Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 123: Cannon fodder counterattacks spiritual a

Ye Si Nian looked down at the pale white boy on the ground. His face was a little strange, with resentment and mixed mercy.

There is nothing wrong with loving someone, but there is nothing wrong with it. For the sweetheart to hurt others, or even threaten the lives of others, this kind of love is unreasonable and chilling.

What's wrong with Yi Che? However, it was a small dispute. The cause was still in Sun Lin. Why was he entangled in fear and finally committed suicide?

What is wrong with Han Lin? However, I fell in love with someone who shouldn't love, and filled my love and all my enthusiasm. In the end, why did I only exchange for the entanglement of the evil spirits and even the tragic death?

Professor Wu is even more unfortunate. He has been immersed in academics all his life. He is full of joy in discovering talents. In the end, he was killed at home in the age of the armor...

Ye Si Nian did not judge the habit of discriminating people. He thought that he was never a good person. He did not care about the bottom line of his principles. But now, his feelings are quite a bit... it is hard to say.

"Zhang Wei, sick and dead at home ten years ago..." Yesan looked down at the pair of horrified eyes, his expression and tone were faint, and he was cruel to the party: "You are sick... Why is it here?"

The boy stunned and stunned, and his eyes flashed in a stunned look. He blinked, as if he had thought of something, and the thin body slammed.

The chaotic mind was opened with a sword, and came in with a corrosive light. The cruel images that were buried in the bottom of his heart by oneself flashed through his mind, and the pain of the heart suddenly hit his heart. The boy opened his mouth and found nothing to say.

Zhang Wei...

The dusty name is like a key, opening a dusty heart, a series of dark memories floating in my mind, despair, darkness, numbness...

The narrow and simple home, the violent and cruel stepfather, the mother who dared not speak, and finally even... even turned a blind eye...

The young boy was ruined by the cruelty of the times and the innocence and hope in his eyes. When he was fifteen years old, he was finally taken away by the drunken stepfather.

"No..." The boy was like a wounded beast, and his body was like a struggle and despair. The half-length broken hair was tightened by him, and the knuckles were forced to whiten.

Such a cruel and dark past, so thick and indescribable hatred, how can I... How can I forget?

Ten years... I spent a decade in the mountains!

The body gradually trembled, and the boy made a full of hateful sobs. He bit his lip, and the slightly transparent figure huddled together, very poor.

Ye Si Nian frowned, and the look in his eyes was complicated and difficult to understand.

If it was not his presence that would threaten Professor Wu and other people's lives, he would not be willing to intervene in this matter and be the hangman who uncovered the secret.

The text that I saw on the data flashed through my mind, and Ye Si Nian licked his lips and sighed inexplicably.

He didn't know that he was right, but compared to watching him hurt because of his heart, he would rather choose to remind him of the past.

The coming always comes, even if he does not intervene, he will still remember these things with Sun Lin.

It may be cruel to do so now, but it is what he can do, the greatest fairness.


Yue Yan facelessly walked behind Ye Si Nian and took him into his arms.

Behind it is the broad embrace of the lover. Although it is cold, but for him, it is the greatest warmth. The suffocation of Ye Sinian’s heart is a bit of a sigh. He licks his lips and sees the boy on the ground finally tremble. This hesitated to say: "You..."

Zhang Hao looked up from his arms, and a pair of beautiful eyes were red and red. He took a deep breath on the complicated line of sight of the last year, and said, "I... I remembered it."

The hoarse to the harsh voice made him obviously stunned, and his expression squinted on the fingerprints on his neck, his look changed.

"It's not sick." The pale fingertips on the fingerprints trembled slightly, Zhang Yan's eyes were red, but the lips were half-baked and ridiculously laughed. The hoarse voice was generally lamented. Authentic: "Not sick and dead..."

The stepfather’s crazy and awkward face appeared again in his mind. Zhang’s fingertips trembled a bit more. The darkness of the ink-colored pupil was thick and indescribable. He slowly climbed from the ground. The whole body is surrounded by a heavy dead air and a killing.

"Do you still want to stop me?" Zhang Yan looked at Ye Siian in front of his eyes, his voice hoarse: "I still want to stop my revenge, stop me from killing?"

Ye Si Nian appeasefully took a shot of the sudden tension of the arm of the moon. On the pair of ink-colored pupils, he slammed his lips and said: "No, on the contrary, I can give you some help."

Said, Ye Si Nian sighed and looked at the temperament of the whole body in front of him, and could no longer see a ignorant naive boy, saying: "For example, where do you want to retaliate?"

Zhang Wei deeply glanced at Ye Sinian and did not ask him how he knew his life. This world is full of mystery. He has been able to remember the past when he died for so long. He can know that this is not unbelievable.


His eyes flicked over the big and small behind him, a heavy sense of crisis hit his heart, Zhang Yan licked his lips, even if there is no life now, but that kind of threat of the soul flutters his heart cold.

The big one does not say that the only child who has only a high leg is unfathomable.

Can you live with these two people, and even move their hearts with every move, how can such a person be simple?

I took a deep breath and gathered these complicated thoughts. Zhang Yan blinked and said: "Thank you..."

If it weren't for you, you might still be living in the hustle and bustle, forgetting the hatred that should be unforgettable.

As for Sun Lin...

He is very grateful to Sun Lin for bringing him out of the forest. He is very grateful to him for giving him the only gentleness in his life. Even in his heart, it is only a dream, but... but for him, it erases the stepfather’s stay. Dirty imprint.

One person, ten years of ghosts, the only gentle treatment, he... likes him very much.

But people and ghosts are the only way.


"The Pentecostal man died in the middle of the night, and his death was miserable. He was brutally abused before his death, but there were no traces of outsiders in the room. The police..."

The news is playing on the TV. It is probably a bad picture. The young beauty host has a bit of a stiff smile on the face. The camera is aimed at the dirty and dimly rented house. The ground is full of dry blood.

The staff wearing the mask carried the stretcher and walked in front of the camera. At this time, I didn’t know where the wind was blowing. The white cloth on the deceased was blown up by a corner, and an iron-blue face that was terrified to the extreme appeared in the camera.

The smile on the face of the beauty host was a little stiffer. Her hand holding the microphone was obviously harder, and the knuckles were white.

Everything in the picture, a middle-aged woman in the corner in front of the camera, probably considering the * problem, the face is mosaic, can not see the expression on the face, can only see her body is a little trembling, the mouth is also broken What to read.

"Ms. Zhang is the family of the deceased..." Without close contact with the scene of the death, the expression on the face of the beautiful host finally looked good. She stroked her hair and approached the middle-aged woman. Ms., can you tell us about Mr. Luo..."

"Mom is sorry for you..." The microphone reached in front of him. The middle-aged woman still didn't lift her head. The broken words in her mouth were amplified by the microphone and passed into the audience's ears: "It's all mother's fault... Mom shouldn't care. Yours... take your mother with you..."

The expression on the host's face was a little stiffer. Her hand holding the mic was slightly trembling, and she smiled and smiled: "Ms. Zhang, did your child die of illness ten years ago..."

"Mom is wrong... Mom should stop him..."

Ye Sisian turned off the TV with no expression, and the look in her eyes was a little emotional and somewhat mocking.

People have been dead for so many years. When they saw their own son being raped by their husbands, they didn’t care. What is the use of remorse now?



Lin Xiaobei ran over and jumped into his arms. The big glass-like eyes screamed and curiously said, "Where are we going?"

Ye Si Nian hugged his soft body and smiled and licked the soft hair on his head. He said, "Looking at the holidays to do bad things, Xiao Beixi doesn't like it?"

"Like!" The eyes slammed, like the cool soles on his feet. The billngbilng flashed. He stretched out his small arms and wrapped his neck around Ye Si Nian, revealing a big smile, a smile that was pure and cute. The words spoken are very inconsistent with the style of painting: "Is this a robbery or a murder?"

A row of black lines fell on the forehead, and Ye Sinian pinched his little nose and said, "Don't always hang this word on your mouth, don't you?"

The white face was red and red, and Lin Xiaobei touched his nose. He smiled embarrassedly, and his voice was milky: "Know it~"

The heart was filled with the frustration of the child being smashed. Ye Sinian sighed silently, reaching out and rubbing his little fur, while glanced at the moonlight coming to this side.

Letting him take the child is really an unreasonable thing!

Some of the mooncakes blinked in confusion. What happened?

"What did you do with him last time?" Seeing his face, Ye Sinian rolled his eyes and his heart was speechless.

In the mind, I sneaked through some bad scenes. The moonlight smiled twice and secretly sold out my little things. "Nothing..."

The voice is getting lower and lower in the eyes of Ye Si Nian, who is full of threats. The moon smiles and steps forward to take him into his arms.

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