Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 133: Escape from the dark island (eight)

In the early morning, the forest was covered with a mist of mist. Ye Sisian held a sharp blade in his hand and frowned to the west.

There is too much water vapor in the air. The clothes that were originally dry and cool on the body are wetted by dew-stained grass in a short time, but it is still early in the morning, the temperature is not very high, even if it is not wet, it is not difficult. endure.

The black combat boots on the feet were thick and tightly wrapped around his feet and half-length legs, stepping on the muddy, humus-filled ground, leaving Ye Si Nian's eyebrows unconsciously wrinkled a little.

Different from the small island of dreams, the light in the jungle is not very strong at this time. The tall and thick towering trees spread the huge crowns, and the branches and leaves cover the sky. Only a bunch of leaks in the gaps are occasionally leaked. The golden sunlight forms a beautiful beam of light in a thin mist.

The tip of the hair was wet by the mist, and some of the wetness was half-hanging. Ye Sinian frowned and wiped the sweat. The giant wood fell on his head and slammed into a crystal waterdrop. He slid straight into his back neck and rolled in from the collar. .

The eyebrows jerked, the crystal water drops with the coolness of the morning, and slid down the ridgeline. Some slight itch, the muscles of Ye Sinian could not help but tighten a little.

The sound of birds’ songs turned melodious, but people couldn’t hear from any direction. Yesi looked up and looked around. I only felt that birds were singing in all directions. I couldn’t help but sigh. I have to insist on not getting lost here. Not an easy task.

Fortunately, the original race's racial superiority is very powerful. Yesi has stopped and stopped all the way. Although the body is a little tired, the spirit is more and more exciting.

With the information provided by the system, he certainly knows where the key to the world first appeared, and his trip is to go there.

However, he is not sure whether this shortcut he has taken will help him achieve his goal.

The rules of the game in this world are too sinister. It is not an easy task to find the key to the world. In the original fate trajectory, those people have experienced the trials of hardships and pitfalls before finally finding the place where the key of the world is located. , successfully got the key to the world.

Of course, after being chased by everyone, the result of suicide without a way to hold the key to the world is not counted, it is a success...

Although it is not certain whether the spoon of the world will remain in the same place as you would expect, but you are not afraid of 10,000, just in case, is the key to the world really there? If you think too much, isn’t it properly pitted?

The blue-green vines appear from time to time on the neck side of the white pelicans. The body instinct that is rooted in the depths of memory is too strong. The lashes of the leaves are slightly twitching, and almost instantaneously, the direction of advancement is accurately determined.


In the meantime, Ye Si Nian suddenly slammed his footsteps. The hand that had been squeezing the knife blade was slamming tightly. The dark green eyes were as sharp as a knife, and looked straight to the treetop in front of the left.

The pupil suddenly shrank.

That is……


The buzz of fullness was uploaded from the canopy, a golden sun shrouded the man on the tree, and the sharp and sharp teeth were brightened, swaying toward Ye Si Nian under the tree.

"Hey!" Yessman laughed out loudly, and the killing of the eyes in the dark green eyes disappeared, and the fullness was replaced by silence and laughter.

There is also a secret, relative that he did not even notice.

The man on the tree that was originally intended to be fiercely slammed: "..."

"Oh..." Yesny laughed very openly. He looked up at the little ball on the tree. I don’t know what it was. I just felt very happy in my heart. This is the first time after he came to this dark island. I am so happy once.

White and tender face, small and delicate facial features, maroon half-length broken hair service draped in the ear, a small green leaf on the top of the head curiously tilted the tip of the leaf, the son probably has not had his own leg length, Like a clumsy milk monkey, he usually squats on a tree shackle, holding a rope around his waist, and squatting with the thick trunk behind him. I don’t know if it’s technical or not. It looks loose and not tied at all. Live yourself.

Perhaps it is because of the early time that I haven’t woken up yet. The big green eyes are still full of vigilance and sorrowful uneasiness after being awakened, and I’m staring at the tree under the tree. .

Ye Si Nian, who was easy to laugh enough, finally realized that his smile made the man on the tree smash. He coughed and the arc of the corner of his lips could not be pulled down. On the face, he made a serious expression, doubts. Authentic: "Who are you? How come here?"

This is indeed his innermost question. He had seen all the other questers before the game started, but he did not find a small doll mixed in it.

The data given in the system did not mention this, then who is this person?

Is there any other intelligent life on the Dark Island?


"...hey!" The man on the tree was suddenly awakened by the question of Yessian, his eyes slammed round, and the small green leaf on his head suddenly stood upright, his mouth screaming toward Ye Si Years of screaming, watching the situation is prestige, but helpless little arm calf plus a round face, the baby doll's little scorpion is nothing at all.

I thought that the fierce threat slammed in half, and the doll on the tree looked dull, as if I had just realized that my voice had become like this.

The white face was red and red, and the little chubby hand of the child slammed his burning face, feeling like a faceless person.

Ye Si Nian smiled and looked up, but did not give him the idea of ​​solving the problem, his eyes full of bad taste.

Curious and embarrassed to sneak open his fingers, the child on his face smoking a pair of watery green eyes, sneaking to the tree under the tree.

The line of sight crossed his handsome face, and the pair of warm and soft dark green eyes, the child blinked, and the small pink leaves on the top of the head shook the tip of the leaf, and the milk was milky. Opened the mouth: "I am Allen, who are you?"

Ye Si Nian’s face could not stop smiling and stagnation, and it was split.



Saying that others Ye Si Nian may have to react for a while, but Allen?

Did he really miss the mistake?

In his mind, he flashed through the ugly shape of Feiernan. Ye Si Nian looked at the little doll that looked very clever in the tree, only to think that the world was in a mess.

According to the original fate trajectory, Fernan quickly disguised himself after killing four questers. As a honest and honest, he deceived Allen and gained his trust. In the later games, Always behind Allen, it looks like a younger brother, but in reality it has always been a curse.

Regardless of the other, the original Allen Ming Ming is a strong man with a height of two meters, and the little baby in front of him is really a person?

So... Is there a problem with your own eyes or is there a problem with the information given by the system? Or is it actually the root cause of the child on the tree?

Yesan’s eyes were too weird, and Allen in the tree involuntarily shrank his neck, and the small green leaves on his head shook his head and shook.

"Cough!" He noticed his little movements. The strange expression on Ye Si-nian's face was slammed. He coughed and pretended to be like a man who was just thinking about it. He was very friendly and open. Road: "I am..."

The name of the original master rolled two rolls on the tip of his tongue. In the end, he still didn't say it. Ye Sinian flashed a complicated light in the dark green pupil. He looked up at the watery green eyes and opened his mouth. Road: "Yesian..."

"You can call me Yessian!" For a long time, I didn't introduce myself with a real name. When I said these two words, Ye Sinian didn't know why he was loose, like...

It's like something in my heart that was suddenly broken. I thought it would be a very difficult thing, but I didn't expect it to be so easy when I did it.

The smile on the lips suddenly relaxed a little. The body seemed to have been completely shattered. Yesi looked up at the little doll on the tree, smiling lightly, but full of warmth.

"Ye...S...Year?" The child in the tree frowned and read his name, and the words were stretched out in a word, and there were some doubts in the clear green eyes, some curiosity, and some hidden joys.

This name... sounds familiar! Where have you heard it?

"Don't you come down?" Yessyan waved his beckoning, and the clear voice was particularly pleasant in the wet rain forest. The twin phoenixes were shining, like a star-filled star, and the face was lured. How to look at the expression is not like a good person, but he does not mind, all the mind is placed on the tree to attract children.

I didn't even notice why I was so concerned about someone I just met.

Seeing his beckoning movement, the white and tender child in the tree was red and red. During his period, Ai Ai probed a glance at the tree and reached out to slowly loosen the loose rope.

He thought that he was very afraid of this. Ye Si Nian just wanted to ask if he needed help. He saw him throwing the rope down the tree and jumped to the ground.

Breathing slammed, the heart seemed to be strongly tightened, the dark green pupils swelled, and Ye Si Nian squinted, and the action rushed forward ahead of consciousness.

A flash of white light flashed, and Ye Si Nian suddenly slammed his footsteps, his body swayed twice without receiving his body, and his expression was subtly smacked.

I was stunned and looked at the front...

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