Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 2: Inverse attack on the end of the world (

In the middle of his arms, Ye Liu looked at Li Feiyan with a stunned look and wondered what he was thinking.

Li Feiyan bowed his head and ate breakfast, and Xu tasted it delicious. He suddenly had a bright eyes and smiled and held a spoon and reached the mouth of Ye Liu, so that he could taste it.

The eyes of the serious and clean leaves of Liu Liu suddenly filled with gentle smiles, and the action naturally bowed and bite Li Feiyan's spoon.

Li Feiyan’s face was red and he glared at him with anger, and Ye Liu smiled even more happily, and couldn’t help but hold his hand.

It’s okay to show love and love!

Sitting opposite the Yersian turned a big white eye in the bottom of her heart.

Such an obvious embarrassing relationship, the original Lord did not even notice, but also believed that Li Feiyan is competing with himself, it is also enough.

However, the original owner seems to be straight and straight, until the end of the wandering outside the base to listen to people gossip to know the true relationship between the two protagonists...

Dot wax!

Ye Si Nian was biting the bread without squinting, and he thought about it.

According to the original development track of the world, the original masters encountered four levels of zombies in Qinglan County, and the wolverines left their teammates to flee back to Jingcheng. The task completely failed, and Ye Liu became a laughing stock at the base of the base.

The protagonist Li Feiyan successfully developed a primary vaccine in just a few months. Although the cure rate was only 10%, the reputation of Ye Liu was suddenly raised to an unattainable height.

The contrast between the two is simply different.

How to counterattack?

Ye Si Nian ate the last bite of bread in his hand and coveted the coffee in the cup a little bit.

Li Feiyan glanced at him strangely, and he felt a little strange about his unusual silence. He said: "Sin, you are leaving tomorrow, are you ready?"

What does it have to do with you! Ye Si's face lifted his face with a blank expression and glanced at him.

"What is your attitude!" Ye Liu's face sank, "Flying words ask you!"

"What attitude should I be?" Yessyan frowned anxiously and put down the cup. "You want him to be my stepmother. This is your business. Do I have to tie him up!"

After all, Ye Si Nian stood up and left with a cold face, and did not look at the complex face of the two on the table.

Nothing to play with, sly.

As soon as he walked out of the door, Ye Sinian suddenly paused and squinted over the empty stairway.

Twilight flashed, as if something interesting was discovered, Yester laughed young and walked out with his hands.

How can the story develop in advance when the window paper between the protagonists is opened?

And knowing the relationship between Li Feiyan and Ye Liu in advance, the deep affectionate man who is dissatisfied with Ye Liuxin will also deeply root the protagonist's love roots?

He is looking forward to it~

Following the memory of the original master, he came to the base training ground. Ye Sinian watched the scenes of the various abilities who practiced the abilities, and a flash of light flashed in his eyes.

These are the solid strengths of the base. From the end of the world to the present stage, people have adapted to various abilities. As human weapons, the powerful abilities of the abilities are getting higher and higher, at each base. I can get preferential treatment and have a certain right to speak.

This is also the biggest reason why the original owner is very unwilling to leave the heart of the willow.

Ye Si Nian walked to the corner and reached out, his heart was moving, and a fist-sized water polo suddenly appeared in front of him.

Controlling the water polo to transform into different forms, the brain quickly recalls the past experience, and Ye Sinian evokes her lips, and the smile in her eyes becomes more and more obvious.

Who said that the water system is weak?

Water is the source of all things. What kind of living body has no water?

After collecting the water polo, Ye Sinian walked to the edge of the training ground and stared straight at the wilted grass.


The green juice slammed with a whisper, and a few of them fell far away and landed on a black military boot.

Ye Si Nian's light movements, his eyes moving up the military boots that wrapped the slender legs, and finally the pair of sharp eyes.

"Ye Shao." A man in a military uniform nodded at him and simply said hello.

"Qin General." Ye Si Nian nodded coldly, his eyes calmly looked at him.

According to the information given by the system, Qin General was originally named Qin Shiyue. One third of the army’s strength in the base was in his hands, but because the main task was to clean the zombies around the base, and his character was cold and strong. Only love fighting has no interest in the management base, so the base parties are not very hostile to him.

If there is no accident, the task of Qingyi County is the end of his life. The army under his command will eventually be mastered by Ye Liu and become another trump card for him.

A combat madman who is more than a cannon?

The line of sight was swept over the face of his facial features, but was covered by the temperament. Ye Sinian raised his eyebrows slightly, and the phoenix flashed a moment of fun.

If this person is not being used as cannon fodder? Without the army sent to the door, can Yeliu easily control Jingcheng?

In only one breath, Ye Si Nian formed a clear plan in his heart.

“Is it just a new trick developed by Ye Shao?” Qin Shiyue chin clicked on the trace of the green on the ground, with amazement: “It’s a magical usage.”

Yersian shrugged and said helplessly: "The lethality of the water system is too weak. I can only think of some sidelines to improve my combat effectiveness."

"When this kind of trick comes out, who dares to say that the water system is weak?" With the reference to what he saw, Qin Shiyue immediately thought of other ways of attacking the water system. He reached out and said his tone very sincerely. : "Ye Shao, I regret to know you now."

I am very glad that I know it right now, otherwise, according to the original development of the story, you are very disgusted with the original owner!

Ye Sinian silently spit in the heart, but on the face, he was honored to reach out and hold him with him: "Qin General won the prize!"

Retracting his hand, Yesian had a hint of doubts and asked: "Isn’t Qin General not leading the soldiers to kill the zombies?"

"I am going to say." Qin Shiyue rarely showed a smile, saying: "This time the mission of Qingyi County is led by me."

“Really!” Yesi’s eyes widened in surprise, and Feng Xiao’s brilliance: “That’s great! There is General Qin, we can’t be afraid of anything!”

Watched by the eyes that seemed to be light, Qin Shiyue was obviously stunned, and the heart suddenly missed a beat.

After setting the god, Qin Shiyue smiled and said: "Let's take care of each other. Don't call me Qin General. My name is Qin Shiyue."

He was keenly aware of his fault. Ye Si Nian blinked and scanned his excellent body wrapped in military uniform without a trace.

Take care of each other...?


Qingyi County was only a small county town before the end of the world. The population was about 500,000. The resident population of the county was about 210,000. The economic development was very unsatisfactory. Until last year, the newly appointed county magistrate gave Lad a large investment in the county. A large industrial park was built in the southern suburbs.

The purpose of their trip is the equipment and supplies in those factories.

Fortunately, due to environmental considerations, the industrial park was far from the center of the county, so their mission was dangerous, but it was not hopeless.

No way, the current Jingcheng supplies are too scarce, and the effect of pulling back the equipment is immeasurable.

"All units listen well, act quickly, protect the space abilities, and expect to retreat after ten minutes!"

Qin Shiyue put down the walkie-talkie in his hand and looked at Ye Si Nian from the side. He said: "Sin, pay attention to safety."

Ye Si Nian jumped off the truck with a sniper rifle. He heard his voice slamming a little, his eyebrows slightly provoked, and Feng Xiao slanted and slanted and nodded.

Qin Shiyue’s heart jerked.

At the same base, he also heard about the young master of the Ye family, but now there is no way to match the sinister sinister Ye Jia to the young people in front of him.

The two sparkling phoenixes squinted over, and the eyebrows seemed to be condensed with frost, and the coldness reached the extreme, and there would be a fascinating effect.

Qin Shiyue blinked and looked at the young man who had cold face and shot the zombies. He suddenly felt that his heartbeat was a little faster.

Sensitively aware of the burning gaze that fell on his back, Ye Sinian shot and killed the zombies on the opposite side, and slightly raised his lips.

He is a pure gay, although he has been aware of his sexuality since he was sensible, but due to his professional limitations, all his private life is exposed under the flashlight, and when he climbs to the top, he can be unscrupulous, but inexplicably out of a car accident.

Reincarnation of so many worlds, he did not encounter people who made him tempted, but before the system was too restrictive to the host, he had no chance, he could only do a good job!

Fortunately, it is different now!

Qin Shiyue...

Ye Si Nian's throat under the collar moved, and his eyes flashed through the mouth.

The end of the world has begun for several months. Under the pressure of tremendous survival pressure, more and more people have succeeded in inspiring their abilities to become abilities. The abilities are diverse, and there are both powerful and powerful lightning systems. The water system with weak attack power, at the same time, has an auxiliary ability, the most famous of which is the space system.

Compared with other kinds of abilities, the number of abilities in the space system is the most, but the later, the disadvantage of insufficient attack power is more obvious. If you can't kill enough zombies, there will not be enough nucleus to improve the difference. Yes, you can only join a team of other abilities to mix and drink.

Space abilities are really convenient in collecting supplies, but how many people can tolerate the possession of materials?

Throughout the country, Jingcheng can only be regarded as a medium-sized security base. There are not many space abilities in this mission. There are only a dozen individuals, so the pressure to protect them is not very heavy.

Ye Sinian swept away the distant space and ran the space system to receive the abilities of the abilities. I saw that the person’s face was white and cold and sweaty, and the mental power was overused.

Ye Sinian was not interested in the beauty of the sweaty sweat. When she looked at her eyes, she regained her gaze. The bullets did not pour out like money, and expanded the vacuum between him and the zombies little by little.

Now that he is not using his abilities, the four-level zombies will soon appear, and he has to keep up with it.

Although he can buy a body enhancer to increase his level of power through the system store, he can't explain why the level of power is soaring. It's not a good thing to be too suspicious. The former Li Feiyan is a good example. Second, it is a time that is not a last resort. He is not willing to use points that are not easy to earn.

There is no surplus in the landlord's house.


A roar instantly brought back the mind where he didn't know where to swim.

Ye Si Nian’s spirit was shocked, and he turned around. The long-awaited water abilities slammed into the fast-moving zombies. The huge water column suddenly wrapped it all over, and Ye Si-nian looked awkward and once again urged Yes, I saw that the water column violently rotated, and the vortex formed even sucked in the surrounding brick and iron gates and even the zombies, and the madness grew louder and more powerful.

The unwilling roar of the zombies was covered up by the water column, and there was no movement between the few breaths.

As the look of Ye Si Nian's eyebrows loosened, he gradually withdrew his abilities.

Without the driving force, the crazy rotating water column finally slowed down, leaving a lot of twisted and broken bones in place.

Looking at the heads of the water in the middle of the scorpion, Ye Sisian raised his muzzle expressionlessly, and solved it thoroughly.

The subordinates who were scared by seeing the four-level zombies stunned for a long while, and were swiftly glanced at Ye Sinian before they reacted violently. They immediately went forward to pick up the nucleus, and the heart was full of shock and anger.

Who said that the water system has weak attack power? Even the four levels of zombies can kill, so it is called weak? ! Really his grandmother's eyes narrowed!

A crisis of extinction is thus eliminated between the gestures, and the four-level zombies that let everyone talk about it seem to be just a clown, strong, confident, and charming.

Qin Shiyue's eyes were full of surprises, and he felt that the chest was gradually expanding, and the heart leaped, making him very unhappy and very happy.

"Qin General, since the four-level zombies have been eliminated, can we stop for a while and collect more supplies?" Yesnian approached Qin Shiyue and looked up at him.

"Good." Qin Shiyue resisted and patted his shoulder with excitement, and his eyes were almost shining with his eyes. "You are great! Have a chance to learn?"

Ye Si Nian glimmered, his eyes swiftly swept over the big hand resting on his shoulder and smiled.

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