Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 19: Counterattack Tianliang Wang breaking pr

Early the next morning, the sun was warm and breezy, and it was still a sunny and good weather.

Ye Si Nian was wearing a pajamas with a furry fat rabbit shape, squatting on the table with a sleepy eye and a straight fight on the upper and lower eyelids.

It’s rare to see such a confused look of my own little son. Guo Lin, who came over with the porridge, was smothered by her heart. She sneaked a bunch of photos on her chest and turned around to show off her friends.

The scented fish fillet was placed on the opposite side. Ye Si Nian was smothered by the scent of the scent, effortlessly opened his eyelids, and raised his hand in a confused way to reach the can.

One side of the room, who was originally elegantly wiping his mouth, was shocked and slammed the hand to the side.

Ye Si-nian, who had not yet woken up, was extremely wrong, holding the red-handed back and looking at him pitifully.

"Cough..." Yan Xiuyuan made a fist and coughed softly on his lips. He tried to hold down the desire of the white-skinned slender hand. He looked at the pink lips from the pajamas youth unconsciously picked up. Tear it off, the tone of the tone is very light, like the fear of scaring the timid fat rabbit opposite: "The jar is very hot, you should be careful, don't touch it by hand."

"Xiaoning is careful not to be hot!" Guo Lin, who is satisfied with the countless envy of the old sisters, turned around and heard this passage. He was busy pretending that nothing happened to put the phone in his pocket and went to the kitchen. Walking and yelling at them: "A Yuan helps his younger brother to porridge!"

Yan Xiuyuan looked at the opposite side with a cautious look of his youth. The clear eyes were shy and close, and with full trust and dependence on their loved ones, there was no doubt that he imagined to explore and see neuropathy. It’s like disgusting, it’s like not finding anything wrong at all.

Prepared for one night's explanation, so I didn't have the opportunity to say anything. My biggest secret didn't seem to be discovered. I couldn't tell if it was easier or more disappointing. I felt a lot of trouble in my hand. The action didn't stop at all, carefully holding a bowl of savory fish porridge for the fat rabbit that was very close to the eye.


"So you just quit your job?" I asked, biting the buns.

"Well..." Yessin nodded and looked down at him, as if he was afraid of being scolded.

After listening to the experience of the younger son in the country for so many years, Guo Lin, who felt that he had suffered a lot, was distressed. The mother-in-law loved it and vented it, and he just hit the gun.

“It’s time to resign!” Guo Lin glanced at her husband and gently patted the little son’s shoulder. The tone was quite similar to the enemy’s taste: “Your boss is really deceiving too much!”

"Li boss is very good to me." Yesi retorted youngly. "When I first arrived in China, people in the company also took care of me..."

"Stupid boy!" Guo Lin hated the iron and found his forehead in the steel. He said helplessly: "He is the son-in-law who has long regarded you as a non-passing girl! Otherwise why always put you and his stupid daughter together. ?"

"..." Yeshian looked up at her wet eyes and looked at her. The phoenix was rounded up because of her master's surprise, as if she was scared.

"Not afraid of not being afraid!" Guo Lin was stunned by his eyes. "Resigned just right! Our company is big, how do you want to toss!"

I used to get a porridge with a different treatment. I nodded in a word: "This is a good idea."

He knows his own younger son, and he has no ability to say that he would not have sent him into the company’s experience after graduation. Who knows that he has to return to China to develop and know his stubborn character. There is no objection. It’s better now, Xiao Ning’s work experience in these years is here, it’s very good, and now the personality is also a lot more cheerful, just to give A Yuan a helping hand, he always turns himself around the corner. Regain the company.

The more I thought about it, the better I thought. I took another porridge and looked at the next big son.

Now the owner of the family is Yu Xiuyuan, and he has to agree to this matter.

The three people looked at themselves with their eyes, and Xiu Xiuyuan’s scalp was numb, and he swallowed the buns in his mouth gracefully. He nodded with a smile and said: “That Xiaoning would do my special help first, familiarize yourself with the company’s processes. I will tell you when I want to go to any position."

The company is now preparing to enter the domestic market. The talents are not too much. Xiao Ning has been working in China for several years. He is more familiar with the domestic situation. If there is not much mistake in the time, then he will not need to use outsiders. After all, it is my brother, and it is more convenient and reliable to use.

I habitually analyzed the pros and cons, and Xiu Xiuyuan smiled and looked at the opposite side to secretly look at his younger brother, and he was very satisfied.


Ye Si Nian walked into the elevator with a faint smile, nodding his head at the courteous young man inside, and the black-rimmed glasses covered the cold flash of the phoenix.

Chen Rong, the only singer who scored the nails of the ancestors, Rong Bingping’s half-brother, and one of the many illegitimate sons of Rong’s generation.

He calmly looked at Chen Rong, who was as bright as the summer sun, and Ye Sinian pushed the glasses.

As the protagonist of this world, Rong Buping’s character is very clever, and he has long established the status of Rong’s ruler. His father’s illegitimate child has long been repaired by his temper, and he has nothing to do with it. What is it like.

This Chen Rong is a different kind of difference. He is different from the brothers and sisters who are raised like the waste. He is very capable and he is quite reusable by Rong Buping. He can almost be regarded as his right arm. Such a loyal little wolf dog, Rong Buping also gave up so early to release him.

Yesan did not have a good heart from the belly.

“Ye special help, and prepare the meeting materials?” Chen Rong smiled and said hello to Ye Sinian, smiled sincerely, and did not see a trace of haze.

"Chen Manager." Ye Si Nian politely and alienatedly smiled back, as if he could not see the full smile of his face.

Chen Rong’s eyes flashed a trace of darkness, his eyes flashing through the thick documents of Ye Si Nian’s arms, and suddenly he smiled a little tiredly. The spreader sighed: “The company’s movements during this time are too Big, the boss above, one of us, the people below are almost alive and running off the legs..."

"No," Ye Sinian pushed the glasses, and Xu felt that he had encountered a common topic. The cold and alienation on the face finally faded a little, showing a tired expression, with a hint of complaint in his hand. The information changed for one hand: "It's not a mainland market! These days, large and small meetings are connected, there are too many, just just sorting out the meeting materials and almost killed my life!"

Successfully got the answer that I wanted. The smile on Chen Rong’s face was more sincere. I was the same person who took the shot of Ye Si Nian’s arm. He said: “But it’s fast! In a few days, we are all Freed!"

"That is!" Yesi’s eyes lit up. When she just wanted to say something, she saw the elevator door open. He had no choice but to sigh and regained the original cold and polite expression. He nodded to Chen Rong. The file came out of the elevator.

Since Rongshi began to nail nails in the early days of this, it is clear that there are premeditated plans. The two super predators are only on the morning and evening. If the shopping mall is on the battlefield, since you are not benevolent, then don’t blame me for not feeling good.

The prey has already stepped into the trap, and then it is time to uncover the prey camouflage in front of another hunter.

Ye Si Nian slowly slid his lips, and there was a smile full of fun in the phoenix.

Until the elevator door closed, Chen Rong took up the smile on his face and thought about something blankly.

According to the news he has inspected in the past few days, the plan for Yan’s entry into the mainland should have been determined. As long as he unconsciously steals the plan and hand it over to Rong Buping, the loss of the plan’s destruction is definitely immeasurable. Even if it can't completely block the footsteps of Yu's entry into the domestic market, Rongshi can bite down a few pieces of meat on it.

The more I thought about it, the more excited I was, Chen Rong closed her eyes and took a deep breath.


Qin Shiyue knocked on the steering wheel impatiently. After waiting for a while, he still couldn't see anyone. Finally, he couldn't help but frown and dialed the number of the "Fat Rabbit".

"What are you honing?" Qin Shiyue's irritability was ruined by the fat rabbit's head just now, but the tone was as bad as ever.

Through such a few days of getting along, I have already seen through this person's external violent temper, and the inside is stupid and squirming. Ye Sinian does not care about his bad tone, holding his voice and whispering pitifully. Mobile phone: "My key is gone..."

"Really!" Stupid rabbit!

Qin Shiyue didn't swear by awkwardly: "Stand up there, don't move! Wait for me to come to you!" He said that he wouldn't wait for Ye Sinian to hang up and hang up.

"Too will be spoiled! It's really unbearable!" Qin Shiyue snorted and slammed the door, as if he was very satisfied with the dependence of soft and fat rabbits, he was not like him, and the smile of his lips was disgusting. Proud, striding toward the direction of the elevator.

"Big brother, rest assured! I will definitely take the plan back!"

Qin Shiyue stepped in a footstep, wrinkled and went to the office where the door was not closed.

It’s been a long time since I got off work. He’s because the fat rabbit has lost three times and has not returned yet. It’s reasonable to say that this company should not be someone, so who is talking about it?

And, the plan?

I didn’t expect it to be so late. The company’s voice was not deliberately depressed, so Qin Shiyue, who stood outside the door, heard it clearly.

His face became darker and darker, Qin Shiyue squatted his fist, and his anger almost turned into a fire dragon.

it is good! well!

Under his eyes, he even dared to play this kind of trick, really not afraid of death!

Qin Shiyue picked up a mixed smile with a cruel smile. The fire in his eyes was even more embarrassing. He just wanted to open the door and rushed in to kill the **** who dared to play in his face. He was told not to know when he came over. Years slammed.

I don’t know where the power came from, and Yesi’s action quickly rushed into the anger of Qin Shiyue and got into the manager’s office.

Never suppressed his habits, Qin Shiyue in fury frowned and wanted to open the stupid rabbit that would not look at the face.

Unexpectedly, this guy was impulsive and violent to this point. Ye Sinian also had a hard time saying that he had to hold on to him, and he also lowered his voice: "Don't be impulsive! Listen to me!"

Where is Qin Shiyue the master who can listen to other people's words? He only wants to let the traitor pay the price!

But in the end, I still remember to pay attention to the size, fearing to hurt Ye Si Nian, so I dare not struggle too much.

In this way, it is impossible for the body to be able to suppress the man in front of the wrath. Ye Sinian’s heart has turned a blind eye, and it has been brought up with anger, so he is ruthlessly magnified!

Feeling the warm touch on the lips, Qin Shiyue's eyes widened, his pupils shrank, and he was almost fainted by his movements.

Lying in the trough you! How! What! can! Take! This! kind! ! !

This! Yes! I! of! early! kiss! what! early! kiss! ! !

Confirming that he would not make a move to make a slap in the face, Ye Sinian turned his eyes and blushes in his heart and let go of his suppression. He quickly whispered: "Don't scream, let's leave!"

Where did Qin Shiyue remember when he was angry? He was so scared that he even forgot to hide in the shell. He was angry and shameful. Even the neck was red. Don’t let the words of Ye Si Nian hold his hand. The two quietly left the company. . 2k novel reading network