Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 119: Cannon fodder counterattacks spiritual a

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Thinking of his "wonderful idea" that he had scratched his head last night, Ye Si Nian’s lips were unchanged, his mouth was barely moving, but the voice that was also depressed was still introduced into the ear of Dou Yu: "I I will remember to burn you incense."

The more you think about it, the more you look at it: "..." qaq

Is it still time to escape from illness?

“Everyone’s performance was very good last night!” Professor Wu pushed his glasses and smiled with a clear smile on his lips. He scanned the young face and tweeted: “They are also very tacit. I didn't read the email before running, or it was zero. When I came back, the number became sixty-nine..."

The students underneath showed a tacit "shame" smile.

Temporarily holding the Buddha’s feet...

Like the previous habits, Professor Wu first praised the overall level of everyone. A group of foreign students who had not heard of his class before, listened to the spirit and excitedly, and almost felt like they were writing. A stunning article!

Different from their excitement and excitement, the expression on the face of the students is getting more and more subtle.

After more than a year of "destruction", they also have an understanding of Professor Wu’s habits. He knows that he likes to comment on the work of everyone in the classroom, and he is somewhat different from the style of his platform leader. I will greatly praise the whole situation first, but don’t just be happy about it, because what happens next will make you find that the smile is a little bit like a crack on your face... ".

We must know that according to the rules of the past summarization, the more we are boasting, the more we will fall after a while. After all, Professor Wu has a class that is almost full but always in addition to the class of the overbearing president in the refined and interesting class. Forgotten skills... fight against destruction.

"But..." Professor Wu turned his head, and a pair of deep eyes turned around under the podium, and his lips twitched with a smile.


All history students are immediately sitting in danger, with serious expressions and always ready to make repentance.

Noticing their abnormal performance, the foreign students also screamed in their hearts, and the smile on their faces was a little bit stunned.

"Li Jiahe." The smile on the lips was a bit deeper, and the fingertips were regularly placed on the table. Professor Wu’s deep eyes looked straight at the tall man who sat in the first row and laughed at the big white teeth. Boys, said: "The article is ok, most of the content can also be seen as original, and the words are not rough."

Suddenly, he was named, and the smile on Li Jiahe’s face originally converges. But when he hears that the teacher is boasting himself, he can’t help but smile more happily. Is it true that he is still a wizard? Was the article written wildly last night really so good? Do you want to transfer to the history department?

He is thinking more and more high. He sees Professor Wu, who has been a good man in the stage but still has a good body. He has a squint and said: "But I am very confused. Who is Philip? What is the Battle of Mara? The Battle? Marshal Otus is adoring the original sect. How can he join the Xishan Hidden Society that only recruits Protestants? And..."

In the eyes, the mosquito coil was turned, Li Jiahe opened his mouth and squatted in the ground, and looked up at Professor Wu on the podium. He only felt that his one-meter-eight big man became more and more small in his rhetoric. Just want to hide in the table.

Almost everyone has a subtle sympathy on their faces, either brightly or faintly looking at the tall, back-to-back silhouette of the first row.

The expression on Dou's face was getting stiffer and stiffer. He looked at the ruined back with tears in his eyes, only to think that the future was dark.

Last night, what was his brain's mind to come up with such a bad idea, and he was proud of his wit?

With the eyes of Professor Wu, did he hope that there was no hope?

As the saying goes, good spirits are not bad.

Professor Wu finally ended his endless rhetorical sentence and pushed his glasses to laugh like a spring breeze. He confronted the Lijiahe Road: "Go back and modify it and send it back to me."

Li Jiahe was as big as Meng, and he nodded eagerly.

Satisfied with a nod, Professor Wu bowed his head and looked around for a week, his fingertips knocked on the table again, and the crisp knocking sounds like a reminder ringing in the ears of everyone.

Feeling his gaze from the end of the classroom to the end of the head, the sinus tightened the back, the expression on his face was a little split.

"Dou Yu." Professor Wu was very clear that he had hooked his lips and looked straight at the sinus screaming with a big eye. "You young man, his brain is quite slippery!"

Dou's heart slammed in his heart, and the top of his head seemed to have smashed a purple giant thunder that prompted him to show his original shape.

"The content is good, some of the ideas are also very novel, and the deep excavation is also a very bright article, but..." Professor Wu looked at his more and more hard-pressed face, and turned his head, saying: "What do you do with more than one word at the end of the article? Will the font color be changed to white? Is it too happy to write an article? But why is the number of words in the body so small? And..."

The five **** sinus sinus was killed by a blow, vomiting blood and dying.


After half a class, the full-filled classrooms, "the corpses are everywhere," and "live" are only Sun Lin and Ye Sinian.

Professor Wu took a sip of water and smiled and turned his eyes to the right rear of the classroom.

Sun Lin had a cold back and was busy sitting up straight.

“Sun Lin.” Professor Wu shook his glasses and smiled. The tone was softer than that of other people in front of him. He knocked on the table and said: “It’s written very well! It can be seen that it took a lot of money. Time and effort, the idea is also very novel, that is, the historical facts need to be strengthened, some of the ideas are really brilliant, that is, the subjective color is a bit strong..."

Sun Lin listened to his heart and remembered his inadequacies. Although the face was not obvious, his heart was actually very proud.

There are so many students in the whole class, and only the ones they receive are the highest. Although Professor Wu is not too praised, it is very good for a sophomore to get his affirmation!

It should be known that Professor Wu’s vision is notoriously high, and his nature is indifferent. Among the students of the past years, the students who can make him truly exalted have become the new pillar of the academic world without exception!

Although I know that I still have many flaws in Professor Wu's eyes, Sun Lin is still inevitably excited.

The girl with long chestnut-wavy hair and long hair was very happy. Her beautiful eyes bent and sneaked a thumbs up at Sun Lin under the table.

Sun Lin smiled and smiled, but his back was quite straight. He put his hand on his lips and just wanted to be modest. He listened to the high-profile and calm-minded professor Wu on the stage and suddenly raised his voice. I opened my mouth with such an excited voice on the podium.


The students who had been beaten in the whole classroom all sat up straight and looked at Professor Wu, who was the first time on the podium to hide his sigh.

“Written very well!” Professor Wu slammed the table and nodded affirmative tone. “It’s very good!”


Or the strange eyes that are strange or surprised or unbelievable are bet on Ye Si Nian, Sun Lin’s face, awkwardly convulsed the horror on the face, looking at the other side of the classroom, sinus He also changed his mind to the demise of the gossip, and he widened his eyes and looked at the roommates beside him.

"The rigorous information is detailed! Unlike some so-called refutation articles that are either soft or gunpowder-flavored, there is no personal succinctness in the whole article, only using historical facts, but the power of refutation is aloud!" Professor Wu pushed Pushing the glasses, looking straight at the bottom of the year, Ye Si Nian, excited eyes with undisguised appreciation, he smiled and nodded, meaning to mean: "Xiao Yi, that tricks four and two dials used well!"

Ye Si Nian’s eyes were still clear, and he smiled slyly at Professor Wu’s eyes.

Seeing him was not praised and confused, and there was no smugness and complacency in his eyes. Professor Wu’s thoughts on him were even better, and he thought that he could write such an article!

The heart is full of excitement to discover good seedlings. Professor Wu smiled at other students. For the first time on the podium, he analyzed the viewpoints in a student's article.


Although I saw Professor Wu so excited for the first time, most people felt that they were somewhat novel and did not pay too much attention. However, after careful explanation by Professor Wu, he heard that the publication of this article would certainly cause academics. The shock of the world, they have been stunned by Yi Che.

Lying in the trough! Actually so nb? !

Listening to Professor Wu’s exaggeration of excitement, the students in the history department are obviously more complicated.

Of course, they are relatively familiar with Yi Che. Although he was very popular with teachers and handsome, he was a bit more talented in this grade. Although Yi Che is not bad, he is not academically. Very outstanding, at most only a medium, who can think that he will pull up to this point?

You know this is in the classroom! Professor Wu is now a mode of overlord! Who sees him so excited?

Of course, they will not think that Professor Wu is exaggerating. After so long, Wu’s personality is still known. He is so excited now, and he must have really seen a very intimate and academic value. Really very high article!

Yi Che is really hidden!

Sun Lin licked her lips and tried not to let her inner thoughts reflect her face, but the color between the eyebrows became more and more obvious.

Yi Che’s point of view is opposite to him!

Perhaps Professor Wu scruples that his face is not spoken, but he can't do self-deception!

And that's just a few hours of easy-to-use, and I'm just writing something that I can't just write! Why do you get such a big affirmation? !

In the heart is acid and sorrow, Sun Lin listened to Professor Wu's endless praise and the whispers of the whispers around his classmates, the smile on his face became more and more stiff, and the unknown fire in his heart was burning more and more!

Yi Che, the coward, what is good! ?

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