Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 142: Come back again

"Ye Ge?" A cautious voice rang in the ear, and Ye Siyin moved the thick and long eyelashes and slowly opened his eyes.

There was a moment of stunned eyes, and there was a blank in my mind. It seemed that something extremely important was lost by myself. Ye Sinian looked at the assistant who woke up to her eyes and could not help but frown.

The young assistant shrank his neck, his voice couldn't help himself and he was a little lower. He pointed out the window and said: "Ye Ge, it's almost..."

Ye Sinian looked out of the car in the direction of his fingers.

In the night, not far from the bright lights, the spotlight flash lights mixed together, almost illuminating the entire sky.

The light illuminates his handsome and impeccable facial features through the window, the narrow and long phoenix eye-eyed slanting upturned, the black and white eyes are clear and clear, and the eye-waves flow between them.

This kind of scene is almost familiar to the extreme, Ye Si Nian couldn't help but slightly hooked his lips, and there was a long-lost excitement and joy in his heart.

"Ye Ge, you... are you not nervous?" The assistant has been with Ye Si Nian for several years. Because his temper is better, the assistant is not too cautious in front of him. Now he sees how he looks good. I couldn't help but open my mouth in confusion.

"Why are you nervous?" Yessman turned back inexplicably and looked at him.

"Hey!" The doubt in the assistant's eyes was a bit more intense. He blinked and said: "If you win the prize again this time, it will be the ten-year champion, you can seal the emperor!"

On the eyes of the nervous and anticipating, Ye Sinian’s doubts were deeper. He opened his mouth and just wanted to say that he was originally a movie emperor, and he thought of what he was generally stunned. it originally a movie emperor?

There was chaos in my mind, and Ye Sinian frowned and looked back at the car. The thin lips with good shape were tightly tied into a straight line.

It shouldn't be like this. He should have been nervous and nervous to say nothing...

Although this year's film has a high voice, it is still not 100% certain. After winning the best actor award for nine consecutive years, as long as he wins the trophy this time, he can finally reach the ancestors. The standard went to God and became the first real great movie master ever.

How can he be such an exciting moment... How can he be nervous?

What is wrong? Why does he feel that all this has been experienced?

And for a long time, he forgot how excited the expectation was.

Is he...forgot what...

Ye Si Nian frowned and looked out the window. The beautiful face was more delicate and flamboyant under the light of the window, perhaps because of its deep outline, and it looked very deep.

The assistant saw his expression of a tight face, thinking that what he said made him nervous, could not help but shrink his neck, and closed his mouth.


Get off the bus, walk the red carpet, be teased by the host...

Everything seems to have gone through the ordinary. Ye Si Nian feels that he is just standing on the side of the mirror and repeating himself on the mirror side.

Obviously all this should be lively and exciting, but now...

He is like being free from the world, watching with a cold and somewhat nostalgic look at everything that he or she is following, and obviously trying very hard to get involved, only to find that he can’t afford it. A quiet heart.

It’s like... There are more important things waiting for yourself.

But what is more important than the singer's crown that I have always dreamed of since I was a child?

Ye Si Nian took a long sigh of relief and finally recovered from the confusion that was almost maddening, staring at the stage not far away.

The award ceremony reached the most stressful moment.

The awarding guests are the most highly respected Xia Lao in the circle. They have dedicated their careers to the film industry for almost a lifetime. Xia Lao’s love for the film industry is unquestionable. Because of his age, he has rarely seen the public in recent years. In this case, I was invited to be the guest of honor, and the battle was so big that the result was no suspense to some extent.

Many people have smiled and looked at Ye Si Nian.


With the words "Yesian" in the middle of Xia Laozi's words, the big screen appeared on the big screen with a cold and indifferent face.

The makeup on the face was slightly thicker, and the phoenixes on the pair looked at the camera quietly, and the eyes were complicated to the extreme. There were love, hate, regret, and relief.

The character was like living on the screen under his interpretation. People couldn't help but feel guilty and worried. They wanted to stay away and couldn't help but get close.

Everyone here has seen this movie. At this time, I saw this photo. When I watched the movie, the feeling that the soul was completely shocked suddenly hit my heart, and my mind flashed through the clear and elegant, tree demon. Figure...

The whole scene was quiet for a second, and suddenly there was a burst of applause.

Can witness the birth of the great master of the big shadows. As a filmmaker of this generation, they can also be regarded as witnessing the glory. It is also a kind of glory worthy of praise.

I was watched by all kinds of people and with enthusiasm, and Ye Si Nian did not feel it. The deep eyes stared at the "tree demon" on the screen for a moment, and the heart trembled like a Thinking of some sweet memories, the lips slowly swelled.

The crowd only saw that his light flashed and he smiled slowly.

It looks like the expressionless expression of just a few seconds has been stunned by this result, and I have not returned to God.

The applause, cheers and laughter on the field were more intense, and the sounds gathered together, almost overturning the entire roof.

Yestheon finally recovered in this lively atmosphere, and some of her hearts sighed with a sigh of relief. The smile on his face was a bit bigger and stood up and went to the stage.

I didn’t know how many hugs I received along the way. When I finally got on the stage, the expression on his face was finally adjusted into a mixture of perfect joy and excitement, some awkward and somewhat surprised.

Respectfully took the trophy from Xia Lao, Ye Si Nian smiled and the red-faced old man politely hugged, and then blushing over the microphone.

Subconsciously speaking, the words of the awards in the memory that can't tell where it came from, the expressions on the face and every subtle expression are also incomprehensible, there is no trace of flaws, it seems to be the highest. After the achievement, I am excited and unable to be self-sustaining.

Except for himself, no one can imagine how dead in his heart.

Looking through the empty ring finger, Ye Si Nian only felt that the heart was missing a mouth. As time passed, the gap became bigger and bigger, and the heart became more and more empty.

This grand and lively event is finally over. After the carnival is full of mess, the whole night is full of congratulations. Ye Sinian only feels that his soul is standing in the void, watching his smile silently. And everyone around...

But the heart seems to have lost some kind of pillar, always empty, the whole soul can not afford a trace of strength.

But he tried his best, but he couldn’t think of a reason...


"Ye Ge, can you do it alone?" The assistant stood outside the car worriedly and looked at him through the window.

Ye Si Nian nodded indifferently and said: "I didn't drink, you don't care about me."

The window slowly rose in front of him, and the assistant looked at the car and went away. He couldn't help but scratch his head.

How does he feel... Ye Ge is not happy?

It was late at night, there was not much car on this road. At this time, it was still in silence. Yesi looked at the front with no expression. The eyes of the two inks did not have a slight wave of fluctuations. The heavy ones were like stagnant water. The thoughts in my mind are mixed together and the chaos is extremely extreme.

He doesn't know why he has such a vague and vague memory, and he doesn't know why he is like this, but there is always a voice in his heart that keeps telling him, don't worry... don't worry...

He took a deep breath and slowly spit it out. Ye Sinian’s hand holding the steering wheel was tight, and his eyes looked at the front with some flickering.

The street lamps on both sides became a sturdy fire dragon, and the night was darker. The sound of the engine and the wheels rubbing against the ground could no longer be heard.

The heart is a little bit tight...

He knows what will happen next.

Car accident... death...

So, now he is immediately turning the front of the car back to the life of the filmmaker who is famous for his success, or is he squatting forward to the front, even if it is 100% sure to lose his life?

If he still has a little bit of reason in his body, he should immediately step on the brakes and keep his life, but...

The hand holding the steering wheel was a little tighter, and Ye Sinian’s double-colored phoenix flashed an unspeakable decision.

He has always been a rational person, but now he wants to be irrational.

There is something in the front that is calling him. He is almost 100% convinced that if he chooses to turn the front of the car, then life will always live in regret and pain.

Because he lost his most important thing.

The dead heart slowly accelerated with the acceleration of the car, and the dark color in Ye Si Nian’s eyes almost condensed into essence. He bit his teeth and rushed forward.

A golden tree appeared in the line of sight and stood in the middle of the road. It was the ultimate in beauty and dazzling to the extreme.

The heart is filled like a sly, the eyes of the two inks are a little bit of water, and Ye Si’s blood-stained lips tremble slightly, and there are fireworks in their minds, and everything appears clearly. In front of you.

The lips slowly evoke a satisfying smile, and Ye Sinian closed her eyes slightly, letting the car go straight to the tree.

The soft golden light illuminates this sky, without the huge sounds and explosions in the imagination, and the whole body is filled with warm soft light. Ye Sinian is twitched by the tears of the tears, and there is a loving heart in her ear. Sound 2k novel reading network