Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 144: Tell you a secret (2)

Day by day, the child seems to have finally adapted to life here, his personality is brighter every day, and his physical condition is slowly getting better.

This mountain village is basically only some old people who are hard to leave. The children are the age of love, but there is no playmate around them. They should continue to be lost, but it is good to be cheerful, and this deserted mountain is for him. It is also full of fun, just the flowers and insects that have not been seen before will fill the young mind with joy.

What's more, all his current minds have been attracted to the magic tree.

"Do you think this is good?" The children's **** and white eyes are bright, and the inside is full of anticipation. A pair of small meat hands hold the drawing board and lift it up, like the most intimate play. With his dreams, he smiled and turned to ask for a thick trunk behind him.

A breeze blew, and the leaves screamed.

"Do you think it looks good too?" The child's eyes brightened a bit, and the smile on his face was sweet. He proudly and proudly looked at the room on the drawing board that looked very cool. He said with a milky voice: "Wait for me later." When you grow up, be sure to have a room like this!"

The walls should be covered with silver paint, as in the movie that Dad shot; there must be a comfortable, rocking chair, the same as Grandpa’s sitting every day; there must be a huge golden hourglass with golden sand. Like a mother’s drama...

correct! There must be a beautiful tree inside, just like you behind you.

How good, with such a room, he no longer has to worry about going to heaven.

The angel must be very kind, will look at his lovely share, and let him walk with this room.

In that case, even if he went to heaven, he would not have to worry about being alone, how good...

"If I die, would you miss me?" The child blinked, holding the hand of the drawing board and collecting it, widening his eyes and looking at the thick trunk behind him.

When he was not sent, he heard the doctor’s words to his parents behind the door. Although many people couldn’t understand it, the sentence “The condition may worsen, you are mentally prepared” is deeply deep in him. In my heart.

The doctor said the same before the grandfather in the next room went to heaven...

He didn't know what paradise was. He didn't know why, and he didn't dare to ask Mom and Dad, but he knew that if someone died, he would go to heaven.

So...he should die soon?

Same as the old grandfather.

A large number of stars trembled, and the tall and straight tree only felt that the heart that didn't know where it was growing was smashed, and it was full of distress.

For the first time in his life, he hated his enormous body.

If he is a grass, can he comfortably entangle his ankles and small hands?

If he grows shorter, can he gently use his soft, cool leaves on his little face?

He didn't know where his emotionally extreme emotions came from, and he didn't understand what the sour emotions were. But in the end, he always felt that he was a half missing. The circle, until I saw the little figure, there was a feeling in his heart that finally got full.

I waited for so many years and finally waited for that person.

Seeing him, the roots buried deep in the ground are satisfied, the thick and straight trunks are satisfied, the branches that open the huge canopy are satisfied, and every green leaf is satisfied.

The little figure leaned on himself, and sometimes looked at the sky quietly, sometimes whispering to himself. The words were full of childlike fun, innocent and romantic, and there was no worries about no one to tell. Like... I really see myself as a trustworthy person.

Not a tree, but a person.

The image of the silence that has been for many years is finally given life, and it is slowly pulsing.

From the treetops to the roots of the trees are warm, the children's bright smiles are like the bright sunshine in the afternoon, straight into the bottom of my heart, the whole tree is full of vitality.

When he laughs, he follows joy. When he tears his eyes, he follows his heart.

The tree didn't know what happened to him, but he understood that the most important thing now is to comfort the child's heart.

The trunk trembled under the gaze of the child with tears, the huge crown of the tree shook, and countless green leaves fell down, and the child who did not expect this situation was caught by the green leaves by surprise. The ground covered the body.

Gently, softly, and touched cool.

The child was transferred to the thoughts in an instant, and the big eyes with tears filled with surprises, laughing and rolling in the green leaves.

The crisp laughter was rolled up on the treetops by the breeze, and the tree stared at the re-vibrant child underneath, shaking off a somewhat sparse canopy with pleasure.

But it’s just some leaves, the president will come back...?


It’s another afternoon, the weather is no longer sunny, the sky is covered with dark clouds, the wind is blowing, the tall and straight trees stand still in the wind, the huge green canopy is like a green wave, layered The ground is shaking in the air.

The child sat cross-legged under the tree, raised a small meat hand and patted the trunk in front of him. Unfortunately, "It’s going to rain, I can’t accompany you today..."

The thick trunk swayed gently, the rough bark rubbed the tender little hand, and the child giggled with a tingling itch. The face was slightly faint, but it immediately rained. Sweetly smiled and patted on the trunk, said: "Don't be afraid, I will come to see you tomorrow, okay?"

The huge green tree crown shook gently. The child turned his eyes and opened his arm on the rough trunk. The smile was sweet and sweet: "Don't be unhappy, can I give you a name?"

The canopy stopped swaying and squirmed in the wind.

The child licked his mouth, and the black and white phoenix flickered and flickered. The left and right aiming eyes finally landed on the album opened under the foot.

God Jehovah created Adam.

Looking at the strong and young Adam, the child blinked and raised his head and placed his chin on the rough bark of the tree. The milk was so milky: "Are you called Adam?"

The thick and tall tree stood still for a moment, and under the eyes of the child, the trunk finally shook.

The big eyes flashed a joyful light, and the child looked very happy. He sweetly licked his mouth on the trunk and excitedly said: "Hello Adam! My name is Sinian! Let's do the best." Friends, okay!"

The dark clouds piled up in the sky are getting thicker and thicker, and the whistling wind is more fierce. The children are still difficult to hide their excitement, but they also know that they will not go back to the shackles now. They have to pick up the pictures under the tree, smile and wave the trees. Waving, sweet and authentic: "See you tomorrow! Adam!"

The huge green canopy shook in the air, as if it was disappointing and worried, quietly watching the little figure leaping and jumping back in the wind.

The sky seems to be brewing a thunderous thunder, and the heart suddenly trembles, and the action of the big tree shaking the canopy is stagnation.

That little figure has disappeared.

The second day... the third day... the twentieth day... the thirtieth day...

The child who said "See you tomorrow" never appeared again.

The tall and tall towering giant trees still stand on the hillside, quietly looking at the intersection, waiting for the jumping child to smile and rush to himself, sweet and authentic: "Good morning! Adam!"

As the sun rises, the mood of anxiety in my heart gradually accumulates.

What happened to the child? Is there something wrong?

For the first time in his life, he hated his own body that could not move...

The winter is slowly coming, the green leaves have long become golden, and the cold winds are swept away. The tall and straight trees become bare, and the white snow falls, adorning him with trees.

I originally planned to show this beautiful shape in front of the children, but now...

Thinking of the words that were heard in the mouth of the villagers passing by, the big tree shook the trunk and shook the accumulated snow, as if it finally made a huge determination and slowly fell into silence.


Twenty years later.

Spring is a season of recovery of all things, and the long-sleeved tree has also awakened in the cold willows that are not cold.

It was late at night, and there were insects everywhere in the four places. The sky above the sky was covered with hustle and bustle, and the tall giant wood shook his body. In the darkness, a soft golden light illuminates.

The energy that has been saved for many years has finally been thoroughly refining and absorbing, and the tree has finally achieved its goal with satisfaction.

I can't wait to laugh at the sky for 30 minutes. I successfully narrowed it down to a tall tree. I shook my body happily, and I left it for a long time. The roots finally pulled out of the fertile soil.

Full of heart is the little soft figure, the golden tree shook in the breeze, the leaves made a crisp sound, he converges the golden light that is too conspicuous in the night, and smashes the roots straight to the village below the mountain. past.

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