Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 17: Counterattack Tianliang Wang breaking pr

When the wind and dust came home to take a taxi, it was still early in the morning. Although the body was good, but after a long period of running, the body was still a little tired.

Ye Si Nian took off his glasses and pinched his eyebrows. Although his body was clamoring for rest, his spirit was very exciting. After all, he wanted to see the parents of the original master. He could not be too suspicious, and he could not be fixed. Although imitating the character of the original master is a piece of cake for him, but the somewhat weak and autistic character is not suitable for his next plan.

Fortunately, after leaving the original university, I left home and returned home. It’s not too normal to change my personality for several years.

The news of his return home did not tell his parents in advance, so the villa was still quiet, only the sound of birds coming from the garden.

Ye Si Nian slightly slaps the lips, the original parents of this pair of parents started their own hands after the eldest son's adulthood, moved to this quiet town to live a happy day, this exquisite villa is the time they retired their own design Built in the distance, it seems to be in a fairy tale, full of warmth and coziness.

The smell of grass mixed with the breeze, Ye Sinian paid to get off the bus, stood on the side of the road and took a deep breath, tired body and mind as if it was a lot easier.

Now, I am Yu Xiu Ning, who will firmly guard the family in my heart and will not let them experience such heartache and sorrow.

Ye Si-yin slowly slid his lips, and the phoenix that was covered by the glasses also slightly tilted a fixed arc.

Pushing open the fence, standing in front of the blue door, Ye Sinian looked around, bent down and lifted the flower pot in the corner, sure enough.

In the phoenix phoenix, a warm smile was picked up. Ye Sinian pulled the flower pot back to the original place and lay a small key in the palm of his hand.

This is the habit of their family to develop for the original owner, because the original owner often forgot to bring the key, so his parents used to put a flower pot at the door, and then hid the key under the flower pot until today, even if they were early I moved to the house, even though the original owner has not returned for several years, but this habit of leaving the keys for the little son who is not talking and still confused has not changed.

The warmth in the eyes flashed away, remembering the culprits of the original master who lost the key every time, Ye Sinian stunned his eyebrows.

Previously, the original owner had been afraid to recall the life in the orphanage in his childhood, and buried that memory deeply in his heart. This also led to the fact that even if the adoptive parents loved him very much, he would not dare to be as unreasonable as ordinary children. Because he was scared in his heart, afraid that he would be like someone else, because the adopted parents did not like to be sent back to the orphanage, where he had the most fearful things.

The original owner was originally sensitive to almost autistic because of his childhood experience. Later, he was even more afraid when he met his brother who was gentle and courteous in front of him. Because he saw the most abused children in his childhood, he was afraid that he would beat him, even though he was only awkward.

This kind of fear has always run through the life of the original master. In the end, it almost reached the point where he heard the words of Yan Xiuyuan, and he was afraid to return to his hometown. Some of the reasons were also to avoid his brother. Yan Xiuyuan.

But accepting all the original masters, Ye Si Nian knew it. The original master did not hate Xiao Xiuyuan as much as he imagined. Even the reason why he worked so hard to study and work was just to make some achievements and give him a look at Yu Xiuyuan. He knew that he was not so useless.

Ye Sinian sighed for the original owner. The grumpy brother was dissatisfied with him as he had imagined. It was clearly the second personality of his gentle and courteous brother.

Sufferingly pulled down his hair, Ye Sinian took a simple travel bag and opened the door and went in.

Forget it, the car must have a road to the mountain, the plan to hold the brother's thigh, or to talk about it later!

What about double personality? He is a man who has experienced hundreds of reincarnations! If you really want to be fine, you may not even be afraid of yourself!


I used to get up early and run in the morning. Every day in the morning light, I heard the birds singing and running in the gentle breeze. This is the time when he feels the most peaceful.

Changed the clothes as usual, gave the wife who was still in the dream a kiss, and just walked downstairs and saw the door opened, a handsome young man in a black suit came in.

He slammed and consciously opened his mouth: "Xiao Ning, out of school?"

Hearing his words, Ye Si-nian’s footsteps suddenly felt a bit sour at the tip of his nose, and Feng Xiao slowly picked up a touch of water.

"Dad!" Yessian slammed forward and hugged the cockroaches in the same place. The cockroaches grew thicker and the line of sight became blurred.

"Hey!" 裴镛 This reaction, excitedly took the back of the young son of Huaizhong, and happily complained: "Why don't you tell us back? In that case we will definitely pick you up!"

"My own taxi is the same." Yesnian took a sniff and was embarrassed to let go of her eyes. She smiled red-eyedly: "Mom is not good, rest more."

"You kid!" Deeply aware of the shy and introverted character of his youngest son, he patted his shoulder and said: "If you go for a few years, don't go home, you can't come back and tell us, see you. Mom woke up how to pack you!"

"Mom is so gentle, I won't pack me!" Yesny wrinkled her nose and whispered.

"Ha ha ha! You still tell yourself about your mother!" With a sly look at the little son who looked more cheerful in front of him, I felt that it was a wise decision to agree to returning to China.

Presumably it is a different living environment in the country that makes this somewhat autistic little son open his heart! Sure enough, like a sapling, you still have to take root!

The feeling in my heart was only a moment. I looked at my little son’s tired face because of the long-distance flight. He took the bag in his hand and pushed his shoulder upstairs. He walked and said: "Your room has been left. With it, your mother has cleaned it again yesterday, go to rest!"

"Is my mother still asleep?" Yesan looked back and looked at his tall man with a loving eye, his eyes full of soft envy.

"She is still asleep." He was stunned by his soft eyes, and his heart was soft and soft. He couldn’t help but lick his hair and said: "It doesn't matter, Dad, etc. When she woke up, she told her that you should go to rest first!"

"Yeah!" Yesthe year smiled and groaned in the palm of his father's hand, like a little beast snuggling around his father, full of dependence.

The tough guy’s heart was hit again, but the gray voice of the younger son’s eyes clearly indicated that he was in desperate need of rest at the moment, so he had to press his father’s full love and send the younger son into the room and watch him fall asleep. Out of the room.

Gently close the door with the delicate photo frame, and look at the lovely white child who is white and tender and sleeps softly, and then he happily goes back and asks his wife to get up.

The younger son who has been away from home for many years has returned, and his personality has become so cheerful, so be sure to celebrate!

By the way, I have to call the stinky boy back! I haven't seen it for so many years, Xiaoning should also want to be a brother! Just give him a surprise!


When I slept in the afternoon, I only felt refreshed when I woke up. Ye Sinian stretched out a lazy waist, and the bones suddenly burst into flames.

I was full of sleep, and my stomach was hungry. Ye Sinian touched and felt a little empty stomach. She went straight out wearing pajamas and went out to find something to eat.

There was silence in the villa. I thought of the vague dialogue I heard in my sleep. I guess the parents should go to the supermarket to purchase a sumptuous dinner. Ye Sinian happily picked up the lips and walked briskly and went downstairs.

At this time, there was a soft bang in the living room, and Ye Sinian stopped her foot in a vigilant manner, sweeping away from the direction of the living room.

The tall man just took off his coat and wore only his shirt and trousers. He looked tall and muscular and his body was very good.

Ye Si-nian lifted his foot and put it down, his fingertips were gently stroked on the stair railings, and he was hesitant to turn away and dare not hesitate.

The handsome man with deep outlines changed his eyes sharply, and his warm eyes instantly became sharp. He frowned and glanced at him. He whispered: "Come here!"

The youth on the stairs were obviously shocked by him, and the eyes under the glasses were slightly flooded, but they were obviously used to bullying, but they only lowered their heads and lowered their heads.

Yan Yuan looked at the youth who stood in front of him and only showed his head and whirls. In his mind, he crossed the tears that he had just swept away. He suddenly moved his mind and stunned for a while before he suppressed the inexplicable feeling in his heart. Road: "Are you in love at home?"

When the voice just fell, he felt a complicated feeling of indescribable anger and anger. The emotion came so suddenly and so fierce that he could not help but want to grab the shoulders of the person in front and ask loudly. How can he be with others!

At this moment, he did not cover up his habit of grievances, and he thought of doing it. He held the shoulder of the young man in front of him and held his chin in one hand and forced him to look at himself.

"Open up immediately!" Yan Yuan was so angry that his eyes were a little red. He didn't know what crazy he was doing today. Although he was always a mad violent madman, he never thought that he would come to this place. The unsatisfied younger brother has such a large possessiveness, as if it were a person who can only belong to himself!

"..." The tears in Ye Si-nian's eyes were more and more, and he looked at him pitifully. When he was worried about the gaze of the weak brother, Ye Si-nian slammed the move.

The red-eyed youth slammed his neck, and the warm tears fell on his neck, as if it was hot to the apex, and a familiar feeling of fullness suddenly caught his heart.

裴修远远猛地, sharp eyes instantly become warm and soft.

Reluctantly shook his head, and carried out a deep spit and ridicule on the behavior of the deceased personality, and Xiu Xiuyuan gently patted the back of his younger brother to comfort him, while secretly wondering the distressed and upset.

"What's the matter? Is it being bullied?" Yan Xiuyuan felt the heat of the neck, the sound of peace and courtesy, and the gentleness of the alienation, with an unprecedented gentle care, like a warm spring breeze blowing into the bottom of my heart.

Before Xiu Xiuyuan, I didn’t feel much about the younger brother who had a few autistic words about this character, and I don’t know why. Every time I saw him, the violent deputy personality would appear immediately. I wouldn’t stop bullying him!

Moreover, he has been going to school outside, so although he understands the younger brother adopted by the parents through shared memories, he does not really have much contact with him. At this time, he can't help but feel some doubts because there is very little brother in the impression. There is always something I like to squat, and I have never been so emotionally exposed to my own arms, even though it makes him feel so good.

Is it really being bullied?

Carefully hold the young man in his arms, and the coldness of the squatting squatting screams.

He is not the same as the direct deputy personality of the temperament, and the means of dealing with it are also two extremes, but the pride and strength in the bones are the same. He does not know what is the strong monopoly of the minds that has been raging in his heart. But this does not prevent him from holding people firmly in his hands!

Since he is taken care of, then don't even want to escape!

As for those who have bullied their hearts, he will not let go! 2k novel reading network