Novel Summary
As a result of a plane crash, Chen Xing arrived in a never-seen-before dynasty. Here, there were not only women and men but also a Ger who could bear children. Not only did he become a Ger, but he was also married off as the substitute bride to a medicine jar that wouldn’t live for long. The first time he saw him, Chen Xing thought, ‘A medicine jar is a medicine jar, anyway, he is good-looking, so it’s not a loss for me. In the future, I can open a restaurant and support him.’ Later on, as his little restaurant grew bigger and bigger and as his customers also became more and more distinguished; he gradually realized that his frail husband was not quite the same as he had imagined. (Author: This is probably a heartwarming, build up family fortune, culinary & delicacy food story.) Optimistic, cheerful & hard-working Shou Vs black bellied 3, frail & beauty Gong One sentence synopsis: Three meals a day, in four seasons, beauty and delicacies are sufficient. The concept: Don’t panic when you encounter difficulties and firmly believe that hard work will make you rich.
Chapter List

Chapter 1 pass through

Chapter 2 Gu family

Chapter 3 poor family

Chapter 4 ravioli

Chapter 5 Prepare

Chapter 6 Mabo tofu

Chapter 7 keep a pet

Chapter 8 being bullied

Chapter 9 comminicate

Chapter 10 frank

Chapter 11 Pumpkin Dessert

Chapter 12 rent

Chapter 13 reopen

Chapter 14 chicken soup

Chapter 15 lively

Chapter 16 heavy rain

Chapter 17 official messenger

Chapter 18 Hawthorn Cake

Chapter 19 new food

Chapter 20 make things difficult

Chapter 21 punished

Chapter 22 bowl cake

Chapter 23 bookstore

Chapter 24 execution

Chapter 25 Foodstuff

Chapter 26 drunk

Chapter 27 goodbye miss

Chapter 28 jelly

Chapter 29 ruined stall

Chapter 30 he is happy

Chapter 31 literacy

Chapter 32 discuss

Chapter 33 desire

Chapter 34 jelly

Chapter 35 Literacy

Chapter 36 cat

Chapter 37 Shen He

Chapter 38 Compete for favor

Chapter 39 Popular

Chapter 40 plan

Chapter 41 Master Xu

Chapter 42 deal with

Chapter 43 follow-up

Chapter 44 worried about his injury

Chapter 45 send

Chapter 46 rent a shop

Chapter 47 exile

Chapter 48 set a shop

Chapter 49 negotiate

Chapter 50 misfortune

Chapter 51 solve

Chapter 52 organize clothes

Chapter 53 . worry

Chapter 54 opening

Chapter 55 business is booming

Chapter 56 guest

Chapter 57 . slap in the face

Chapter 58 remember

Chapter 59 invite

Chapter 60 Shock

Chapter 61 Delusion

Chapter 62 contract

Chapter 63 peach stuffed

Chapter 64 Apologize

Chapter 65 coax people

Chapter 66 find fault

Chapter 67 Pack

Chapter 68 Confession

Chapter 69 hold hands

Chapter 70 kiss

Chapter 71 poisoning

Chapter 72 Yamenli

Chapter 73 the truth

Chapter 74 face

Chapter 75 quibble

Chapter 76 plead guilty

Chapter 77 coax

Chapter 78 Xue Mei Niang

Chapter 79 end

Chapter 80 ice cream cake

Chapter 81 Visitor

Chapter 82 Chen Linger

Chapter 83 nausea

Chapter 84 return the deed of sale

Chapter 85 Decide

Chapter 86 plan

Chapter 87 conspiracy

Chapter 88 kiss

Chapter 89 dressing

Chapter 90 reply

Chapter 91 give away

Chapter 92 limit

Chapter 93 trouble

Chapter 94 Miss Chen Si

Chapter 95 lie

Chapter 96 but disfigurement

Chapter 97 banquet

Chapter 98 success

Chapter 99 follow-up

Chapter 100 Arson