Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 128: Escape from the dark island (3)

The leaves are all over the ground, and there is a thick soft feeling under the feet, but it also makes the walking more difficult. The black combat boots on the feet are getting heavier and heavier. After a long time, Ye Si Nian finally heard the clear sound of running water.

Unconsciously, the heart is loose. Rao Yes, it is very difficult for Ye Sinian to prepare for this task, but this road still almost killed his life.

The body is full of hot and sticky feelings, the whole body is soaked from the inside out, the eyes of the scorpion almost want to smoke, and want to drink water and want to take a bath, the kind of crisp and pleasant sound of water at this time It is conceivable how big the attraction is in the year of the year.

I never thought that I would one day be thrilled because I could drink a sip of water and take a shower. I have enjoyed the blessings of Ye Sinian for a few years, and I almost have tears in my eyes.

Under the double temptation, Ye Sinian only felt that the whole body was full of enthusiasm, licking the dry lips, speeding up the pace, and moving quickly and quickly to the direction of the sound of the water.

The distance is getting closer and closer, and the sound of the clear water is clearer. The eyes of Ye Sinian’s dark green eyes are shining. It seems that the clear river reflects the sunlight, and the light shines through the gaps of thick branches and leaves. Attracting him to keep moving forward.

As the pace became faster and faster, Yesian did not consciously move the throat, and the lips also evoked the expectation of smile.

A sparkling water-clear river finally appeared in front of you.

The river flows cheerfully, the transparent water splashes, and the crystal water drops into the air and falls into the arms of the river, making a crisp and pleasant sound.

Ye Si Nian’s lips are getting bigger and bigger, and the phoenix is ​​full of ease and coziness. He clenches the thick branches of his hands used to make crutches, and the pace at his feet looks very happy, step by step to the river. Go.

The distance is getting closer...

With a refreshing smell of water vapor, Yesian only felt that the wet war suit was more cumbersome, the transparent sweat fell from the front, the right eye felt a tingling, and the blue-green vines on the neck were looming. The hand holding the branch was tight and tight, and the smile on Ye Si Nian’s face remained the same, going straight ahead.

at last……

Ye Si Nian looked down at the slowly flowing river in front of him, as if he was caught in an overwhelming excitement and completely ignorant of how to be good, and his body stopped in the same place.

In addition to the cheerful sound of running water, there was silence.

There was a hint of inaudible noise in the air in the left rear.

The curled eyelashes trembled slightly, and the blue-green vines on the neck side were a little deeper. Ye Sinian’s hand holding the branches of the blue violent violent violent violently turned, and the movement disappeared in the same place as lightning.



A deafening snoring sounded violently, and Ye Si Nian's green pupil suddenly shrank, looking at the strange creatures in front of the shape, the face was full of cold killing.


One of the ugliest skeptics, not only looks unsightly, but also inferior in character, using his racial superiority in the original story, confusing and killing four questers, and then quickly pretending to be honest and honest. And in the battle for the key to the world, he shot and killed Allen who always regarded him as a friend.


I found that my attack was actually escaping. The man was not confused by the ripples that he had emanated. The eyes of Fernan’s face were bigger and bigger, and his thick fore paws slammed on the ground. Planing, the intimidation generally opened his mouth, revealing a sharp tooth with a layer of unevenness.

The eyes were badly hit, and Yesian slammed the branches in his hands, and his face flashed.

"Hey!" Fernan's muscles were tight, his body was covered with rough skin, his thick limbs were squatting, and his huge body like a hill rushed toward Ye Si Nian.

The dry lips slammed into an icy arc, and at the beginning of the millennium, Ye Sinian’s foot slammed hard, the slender legs and the thin waist burst out with amazing energy, and the action simply turned over to Fernan Back.

The white fingers clenched a few large scales on his back, and Yersian’s legs stabilized his body shape, and the dark green pupil flashed.


I have never been ridden by people, and I feel that I have been greatly insulted. Fernan is in a hurry and vigorously raises the front paws. People stand up and want to smash the people on the back.

"Oh..." Ye Sinian’s lips raised a little more, and the other hand clenching the branches slammed up, and the sharp one snarled his face unrelentingly. Go on!


The eyes of the big bells occupies half of the face of the face, and Yesian does not need to aim specifically, and the sharp branches directly stab the eyes on his left.

The yellow juice of the same nature as the blood spurted out, and Fernan was so mad that he closed his eyes and opened his mouth, mad in the place.

Ye Si Nian turned over and turned over before he went crazy. He rolled on the soft ground twice, clasping the branch of the meritorious deed in his hand, coldly licking his lips and looking at the river And went to Fernan.

The yellow blood fell down the sharp grass on the green grass, and almost one-third of the length of the whole branch was yellowed. It can be seen that Yesian had just started the battle and Fernan was injured.

The information given by the system is still somewhat useful. He did see the figure of Fernan on the screen just now, but his heart was completely shaken by his strange looks, and he could not guess what his racial superiority was.

After all, who can think of the more powerful people in their world, the more capable?

Their eyes seem to be a tool to confuse people, and the ripples that are emanating will completely relax the enemy and prey from the body to the heart, turning a blind eye to the impending danger, and easily squatting under their claws.

Fortunately, the prototype of this body is a plant, it will not be so easily interfered, and with the knowledge of their death points, Ye Sinian has the chance to win.


The most precious and fragile eyes of the whole body were irreparably damaged. The horrible snoring of Fernan was simply deafening, and the clear river was almost yellowed by yellow blood...

Ye Si Nian stared at his tumbling figure. Although he knew that the dead hole was badly damaged, he would not be able to live, but the body still involuntarily tightened a little.

The time passed slowly, and the power of the ugly monsters in the rushing river finally faded down. The river was turbid, and the yellow blood mixed with the mud that was tumbling, and it was dirty.

The huge body of Fernan's body finally sank, and the heart was completely returned to its original position. Ye Sinian's hand clenching the branches was slightly moved, and a burst of numbness came from the fingertips. Ye Sinian flashed a surprise in his eyes. I found that I was too hard and my hands were stiff.

With a licking of his lips, Ye Sinian threw the branches in his hands and flashed a small regret in his heart.

This branch is only found after he has spent a lot of effort. Not only is the material hard and feels good, but he is also naturally sharp and sharp, and can also be a cane and a weapon. It is a must-have artifact for home travel.

But now it is not alright, it is covered with the blood of Fernan, it is not a good thing.

Feng Yan aimed at the river not far from the eye, and it was not a problem. The top was a dead fish that floated up on his stomach.

At the corner of his mouth, he smoked, and Ye Sinian regretfully took back his gaze and turned his head to look at the bright light on the right rear.

It is a small tree with a height of half a person. There is only one fruit on the bare tree. The fruit is large in size but keeps shining green. A small black backpack leaned under the tree, and I didn’t know what was loaded, bulging,

The Pearl of Life...

The line of sight seemed to condense on the green and shining fruit, and Ye Sishen took a deep breath and lifted his leg to the tree.

The fruit is round and tentacle is cool, and Ye Si Nian licks his lips, and his fingers forcefully pick up the fruit that glows with green radiance.

The whole island suddenly trembled, and Ye Si Nian was unable to prevent the body from shaking, but only for a moment, the earth returned to calm.

Ye Si Nian bowed his head and looked at the round and lovely little fruit. The dark green eyes flashed a hint of shallow doubt.

Strange... Why does it take a shock to pick up the fruit? Did the system ignore this thing without explanation?

Thinking of the next Mawei that made him a big shock, Ye Si-nian licked his lips, half of it was speechless and half-heartedly pressed the doubts in his heart.

But in the end, there is still some vigilance in the heart. In addition, the scream of tears in the south of Fernando, this place should not be left for a long time. Yesian’s action quickly picked up the backpack and the small fruit and went upstream along the river.

Do not say anything else, just think of those blistering over the body of Fernan, he decided not to go downstream!


Perhaps it was the wish to get the pearl of life and the guarantee of life. At this time, Ye Sinian was quiet, no sadness and no joy, while he followed the river and thought about the next plan.

Fernan was killed in advance, and he did not find the pearl of life like the original fate track. Everything was disrupted at this moment, and then the world will develop in what direction, which is unpredictable.

If you don’t say anything else, it’s just that Fernan’s death will cause great changes. When he dies, the four clerk will probably not die early, so he will join the team that is fighting for the world’s key. With this "good friend" behind the knife, Allen's final ending has become unpredictable...

The only thing that can be foreseen is that the battle for the final battle will be more cruel and intense!

There was a lot of thoughts in my mind, and the sound of the water was slow in my ears. Ye Si Nian’s long white fingers gently played with the green fruit of the beads in his hands, and suddenly stopped.

The water vapor in the air is obviously heavier, and the sound of the birds and the insects seems to have disappeared, and the silence is at its best.

Ye Si Nian licked his eyebrows, and his eyes were blinded, aiming at the river where the flow rate was significantly faster.

Looking up and looking at the darkness of the darkness, Yesian turned his little fruit in his hand, nervously tightened his muscles, slowed his footsteps and went forward.


A beautiful tree.

A tree that is quiet and long in the small island of the lake, charming to suffocate.

The dense branches and leaves are connected into a vibrant green sea, and the breeze gently smashes through. The green ocean is like a green wave of water, and the beauty is perfect.

The dark green eyes are obsessed, the blue-green vines on the neck side are looming, and Ye Si Nian looks at it.

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