Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 102: Cannon fodder counterattacks **** text (

In the crane-type incense burner, the incense of the heart and the scent of the gods, the white smoke, the prince of a black casual dress sat on the side, quietly looking at the opposite side of the purple eye to observe his hand, the eyes are full of worship.

When he was still a coveted child, he once saw Ziyuan in the Imperial Palace. At that time, he had not grown into such a tall and strong look. He was still a little priest with a cold eyes and a thorny look.

At that time, the third brother was just born. The mother's body was originally poor. After giving birth to the third brother, it was a serious illness. The doctors came and went, and the mother's body was gone day by day.

He originally thought that he would really like the little palace lady who secretly said the mouth, after the mother lost her mother in the winter, but the father came to Ziyuan.

He still vividly remembers how the cold-faced little priest had a bad attitude toward his father, but what he expected was that the father who had few expressions on the weekday was not angry at all. On the contrary, The little priest’s madness seemed very proud and happy.

For the first time in his life, he had a deep worship of a person.

When he looked at his mother, he was arbitrarily tied with a golden needle for a few times, and after drinking half a month of dark medicinal juice, he quickly recovered. The worship in his heart was about to break through the sky.

I looked at everyone all day, stretching my face, including the fearful father, how domineering!

Just show your hands and let the dying person come back to life, how amazing!

If you don't think about taking care of your younger brother, will he follow the path of Ziyuan Dao as a Taoist?


Thinking of this, the Prince sighed indifferently.

When I was young and ignorant, I didn’t have so many gains and losses. The throne and power, even in my own opinion, couldn’t even be a golden needle that grew up in Ziyuan, but as I grew up, I listened to the people around me. Complimenting flattery or admonition, the little prince who dreamed of going to be a Taoist priest in the world, finally ceased to exist.

Even with the immortality of the mother, the father gradually looked at himself with the eyes of the enemy. The younger brother often took out many of the disasters. Under the ruthlessness, he had forgotten that memory, and did not leave the father. The little priest in the face.

Until inadvertently heard about the secret of the royal family.

In his cognition, the first Queen Mother has two sons, the eldest son is today, and the second prince was born in January and died of illness.

But the rumor is not the case. It is said that the second emperor who died unfortunately did not die.

The emperor paid special attention to numerology, but the second emperor was acquainted with his life. Since he was born, he has been repeatedly injured and sick. Although he has no problem with his life, he has strengthened his hesitant heart.

As a result, the much-loved Erhuangzi died of illness, and in a Taoist temple in the south of the Yangtze River, there was a little boy who had just had a full moon.

But what happened to the little boy? Does he know his identity? After the emperor’s death, did the father have thought about taking him back to the palace?

He was full of doubts, but the latter things were no longer known.

Until he heard the name in the third brother's mouth, like the 醍醐 醍醐 一般 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Yuan is the second emperor who was sent out of the palace. He felt that there was no need to think about him.

As the memories became clearer, the distant childhood dream was once again recalled, and he suddenly had the idea of ​​seeing Ziyuan.

After all, that is the person he deeply admired from childhood!

Finally, I met the idol face to face, and I also know that this idol is 80% of my own uncle, and he is not only good at pharmacology, but also fortunately, the Prince’s heart is so excited that he wants to be transformed into a brain powder of Ziyuan!


Feeling his more and more adoring eyes, Ziyuan was not at all smug, but instead of being a guilty conscience, he stretched his neck and looked out the window.

Not far away, the handsome and handsome man is sitting under the tree looking at something, completely unfocused here.

Ziyuan was relieved.

It’s a pitiful day, and if he’s misunderstood with his dear lover, he’s dead!

Thinking of the hot and extreme scene yesterday, he twitched his nose.

Such a beautiful picture, just keep it in your mind, but don't come back for the second time.

"Zi Yuandao is long?" The Prince looked at the window with some incomprehensibility. What was there outside? How does the Taoist expression look like this...

"Cough!" Ziyuan instantly returned to God, noticed that his doubtful eyes were suddenly serious. The slight side turned over and blocked the prince's gaze, pointing at his hand, and his eyebrows shook his head.

The Prince’s heart jumped, and he couldn’t care what he had seen outside the window. He wondered: “What does the word mean?”

There are no people in the room. The eunuchs brought by the princes are also kept outside, and they will not be heard by others. Therefore, Ziyuan will not hang his appetite. He said bluntly: "Anyone around you has a fate, and if you continue in the future. Entanglement, must have to live a long hard life, self-security can not be guaranteed, public opinion marriage. After all the calm and calm to the highest position, the fate has long been affected, although it can be met with the beautiful, this life is doomed to have no children. In the end, only one child can be taken from the name of others. Fortunately, the child is a rare child of wisdom, and the Li’s Jiangshan is still stable."

When the prince said that he had no children in this life, he looked pale. He came here just to see the object of worship at the sight of a child. It’s just a scorpion, but he didn’t expect to hear such a shocking thing. .

He is a prince. Although his status is somewhat unstable, there are people around him who look at the position. However, he has always believed that only he can justify himself on the throne and make this great country more prosperous under his own guardianship.

The road to the position must be full of thorns and obstacles. He has already prepared for the dangers and difficulties, but he never thought that he would have no children.

What does it mean for an emperor to have no children? !

Thinking of the surviving emperor in the former dynasty, the Prince’s heart was shocked by the insistence that his own biological parents had made troubles for the emperor and the queen.

Do you have to experience such awkwardness?

Ziyuan saw enough that his face was pale and his eyes were ignorant. This only took away the bad taste in his heart. He shook his head and said: "But that is your original life. Now... strange and strange, you can’t see it. through."

The Prince’s heart was stunned, and he was almost vomited by the words of his god’s turning point!

Pretending that he didn't see the unspeakable look in his eyes, Ziyuan was unpredictable and smiled. "But... this road advises that there are some things that can be managed. If you don't manage it, you can't touch it. The whole body, the position that everyone thinks is not in the bag of anyone..."

His words have been said to be very straightforward. The Prince’s eyes on the meaning of the long-term implied warning, the chaotic heart suddenly slammed, and nodded.


When he heard the footsteps, Ye Sinian put up the book in his hand and smiled and looked up at them.

The original calm footsteps of Ziyuan quickly accelerated a few minutes when he saw his smiling face, and his face was filled with gentle smiles. Even the prince who was frightened and shocked looked at him with a look.

The two of them never converged, and they didn't care about the emperor, let alone the prince, so the newly scared Prince was shocked by their intimacy.

But fortunately, he responded quickly enough, and instantly conflated the strange expression on his face. His eyes swept over the hand of Ziyuan Dao’s waist in Ye Si’s waist. The Prince’s eyes were drawn, pretending not to see his sworn ownership. The action, on the face of the generously, to the late years of Ye Sisian.

Knowing the identity of Ziyuan, Yesian was frankly accepting him for this ceremony, and he did not feel guilty. He smiled and gave a gift.

"The smell of Zhao Gongzi's graceful and extraordinary instrument is extraordinary. Today, I saw it really well-deserved." When it came to this, the Prince stunned, and glanced at the purple eyes of the proud look, and said: "And the long road with Ziyuan is also very Generally match!"

Ye Sinian glanced at Ziyuan and nodded. "His Royal Highness has won the prize."

"Cough!" Seeing the opposite of the prince who had no eyes on him, what else to say, Ziyuan slammed and coughed, interrupting his unexported words.

He praised others for the fact that Ye Si Nian was very proud of it, but somehow, the heart of the praise of the Prince’s true feelings was quite a bit sour.

It’s natural to have a loved one, but... but what do you guys know about doing so? !

His good as long as this road knows not enough? What purpose do you boast of endless? !

In a strange mood, she was sour, and Ziyuan’s eyes, which were incomprehensible to the prince, snorted in her heart and sent him: “In January, unless you have a life, don’t go out of the Prince’s house, or you can get it. Pity, get one or two Lin."

The incomprehensible moment on the face of the prince was replaced by excitement. He widened his eyes and was so excited that he couldn’t help but grow up and worship. He was very good and went away with the meaning of Ziyuan.

Gently leaning against the man's solid chest behind him, Ye Sinian smiled and said: "The way you use this **** stick is more and more sophisticated."

From the back, Ziyuan took people in his arms and proudly stood upright. He said: "That is the stunt of the poor roads and rivers and lakes!"

"The sly scorpion, your uncle is also willing to hang?" Yesny turned and leaned over his shoulder.

"I am not good for him?" Ziyuan’s face was awkward, but he was plausibly eloquent: "To stay in the government for a month, not only can you continue the scorpion, but you can also avoid this pool of water, killing two birds with one stone, he should thank me. It is!"

"Thank you for lie to him for nothing in this life?" Yesan turned his eyes blankly.

Ziyuan proudly smiled and said: "When the time is over, the baby will come to thank you and me!"


It was easy to take away the most powerful piece of wood behind Li Bingxun. Ye Si Nian did not worry, fishing and hanging out every day, occasionally playing a part of his own loved ones, and the days were very leisurely.

He naturally did not forget the purpose of this trip to Beijing, but the development of some things, but he does not need to personally shot can go in the worst direction.

for example……

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