Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 151: Fan Wai has done this old vinegar

The golden sun passes through the overlapping layers of leaves, casting a shining round spot on the green grass, the white clouds floating in the blue sky, and the unknown birds with smooth oily white wings stand on the branches. Head, curiously stretched his neck and looked at the people under the tree. There is silence in all directions. There was a breath of fresh vegetation on the nose, which made people want to breathe deeply and indulge in it. Obviously, people can't help but want to sleep quietly, but the warm sunshine has to harass you through thin eyelids. Involuntarily sighed, the delicate facial features of the man frowned, the thick eyelashes shivered a little, slowly slammed open. The side face avoids the enthusiasm of the sun, and Ye Si Nian quietly looks around. When he finds himself alone, his heart slams slightly, and the chaotic mind slowly recovers the Qingming. Looking down, the line of sight turned around on the grass sitting on the side of the person. Ye Si Nian licked his lips, and his face stood quietly from the soft grass, and the eyes flashed through a doubtful streamer.

What about that person?

The dawn flashed slightly, and Ye Sinian raised his eyebrows to sweep the strange white bird of the branch, and the white fingers slid out and gently touched the air.

The strange bird with his neck stretched wide and smashed in an unusually weird and funny shape. The pointed mouth was slightly open, like a life-sucking neck, and there was no sound.

The lips smirked and laughed. Ye Sinian took back the bad hand and covered it under the wide sleeves embroidered with ink clouds. He turned without hesitation and went to the wooden house between the bamboo and the sea.

This "honeymoon trip" has not been known for how long it lasts. The two people who have complete memories no longer have to endure the pains of mutual search and temptation. The best goal is to show love and love, and to smash the human eye as the ultimate goal. The world has passed through several worlds.

The more the world you experience, the more weight the other party has in your heart, because the loved ones will change, the friends will change, and even the strange faces coming on the road will change. The world keeps changing, only the body and the hands clasped People will not change. As a result, the two souls and fates that were originally entangled were more closely combined.

Where is Ye Si Nian, where can I find Adam's figure.

But what is going on now?

Ye Si Nian's slender half-browed half of the doubts and half curiously moved, holding his breath outside the closed door.

It is obvious that Adam proposed to go to the hillside to take a nap in the sun. How did he wake up, but people disappeared, and he was alone alone under the tree?

The door that has never been closed is so tightly closed. Is there any secret that is unspeakable?

The bottom of the eye was slightly bright, and a ray of excitement flashed through. Ye Sinian’s rare curious heart, the muscles of his body were all a little tight, and quietly opened the door quietly.

To be honest, although it is very pleasant to live in such a seclusion, but after a long time, people will inevitably give birth to a bit of burnout, and now, like the ripples that occasionally sway in the calm water, it is not counted. The big secret is also a measure of life.

Moreover, even if he is given ten courage, what secret can Adam have?

A touch of a little smile on the face flashed past, Ye Si Nian lightly looked at the tall back of the man not far away, the breath converges to the extreme, silently close.

The bird that raised the letter did not make a sound, so Adam did not know that Ye Si’s meeting would wake up so long in advance, so he would not realize that his secret was about to be exposed, and he still had a complicated expression. Staring at the painting on the coffee table.

The ink of light and shade is spread out on the rice paper. Between a few strokes, a handsome man who has faded away from the green pottery is on the paper.

The tall nose and the oblique eyebrows fly into the eyebrows, like the eyes of the stars, the people on the painting seem to be between the young and the mature man, with the peculiarity of the young people, and the tempting mature. Charm, even if it's just a stroke, is still involuntarily attracted.

But in the face of this face, Adam can not afford to sink the heart. There is no reason for him. The person on the painting is himself - the one who used to be in a reincarnation.

When I thought about it, I made a mistake when I passed through time and space, and my life became a child who had no power to bind my chicken. Although the final result is still as happy as other worlds, the unique experience brought by the teacher and the taboo love is Let him not forget it anyway.

The cloud does not give up - so among the multiple reincarnations, the only one was raised and raised by Ye Sisian, exhausted with painstaking care, and finally the existence of the husband in the name of mentoring.

Even if Ye Si Nian never said anything, Adam knew that the three words in the heart of Ye Si Nian were different. After that, no one had this honor, no scruples. Call him a "master"...

Like a knife, with a sharp gaze, he ran over the man's handsome face, and Adam clenched his lips. He told him that he had no reason to drink this vinegar, and even somehow, but the heart was accompanied by long-lasting The more inflated possessive desires bite his heart in close detail.

Yesian is his.

Whether it is a relative or a teacher, no matter what role, Ye Si Nian can only be his, belong to the present Adam, not someone of the countless reincarnations.

The almost paranoid thought was slammed by this accidentally discovered painting. On the one hand, Adam was shocked by his almost abnormal possessiveness. On the other hand, he felt that this thought was taken for granted and could not be correct.

Of course, Ye Sinian can only be his, and who is the cloud? !

But no matter how privately, self-confidence expands, Adam, a tall man who is one meter tall and tall, still can't afford the courage to bring this painting to Ye Si Nian.

In case...he said that in case, if Ye Si Nian saw this picture, he thought it would be better to leave this little white face.

Not afraid of 10,000, just in case!

Although he felt that Ye Sinian loved himself the most, but for the husband and the husband, did he ruin the painting? Still ruining this picture?

It’s a big problem...


The golden warm sun fell on the shoulders, and Ye Sinian stood in front of the wooden house, clenching her lips and looking at the door that had just been shackled by herself. The deep eyes contained complex emotions and extreme emotions. He didn’t even know how he was. Exit the room without alarming Adam.

The painting and Adam’s inadvertent smashing thoughts echoed in front of the eyes. Yesi’s sighed deeply, not only did she not raise negative emotions, but only felt that the heart was almost soft and became a pool of water. He tried his best. In order to restrain the body from almost colliding, I want to hold on to Adam's impulse.

It is often said that people who fall in love are fools.

If not a fool, how can Adam eat his own vinegar?

If you are not a fool, shouldn’t you feel speechless or even angry? How could you want to hug the **** who didn't make a good idea?

The eyes were even brighter, and Yesian took a deep breath and made a move.

Sure enough, as he expected, even in the tangled, Adam in the room still noticed his existence, and a slight and inaudible sound came into his ear. Ye Sinian raised his lips and outlined the person in his mind. He was in a hurry and walked toward the door.

The wooden door "Oh," made by someone, gave a slight voice under the palm of the hand. Ye Si-nian’s expression stepped into the door without any flaws. His eyes were open to Adam and he couldn’t cover his astonished eyes, as if he had just secretly dive. The person who entered the room was not like him. He opened his mouth like a ignorance. He said, "How come back first?"

Adam subconsciously moved the throat, and blinked and said: "Thirsty, come back and drink some water."

"..." Yesthe year tried to suppress the corners of the mouth that he wanted to twitch, to avoid the unbearable breaks that would hit the face of the lover. So many reincarnations were accompanied by each other. He did not dare to say that he knew the Adam well, but the most basic Some small details still know, this is the first time he heard that Adam will be thirsty...

"How come awake now?" Adam coughed in disguise, as if he had inadvertently asked his doubts.

Pretending that I didn't see Adam's guilty gaze, Ye Sinian's eyes flashed, and suddenly smiled, and went forward to grab his neck, letting each other's breath almost entangled, the voice was very light: "I Also thirsty..."

The warmth of the breath, the scent of the lover and the body temperature are close at hand, and the entanglement of the paintings in Adam’s mind and the shackles that were almost discovered are finally disappearing at this moment. In my heart, the fullness is filled with the words of Yesan’s words. Not doing anything.

Thirsty... thirsty...

As soon as he swallowed his mouth, Adam breathed a sigh, and the body reached out to the waist of Yates in a conscious manner. The wide palms habitually stroking through the thin clothes, and the deep eyes were dark. The body couldn't help but lean forward, letting each other's lips touch the tip of the nose, and the voice whispered to Ye Sinian: "Would you like to drink water?"

The eyes meet, like Mars blasting in the air, the thriving flame sweeps all the reason beyond the imagination, and the endless love in the heart burns.

The answer disappeared between the hot entangled lips, the wide robes were instantly faded, and Yess was so excited that he almost trembled and slammed Adam's shoulder, leaving his teeth deep or shallow on his strong muscles. The traces are like proudly covering their own chapters. The slender legs are not known when they have been wrapped around Adam's strong waist. The naked body is like a white, smooth fish with sweat. Sliding down the shoulders and ridges, leaving a sensation to the extreme water marks.

The clothes on his body were torn apart, and before Ye Sin’s irritated 呻 吟 吟 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚 亚past.

The heavy breathing resounded through the ear, the temperature in the room was getting higher and higher, and the sound of water and the slap of the crash echoed indoors.

Adam picked up a leg of Yesan, and the movement under him was fierce to almost tyrannical, but the lips and tongues linger in the tenderness of Ye Si Nian in a very different gentle posture, as if the fire and the soft water entangled.

"Baby... is it thirsty?"

Adam’s possessive gaze was fixed on the lover who was almost lost, and his voice was hoarse and fascinating.

Even the inside of the thigh was soaked in sweat. Ye Si Nian’s weak legs moved, and the provocative smashed Adam’s waist and slanted his lips. He said, “What about you? Are you jealous?”

Adam’s sprinting action slammed his eyes, and he was amazed at the gaze of the upper eye.

Smile, helpless, and there is a thick love that can't be opened.

The heart was filled with sputum, and a sweet emotion flowed out of my heart. Adam took a sigh of relief and excited to bow to the lips of Ye Sinian.

It is like to vent all the jealousy and love in the heart. The two have done the bed from the bedside, and the front and back sides have done enough, until the shot is unrecognizable and exhausted.

When Adam was tired of moving his fingertips, Ye Si Nian came out of the bathroom, and couldn’t attend to clean up the bed. He was lying on the sofa and quietly enjoying the joy. The warmth of time after love. .

"Is this old vinegar good to drink today?" Yes, I finally recovered my strength in the chest of Adam, laughing and humming with a hoarse voice.

Thinking of his little tricks, Adam didn't have the slightest embarrassment, his fingertips linger on the smooth back of Yessian, saying: "The taste is not bad..."

"Vinegar Cylinder..." Yesi said silently, and reached out and poked Adam's chest.

Adam took the hand of Ye Sinian's bonfire, and the burning kiss fell on the silver-white ring of the ring finger. It was like a spoon and a promise: "How about making a vinegar tank for a lifetime?"