Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 104: Cannon fodder counterattacks **** text (

The emperor of a robes walked into the room with no expression, and looked at the beautiful eyes of Meisui, who looked at the eyes and smiled softly at the table.

The face of the gentle and gentle face was full of excitement and joy. A pair of beautiful eyes were filled with deep affection. Her face was dizzy red, and she looked at the emperor softly and weakly.

If it is placed in the usual, or the emperor does not know, her appearance will certainly evoke his pity, but now...

The bottom of the eye flashed a bit of disgust, but the emperor looked like a joy, saying: "How do you know?"

The soft, shy, low-hanging eyes flashed a dark mans, and the slender fingers clenched the hand in his hand.

Obviously, the plan is so careful, how does Mei Mei know that she is pregnant? ! Also take people to force yourself to pulse! Say what to worry about your body!

As long as she thought that her plan was actually in the hands of Mei Long, she would have liked to let her die without a place of burial!

Now that pregnancy is so well known, how can she go out of the palace? !

I thought I had pierced the conspiracy that she wanted to secretly raise a baby. I was more appreciative of the old palace lady who ran to inform me. I thought about going back and greeted her to go out to the palace. Mei Lan was very proud of covering her lips and taking the lead. : "Your Majesty, you can get a good reward!"

The emperor's eyes flashed and smiled back to look at her, saying: "Is it you first discovered?"

Mei Lan smiled and squinted at the soft, glance, and flashed a sarcasm in her eyes. "My sister is too careless. If she doesn't remember her body, she still doesn't know her own." I am pregnant!"

"That is a good reward." The emperor stunned Mei Lan's face, how to look at the face that is not pleasing to the eye, and smiled meaningfully.

Successfully debunked the soft conspiracy, and thought that it sold well in front of the emperor. Mei Lan was proud of this time, deliberately jokingly said: "There has been a promise of His Majesty, and this will not disturb your majesty and soft sister. ""

After all, she smiled and looked up at her soft eyes and went out with her majesty.

Sensitively found the contempt and ridicule in her eyes, the soft face was stiff, and the expression on her face was almost shy!

As long as I think that my chance to leave the harem is so interrupted, the beautiful future is so smashed in front of me, and the anxiety, anger and despair in her heart almost overflow!

But as soon as she touched the emperor's unclear gaze, her heart trembled fiercely, tightening the slap in her hand, pressing the dark emotions of the tumbling, barely revealing a slightly pale smile. :"His Majesty……"

"Can you have an uncomfortable place?" The anger and killing in the heart rose to the extreme. The emperor just bit his teeth quietly, and the hands behind him clenched into fists. He smiled and was not far away. Softly said: "With pregnancy is a big event, never sloppy."

Seeing that he did not happily come up to soothe himself, the soft eyebrows were inexplicable. When I just wanted to say something, I saw him suddenly turning back and beckoning. "Zi Yuan, come over and help her see her body." ”

The soft heart trembled, and it was noticed that the emperor followed two tall, slender men behind him. Somehow, it was clearly two characters who had reached the extreme. They had not noticed their existence at all.

I quickly glanced at them, and I was puzzled by the fact that I had just ignored them, and I wondered why I suddenly made a slight ominous premonition.

Ziyuan's face flashed a moment of tangles, but to the emperor's dark eyes, he sighed and finally went to the scalp.

But a plan in my heart has become more and more firm.

Softly looked at the emperor not far away, the feeling of the heart is not strong, but the matter has come to this, even if she is still uneasy in her heart, she can't find a reason to refuse, and she has to extend her hand along the emperor's intention.

Anyway, she can't go out of the palace in a short time, so that this gentry can do nothing, even the doctor can only estimate the time of pregnancy, how can this person look so young, how powerful?

And she is not without any reliance now. Although this in her stomach has caused her to be in great trouble, she has become her for the time being.

As long as there are children, she can't be treated at all.

It’s not bad to think about it in softness. If there is no purple beggar, she really won’t be like it, but... she’s bad luck, and she’s caught up with this wonderful technique.

Ziyuan regained his hand in a quiet manner, saying: "The body is not a big problem, just take a rest."

As he said, he turned his face and looked at his own emperor's elder brother, shaking his head invisibly.

Keenly noticed his movements, the expression on the emperor’s face sank, and the last trace of luck in his heart was also ruined. He was no longer willing to stay here, only swearing two sentences, and then left the fire with a fire. The place that made him feel extremely shameful.

Seeing that he left so easily, he was soft and sighed, and while he was relieved, the feeling of ominousness in his heart grew stronger and stronger.


It is night, inside the dimly lit hall.

The emperor sat in the shadows with no expression, silent.

Ziyuan’s words in a difficult tone are still in his ears, but he feels a bit lucky when he is angry.

Tai doctor said that softness has been pregnant for two months, and the conclusion reached by Ziyuan is more accurate than the time of medical diagnosis: half past two months, nearly three months...

It’s only two months and four or five days after the soft and full play.

If it weren't for Ziyuan, he might hold a little luck and think that the child might be his own kind, but now...

He only felt that the dignity of the emperor was completely stepped on the soles of his feet.

"His Majesty……"

Half a time ago, just before the crying face, the confidant guards stood carefully outside the door, and the expression on his face tangled to the extreme.

Only when he was angered by the sire of the anger, he thoroughly investigated the matter within three days. Originally, he still felt that my life was rested. After all, two and a half months ago, the softness was still outside the palace, to find out the matter and find the traitor. Husband, how easy is it? but now……

He only wished that the person who had just rushed to the Yunhua Hall was not himself.

The emperor looked at him and stood outside the door and thought about it and didn't dare to enter. He moved in his heart and said: "What did you find?"

He is very familiar with these confidant guards. Since they have already given the order, they will not come to find themselves when there is no progress.

Now that people have come over, it is sure to find something that even they can't decide.

But this is only half an hour...

He was puzzled in his heart, but he still had no expression on his face, only staring at him with a gaze.

The young guards who were not very old were struggling with a face and came in and squatted on the ground to say everything they saw and heard.

Although my heart is speechless and embarrassing, I dare not hide it.

Because the picture I just saw is really...

The soft cockroaches were actually dyed with the three emperors. The three emperors even thought that the kind of her belly was his, and wanted to leave the harem with their mother and son...

Do you want to sneak a sneak peek? It is obvious that the three emperors did not know that they were not dead after returning to Beijing. It is impossible to be the real father of the child...

Among them, the people who saw him in the dark side couldn't help but sigh.

After listening to what he said, the emperor's face became more and more gloomy, and the eyes seemed to be burning with fire. The hands on the lap were almost violent, and the anger in his heart burned more and more.

it is good! That's great!

Look at him wisely! Now I was hit by a small beggar!

And that good son Li Bingxun! He pity that his childhood mourning mother character is violent, and he has one eye closed to him in the past, but now! He is so rewarding himself!

He was still wondering why Li Bingxun had not come to him during this time to find him as a "mother" and admire the respectful softness. The original fact is so!

With the harem 妃嫔 妃嫔! Kinky. Chaotic harem! I even want to disturb the royal blood!

It’s a blatant provocation!

Are they dead when he is an emperor? !


Last night, I went to the soft spot to find a good time. When the sky was bright, I returned to the palace. When Li Bingxun just closed his eyes in bed, he heard a rush of footsteps outside the door.

Just a little sleepy, he was woken up. Li Bingxun’s heart was ignorant and he sat up with a calm face.

But when he heard the words of the people, he would never be angry again.

Softly licking her... Because of the imprisonment, the imperial emperor was beaten into the cold palace? !

how is this possible? !

Subconsciously looked at the sky, at this time separated from them but more than one hour, softness should still be in the dream, how can it collide with the holy car? !

Li Bingxun was puzzled and anxious in his heart. He was busy getting dressed and was going to look for his father to ask for help and put her back to Yunhua Hall.

She is pregnant, like a cold palace, how can she stay? !

But suddenly, his movements in his clothes flashed through his mind and flashed a thought that he never thought about.

The small things like the collision of the holy car can make the father of the fire so big. Does it mean that the father is now abandoning the softness? That's it, then can he just...

It doesn't matter if the father does not agree! Even if he missed the title, he would save the softness from the cold palace!

If you are too big, you will want to take the soft out of the palace as a mother to support!

Correct! How did you not come up with this idea before!

Wait until she is safe to give birth, she will either kneel down forever, or slowly tell the truth to the father, isn’t that good?

Even if things are revealed, when will the father be able to watch him die?

You know, Big Brother II has no children under his knees, and his stomach is probably the first grandson of his father!

And on weekdays, the horrible father of his own squad has closed his eyes, this time should...

Not supposed to! As long as you plead yourself, the father will promise!

The problem that has been plagued for many days is about to be solved. Li Bingxun’s heart has been revived because of his softness into the cold palace.

When I think of it, I can fly with my soft doubles. The look on his face is extremely exciting. When I am dressed in a hurry, I will go inside the palace again.


The emperor looked like a fool and looked at the three sons who were kneeling below. It was very strange: "Would you take the softness out of the palace as a mother?"

"Yes!" Li Bingxun was serious on the face, and the righteous words were strict: "The soft-hearted people have always loved the children. For the sake of saving the children, the water was almost fragrant, and the child-in-law lost her mother. She always regarded her as her mother. Dear, since the father has already rejected her, why should she be tied to her in the palace to die alone? Although she is not a child, she wants her to enjoy her old age..."

After all, he went deep into the emperor and said: "There is no precedent for this matter, but the daring of the vassal, and the fulfillment of the father!"

Sitting on the dragon chair, the emperor looked at the bottom of the mold and almost went to the three sons who had to lie to him. He suddenly shook his head and smiled.

Li Bingxun looked up and looked at the father who was getting bigger and bigger with a smile. He didn't know why he was a little uneasy.

"All security." The emperor's face was full of uncontrollable smiles. He smiled and looked at the old **** who couldn't wait to pick up his tail. He pointed to Li Bingxun under his finger and said, "You see, you actually taught." A good son who is so filial!"

The old **** was shaking, his face was more ugly than crying, and he opened his mouth, but he didn't know how to pick it up.

See you in the sky, how to pick up this!

"Come on!" The emperor finally saw enough of Li Bingxun's expression, and his face smiled and shouted: "Put this counter to the prison, no order, no one is allowed to let him out!"

Li Bingxun’s heart slammed, and before he could react, he was blocked by the long-prepared guards and dragged out violently.

On the dragon chair, the emperor glanced at the gloomy face, and the voice murmured coldly: "It’s a good son..."