The Orc Old Attack Lightly Teases
The Orc Old Attack Lightly Teases
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Novel Summary
Chapter List

Chapter 1 Through another world

Chapter 2 I'm pregnant

Chapter 3 Lausanne injured

Chapter 4 he will heal

Chapter 5 barbecue service

Chapter 6 choose a partner

Chapter 7 drive away lions

Chapter 8 Henchy Poisoning

Chapter 9 Disliked by wolves

Chapter 10 Lausanne eating herbal medicine by mista

Chapter 11 I will be responsible for you

Chapter 12 From now on you will be mine

Chapter 13 Aqua Dance

Chapter 14 silver wolf provocation

Chapter 15 catch fish

Chapter 16 Taboo in Lausanne

Chapter 17 Lausanne was attacked

Chapter 18 A lie needs countless lies to complete

Chapter 19 midwife

Chapter 20 water tank

Chapter 21 Orcs should be damned

Chapter 22 Injure Orc Wude

Chapter 23 Gluttonous Mushroom Soup

Chapter 24 provocation

Chapter 25 benefactor of the tribe

Chapter 26 Ferry is missing

Chapter 27 I will go with you

Chapter 28 Can't bear your right hand?

Chapter 29 The first appearance of Fei Li's superna

Chapter 30 Treat Soma to dinner

Chapter 31 you sleep here today

Chapter 32 mighty mermaid

Chapter 33 frozen

Chapter 34 revenge

Chapter 35 I can take whatever I like

Chapter 36 petty orc

Chapter 37 betrayed

Chapter 38 maintenance of him

Chapter 39 found pepper

Chapter 40 you can only be my partner

Chapter 41 break into lion clan

Chapter 42 You are mine too

Chapter 43 Lausanne protects Ferry

Chapter 44 The truth about Soma's disappearance

Chapter 45 Lausanne out of control

Chapter 46 Soma killed the orc

Chapter 47 The leader is a **** face

Chapter 48 tribe attacked

Chapter 49 Treat others in the same way (Jia Geng)

Chapter 50 Forest meets bear

Chapter 51 Soma resigned to fate

Chapter 52 The orcs fainted inexplicably

Chapter 53 The leader is a rogue

Chapter 54 My own little ancestor loves me

Chapter 55 traitor of the tribe

Chapter 56 execute together

Chapter 57 Apology is worse than flesh and blood

Chapter 58 Soma is free

Chapter 59 die together

Chapter 60 Elder Su emerges

Chapter 61 Master Chief can cook?

Chapter 62 In Tiger Clan

Chapter 63 I would rather die in your hands

Chapter 64 terrible nightmare

Chapter 65 Soma sacrificed herself to save

Chapter 66 Soma is overjoyed

Chapter 67 Tiger Clan Attacks Mermaid Clan

Chapter 68 finally see you

Chapter 69 Rival Appears

Chapter 70 Enough support

Chapter 71 Have we met before?

Chapter 72 The jar of vinegar was overturned

Chapter 73 break the spell

Chapter 74 Sweet as ever (sweetened)

Chapter 75 Not pregnant yet? (continue to pet)

Chapter 76 wooden bed

Chapter 77 good nights are short

Chapter 78 You think I can't do it too?

Chapter 79 Lord Lausanne, you won't die, will you?

Chapter 80 try medicine

Chapter 81 Just walk away?

Chapter 82 My man, you have no right to dictate

Chapter 83 The night is so beautiful, what not to d

Chapter 84 Don't worry, I'm here

Chapter 85 Fox family

Chapter 86 Trapped Fox Tribe

Chapter 87 unreasonable

Chapter 88 poisoned

Chapter 89 The Enmity Between the Two Clans

Chapter 90 You brag for me?

Chapter 91 Do you like it hard or soft?

Chapter 92 Purify Lingquan

Chapter 93 Pain of genocide

Chapter 94 This is to meet the parents?

Chapter 95 I'm Lausanne's partner

Chapter 96 Take a shower together?

Chapter 97 feel good

Chapter 98 infertility truth

Chapter 99 we're going home now to have babies

Chapter 100 The death of Tinkerbell?