The Rise Of The Tamer Family
The Rise Of The Tamer Family
Novel Summary
The Yaoguang Realm expelled the foreign demons from the human race, and established the ninth-grade family and sect. At this point, the Yaoguang Realm came to an era ruled by the family and the sect. The ninth rank rules a city, the eighth rank rules a county, the seventh rank rules a state, the sixth rank rules a country… Chen Yang came through with He Daozhu, cultivated a powerful bloodline monster, raised the farm, and led the Chen family to become the current saint.
Chapter List

v1 Chapter 1 Royal Beast Chen Family

v1 Chapter 2 Howling Moon Wolf

v1 Chapter 3 Status change

v1 Chapter 4 Go to Beast Sect

v1 Chapter 5 gift

v1 Chapter 6 Chen family gift

v1 Chapter 7 back to family

v1 Chapter 8 Xuanfeng wolf

v1 Chapter 9 Refining the natal beast

v1 Chapter 10 divergent thinking

v1 Chapter 11 Learn about the role of fertilizers

v1 Chapter 12 Song Family Conspiracy

v1 Chapter 13 Deep into the Endless Mountains

v1 Chapter 14 Demon Zun emerges

v1 Chapter 15 Mysterious Cave House

v1 Chapter 16 Red Chain Python

v1 Chapter 17 The little prince's conspiracy

v1 Chapter 18 return

v1 Chapter 19 The Red Refined Demon King is coming

v1 Chapter 20 1 year

v1 Chapter 21 Xuanfeng wolf breaks through the demon g

v1 Chapter 22 Legacy of the Beastmaster

v1 Chapter 23 The devil-like Chen family

v1 Chapter 24 Gongsun's plan

v1 Chapter 25 you and me

v1 Chapter 26 Lobbying the Li family

v1 Chapter 27 Ancestor Xue, do you want a husband or n

v1 Chapter 28 The trend of integration and verticality

v1 Chapter 29 Dan Wang Mo Xiao

v1 Chapter 30 The first meeting of the 2 major leagues

v1 Chapter 31 Go to Donglin Town

v1 Chapter 32 weird shop 2

v1 Chapter 33 Bloodline Warrior

v1 Chapter 34 Chen Yang opened the pulse

v1 Chapter 35 re-entry ruins

v1 Chapter 36 winged tiger

v1 Chapter 37 Instigate against the Feng family

v1 Chapter 38 The situation changes, the war begins!

v1 Chapter 39 fierce battle

v1 Chapter 40 Annihilate the Gongsun family

v1 Chapter 41 The origin of the Gongsun family

v1 Chapter 42 Fengcheng was renamed Chencheng

v1 Chapter 43 Scattered Cultivation Intrusion

v1 Chapter 44 Monster! Monster!

v1 Chapter 45 Demon tide

v1 Chapter 46 Survive the first wave of attacks

v1 Chapter 47 Spirit Stone Crossbow

v1 Chapter 48 Harvest 1 rare general

v1 Chapter 49 hunt fire python

v1 Chapter 50 Chencheng people's courage

v1 Chapter 51 Winged Tiger Breakthrough

v1 Chapter 52 external situation

v1 Chapter 53 King of Deshun

v1 Chapter 54 secret news

v1 Chapter 55 Negotiations broke down, monsters tore u

v1 Chapter 56 Shoot the spirit-eared fox

v1 Chapter 57 The tide recedes

v1 Chapter 58 The King of Deshun County wants to discu

v1 Chapter 59 Chen's achievements

v1 Chapter 60 The bloodline warrior Chen Yang, the Kin

v1 Chapter 61 Dagan Slayer Temple

v1 Chapter 62 Zhou Yingzhao

v1 Chapter 63 Meet the Young Sect Master of the Imperi

v1 Chapter 64 upcoming food crisis

v1 Chapter 65 Chen's Secret Planting Base

v1 Chapter 66 cash-for-work

v1 Chapter 67 This is the way of evil

v1 Chapter 68 Salary from the bottom of the pot

v1 Chapter 69 half a year

v1 Chapter 70 Refiner

v1 Chapter 71 Go to Yicheng again

v1 Chapter 72 Both think the other is a good person

v1 Chapter 73 more victims

v1 Chapter 74 re-entry ruins

v1 Chapter 75 Prosperity is emerging

v1 Chapter 76 Rent 4 cities for farming

v1 Chapter 77 Explosive Dan

v1 Chapter 78 Accidental discovery

v1 Chapter 79 Dragoon

v1 Chapter 80 Qing Zhaoling came to Chencheng

v1 Chapter 81 Spiritual wine family

v1 Chapter 82 1 year

v1 Chapter 83 buy all the land

v1 Chapter 84 Other forces are my medicine garden

v1 Chapter 85 This is a plan to drive away tigers and

v1 Chapter 86 Wang Shuo's acting

v1 Chapter 87 Daoxuan came to Chencheng

v1 Chapter 88 Chen Cheng news

v1 Chapter 89 The Song family's response

v1 Chapter 90 construction pass

v1 Chapter 91 Chen Yang's countermeasures

v1 Chapter 92 Arrogant Zhou Yingzhao

v1 Chapter 93 The lonely Song family

v1 Chapter 94 The Song family who jumped over the wall

v1 Chapter 95 Song Laozu's decision

v1 ~ Testimonials

v1 Chapter 96 dark moon night

v1 Chapter 97 Killing people and burying their bones

v1 Chapter 98 Song Family Conspiracy

v1 Chapter 99 right now, right now

v1 Chapter 100 1 to earn royal money

v1 Chapter 101 Mo Xiao's auction

v1 Chapter 103 Purchased 7 Qualification Dan

v1 Chapter 103 The classification of bloodline warriors

v1 Chapter 104 unexpected visitor

v1 Chapter 105 The Zhou Brothers and Sisters

v1 Chapter 106 suffocating shadow 13

v1 Chapter 107 Shadow 13 surrender

v1 Chapter 108 search for evidence

v1 Chapter 109 Evil Cultivation Demon Soul Sect

v1 Chapter 110 The secret behind the demon tide

v1 Chapter 111 Mountain Treasure! Fire Spirit Stone Min

v1 Chapter 112 King Zhao Mingyuan

v1 Chapter 113 Take Master to Catch Evil Xiu

v1 Chapter 114 Destroy the Song family, and the Chen fa

v1 Chapter 115 Receive business from the Song family

v1 Chapter 116 Mysterious iron ore veins, 9 aunts want

v1 Chapter 117 Chen Yang decided to seize the share of

v1 Chapter 118 After the puppet was repaired, Chen Ying

v1 Chapter 119 The two families came out together, and

v1 Chapter 120 5 clans agree, clan fights to allocate s

v1 Chapter 121 clan fight begins

v1 Chapter 122 Tianjiao Chen Yang is indeed well-deserv

v1 Chapter 123 Nearly 10 years

v1 Chapter 124 The luxury breakout method

v1 Chapter 125 Re-entering the ruins, the Chen family a

v1 Chapter 126 1st bloodline warrior

v1 Chapter 127 The upgraded version of He Daozhu, Chen

v1 Chapter 128 Underworld dragon hatches, butler Qi's r

v1 Chapter 129 big waves

v1 Chapter 130 Chen Jiatian 8th Item Refiner

v1 Chapter 131 royal arrangement

v1 Chapter 132 Avoid the water, the reward of the royal

v1 Chapter 133 The exhausted wizard

v1 Chapter 134 The chaos of monsters, the disaster of f

v1 Chapter 135 dangers in water

v1 Chapter 136 Blood Wolf Cold Python

v1 Chapter 137 Kill the Demon Lord and count the harves

v1 Chapter 138 The King of Deshun arrives and chooses t

v1 Chapter 139 Selection begins

v1 Chapter 140 light in blood

v1 Chapter 141 things end

v1 Chapter 142 To receive the reward, the Chen family o

v1 Chapter 143 When the flood recedes, the royal family

v1 Chapter 144 Generous reward, Wang Shuo sent the pill

v1 Chapter 145 Chen Yang made a breakthrough, and the C

v1 Chapter 146 The Royal Beast Sect and the Deshun Pala

v1 Chapter 147 The generosity of the Deshun palace, the

v1 Chapter 148 The Adventures of Chen Tao

v1 Chapter 149 Uncle 4, I found a aunt 4 for me

v1 Chapter 150 The ancestors got married, and the Chen

v1 Chapter 151 Go to Beast Sect

v1 ~ I'm sorry

v1 Chapter 152 Dagan 540 years, the martial arts compet

v1 Chapter 153 The Array Master came to vote and learne

v1 Chapter 154 true secret

v1 Chapter 155 Zheng Qiu's story, the underworld dragon

v1 Chapter 156 The rules in the ruins, everyone went to

v1 Chapter 157 Lingjian Pavilion: It's broken, I'm a je

v1 Chapter 158 royal favor

v1 Chapter 159 The competition is over, the rewards are

v1 ~ The update is postponed to 12:00, everyo

v1 Chapter 160 Arrived in Dragon Valley, Dagan lost the

v1 Chapter 161 Chen Yang is in danger

v1 Chapter 162 Chen Yang, who turned the tide

v1 Chapter 163 Qingfengzong foreign aid, Dagan is in tr

v1 Chapter 164 Chen Yang on the first page

v1 Chapter 165 defeat a strong enemy

v1 Chapter 166 Counterattack begins

v1 Chapter 167 The battle is over, the rewards are gene

v1 Chapter 168 Red Dragon Egg! guests outside the endle

v1 Chapter 169 mother's family

v1 Chapter 170 0 bloodline of Shen Shi, Chen Yang's blo

v1 Chapter 171 1 map of the outside world

v1 Chapter 173 The Debate of the Patriarch of the Shen

v1 Chapter 173 The decision of the ancestors of the She

v1 Chapter 174 grandfather's gift

v1 Chapter 175 Negotiate specific funding options

v1 Chapter 176 The ancestors who are addicted to movies

v1 Chapter 177 Wang Shuo was demoted, the last infighti

v1 Chapter 178 final preparations

v1 Chapter 179 Father, Uncle 2, times have changed

v1 Chapter 180 The situation in Jiangzhou changed, and

v1 Chapter 181 The interesting ancestor of the beast se

v1 ~ Update delayed

v1 Chapter 182 The first batch of funding from the Shen

v1 Chapter 183 The underworld dragon breaks through the

v1 Chapter 184 Zhou Yinglan's win

v1 Chapter 185 Master's plan

v1 Chapter 186 The past of the King of Deshun County, t

v1 Chapter 187 royal grandfather's thoughts

v1 Chapter 188 Endless Mountains Development Plan

v1 Chapter 189 To the Endless Mountains

v1 ~ Something happened, the update is delaye

v1 Chapter 190 Bewitching the Jiaolong Demon Emperor

v1 Chapter 191 Alliance of Cold Pools

v1 Chapter 192 Pull another demon emperor to join

v1 Chapter 193 fierce battle

v1 Chapter 194 Kill the double-headed colorful spirit p

v1 Chapter 195 Harvest spirit crystals, distribute harv

v1 Chapter 196 return

v1 Chapter 197 The King's Summoning

v1 Chapter 198 Is the ancestor of the royal family an e

v1 ~ Update delayed

v1 ~ take time off

v1 Chapter 199 The King's Mission

v1 Chapter 200 Back to Chen's house

v1 Chapter 201 High-grade animal blood

v1 Chapter 202 Inventory information

v1 Chapter 203 trace of evil

v1 Chapter 204 Go to fish city

v1 Chapter 205 clue

v1 Chapter 206 Letter from Qianlongwei

v1 Chapter 207 The minions of the royal ancestors

v1 Chapter 208 The Cult Camp in the Endless Mountains

v1 Chapter 209 caught a big fish

v1 Chapter 210 Interrogation of cultists

v1 Chapter 211 Interrogation of the evil cultivator, th

v1 Chapter 212 Master and apprentice plan

v1 Chapter 213 The Despair of Hancheng 0 Surname

v1 ~ Update delayed

v1 Chapter 214 Killing Xie Xiu, Zhou Muchun and Li Kezh

v1 Chapter 215 Chen family famous

v1 Chapter 216 Ghost Demon Sect wants to destroy the Ch

v1 Chapter 217 Choose your own way to die

v1 Chapter 218 Defeat the evil cultivator

v1 Chapter 219 spying on intelligence

v1 Chapter 220 The evil cultivator in the late period o

v1 Chapter 221 It is not easy to deal with Chen Yang

v1 Chapter 222 Kill the 3 elders and determine the plac

v1 Chapter 223 Fire poison

v1 Chapter 224 I love making friends

v1 Chapter 225 Cracked golden armadillo

v1 Chapter 226 Qingluan

v1 Chapter 227 The alliance was established, at the end

v1 Chapter 228 Invitation from my grandfather

v1 Chapter 229 Ancestor's Summoning

v1 Chapter 230 Zhou Muchun's Probe

v1 Chapter 231 Find the place of custody, the ceremony

v1 Chapter 232 The ceremony is over, all parties are re

v1 Chapter 233 Win over 2 demon emperors and confuse th

v1 Chapter 234 Li Kezhao strikes

v1 ~ Update delayed

v1 Chapter 235 The puppet appeared on stage, and all pa

v1 Chapter 236 the impact of events

v1 ~ Can't update tonight

v1 Chapter 237 Visitors from the Endless Mountains, Li

v1 Chapter 238 Domineering Li family

v1 Chapter 239 The influence of the vassals of the Li f

v1 Chapter 240 Old Ancestor Zhou, do you seriously thin

v1 ~ Update delayed, update from 1 pm

v1 Chapter 241 big win

v1 Chapter 242 Rich treasures, the truth is revealed to

v1 Chapter 243 Chencheng, the holy city

v1 ~ Update from 1 night

v1 Chapter 244 Distributing the spoils, the reaction of

v1 Chapter 245 Zhou's plan

v1 ~ Guys, the computer is blue screen again

v1 Chapter 246 royal guests

v1 Chapter 247 Yeah, that's what I thought

v1 Chapter 248 Zhou clan in self-doubt

v1 Chapter 249 Li Burning arrives, the domineering Li f

v1 Chapter 250 In the 6th year of Qiyuan, Shen Qiyu cam

v1 Chapter 251 Domineering Shen Qiyu

v1 Chapter 252 Endless Mountains Development Plan

v1 Chapter 253 The world is impermanent, the Li family

v1 Chapter 254 build a caravan

v1 Chapter 255 build a caravan

v1 Chapter 256 The pioneers set off for Zhou Tianli, th

v1 Chapter 257 Zhou Tianli welcomes relatives

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v1 Chapter 258 see you forever

v1 Chapter 259 A Secret Talk between Chen Yang and Li F

v1 ~ Postponed update, update from 1 at night

v1 Chapter 260 Master Li's plan, the 10th year of Qiyua

v1 Chapter 261 The Chen family is promoted to rank 7

v1 Chapter 262 gift

v1 Chapter 263 gift from the Lee family

v1 Chapter 264 give you 2 options

v1 Chapter 265 In the 16th year of Qiyuan, Shen Renxu c

v1 Chapter 266 Nether Sword Sect

v1 Chapter 267 In the 20th year of Qiyuan, the caravan

v1 Chapter 268 teleportation array

v1 Chapter 269 3 major firms

v1 Chapter 270 go to Li's house

v1 Chapter 271 secretly negotiated

v1 Chapter 272 conversion of goals

v1 ~ Update from 1 night

v1 Chapter 273 The past of the Li family in Qianyuan, a

v1 Chapter 274 The strangeness of the golden lion

v1 Chapter 275 golden lion surrender

v1 Chapter 276 3 years later

v1 Chapter 277 3 major 4th grade forces

v1 Chapter 278 With the support of 3 major forces, the

v1 Chapter 279 The plan began to be implemented, and Zh

v1 Chapter 280 Floating Cloud Sect, Chen Yang was promo

v1 Chapter 281 3 monsters of the blood of the demon emp

v1 Chapter 282 Go to Yangcheng

v1 Chapter 283 Cooperation with Gu Mu

v1 Chapter 284 Yusheng's legacy

v1 Chapter 285 3 great inheritance

v1 ~ Update from 1 night

v1 Chapter 286 Inheritance assessment

v1 Chapter 287 At the end of the inheritance, Chen Yang

v1 Chapter 288 3 major chambers of commerce negotiation

v1 Chapter 289 Go to Yangcheng again

v1 Chapter 290 Preparation before the war

v1 ~ Update from 1 night

v1 Chapter 291 duel of righteousness

v1 Chapter 292 magic art

v1 Chapter 293 Speaking with strength? Then speak with

v1 ~ Update from 1 late

v1 Chapter 294 Destroy the 3 major chambers of commerce

v1 Chapter 295 Count the harvest and make a fortune

v1 Chapter 296 3 people rescheduled

v1 ~ Update from 1 night

v1 Chapter 297 annexation of the dynasty

v2 Chapter 1 something to say

v2 Chapter 298 With great luck, the treasures in Qing's

v2 Chapter 299 Distribute and harvest the platform cons

v2 Chapter 300 Chen Yang broke through to the 2nd floor

v2 Chapter 301 Return to the Chen family, and the plan

v2 Chapter 302 How to understand the Dao

v2 Chapter 303 Chen Yang's Dao Qiyuan 53 Years

v2 Chapter 304 The first beast of the spirit beast leve

v2 Chapter 305 The Chen family was promoted to the 6th

v2 ~ Update delayed

v2 Chapter 306 6 products

v2 ~ Update delayed

v2 Chapter 307 Tasks for Liu Yunzong

v2 Chapter 308 Flowing Cloud Sect's information

v2 Chapter 309 Chen Yang's plan

v2 Chapter 310 Plan to start Flowing Cloud Sect's actio

v2 Chapter 311 Implementation of the Phase 2 Plan

v2 Chapter 312 Step by step into the trap

v2 Chapter 313 The war against Chu Liang begins

v2 Chapter 314 Flowing Cloud Sect is destroyed!

v2 Chapter 315 Count the harvest and return to the fami

v2 Chapter 316 Dragon's Blood - Chapter 1

v2 Chapter 317 Shenmai Chen Yang's terrifying rise

v2 Chapter 318 Go to Shen's house

v2 Chapter 319 The stunned Shen family

v2 Chapter 320 Go to Daomen

v2 Chapter 321 Enter the Heaven and Earth Spirit Pool

v2 ~ I have something to do today, take a bre

v2 Chapter 322 The end of the trip to the 4th floor of

v2 Chapter 323 The Secret of Fluctuating Light

v2 Chapter 324 Treasures in the dangerous land in the 7

v2 Chapter 325 3rd to 1st

v2 Chapter 325 The Chen family is promoted to rank 5, a

v2 Chapter 237 Enter the Demon Land (5,000)

v2 Chapter 328 Entering the Tide of Demons in City No.

v2 Chapter 329 1 year later (Happy New Year everyone!)

v2 Chapter 330 Evil disaster, Chen Yang's preparation

v2 Chapter 331 war begins

v2 Chapter 332 The illusory avenue shows its power and

v2 Chapter 333 Rescue the Shen family

v2 Chapter 334 The war is over, the emperor and demons

v2 Chapter 335 Redeem the Flower of the Avenue of Rewar

v2 Chapter 336 In exchange for the breakthrough of Chen

v2 Chapter 337 The strange behavior of the demon

v2 Chapter 338 Dark Descendants (4000)

v2 Chapter 339 Destroy the demon lair, a terrifying fea

v2 Chapter 340 Time Mystery (5,000)

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v2 Chapter 341 Go to Suzaku Saint Clan (4,000)

v2 Chapter 342 Breakthrough Peak (4,000)

v2 Chapter 343 Realm of all beings (four thousand)

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v2 Chapter 344 Enlightenment Leaf (4,000)

v2 Chapter 345 Inheritance Demons (5,000)

v2 Chapter 346 The Shock of the Mottled Tiger (4,000)

v2 Chapter 347 Heavenly Mystery Saints Now (4,000)

v2 Chapter 348 The King's Avenue, the change of the for

v2 Chapter 349 Breaking through the emperor, the missio

v2 Chapter 350 into the void

v2 Chapter 251 Infiltrate the Demon Resource Point

v2 Chapter 352 The first confrontation with the mind-re

v2 ~ Brothers, take a break

v2 Chapter 353 war begins

v2 Chapter 354 the end of the war

v2 Chapter 355 Crystal of the Avenue of Time

v2 Chapter 256 Go to the secret realm of Yusheng, the t

v2 Chapter 357 Nangong Fuming's request

v2 ~ Brothers, take a break

v2 Chapter 358 Re-entering the secret realm of time

v2 Chapter 359 Chen Yang broke the sage, the change of

v2 Chapter 360 The core inheritance of Yangmen, Suzaku

v2 Chapter 361 Return to the void and kill 1 holy demon

v2 Chapter 362 Red dust experience

v2 Chapter 363 thirst for life

v2 Chapter 364 Dragon ancestors appear, mythical beasts

v2 Chapter 365 Fair yearning and death relief

v2 ~ Some Calvin, please take 1 day off

v2 Chapter 366 Shenlu is now

v2 Chapter 367 big change coming

v2 Chapter 368 The formation is broken, and the fluctua

v2 Chapter 369 Endgame (Grand Finale)

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