Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 147: Tell you a secret (5)

The stout purple lightning seems to be going to open the world. The streetlights that are dimly lit on the road are long gone. The thunder is deafening. The darkness and the glaring electric light alternate between the five fingers. In the dark night when the wind is over the top of the clouds, it looks like a monk. .

The tall and tall giant trees stand on the road, and the green leaves that were originally flourishing and full of vitality have already become sparse and dark, and the soft golden light that has filled the whole body has become weaker and weaker. The pavement has been destroyed into a mess, but the big tree has not been able to care for the others. It has struggled to straighten up in the wind and quietly watched the children under the tree.

His... has grown into a child of an adult.

The heart is regrettable and sweet. The big tree shakes and shakes the body. In the blow of the wind and thunder, it insists on passing the only energy left on him.

Unfortunately, he did not witness his growth with his own eyes. He did not expect and sweetly watched him grow into a beautiful young man from a small soft baby doll.

The sweet thing is that you can finally be able to protect him with his own energy, even if it is possible to lose his life.

How good, they are finally together again.

The purple thunder in the sky kept going, with the thunder of the thundering to the big tree that dared to break the rules, like to crush him in the dust.

Life is life, death is death.

The big tree is trying to break the enchantment between life and death by one's own strength, forcing the return of the deceased. How can the rules be allowed?

The thunderous sounds of the clouds in the Ukrainian stop stopped, and the thickest clouds were piled up and tumbling, brewing the most deadly blow.

The towering tree was already dark at this time. He shook his body, and the golden light of the place shimmered, and finally turned into a tall person.

Under the roots of the tree, the man with blood on his face was red and moist, and his breathing was smooth and long. The face of the handsome beauty was stained with blood and dust. It seemed that there was some wolverine, but it instantly stabbed his heart.

The whole tree trembled silently, making a joyful and sorrowful noise in the wind.

The darkened tree slowly bent down and re-introduced Ye Si Nian, who was wrapped in soft golden light on the ground.

There is a bigger lightning strike in the sky, and the energy in the body has not been able to continue. If you stay here, it is the end of the body.

But what if he leaves... a child?

Do you want to let go?

After staying in this world for so many years, people who have finally waited for it have not been together for a long time and havetily separated. After all the hardships and finally seeing again, it is hard to be done. Is this going to be farewell?

Even...even he hasn’t heard him say something to himself...

"Good morning, Adam!"

How can this be?

There are mixed feelings in my heart. The dark black trees cling to the people in their arms in the wind, and the branches with no leaves are entangled together. The thick tree roots are entangled together, even the scarred trunks try to think. To be entangled together...

What should I do?

Is it left behind by the anger of this rule, or left?

If you leave, is it your heart to leave the child here, or take him away?

All kinds of thoughts in my mind are mixed together, and Adam clings to Ye Si Nian in his arms, completely wondering where to go.

Above the thick clouds, the thunder of the rumble is even bigger, and the power is amazing.

The big tree looked at the sky and brewed the thundering thunderclouds, and looked at the man who knew everything in his arms.

Ye Si Nian moved his fingers, and the soft golden light flashed flashing, unconsciously wrapping the dark trees into it.

The body that is warm and full of scars, like a body that is immersed in warm and full of vitality, pains to the numb body slowly recovering.

Adam only felt that his heart trembled fiercely, and suddenly it was settled in the whistling wind.

As the branches of Ye Sinian tightened, Adam looked at the sky with more and more pressure, as if he finally made up his mind, shook his body violently, and something in his body rushed out and entered. Ye Si Nian's body.

The darkened tree body is full of golden light, like burning your own last energy and life, glaring to cover up all the light around you, even the lightning in the sky has become negligible.

The thick long eyelashes trembled, and in the chaos, Ye Sinian opened his eyes slightly.

The eyes are all soft to the incredible golden brilliance.

The warmth of the whole body, what is hard but strong and powerful, caught himself, obviously a little uncomfortable, but the heart surprisingly raised a soft and peace of mind.

The lips are slightly tilted up uncontrollable, and Ye Si Nian has not had time to see what it is like to hold himself. A soft but firm golden light rushes into his mind, just a moment, the Weiqi phoenix The cockroach will re-converge.

At the end of the memory, there is only a slight and rough touch.

It seems that there have been such experiences for a long time, and people can't help but feel at ease.

The deep purple thunder that has been brewing for a long time and the thickest is finally reduced.

The tree that shines brightly and goldenly, tightly protects Yessian in his arms, not only does not escape, but instead goes straight up.

When the two collided, the sky was dazzling to the extreme for a moment, and the bursting energy shattered the crack in the sky.

Some of the golden light flashed flashing, and the speed was quickly rushed into the crack.

The targets of blows and punishments have disappeared. The rule that has been brewing for a long time and only the front dish is out of the way has been hovering in the air for a long time. Finally, it is still venting anger and generally heading for a messy road.


The slender fingertips of the slender white movement moved slightly, and the eyeball under the eyelids slowly rolled down. Ye Sinian frowned fragilely and finally opened his eyes.

With a splitting headache, Ye Sinian clenched her lips and paled her face, and looked at everything in front of her with vigilance.

From the ground to the top of the head, the entire room is shining with the color of cold metal, which looks extremely cold.

There is a huge hourglass in the corner not far away, which is empty and completely invisible.

Underneath it was a reclining chair that looked like a few years old, and slowly swayed as he got up and made a squeaky voice.

There is nothing in the whole room except these and myself.

The phoenixes were full of light of inquiry, and Yersian’s heart was a little tight, and the line of sight crossed the room in front of him.

Kidnapping? blackmail? mischief?

There was no good thing about how to think. Ye Si-nian licked his lips and found that after the room was not exported, his face sank a bit.

I couldn't help but press the temple that I almost blasted. Ye Sinian closed her eyes and remembered how she came here.

Sitting under the nervous wait, the ecstasy of hearing your name, the excitement of finally getting the trophy, the joy and exhaustion of the carnival, then...

The car accident on the way home...

The swell of the phoenixes in the phoenixes stagnate, the heartbeat stagnate for a moment, and the expression on his face is blank for a few seconds.

The horror, despair, and unwilling emotions filled the mind, and Ye Si Nian opened his mouth and his face was pale.

He is... dead?

After experiencing so much pain and suffering, after paying so much effort and sweat, when I finally got the biggest affirmation in life...

So dead?

The heart was stunned and embarrassed, and Ye Sinian’s black and white fascinating phoenix phoenix flashed, and the ground was full of water.

The crack that had been left in the heart for a long time ago was getting bigger and bigger, and Ye Sinian couldn’t even regret the life of his brilliant movie, and he couldn’t help but stunned his heart.

Fingertips still seem to have such a rough touch, like a faint light faintly lit up in the silent night, Ye Si Nian's face looks fast and changing, but how can not grasp the faint light.

Did he forget something?

Forgot to honor a promise many years ago?

I couldn't remember what the promise was. Ye Si Nian's pale lips trembled, and the heart was full of impatience.

I am dead, what about the promise?


"Welcome to the system space."

The cold and icy system sounded loudly, and Ye Sinian’s double-faced eyes slammed, and the vigilance and alienation of the eyes replaced the previous softness and regret.

The breath of the lost body was swept back in an instant. Instead, it was full of thorny spurs. Ye Sinian tightened her lips, and the gaze of the knife quickly looked at the room in front of him, trying to find out the way. Where is the owner of the sound?

But he is destined to be disappointed.

Reluctantly pushed down the heart, Ye Sinian's savvy thin lips were almost smashed into a straight line, and the sneak rushing in the air, slowly opening the mouth in the silent no-man's room, the voice hoarse and low: " who are you."

"I am the brain of the cannon foci counterattack system, you can call me Adam."

The electronic sound is still cold, cold and alienated, and there is no emotional fluctuations, but somehow, when it comes to the word "Adam," it brings a little complicated meaning that is unclear.

Adam's two words were introduced into the ear. Ye Si Nian suddenly jumped like a power failure. The black and white phoenix flashed and flashed. He didn't know what was going on. He even thought it was called Adam's cold ice. The electronic sound is very sweet!

Really met the ghost!

When did your own aesthetic become so abnormal?

The cold electronic sound of the ice was also slammed down.

The two words are like the key to unlocking the magic box. There is a violent shock in my mind. Adam, who is transparent in shape, stands in the void, frowning at the man who is contemplating underneath, and holding his breath to think about what happened to him.

The memory in my mind is like a devastating devastating, fragmented until he can't remember anything in the past.

Who is he? Where did you come from? Why is it here? Where will you go?

What happened to his body? Why does the soul become so incomplete?

In my mind, I flashed a tree that was miserable to the extreme, full of burnt black, broken branches, and scarred trunks. But he used all his strength, but he still couldn’t remember what it was.

Adam looked at the man with his head down, his heart hollowed out and filled, as if the treasure was in front of him, he tried to open his eyes, but he could not see it.

In the midst of it, he always has a feeling that memory is extremely important, but...

But why... I can’t remember it at all?

The room filled with cold metal color was caught in a strange silence. Adam frowned and thought for a long time, not only did not find the answer, but the mind was even more chaotic.

There was a slight regret in the heart, and Adam finally sighed helplessly and said: "You..."


Almost in unison, Adam in the void and Ye Si Nian sitting on the lounge chair opened his mouth at the same time.

The sounds overlapped together, and the two of them didn’t know why they were so embarrassed that they couldn’t tell the truth. Ye Sinian frowned and frowned, thinking of the warm and soft touch of memory, he healed the heart. Shen Shen said: "Why am I here? How do I leave?"

go away……

These two words are like a spike that stabbed the nerves of Min. The nerves of Adam, and they suddenly awake, wrinkled and frowned: "You..."

The heart seems to be shackled, sour and stinging. He wants to say that you can't leave. I want to say how you can leave. I want to say that I don't allow you to leave, but I open my mouth, but I still have nothing to say.

why? Why do you have this idea?

Why not let him leave?

Reluctantly press the heart and say that the unclear grievances, Adam's golden eyes stunned, according to the memory of the time when I suddenly caught the mind, calm voice to the man on the ground to explain.

The rules are actually very simple, there are only two choices in front of him, accept the binding, or choose to give up.

If you choose to give up, it will be completely obliterated, but if you choose to bind this system, he may return to reality.

But somehow, when Adam explained the trepidation of his heart, he turned a corner and deprived Ye Sinian of his right to choose.

"You have been bound by the system..." Adam, standing in the void, flashed slightly, but his tone was not guilty.

There is always a voice in my heart that keeps echoing. This person is very important. He must not give up. Even if he uses all means and his heart, he will let him stay here.

The craving is too strong and strong, he can't imagine a slight possibility that will make this person leave himself.


Was it completely obliterated or returned to reality after completing the task?

Ye Sinian frowned and licked her lips, and there was a moment of hesitation in her heart.

He is not sure whether he really has the ability to stick to the reality, and those tasks don't seem to be a good thing to do easily, but...

There is always an unspeakable intuition in my heart that makes him nod.

The fingertips trembled a little, and the mind flashed through the blurry to the point where it was unclear whether it was reality or the illusion of rough touch and peace of mind to the feeling of warmth. Ye Sinian licked his lips and finally nodded lightly. .

Suddenly the heart was suddenly loose, and Adam’s golden eyes almost burst into a happy light. He stood in the void and fixed the face of the serious Ye Si Nian, as if he would always engrave his appearance. In general.

In front of the white-faced and handsome face and the chaotic memory, the face that is uncomfortable and uncomfortable coincides.

"Tree... Tree demon?"

In the eyes flashed a doubtful and excited light, Adam looked at Ye Si Nian's mouth open, and slammed his heart out of his mind.

The brow suddenly provoked, and Ye Si Nian surprised his eyes wide open and surprised: "What are you talking about?"

Adam’s apex did not know why he trembled and conflated the complex emotions in his heart. He licked his lips and his voice returned to coldness: “In the future, you will call the tree demon.”

After all, if Ye Si-nian, who was not stunned, said something against it, he would turn into a streamer and rushed down.

The golden streamer entangled the ring finger of Ye Si Nian's long white, and at the last moment, Adam inadvertently saw the walls covered with silver paint.

He didn't remember why he made this system space look like this. In his opinion, it was naturally a green and more exciting, but somehow, looking at it was not in line with his own aesthetic. The room, his heart suddenly filled with some sweet emotions...

The golden light flashed slightly, and Ye Si Nian blinked and raised his eyebrows as he looked at the silver-white ring on the ring finger.

Just that golden light...

Is it just your own illusion?

The slender fingers touched the simple silver-white ring, and the fingertips were clear and delicate, but Isaiah did not know why, always associated with the fuzzy in memory. Rough touch.

There was a doubt in his eyes, and Ye Si Nian licked his lips and opened the control panel.

A cold voice rang in my mind, and Ye Sinian slightly raised his eyebrows, only listening to the voice: "Do you accept the task?"

The phoenix of Gu Pansheng gently glanced at the huge hourglass in the corner of the room, and there was some excitement in his heart. Ye Si Nian slammed his lips and said: "Yes."

"The transmission starts, please keep the tree demon awake."

The mouth of the mouth was inextricably pumped, with the spit and dislike of the title, Ye Si Nian closed his eyes slightly, only feeling a soft suction came over, and consciousness suddenly sank into the darkness.



I couldn't help but make a noise. Hey, Ye Si Nian's long thick eyelashes trembled, feeling like it had been thousands of years, and finally opened his eyes.

Thousands of roots of tight green spirits finally slowly recovered from each other, the feeling of sensitivity, the magic to the extreme, so that Ye Si Nian could not help but hold Adam's neck tightly, slender body Also shivered slightly.

The thin and dense kiss fell, the feeling of spiritual intertwined soul blended too much to be addicted, Adam breathed a little messy, clutching the waist of Yesian, buried in his white neck and gently kissed.

"This is all my memory." Adam gently covered the rounded earlobe of Yes, the sharp tip of the tooth was gently ground, and the words were ambiguous, but magically smoothed the heart of Yesian. .

Although there have been speculations about Adam’s identity before, there are still some clouds in the fog, but now it is different.

Everything is plainly laid out in front of himself. Adam has no reservations about himself, even at the expense of his own soul, and let himself see his memory more deeply.

He never thought that the truth of the matter would be like this...

He didn't think that the system that oppressed him to exploit his hundreds of reincarnations would be his own lover, and he never thought that his intersection with himself would have arrived early.

Although there is still no such memory, but somehow, he always felt that he was sure to be full of dependence and sweet love for the magical tree that would accompany him.

In the heart is the fear and sweetness, Ye Si Nian licked his lips, and more firmly hugged Adam's neck.

"Are you at the beginning... have you been hurt so badly?"

Ye Si Nian’s long eyelashes trembled and deep into his memory. The terrible memories were like the ones he experienced personally.

The body is almost coke, the soul is fragmented and can only be attached to the system before it dissipates. Most of the energy is used to save his life. Those strong and deep feelings and memories can only be sealed.

As long as I thought that the person in front of him had done the same for the equivalent of a stranger, Ye Sinian could not help...

Adam hooked his lips and comfortably patted the back of Ye Sinian. "It doesn't matter, isn't it good now?"

"Why... why?" Ye Sinian's dark phoenix flashed a stream of water, and the voice was slightly trembling, even with a slight nasal sound.

"Hey, don't be sad!" Hearing that he had some wrong voice, Adam felt a pain in his heart, and patted gently on his back, saying: "Because I like you, and after you Save me! Without you, I can't recover!"

"Are you an idiot?!" Yesthe year clenched her teeth, and her eyes were reddish.

Such a failure to keep promises, or even forget your own, what is good to remember?

That kind of conflict with you desperately trying to leave you all day to threaten to return to reality, what is worthy of your favorite?

The more I think about it, the more I feel that I am not a thing. The long eyelashes of Ye Si Nian’s eyelashes trembled, and finally I couldn’t help but shed tears.

After waiting for so long, the person who paid almost everything and finally saved it, but desperately wants to escape from himself, how sad Adam should be?

For the first time in his life, he had an unspeakable dislike of himself who tried his best to complete the task.

"Hey, don't you cry?" Adam glared at the slightly trembling body in his arms, almost incomprehensible, incoherently: "You didn't mean it at the time, and I was very attitude towards you... very bad..."

In my mind, I flashed through the rigor and criticality of his own tasks. His paranoia became almost a neuropathy. Even his right to return to reality was secretly deprived by himself. Adam wrinkled his face with guilty conscience.

"Hey, we are all people with shortcomings, just in a pair!" Adam returned from the memory of those unbearable memories, gently falling in the soft hair of Yesan.