Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 115: Cannon fodder counterattacks spiritual a

The night was getting deeper and the silence was restored on campus.

There are some differences between the other dormitory buildings. Ye Si Nian, this building is next to the lake. The wind blowing on the lake passes through the phoenix tree on the side of the dormitory building. There is a sound of shaking in the Xiaosuo with strange branches and leaves.

Ye Si Nian quietly lay in bed, breathing slowly and long, but did not sink into sleep, but squinted with a blank expression, a pair of black eyes in the dark more deep, as if waiting quietly.

The pale moonlight penetrated into the room through the unsettled curtain gap, shining a white spot on the ground.

The mobile phone being charged is flashing with a slight red light, with the pale moonlight, and the small dormitory, light and shadow.

A rough bird screamed out of the window, and the voice passed away in the stillness of silence.

Yersian’s eyelashes trembled and looked at the faceless Sun Lin’s watch, which was quietly lying on the desk, and his eyes were lightest.

In the dim light, the cool night wind slid into the gap of the window, and the curtains shook slightly.

The watch on the desk moved gently and made a slight noise.

Ye Si Nian's deep eyes flashed in the darkness, and the breathing was slightly unstoppable.

Not far away, a nearly transparent figure appeared in the pale moonlight.

Ye Sinian hooked his lips and flashed a smile in his eyes.

But his smirk has not yet fallen, and he feels a chilly breath slamming into the back heart, uncontrollably tightening the muscles of the whole body, still not fully reacting, and instantly fell into a slightly cold Husband.

The cold arm is tightly wrapped around his waist through his pajamas, and the chest behind him is cold but wide, and the hard state is full of security.

The body first relaxed before the consciousness, and Ye Sinian took a sigh of relief in his heart, but he refused to look after the person behind him, but frowned and looked down at the bed.

In the pale moonlight, the transparent teenagers with some wrinkles are standing quietly, but the picture is strange, but it is not like what they found.

"He can't find us." The moon sternly clings to the back of Ye Sinian and notices his movements. He can't help but feel his heart and hate his teeth in his back neck.

Ye Si Nian heard that this was completely relaxed. The antique behind it was not easy to provoke. If he scared people away, how could he complete the task?

The moon was more blocked in the heart, hatefully increased the strength of the mouth, and a pair of cold hands also ran into the hem of the pajamas.

"Hey!" Yesi was chilled by the ice, and those thoughts were immediately thrown away, and then reflexed back and forth, not only did not escape, but made the two people more tight.

Realizing that his temperature is really unbearable, he stopped the cheap action on his hands and reluctantly pulled out from his pajamas.

"That's not what I brought back." Yessyan rolled her eyes in a sigh of relief, grabbed his cold hands that slowly shrank back, and held with his hot hands.

The back of the hand feels the temperature he passed, and the strange eyes of the moon are flashing, the lips are slightly unawarely slightly uplifted, but the tone is still full of hegemony and monopoly: "You are me." Don't look at other people."

Ye Si Nian licked his mouth, and the curvature of his lips was getting bigger and bigger. The observation mission tonight was completed. He simply looked back from the boy who stood quietly under the moonlight and turned over. Lying down and looking at the moon, the slender fingers poked at his hard-boned chest and said, "Is things done?"

Thinking of what I have done in these two days, the moonlight evokes a proud and proud smile, reaching out and grasping the slender hand to get to his lips, while vaguely kissing the warm fingertips Qingdao said: "The temporary solution is part."

The cold kiss fell, and Ye Si Nian moved his itchy fingertips and said, "Do you need help?"

"No..." After the month’s words were not finished, the warm hand held the chin.

"Well? What are you talking about?" Yesnian raised his upper body and leaned closer to his face, slanting his mouth and slanting his mouth. The tail sounded slightly higher, meaning meaningful.

The chin was pinched by the warm fingers, and the eyes of the moon flashed, and the smile on the lips was deeper. The long arm stretched over the shoulders of Yersian and thoroughly took him into his arms.

Yesan was directly on the body of the New Moon, and the two men hugged each other in a very close position.

The dormitory is usually a narrow single bed. Sometimes a person sleeps is too small, let alone two people, but fortunately, the two do not feel crowded, but enjoy the state of being intertwined.

"Well, next time you come to help me." Yue Yan side face and kissed him on the top of his hair, said: "just go to the barbaric land together!"

Ye Si Nian, who is resting on his arm: "..."

What is the ghost of barbarism? !


The next day.

Because I remembered that I was going to the mall today to buy the big one and a small one, Ye Sinian woke up early, and kissed her on the chin on her chin, and then she got out of bed and washed it.

The boy with a long hair still stood quietly at Sun Lin’s desk and looked up at Sun Lin, who was still asleep on the bed, wondering what he was thinking.

Ye Si Nian walked past him, and the teenager looked around with a blank expression, but did not find anything unusual.

According to the universal law of the world, the fact that they can see them is also discovered by them, but now with the help of the New Moon, Yesian can still see them, but do not need to worry that their secrets will be discovered. It is.

The sound of the sound of the water came from the pool, and the moon was lazy to raise his legs. Lin Xiaobei, who was not far from the probe, hooked his finger: "Little things, come over."

Lin Xiaobei, who was curiously looking at the boy, couldn’t help but shrink his neck, hugged the doll in his arms, and widened his eyes to look at the moon on the bed. A pair of white feet stepped on the ground, but it was delayed. I dare not go forward.

The moon smashed and picked it up from the bed. The horse was sitting on the chair of Yessian, and the chin was lifted. His face was proud: "How come you come?!"

Lin Xiaobei licked his mouth, and the chubby hand hugged the doll, not convinced: "I like my brother!"

"Hey!" The moon slammed his back straight, his fingers lightly hooked, and Lin Xiaobei was caught in front of him without responding.

The action was rudely vultured on his furry head. The moon looked at the little boy who had no threat in his hands. He smirked from the nose and warned: "You are not allowed! It is mine!"

Lin Xiaobei's white face was reddened, and he struggled straight under his claws. The pinched mouth was vague and succinct: "Don't! It's not yours!"

"Oh! It's mine!" Yueyue looked at his messy hair, and his heart was very satisfied with his masterpiece. He heard his words disdain: "If you didn't have me, you were eaten by that fool!" ”

"I won't! The stupid can't beat me!" Lin Xiaobei screamed, and he was very unhappy about his disdainful attitude.

"Hey!" In the eyes of the moon, there was an unpleasant radiance. He let go of the messy head of the child and slanted his lips. He said, "I don't believe it! Who can't brag! If you want to fight, Try?"

Lin Xiaobei hugged the baby in his arms and stepped back a few steps. He made a face and said: "The bad uncle who lied to the child! Shameful face! Not yours!"

After all, his figure holding the doll disappeared into the room instantly, leaving only a delicate porcelain doll.

The uncle who did not succeed in the plan: "..."

"What are you doing?" Yesnian came over and looked at the moonlight curiously while taking clothes from the closet.

The moonlight turned up and turned around, and the smile on his face was not flawed. He reached out and gestured to the porcelain doll of his palm. He smiled and said: "Call him to get up."

Ye Si Nian suspiciously raised his eyebrows and kept doubts about whether he was so full of love, but did not say anything, took the clothes and went to the bathroom.

Seeing his back disappeared at the corner, the moonlight was a long sigh of relief. It was a porcelain doll that poked the palm of his hand. "I don't help it! If you are not afraid of him, the general will use it." Looking for you? Move your finger and let the fool go out!"

As he said, he frowned again and glanced at the teenager not far away.

The smell of this fool is too annoying. He always has a hunch that it is not good for him to stay here, and it is a big threat!


The three-day holiday of the Ching Ming Festival has passed. Today is the first day of work to go to school. Plus the time is still early, there are not many people in the mall.

I don’t have much hobbies about shopping, and I don’t know much about children’s wear. Ye Sinian wore sunglasses for a long time in the children’s wear area. I bought three from head to toe based on the recommendation of the shopping guide and the small things behind me. A set of cool and cool children's wear.

Yue Yue single-handedly holding Lin Xiaobei, who laughs like a flower, some of the pan-acidy licks his mouth, thinking that he has never seen a small thing in the world, just a few pieces of clothes, it is also worthy of being like this? I think that in the past, there were countless people in the general's office who made clothes exclusively!

Turning his head and seeing his dark poke, he smiled. Ye Si Nian smiled and smiled. He looked up at the sign above his eyes and turned a right turn.

Lin Xiaobei moved his toes, because there was no shoes to wear, so his brother would let him stay in the arms of the moon, although his posture was very uncomfortable, when his brother did not pay attention I still secretly sneak myself, but somehow, he just thinks that this hard-boned embrace makes him very... peace of mind, can't help but want to be close.

It feels the same to my brother.

Of course, if he doesn't sneak himself, he will be fine...

Lin Xiaobei licked his lips and showed a shallow dimple on his lips. He quietly extended his hand and grabbed the neck of the New Moon.

Yue Yan frowned at him, very impatient, but the other hand lifted up to hold his small body, holding his arm is also rock-solid.

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