Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 110: Cannon fodder counterattacks spiritual a

The dark clouds in the sky did not know when it was slowly scattered, and the winds gradually stopped. The tall and thick sycamore remained stationary on both sides of the road, and the temperature was somewhat low.

Holding the book and walking on the avenue, Ye Sinian walked and asked the sinus around him, saying: "When are you going back?"

"That's still asking? I'm going to return right away!" Dou Yu tightened his coat and said, "What about you? When?"

"Oh... I am leaving today, or you will be with me, by the way, help me to mention things." Ye Si Nian flashed a dark man's eyes, but the face was quiet.

"Also!" Dou Wei did not find any abnormality. He nodded very cheerfully and said: "We are on the way anyway."

Ye Si Nian smiled and smiled, and he was relieved.

According to the original fate track, on the way home, Dou will encounter a driver who is fatigued. When he passed the bridge that was narrowed by half because of the road repair, he rushed into the river directly because of the slow half-shoot.

The driver who finally woke up quickly swam out of the car, almost unharmed, but the unlucky sinus stunned directly on the door. If it wasn’t for the rescuers, he would not only be concussed and fractured. It is.

Yesan did not have much fun doing good things, but the relationship between Dou Yu and the original master was really very good, and when everyone did not understand or even ridicule, the dojo who was absent from school at home was indeed the last straw in the original heart.

Although the original owner still could not afford to choose suicide, but after all, it is a good relationship roommate, this little effort Ye Si Nian will not be too troublesome.

Back to the dormitory, Yan Yi really no longer, Sun Lin did not see the figure, the two have long been used to this situation, do not care, each to clean up their own things.

Unlike most people imagine, not every male student's dormitory can be comparable to the kennel, and not every boy does not like to clean, like to bring dirty clothes into the pile to take home to the mother to wash.

Yi Che is a person who loves to be clean. The habit of growing up from childhood and no mother can rely on to make his life very independent. Almost everything is clean and well organized. To this end, Dou Yu also Joking said that if Yi Che is a girl, he must take off his computer wife in minutes to take him home!

It took almost an hour to get through the ground, and Ye Sinian looked at the time, and it was announced that it was finished.

Sitting next to him with a backpack, Dou Yu sat in a chair and whispered a big white eye. He said without words: "Rely! Something to do with my brother, how can I help? How can I reflect my natural power?! ”

Ye Si Nian looked at the suitcase in front of the calf and took a slap.

What can he say? Is it just an excuse to ask for help? Just to stagger the time and not let you sit on the bad luck taxi?

Turning his eyes, Ye Sinian no longer cares for him, he turned back and hesitated to open the drawer.

The delicate dagger sheath covered the rolled blade and deep fingerprints, revealing only the black handle, and swayed as Yesian opened the drawer.

I don't know when it started, this dagger is no longer cold, and without that deep fingerprint, it looks like a normal dagger.

But Ye Si Nian feels that this stuff is a little weird.

The mind quickly flashed through the cold kiss that made people numb, and Ye Sin’s fingertips trembled, and finally he held it in his hand.

Hell, this thing looks like a souvenir, you should be able to pass the security check... right?


Ye Si Nian, who was afraid of trouble, licked his eyebrows and threw it into his pocket at the invisible angle of Dou.


Yi Che's home is not in the local area. If you want to go home, you need to go to the train station, and Dou's home is in that direction. When the two of them leave the school gate, they will reach out and take a taxi and go directly to the train station.

Sitting in the back seat, Ye Sinian slightly frowned and looked out the window. The slender fingers gently pressed the pocket of the jacket, and the eyes were subtle.

The dagger began to panic again...

"Why is it so sleepy..." Dou Yu put down his mobile phone and rubbed his eyes. He made a big yawn and stumbled: "I will sleep for a while! Call me..."

Ye Si Nian frowned and looked back, and the eyes looked at the sounds getting lower and lower, and the voice just fell, and then the head fell asleep with the sinus.

Is it so sleepy?

The line of sight swept through the mobile phone that he still stayed in the game interface, and Ye Sinian frowned, and somehow suddenly felt a bad premonition.

With a licking of his lips, Ye Sinian looked at the driver who was driving in front of the car and put his fingers into the pocket of the dagger.

But the fingertips just touched the black handle, and Ye Si Nian’s movements slammed.

The inadvertently gaze condensed on the window with hoarfrost, and Ye Sinian’s pupils shrank sharply. When I didn’t respond, I saw the white mist with chills rising from the soles of my feet.

The speed quickly filled the entire space.

It was exactly the same as yesterday in the tomb. There was nothing in sight in front of the room. The car was still moving forward, and the bumps were still there, but the horns from time to time went away in an instant. Ye Siian subconsciously squeezed his hands. The dagger, but after all, has experienced it once, and the heart does not feel the slightest malice and danger, so although he is nervous, but not too fearful.

Until the hand placed on the leg was clenched.

Ten fingers interlock.

Suddenly the cold touch made Ye Sinian earned his earned back and felt his movements. The cold but powerful hand was tight, and Ye Si Nian could not move in an instant. He opened his mouth and felt a while. The cold breath rushed at a very fast speed.

The open lips were slammed shut, and Yesan suddenly widened his eyes, and the whole man was crushed into the seat by the huge force.

The heartbeat slammed, and the speed screamed, the scalp numb, the blood of the whole body seemed to be boiling, the temperature of the body was a few degrees higher, and Yersian’s condition reached out and pressed his hand. On the chest, under the palm is a layer of soft fabric that is unfamiliar to the touch.


The cold, soft tongue screamed in his mouth with a fierce force. Ye Sinian was forced to open his mouth, and the warm tongue was caught tightly, and it was dead in the hot mouth. Entangling, the temperature below the body temperature makes his nose unconsciously give a repressed exclamation.

Hearing his depressing voice, the force of the intrusion of the tongue suddenly eased. The cold tongue tipped from the storm to the drizzle, gently teasing his soft tongue, gently licking the sensitive captain from time to time, causing a shudder.

The long kiss was finally over, and the cold fingertips gently wiped away the wetness of the lips. Ye Sinian’s eyes were a little disappointing, only to hear a pleasant chuckle from the ear.

"Don't hide from me."

A hand with a low temperature gently pinched the fragile neck of Ye Si, he was trembled by the ice, and the reddish hot ear tip was kissed by the cold, soft lips, and the hoarse voice was in the ear. The sound of the shore, with the strength and hegemony that can not be rejected.

Consciousness gradually wakes up from the suffocating kiss, and the heart that is excited and excited has finally slowed down.

The hoarse magnetic sound line was too fascinating. Yasis subconsciously licked her lips, slowed her breath, boldly reached out and groped her back, and the muscles of the hard state were somewhat cold. But feels very good.

Unconsciously swallowing his throat, Ye Si Nian sounded a bit hoarsely: "But I... Why can't I see you?"

It seems to be deeply enchanted by his movements. The hoarse voice with a clear smile, the cold breath sprayed on the neck side, Yesian only listened to him: "Come on... I am waiting for me."

After all, Ye Sinian’s earlobe was gently bowed.

Ye Si Nian’s heart jumped, and before he could react, he felt that the strength of the body was suddenly loose, and the chilly atmosphere that was close at hand was gone, and the white mist filled in the car dissipated very quickly.

The noise outside the car was rushed into the ear. Through the window, you can see the endless vehicles on the road. It seems to have returned to reality from the dream. Ye Sinian blinked inaccurately. Empty hand.


"Oh my mom!"

But he still hasn't been there for a long time, and the emotions brewed in his heart are instantly dispelled by the screams of Dou Yu. I think that I was just next to him and the unknown existence. Ye Sinian was uncomfortable. Lips, turned his head and looked at him: "What happened?"

"The trough is lying! I’m so scared!" Dou Yu’s face was stunned. He slammed his chest and his voice changed a little. “I just made a dream! My mother is terrible! ”

Thinking of the cold-moving action of the man who couldn’t see the face and throwing himself into Knife Mountain, Dou Yan slammed a chill, and smacked his chest and whispered in a whisper: "Where is the slogan, you can't find someone else after you do everything." Help?! Who am I relying on?? In addition to occasionally letting you help me buy a meal??"

Ye Si Nian’s mouth smacked, his expression subtly listening to him screaming and groping, some smiled reluctantly, comforted and patted his shoulder and said: “A dream... nothing, nothing.”

"You don't know! The knife mountain is full of cold light, the knife pointed upwards ah ah ah ah!!!" Dou 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 some madly rubbed two arms, said: "Although I was not beaten I woke up, but!!! Nima is too scary!!!"

Ye Siyan’s eyebrows shook, and he swept his eyes and shifted the subject: “It’s coming to your home.”

"Well?" The spurt of the madness was interrupted in an instant. Dou Yu looked down the window subconsciously and saw that the gate of his own community was indeed not far away.

Xu saw the familiar environment, and the fear in Dou's heart disappeared a bit. He took back his eyes and looked at Ye Si Nian. He wrinkled his face in a tangled manner and prolonged his voice and complained: "Sure enough, not in the car." Sleeping... What is the dream of doing this..." 2k novel reading network