Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 138: Escape from Dark Island (13)

The dark red wooden box slowly opened, but it was still early in the morning, and the sun with dew was slowly slid into the wooden box through the gap between the leaves and leaves.

Four pairs of different colors of eyes brushed into the inside, a **** red grass appeared in the sight of four people.

The stems are clear, like the crystals of high purity, but they seem to have a stronger life. The slender leaves stretch out, even if they are hidden in this slightly simple wooden box, they still have deep Confidence, the crystal red liquid inside the stems and leaves is slowly flowing, infiltrating people and at the same time some unspeakable charm.

It is like, to hook the viewer's soul into the crystal red liquid.

The thick eyelashes trembled unpredictably, and Wu Luo subconsciously clasped Yersian’s hand and frowned. “What is this?”

Eric had already smashed into Allen’s arms when the wooden box was opened. His long arms were close to his neck, and the scared expression on the face was almost seamless, but the twinkling eyes stared straight. Its eyes exposed the most real emotions in his heart - full of curiosity that wanted to get started.

The nerves had always been thicker, and Allen was keen to get his idea for the first time. He couldn’t think of anything else. He grabbed his hand and grabbed his eager hand, and pressed it tightly on his chest.

That thing doesn't look like a good thing. How can it be done in case something happens?

Eric’s temperament was forced to go down in an instant. He tightened his body and looked up at Allen’s expression. He found that there were only worries and helplessness in the eyes of the green eyes, and there was no suspicion of his own imagination. Eric noticed where his hand was placed...

The tip of the ear was uncontrollably stained with pink, and Eric blinked, and the hand on Allen's chest was lightly and gently smashed.

Inadvertently lifting the smear of Ye Si Nian's eyelids straight, turning his eyes and retracting his eyes, just want to destroy his eyes.

Deliberately increased the power and coughed, and Yesian looked at the strange grass in a serious manner, saying: "The box is found from the other side. This grass is definitely useful!"

"The key to the world?" Eric's eyes trembled and jerked back, staring at the inside of the leaf stem and looking at the very ominous **** liquid. His eyes were so complex that he had both possessive desires and hopes. There is the urge to pull Allen away.

The key to the world... the people who get it will return to the original world...

Do not! The world is terrible and cold, without a trace of warmth, he will never go back!

As for Allen...

In the eyes of the ink stained with blood, Eric slammed the strength of the road to hold Allen's neck, the gloomy expression on his face flashed away.

If you catch it, it is his, and then he will not let go.

Wu Luo heard a tremor in his heart, holding Ye Sinian's hand can not help but increase the strength, looking at the box of the strange grass to the extreme.

Although he is not a clerk, his previous memories are still in the air. Even people who don’t know what he is, can’t tell where the vague feelings come from, but there is always a voice in his heart. echo.

The key to finding yourself and finding those memories is the key to the world.

In my heart, I was eager and embarrassed. When Wroe first discovered that she still had such indecisiveness, she secretly laughed at herself, and she did not relax her hand when she grasped Ye Si Nian’s movements.

The emotions in the heart are extremely complex, and Wu Luo’s lips are in a sharp line. For the first time, he has become less confident about the unknown past and future.

Some things, there is no way out when you open your head.

Ye Si Nian’s proportion in his heart was so incredible that even though the voice in his heart was full of expectation and excitement, he did not dare to take the future to gamble.

If... if those memories are not as good as they think, even worse, that year...

As long as he thinks that there is such a slight faintness that may cause such an irreversible ending, he will not be able to suppress the dark tide of the heart.


"What's wrong?" Yessin couldn't help but tighten the hand that Hulu had gripped. The dark green eyes were full of concern.

The darkness in the eyes flashed past, and Wu Luo tried his best to press the heart and suddenly became more and more devastating. The expression on his face was not exactly the same. He smiled and said: "What is the key to the world? ”

Ye Sinian stared at him for a few seconds, and found no abnormality. This only temporarily left a trace of doubts in his heart, and grinned and explained: "It is said that the task can be returned to the original world..."

Wu Luo saw his expression of disdain, his heart slammed and slammed loosely, pressing the urge to hold his hand, the voice was a little hoarse: "So amazing?"

Ye Sinian looked at the **** red grass in the box and licked her lips. The voice was vague: "Who knows..."

In addition to the weird grass in the dark red wooden box, nothing else.

The four men found each side of each edge of the gap and found that there was no more dust in the dust. This was the death of the heart.

The eyes converge on the **** red grass.

There is only one grass in the wooden box. What does this mean?


The brow slammed, and Allen licked the cold hair that was scared on his arm and snorted. "Can't you eat this stuff?"

In the end, is it a multitude of tastes and how much heart can you eat it? It is not a good thing at first glance!

Eric, who made this idea, was "shameful" and smiled, and it was logical to get into the arms of Allen.

I have been immune to the way they get along. Ye Sinian touched his chin and did not lift his head: "Not eating, that is..."

The line of sight swept through the roots of the grassy roots, and the eyes of Ye Si Nian suddenly slammed and raised the voice: "Look!"

The three burning eyes fell on the roots of the grass in the direction of Yersian’s fingers. It seemed to be aware of the gaze of the eyes, and the roots that had been tempted to move suddenly froze the action, as fast as There is an illusion.

Its movements have been very fast, but the few people in the room are not ordinary people, not only the eyes are sharp and the nature is tough and confident, they are convinced that they have not read correctly, this thing has indeed moved.

Never thought about being gentle, Ye Sinian’s lips were scornful, and the action was very decisive to take out a small and delicate dagger from his pocket.

The sun shone on it, shining bright and chilling light.

The dead grass in the box trembled fiercely, and it was quite eye-catching to lift the root of the mistake that had been made, and decisively pointed to the south.

The red leaves and leaves in the stems and leaves are moving at a faster rate, just like when people are nervous, they will also accelerate the blood flow. For a while, in the sunlight, the brilliance is even more vivid.

Ye Si Nian, who has no action with the dagger: "..."

This is greedy for fear of death...

The smile of the bad taste of the lips was regrettable, and Ye Si Nian was grateful to take the dagger back.

Aside from Wu Luo, he smiled helplessly, reaching out and licking his hair, saying: "Is this pointing us?"

"Should be." Yesnian nodded and took the big hand on his head. He said, "Let's see?"

"Okay." Wu Luo clenched his hand, and the light flashed, and the speed was incredible.

"I...we're going to find the pearl of life..." Allen glared at Eric in his arms, and Ai Ai opened his mouth.

When he first entered the dark island, he fell into a coma. He was saved by Allen. After that, he spent all his time chasing Allen. There was no time at all, and he couldn’t afford to find the pearl of life.

But now it’s different...

Eric glared at Allen's neck, and the eyes of the ink were full of expectation and satisfaction.

He does not want to die.

At least for now, I don’t want to die.

Ye Si Nian picked up his eyebrows and looked at Allen’s hand on Erik’s waist. The corner of his eye was unconsciously pumping, and he coughed, ambiguously: “Hey... pay attention to safety...”

"Reassured! I am very strong!" Allen smiled and looked silly and sweet, patted his developed chest muscles and said: "I will protect Eric!"

Essian glanced at Eric's eyes and stared at his chest muscles, and looked at Allen's smiling face: "..."

More and more heart swelled and broken!


The rain forest is not very good, but fortunately the physical conditions of both of them are very good, Ye Si Nian is the racial superiority of the original Lord, as for Wu Luo...

What kind of race he is, it is really unclear.

But no matter what he is, the unparalleled combat power and the physical quality of the high-explosive watch are obvious to all. However, it is only in the direction of guiding the road, wading through the mountains, not only without pressure, but also from time to time to give Ye Sinian a courtesy. Help, hold a small hand and a small waist, and occasionally kiss a mouth or something, the more you want to go the longer the better, it is best to never go to the end...

Fortunately, the plot did not go back in the direction of shame and shame as he thought.

After passing through a swamp full of giant pythons, a river full of crocodiles, and a long, long forest road, a gloomy cave finally appeared in front of them.

Yesi’s eyebrows glanced inside and saw that the cave was too deep and too narrow. The light in the forest was not strong. Now it is not in the cave, and it is dark.

The camouflage on the body was stained with brown mud, and the hair that was wet by the steam was slowly dripping down. Ye Si Nian looked quite a decadent handsome at this time. He raised his hand and wiped it freely. A sweat, looked down at the roots that pointed straight to the cave. After confirming the correctness, I turned to look at the Wu Luo next to me: "Go in?"

"Okay." On the eyes of the upper half of the year, the singer's eyes were green, and Wu Luo slammed his heart and bowed his head at the end of his eyes: "Follow me, pay attention to safety."

"Yeah." Yesi squinted with a sigh of itching, her ears slightly red, and put a small redwood box in his hand into his hand, saying: "You also pay attention to safety!"

Looking down at the very small grass, the Wuluo 2k novel reading network