Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 152: Fan Wai San Murdos Grass Cultivation

The atmosphere of the Murdos grassland is somewhat different today. The wind that is engulfed with hot temperatures is like being shackled by the scorpion. The songs of courtship are still silent. Even the sunshine with enthusiasm is stunned today. Hidden half of the body behind the clouds, overlooking this sad grassland.

The old priests of the cross-flowing open arms to the sky, the face is covered with colorful juices with magical symbols. The patches of gray robes that have not been washed over the years are patched, and the hem has become a fashionable tassel-like, dragging and pulling. The earth is wrapped around him.

The cry of sadness and despair came from the crowd standing behind him, with a strong self-repressing sob, a man glaring at a woman, a woman holding a child, everyone was caught in an unspeakable and sadness, overhead The flowers are all gone.

In front of them, there is a weird tree with dark branches and branches. From its strange shape, it can be seen that the original majestic appearance, standing on the flat grassland, even the most powerful shrub, the highest stone, In front of it, he can only be ashamed to get into the dust and dare not compare it with it.

I just don’t know if it’s too much to stand out from the crowd, so I finally got a thunder from the old days.

Seeing its horror, the plants on the grasslands of Murdos no longer dare to slam into the sky. From then on, they are short-sighted, proud of the rough, and then vent their energy to the ground below, all long It becomes a stem →-→ body is short and thick, and the root hate can not stretch to the end of the sky.

Of course, this is a post-mortem.

I don’t know from which generation the existence of the mother tree was destroyed, and the death was so miserable and terrible that the old priest’s heart was almost bleeding. His messy gray hair fell on the sides of his cheeks and was beaten by tears. After wet, it stuck to the face, mixed with the colorful juice on his face, and matched with his old face with a chrysanthemum pattern. It looked like a tearful person.

Just as he reluctantly suppressed his sorrow and prepared to turn around and confirm to the tribes that the "mother tree has ascended to heaven" was sad news, the sky suddenly came a faint roar, and the clouds did not know when it had accumulated a thick and gloomy appearance. Gradually whistling again, everything is the same as before the mother tree was shackled, faintly indicating ominous.

The turbid eyes suddenly shot out of the light, and the old priest slammed his hand, keeping the tribes who were in a panic behind him calm, and his eyes widened staring at the clouds that seemed to drip.

Out of unconditional trust in the old priests, the tribes pressed the fears in their hearts, clung to the family around them, and stared at the sky like the old priests.

The purple lightning became more and more powerful, the dark clouds rolled over, and the old priest tassel-like clothes swayed in the wind more and more, revealing his unknown, colorful shorts, but at this time everyone’s eyes were focused. Staring at the sky, no one noticed the rare picture of this century, so the image of the old priest’s inscrutable was finally able to continue for a while.

The stout purple lightning tears open the clouds, and staring closely, almost everyone’s eyes have a moment of blindness, and the wind is roaring with people’s incomprehensible words, accompanied by a loud bang, under the prestige of heaven and earth. The incomparably people can't help but bend their backs and use the eyes that are not easy to restore their vision to look at the direction of the loud noise.


Adam "facelessly" looked at the crowd cheering in front of him, just broke through time and space and came to the new world. He had not had time to sort out the clues, and he was puzzled by this sudden situation.

The former world had a highly developed high civilization. After playing for most of the life with the ultra-high IQ people, although the two did not adapt, but perhaps because of their age, they felt that they would not find a civilization. So the high world changes mood better, so under the thousands of choices, they came here.

The dark islands are different, and their children don’t know where they were taken. Although he doesn’t think he has inherited his racial superiority, he combined with the daughter-in-law of him and the two will suffer, but after all, there is a little bit of it. As a father's self-consciousness, this human form and the same world as Allen became their first choice.

But he did not expect that, when he came, he would encounter such a unique scene.

The tears of the old priests flowed more and more, and the colors on his face were more. He opened his arms and looked at the towering giant trees that fell from the sky in front of him. The center of the eyes was full of emotion and joy - even the most cruel disaster, their mother tree Still have not abandoned them!

And witnessed this scene of "miracle", the people who were fearful and desperate have stared at the giant wood in front of them with tearful eyes, and the excitement that is hard to suppress in their hearts almost broke out. What is more exciting than the return of faith?

"The gaze" swayed from the top of the crowd, and the swaying stalks swept over the circle. I felt that even if they were tied together, they would not pose a threat to themselves. Adam temporarily put down the instinct of the moment when he first arrived in a strange place. It’s hard to imagine that the tree body shook gently, and the whole body flashed a faint golden light.

Everyone saw that the giant trees in the sky disappeared. The place was replaced by a tall man who was tall and stunned.

This ... this ... this reborn new mother tree can actually be turned into a human form!

But... But how does he grow up like a man? !

As the most intelligent and sensible person of the entire tribe, the old priest first responded, and pressed his heart to curiosity about the second question. He tried to go higher than the highest one in the height. A man who owes a owe to his body, and said with respect and respect: "Mother Tree Adult! Murdos Prairie welcomes you!"

Adam was instantly in the same place by the four characters. The newly lifted leg quickly took it back, and the corner of his mouth was suspiciously counted. He frowned and looked at the old face of the old priest.

The old priest immediately put on the most sincere and sincere expression of this life, but was ruined by the face that could not see the original shape.

The eyes swept over the swaying stalks on the top of the old priest, and quickly swept a circle of people who almost swayed into the sea of ​​flowers. Adam’s left hand was tight and felt solid. After the existence of it, I took a breath in my heart and took back my legs.


The news of the Yuanshan tribe ushered in the humanoid mother tree is like the seeds of dandelion. It quickly spreads through the entire Murdos grassland with a breeze. Countless idle people want to bring dry food to the Yuanshan tribe, only for the sake of their lifetime. See the real body of the mother tree, but as soon as it came, the mother tree adults were concentrating on cultivating the news of the cubs and let these people stop.

In the whole meadow of Murdos, the cultivation of young cubs is very sacred and difficult. The delicate and delicate cubs are wrapped in hard shells, and they are buried in the dark after they are removed from the trees. In the soil, even with the most meticulous care, the birth rate of the cubs is not the same. When the spring is over and the buds in the pot are still missing, it is the day when people are sad, so It is a reprehensible thing to bother others during the incubation period. Therefore, to their own extent, they firmly believe that the mother tree does not want to be disturbed at all.

And the fact is exactly the same, although Adam did not know that he had begun to shine with the motherhood in people's minds, but he was not willing to be disturbed, especially now - his dear Yess is still spending In the basin, the distance is sprouting in the absence of time.

The more primitive the world, the greater the influence of the rules. Ye Si Nian has become a seed that has not yet sprouted. Although this is a little helpless for Adam, it will not make him too overwhelmed. After all, To be honest, waiting for the lover to break open the hard-shelled soil and look at his own experience, as it is now, is not something everyone will have.

I personally burned the most delicate and comfortable flower pots, carefully selected the softest and finer soil, carefully buried my lover in the soil (→-→), so the mother tree attack began to cultivate the worry of the potted plants. Sang and look forward to life...

Every day, the most suitable amount of the clearest spring water is poured in the sun. Every day, I hold the sun with the best temperature in my arms. Every day I say the most gentle and touching words. When the night comes, I will leave a good night for the lover who is placed on the pillow. Kiss, go to sleep together...

Adam didn't know if there was God in this world, but even without God, the rules would be touched by him?

In the afternoon after the spring is over, Ignore the old priest who has been wandering around the yard for a few days. Adam just intended to take the sun-filled lover back into the room, and the finger has not touched the flower pot. On the edge, the whole person is shocked like an electric shock.

The eyes that have been in silence are full of excitement at this time, and the action seems to be fixed, and they are staring at the center of the earth.

The warm breeze seemed to have been stopped by this tense atmosphere, and it seemed to be in a silent silence.

A little bit, a little bit, and under the eager expectation of the lover, the tender tip of the bud is finally pricked through the hard shell, breaking through the heavy **** of the earth, touching the gentle and happy eyes of the lover.

As in the past, the tree pulled out the rhizome from the fertile and moist soil, and under the prestige of heaven and earth, stumbled and steadily ran to the boy in memory.

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