Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 15: Inversely attacking the end-time rebirth

Yates holding a wine glass in slanting against the balcony railing, micro Gouzhuo lips looked lively picture reception site each base charge Gongchoujiaocuo.

Court stood a dish of beautifully produced food, a huge amount of food consumed, and if not perhaps even before the end of the world are on the table, but now it is very extravagant, people in the last days of struggling probably have not seen long, long time So much food.

Even so, many people are too lazy to take a look at it. At most, they only politely take a bite and frown, and it looks very unpleasant.

The curvature of Ye Si Nian’s lips was more obvious, and he was very happy to have a drink.

It seems that the price can be mentioned again, after all, the fat sheep does not slaughter and not slaughter!

Qin Shiyue looked for a long time to find his little lover in the corner of this hidden balcony, habitually taking people into his arms, and then he said: "How do you hide here?"

"Too lazy to socialize." Ye Sinian glanced at him. "I don't know how many people want to dig me away, are you willing?"

"They dare!" When it comes to this Qin Shiyue, he is very worried. If you buy a power trigger, even if you want to dig his corner, how is it going!

The Huaizhong people took a little tighter. Qin Shiyue bowed his head and sipped a sip on the red lips moistened by the red wine. While reminiscent of the wine, he softly whispered: "You must hold the small year." Those are not good people! Don't believe it!"

Ye Si Nian gave him a look, how to talk about a loved one is stupid so much!

Seeing what he didn't believe, Qin Shiyue was in a hurry, grabbed his waist and picked him up and sat on the balcony railing, slamming his lips and tongue to block what he might say.

Ye Si Nian was shocked. He just wanted to frown and get angry. When he was neutral, he broke into a messy tongue and felt the obvious anxiety and anxiety of the man in front of him. Ye Sinian’s big fire also went out, and the movement was soft. Looking at his back neck, he obeyed his mouth and responded to his kiss.

Just as the two kissed each other hard, there was a chuckle from not far away.

Ye Si Nian’s ear was red, and finally realized that it was still in the reception. The balcony was not a safe place at all. He was so busy that he pushed the Qin Shiyue, who had put his hand into his clothes.

Qin Shiyue kissed his neck and buried his face in the shoulders of Yessian.

For a long while, the two talents returned to normal. Qin Shiyue finished the whole year's clothes, and the eyes turned back unpleasantly. I wanted to see which ones didn't bother me.

A well-dressed lady smiled and walked out of the shadows. Although it seemed to be well maintained, the serene temperament of her age showed that her age was not young.

Who to see who is at once a black Qin Shiyue face, my heart gave a jump.

"Baby, is this your lover?" Dianzhuang Shuya's lady smiled softly and her voice was very close.


Qin Shiyue licked his lips and his face was black.

Treasure... baby?

Ye Si Nian’s expression was strange for a few seconds, and he saw the face of his lover, and he did not hear it.

"How, staying outside for so many years, even the mother does not recognize it?!" The gentle and gentle lady in the previous second watched him licking his lips and did not speak, immediately when the apricot eyes squinted, Liu Mei was upright.

Qin Shiyue wiped his face in frustration. "Mom, how come you?"

The daughter-in-law is so stupid, so ask, dead. Ye Sinian glanced at him with pity.

Sure enough, when I heard him, Qin Ma’s eyes were even bigger. The airway said: “My son is here, can’t I still come?!”

Seeing that the atmosphere between the mother and the child is getting worse and worse, as a daughter-in-law and husband, Ye Si-nian is busy with the scalp, and gently smiles: "Hello Qin Auntie! I am a friend of Yesi, Qin Shiyue. ""

"Isn't it a lover?" Qin Ma looked up and down with her son's eyes. "I was so happy, stinky boy, you won't use it before you catch up?!"

Qin Shiyue: "..."

Ye Si Nian: "..."

#丈母娘This species is really 彪悍小生佩服#


Li Feiyan nodded steadily toward the waiter, picked up a glass of wine and took a sip of his face. The line of sight swept the audience in a whisper.

Yang Jun has been following him, his mouth is holding a gentle smile, and the eyes that occasionally fall on Li Feiyan are full of love.

Li Feiyan looked around and his eyes finally stayed in the southeast side of a middle-aged man surrounded by many people. Once again, there was nothing wrong with looking at the whole body. Li Feiyan happily evoked a confident smile and walked in the direction of the man with the wine glass.

Behind him, Yang Jun smiled for a moment, watching him back without hesitation, and lowered his eyes slightly, concentrating on the complex meaning in his eyes.

"Mr. Qin." Li Feiyan stood quietly for a while outside the crowd. He walked forward without a trace in the conversation between the crowds. He smiled and gestured to the burly middle-aged man.

The man named Mr. Qin looked back at him. Although he didn't know it, he nodded politely.

Li Feiyan, who got a response, smiled even more. Just wanted to go one step further and listened to a smile with a smile: "Old Qin, you see who I am looking for!"

The polite and faint smile on Lao Qin’s face suddenly turned a bit true. Sorry, he nodded to the other side and walked toward his wife. The sharp sight was soft and tender, and the eyes were smiling with a smile. A handsome young man with a gentle temperament by his wife, but his eyes swept to his wife's hand that gripped his arm and immediately stopped.

"Is this?" Lao Qin smiled and walked forward, pulling his wife into his arms without any trace.

Clearly saw his movements, Ye Si Nian's heart sneered, his heart is not a father and son, even this jealous little action is exactly the same.

I was very dissatisfied with the fact that my dear lover was taken away. Qin Shiyue immediately took advantage of Ye Si Nian’s waist and turned his head and nodded to his own family: “Dad.”

"Yeah." Lao Qin glanced at him and looked at the young man with a reddish ear around his ear, easing his tone: "You are the year? Good."

Ye Si Nian shyly smiled, but his heart secretly raised his eyebrows, thinking that this is a pass? Doesn't it mean that the father-in-law is not pleasing to the eye?

"I chose, of course, good." Qin Shiyue proudly brought people to his arms, the sound is still hard.

"..." Yesny turned a big white eye in her heart, and really wanted to grab his shoulder and shake it twice, forcing him to surrender his usual wit and high intelligence.

Here they are busy to recognize their relatives, and Li Fei, who heard them talking, almost smashed the cup!

This Yess year is really his nemesis! The ghost is not scattered!

Reluctant to see a few people who talked over there, Li Feiyan reluctantly pressed his heart to anger, and pulled Yang Jun on the other side and said something, pulling the person to the corner and asking: "Why don't you remind me? I am the father of Qin Shiyue!"

"What? He is not a Qin family in Beijing? How could it be Qin Shiyue's father?!" Yang Jun’s eyes widened, incredibly authentic.

Looking at him for a few seconds, I was sure that the surprise in his eyes was not a fake. Li Feiyan slowly released the hand holding his collar, and his tone was depressed: "It seems that the capital is unreliable."

"It doesn't matter, I just contacted the person in charge of Qianjiang Base. He is very interested in our vaccine! I will take you to find him!" Yang Jun questioned that he had no idea what he had just done, and even the collar was not excited. He grabbed his hand and was happy to tell him the good news.

The line of sight swept through the red seal that Yang Jun had pulled out of his neck. Li Feiyan lowered his eyes, but did not say anything, only nodded.

Yang Jun took the whole collar and covered the traces on his neck, and excitedly pulled him to the position he had just got.

"Mr. Qian, this is Li Feiyan that I told you, the vaccine was developed by him!" Yang Jun pushed Li Feiyan forward, and his voice proudly introduced to the man who looked older.

Mr. Qian looked up and down a few handsome young people who were pushed to his face. They looked at the beautiful face of the young man and the waist and hips outlined by the suit without a trace. They handed a satisfactory look toward Yang Jun.

Yang Jun showed a tacit smile, but the smile did not reach the eye.


Eyebrows looked at the contract in front of him, and Ye Sinian smiled and looked at the side of the face and asked for a reward. Qin Shiyue hooked his lips. The slender fingers licked his back and praised: "Good job!"

Qin Shiyue satisfactorily withdrew his gaze and stretched his hand over Ye Sinian’s left hand, gently casting a kiss on his ring finger.

The apex seemed to be scratched by the feathers. Ye Sinian gently applied his right hand to pull the person closer and kissed him.

Qin Shiyue smiled more tenderly, his right hand and his fingers were interlocked, and the two exchanged a soft and incredible kiss.


The room is full of pink bubbles, and Qin Shiyue, who sent his parents in a good mood, wanted to go further and was interrupted by a sudden knock on the door.

Ye Si Nian smiled and fell back to the sofa, kicked and kicked him: "Someone is looking."

Reluctantly catching the lover's white feet, Qin Shiyue with the thin palm of his hand over the tender flesh of the foot, Ye Si Nian sensitively shrunk, found that he could not retract, blushing his face.

Qin Shiyue regretfully kissed his instep, and then stood up and bent down to put some cool feet of his lover into the blanket, saying: "I will come back soon."

"Go." Yesnian waved his hand and picked up a tablet on the sofa, freely picking up the net.

Qin Shiyue opened the door with imperfections and immediately raised his eyebrows when he saw the assistant behind him.

"Mr. Ye." Qin Shiyue took the door behind him and looked at the leaves in the wheelchair in front of him. The eyes were amazed.

How long has it not been seen, how does Ye Liu become aging like this?

"Qin General." Ye Liu nodded to him. The original handsome face was filled with several deep wrinkles, and he was too old to look like. He did not have the mature charm of his prime in his thirties. It looks like five or six. The ten-year-old man is probably a bad health. The body is so cold and cold, and the eyes of the person are also chilled.

"What's the matter with you?" Qin Shiyue convinced the emotions in his heart and looked at him inexplicably. Sis had already left Ye Family, and Ye Liu had never been to Sian, just like this son. What is it for now?

"Yesian?" Ye Liu frowned and looked at the closed door behind him. "My father is coming, but he is going to hide?"

"Father?" Qin Shiyue's eyes were completely cold, and he looked at Ye Liudao with a cold tone: "If I remember correctly, you have already driven the year out of Ye Family."

"That's how." Ye Liu looked at him with a sly look, and pulled a corner of his mouth to reveal a smug, stiff smile. "He has my blood flowing through him. As long as I live a day, he can't refuse to recognize my father."

"Tell your purpose." Qin Shiyue frowned at him, disdaining: "You will not really come to the old year."

"Help me find Li Feiyan." Ye Liu said with a deep face: "He is gone."

"You dream!" The door was slammed open. Ye Sinian stood on the ground with bare feet. He looked up and down a few willows who were almost trapped in a wheelchair. He dismissed: "Why, it’s like this, still Don't forget your little lover? Don't you be afraid that he will get back some brightly colored hats?"

"Shut up! I want to retaliate by myself!" Ye Liu was swayed by his words and his eyes, and "there is a reversal!"

"Send customers!" After a mouthful of addiction, Yesi had no feelings of entanglement with him at half-point. Feng Yan crossed Qin Shiyue and turned his head and entered the room.

The eagerness of this person will be cold when he stepped on the ground, and Qin Shiyue did not have the mood to circulate. He turned to the assistant and gave him a sneak peek into the door.

Successfully receiving the meaning of his own boss, the assistant smiled and slammed into the leaves of Liu Liu, who was so angry that he said: "Mr. Ye, the general of Qin means to agree, but we must first investigate and have news immediately. For you!"

The man smiled like a Maitreya. If he said it, it would be impossible for him to start. Ye Liu could only swallow this breath in a hard way. He nodded coldly and gestured to the care worker behind him to push him away.


In the dimly lit room, Li Feiyan shuddered and slowly opened his eyes, and found that no one in the room was relieved. This relaxation, the pain in the body could no longer stand, and it hurt his sweat on his forehead. .

Li Feiyan sighed for a while, while running the abilities to treat all kinds of scalpel wounds and burns on his body, while recalling everything that happened before.

At the reception, he talked with Mr. Qian, and talked about the conditions between the laughter and said that he would produce a vaccine for them, and they will give him enough manpower and resources to kill Ye Si Nian after his success. And Qin Shiyue.

I didn't expect that person to promise to be happy, but only to drunk him, and finally brought him here...

Yang Jun!

Thinking of the man who smiled and cut his own meat with a knife, Li Feiyan shuddered fiercely.

He is a pervert! The previous gentleness is fake! He is the devil!

That Mr. Qian is simply the liar he invited! They colluded well!

Thinking of the means that the person made on himself, Li Feiyan shook even more, and biting his teeth accelerated the speed of the body's abilities.

He wants to escape!

He shouldn't have experienced it all!

Yang Jun walked out of the shadow with a blank expression, holding a syringe filled with colorless liquid in his hand and stepping closer to Li Feiyan, leaning against the corner.

When he heard the footsteps, Li Feiyan was in despair. His ability was really strong, but when he was beaten last night, he spent a lot of abilities to save the life. Now it is too late to recover!

Binocular eyes staring at Yang Jun, Li Feiyan's face still with dry blood, screaming: "Why?! Why are you doing this to me!"

Yang Jun kneels in front of him. The body gently pulls his soft right side of his right arm. The tone is soft: "Because I love you! Since you regret it, then I have to leave you in other ways. It is."

Li Feiyan shuddered and looked at the sharp needle and stabbed his arm, closing his eyes in despair.


Ye Liu looked at the photo in front of him without saying a word. The nurse behind him carefully looked through his head and glanced at it, only to see a ruin.

What is this fried? The caregiver shrank his head and was shocked by the tragic scene above.

Tightly closing the folder, Ye Liu sighed and said: "Burn it."

People are gone, even if there are all kinds of grudges, they can only count.

However, in the midst of it, he always felt that it should not be like this. 2k novel reading network