter 159 Group first

v2 Chapter 160 Justified

v2 Chapter 161 Mecha Parts

v2 Chapter 162 the most important person

v2 Chapter 163 differential treatment

v2 Chapter 164 invitation design

v2 Chapter 165 Pick a dress and ring

v2 Chapter 166 sixth round

v2 Chapter 167 Invitation from the Pharmacists Associat

v2 Chapter 168 Fail with rhythm

v2 Chapter 169 Mech test

v2 Chapter 170 Giant White Tiger Mecha

v2 Chapter 171 I love so much

v2 Chapter 172 Perfect fusion

v2 Chapter 173 Finals begin

v2 Chapter 174 Zerg Siege

v2 Chapter 175 Big boss fight

v2 Chapter 176 three-way battle

v2 Chapter 177 one against two

v2 Chapter 178 embarrassing situation

v2 Chapter 179 The female worm appears

v2 Chapter 180 real female worm

v2 Chapter 181 tensions

v2 Chapter 182 White Tiger Mecha Appears

v2 Chapter 183 Potentially dangerous

v2 Chapter 184 eliminate female worms

v2 Chapter 185 It's going to change

v2 Chapter 186 competition is over

v2 Chapter 187 Words are hamsters

v2 Chapter 188 figured it out

v2 Chapter 189 come to apologize

v2 Chapter 190 engagement

v2 Chapter 191 Extraordinary Awards Ceremony