Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 16: Counterattack Tianliang Wang breaking pr

In the ear is the sound of Shimen crashing down. In the dark and narrow space, Ye Siyan laboriously supports the body, and kisses at the corner of the lips of the lover whose body temperature is getting colder. This is to lie down with satisfaction.

The end of the world has been a long time, they are very old and very old, and even simple kisses have become extremely difficult, but fortunately, in this life, they have been together. Under the resentment and dissatisfaction that the system can't say, they have been together for a lifetime.

The more I thought about it, the more proud I was. Ye Sinian slowly closed her eyes and pulled the corner of her head against the top of the coffin, revealing a happy smile.


Returning to the system space again, the sad and depressed soul finally recovered calmly. Ye Si Nian opened his eyes and stood up indifferently, slowly walking towards the corner of the room, where there was a huge hourglass with golden sand inside. Almost full.

But it is only almost.

Ye Si Nian stood before the hourglass, frowning and seeing almost no golden sand in the hourglass.

What is the point of completion of the mission in this world?

The slender index finger touched the silver-white ring, and Ye Si-nian just wanted to open the control panel, but the movement on his hand slammed.

I don't know when, there is a lobate pattern on the surface of the smooth ring. The small and delicate leaves are slightly pointed at the tip of the leaf. It is clearly a static pattern. At first glance, it reveals a strong vitality and playfulness. It is extremely chic.

The fingertips licked the little leaves, and Yess’s wrinkled eyebrows slowly spread. Since the departure of Qin Shiyue’s world, the soul that has been depressed and depressed has also suffered a lot.

Subconsciously twitching the lips, Ye Si youngly lifted his left hand and slowly dropped a kiss on the leaf.

He closed his eyes and did not find the faint light that the small leaves suddenly lit up.

In a very good mood, the control panel was opened. Even if the column of the score was completely turned into gray, Ye Si Nian did not slow down the curvature of the lip.


If there is no mistake in his memory, this figure is still before he entered the end of the world, and there is no change.

The phoenix swept and finally found a small tree in the corner of the small control panel.

Prior to this, this location was clearly a button for [Exchange Points Return to Reality].

Can't you go back?

Yersian slowly lowered his eyes, and the curled eyelashes cast two shadows on his face.

His current mood is somewhat complicated. As a matter of fact, he struggled for so long. His wish is to get rid of the control of the system and return to the real world. Now that he has hoped for years of hope, he should be angry and even mad.

But in fact, the decades that have been with Qin Shiyue have made him less obsessed with returning to the real world.

Originally he wanted to be out of control of the system, and now the system can't say that it can't be turned into a tool.

Originally, he wanted to regain the freedom to live and die, not to mention the fact that he had successfully stayed in the world of Qin Shiyue.

Is it really necessary to return to reality?

Yessian sighed slightly and just wanted to turn off the control panel, but the index finger accidentally clicked on the little tree.

A thriving green energy is constantly pouring into the soul, and the feeling of soothing to subversion of the soul makes him almost scream.

Feeling the pure energy that swept through, Yesian closed his eyes and tried to look up. The white neck stretched like a swan with a neck.

At this moment, the green tree on the virtual panel suddenly flashed, and a golden branch slowly pulled out the control panel, touched it on the silver-white ring of his left hand, and carefully separated it. The air wandered around his waist, and he reluctantly retreated and returned to the shape of a green tree.

After a while, Ye Si Nian slowly opened his eyes and felt the energy of the body. He smirked a smile.

Gently touched some hot rings, Ye Sisian slowly explored his right hand, the slender index finger clicked on the control panel, and the beautiful figure disappeared instantly.


When she opened her eyes again, Ye Si Nian was sitting in the car, throwing a dozen crumpled cans beside him, full of alcohol.

Outside the window is the sound of the waves, the sea breeze is full of water vapor, and the glass is full of water mist.

The early autumn night was a little cold, and there was no air conditioning in the car. Ye Sisian gathered a wrinkled suit on his body, frowned and opened the control panel, and glanced at the densely-speaking introduction of the original and the world.

The original name is Xi Xiu Ning, who is 24 years old this year. He is currently the marketing director of a listed company. He has a busy work income and is a high-level white-collar worker who has achieved success in this city. It is reasonable to say that he will not drive in the middle of the night so decadent. Come to the beach to drink wine.

However, the original owner has a boyfriend who cannot be described in words.

It was a university professor named Huang Dezheng, who was ten years older than the original owner. He was unmarried and had no car and no room. His character was broad and his father was the best. Every month, he donated a large part of his salary to support various colleagues and friends. Relatives, the reputation of being good and good is outside. The original owner was an orphan. He was adopted by his current parents when he was seven or eight years old in an orphanage. Although his parents gave him a lot of love, he saw too much suffering and darkness after all, and occasionally heard about it. His business suddenly shocked the hearts of the people, and he was deeply attracted to him. After a long time of pursuit, he finally got together.

Today is the second day they are officially together.

Ye Si Nian licked his mouth and continued to look at the story after the whole world.

Finally, with the pure and beautiful incarnation of the heart, the original owner can be said to be Huangdezheng to serve all aspects of the face, but Huang Dezheng's character is not suitable for the modern human society, although the reputation is very good, but the days are still very bitter, but with the original master, but lived Very good, on the one hand he is very satisfied with the original owner's unreserved love for him, but on the other hand, he is inevitably inferior in his heart, after all, he can not compare the money he earned.

The literati's high temper makes him unable to stand this kind of life that is like being taken care of, and his work is squashed by his colleagues. So his attitude toward the original owner is getting worse and worse, and any anger will be vented to the original owner, and he will be abandoning him. The merchant's copper smell, but the original master's brain seems to be smeared, not only did not angry to turn his face, but it is a variety of tolerance to comfort...

Yesan silently swallowed a breath and shook his head to continue watching.

Sure enough, as he expected, the original owner's retreat not only did not let the surname Huang wake up, but made him more and more insatiable, dissatisfied with the original Lord, cold relative, the original heart is extremely tired, plus busy work and frequent business trips, the two are long Can't get together.

When the original owner was exhausted, the teacher met the protagonist of Su Yibai and was deeply attracted by his purity and innocence. He not only generously subsidized Su Yibai, who was hospitalized by his family, but also cared for him. He even brought back to the original house because of his part-time late return to the dormitory, but he was afraid of scaring the pure students, and worried that the original owner would be irritated and hurt Su Yibai, so he dared not confess and tried to suppress it. It can only be doubled to him.

Su Yibai, who works in the nightclub, also met the protagonist of the destined, and the stepping power of the international consortium of Tianliang Wang broke down. Su Yibai was accidentally ill-intentioned and took the medicine into the hotel. He injured the person and escaped. He was accidentally entered the room where the protagonist attacked. The drug attack fainted and was drunk and returned to Rong Buping. As a subordinate sent mb, the night can not stop.

When Su Yibai woke up, the person who insulted him was no longer there. He went back to the original home with heart and heart, and was comforted by the Huang Dezheng, who was distressed to the extreme. He really saw that he had no chance of life, and he was excited when he was excited. Said that he doesn't mind! Su Yibai felt that he was so dirty that he was ashamed and moved. He was ashamed to look at the teacher’s gaze, and the two sweetly determined the relationship.

Rongbu, who returned from the entertainment, was very confused when he saw that the delicious little man was gone. After calling the assistant, he was really white. He asked the person to find out the person’s information and couldn’t tell what it was. Anyway, he never remembered that person. Just comforting the person's taste is good.

The more I like the survey, the more I like to be close, the kind of pure and innocent child who has seen the attraction of too many dark protagonists, so I started to feel good about all kinds of proximity. In short, a hegemonic president fell in love with it. My good play.

When the original master who finished the work was exhausted, he waited for the lover's breakup message, but he still loved Huang Dezheng, so all the anger was vented to Su Yibai, and all kinds of hardships were framed. Su Yibai was hard and was soon honored. The people who stepped to protect Su Yibai found that they reported the situation to Rong Buping.

The person you are pursuing is actually being bullied! It’s so scary!

Rongbu was angry and took out the momentum of Tianliangwang's break. He suppressed the company where the original work was done. The former owner was dismissed by the helpless company president, lost everything, and finally died in a car accident after a drunkenness.

And Rong Buping, who saved himself in the fire and water, brushed up the good feelings of Su Yibai, and Huang Dezheng had a bad day because he had no support for the original owner. He even yelled at him almost once. Hands-on, fortunately, stopped by the bodyguard, Su Yibai broke his heart and broke up with him, and invested in the arms of Rong Buping.

In a hurry, sweeping through the sweetness of the two men behind, Ye Sinian frowned and turned back.

Sure enough, although the death of the original Lord was not remembered by these people, it deeply stimulated the foster parents and brother Xiao Xiuyuan who were abroad. The same business giants, Yu and Rong’s battles were unstoppable, but Rongbu After all, Pinghe Su Yibai is the son of the world's air transport, and Rong's success in the end has swallowed up the sui, and achieved great brilliance.

The heart was cut off the control panel, and Ye Si-yin leaned against the seat and spit out a deep sigh.

Because a man who is not worthy at all not only lost his life, but also tired of his family. If the original master knew it, wouldn’t he regret it?

Now that this body has been taken over by him, he is dead and will not let himself go that step.

Death will not make yourself like a middle-aged uncle!


"How come you?" Huang Dezhen walked out of the study in his pajamas, dissatisfied with the alcoholic Ye Si Nian.

It seems to be my home here. You seem to move in today. What kind of questioning tone is this?

Ye Si Nian pushed the glasses, and the ordinary black-rimmed glasses covered his sight, and blocked his slightly wrinkled eyebrows.

Middle-aged man, of average size, tall in general, looks good, and has a bad tone.

Silently in the heart for the original master's aesthetic point of view a row of wax, Yesian years covered the full of impatience, free to put the car keys on the coffee table, while walking to the bedroom and faintly said: "take things."

The original Lord’s feelings are very restrained. Even if he does more things for others, he is not willing to say anything. Even in the face of Huang Dezheng, he is calm and indifferent, so his performance does not make Huang Dezheng detect abnormalities.

So, when he heard his words, Huang Dezheng was quite dissatisfied and frowned coldly: "Is it going on a business trip?"

Back to Huang Dezheng into the bedroom, Ye Sinian hesitated for a moment and only took the necessary documents and wallet, and nodded to him perfunctorily: "I will not come back recently."

When Huang Dezheng heard the words, he frowned. The man who chased him before he couldn’t hold him all, and now he promised, but this person is such a careless reaction!

"What do you mean!" Sensitive self-esteem was stabbed, Huang Dezheng asked.

"What do you mean?" Yessin frowned and looked at the man with a thick red neck in front of him: "What did I say?"

"You!" Huang Dezheng has long been known as a high-cultural person. He naturally cannot say that he is angry because he has been left out, and can only go to hate.

Ye Si Nian turned his eyes in an impatient manner, returned to the bedroom and changed his suit without passing through, and left the apartment without any love.

He had just booked a flight ticket to the United States in the early morning, but he had no time to entangle with him.

He is still a business tycoon. At that time, if there was no internal news of the company’s betrayal, it would not be so easily swallowed by Rong’s. The ghost would have been included in the core of the group for a while, but since he came Then, that person will naturally have no chance.

However, is this really going to be smooth?

Thinking of the elder brother who let the original owner turn away his temper, Ye Sinian pinched his eyebrows with some headaches.

For a time, the warmth of the jade is like a spring breeze. For a moment, it is as violent as the fire makes people afraid to avoid it.

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