Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 23: Counterattack Tianliang Wang breaking pr

Ye Si Nian looked at the huge propaganda banner not far away, and suddenly he was shocked.

The slight gaze converges to the coldness of the eyes, and Ye Sinian grips the lover's hand tightly around her body, and her body trembles slightly.

He was keenly aware of his fault, and Xiu Xiuyuan took the man tighter. He frowned and swept the banner propagating the charity auction. He did not see any problems, but at this time it was obviously not the time to pursue this, and Xiu Xiuyuan quietly wrote down the banner. On the content, holding Ye Si Nian squeezed out the crowd.

"What's wrong?" Stay away from the crowd, and Xiu Xiuyuan stopped. The eyes were full of worry and looked at Ye Si Nian, who was leaning on his arms. He worried about his forehead, fearing that he was uncomfortable.

"Go home, take me home!" Ye Sinian tightened the clothes of Xiu Yuanyuan, and the voice of the crying room was full of horror, as if he had seen something terrible.

Yan Xiuyuan couldn’t ask again if he was distressed. He took him to the direction of the hotel.

Yess was in the quilt and almost became a ball. There was no gap left.

Seeing his insecure performance, Yan Xiuyuan’s heart seemed to have been stabbed a few times, and it hurt almost to suffocate. He was lying distressed to him, his long arm stretched into the arms, and he calmly patted him. His back.

In the darkness, where is the expression of Ye Si Nian at this time afraid of fear? He quietly turned over the childhood memories of the original Lord enclosed in the deepest, full of cold suffocation.

Love House Orphanage...

According to the original fate trajectory, the original reason why the original owner wants to return to the country, a large part of the reason is because of this little orphanage.

However, he did not pay for it. Strictly speaking, the orphanage was not a benefactor.

Don't give food, don't drink water, keep it in the cage, and violently beat the abuse. The original memory of the original master is completely dark. When it was not accidentally sneaked out and being picked up by the current parents, he would not live. To this day.

The original owner knew that there was an amazing secret in the orphanage. After he returned to China, he always wanted to collect evidence in this regard, but he worked hard for a long time, but he had no clue. As the original investigation became more and more in-depth, his life began to encounter some unimaginable troubles, and even the final car accident was not a pure accident.

Later, with the death of the original Lord, the secret of the orphanage was even more unknown, and was completely buried in the darkness.

Ye Sisian hides himself in the darkness with no expression. He feels that his own qigong is still not cultivated at home, otherwise there will be no impulse to rush to the orphanage to kill all the participants.

But he can't, those people should be subject to legal sanctions and everyone's spit, those dirty secrets should be made public, so it is too cheap to kill them!

Deeply took a breath, barely concentrating on the killing in the eyes, Ye Si Nian moved his body and slowly released the corner of his hand.

Yan Xiuyuan carefully opened the quilt, and when he was on the pair of red eyes, he was acupunctured in the heart, and he was very distressed.

Gently kissed him in front of his forehead, and Xiu Xiuyuan hugged him tightly, saying nothing, only silently giving care.

Ye Si Nian sighed and reached over his neck, his voice still hoarse: "Brother, let's go to the charity auction!"

When he cultivated his heart, he naturally knew the origins of his younger brother. When his parents returned to China for a trip, they brought him back a thin brother, and the younger brother still kept talking. He couldn’t even touch him, let him at that time. The memory is very profound.

I thought that my younger brother might have thought of the unpleasant experience of my childhood. So I wanted to do my part to help those poor orphans. I was so distressed that I was so worried. "Well, I will contact you immediately, baby." sad!"

"Yeah." Yesian buried his face on his neck and nodded lightly.


"What do you say?" Rong Buping said with a sip of red wine, apparently very happy.

Of course he is in a good mood. The assistant’s investigation results have been shown to him. The boy’s appearance in his room is really just an accident. He is not the mb sent by his subordinates, nor is it the emotion set by the opponent. The color trap is just a Simple, a student who was squandered and sneaked into his room.

Thinking of the clean and pure smile in the information, it is hard to imagine that such a young boy would be so eroded and let him always remember. Rongbu’s eyes have a stronger taste and slowly evoke the lips.

The assistant inadvertently picked up the horrible smile of his boss and shook it gently. He repeated the previous words: "The president of the company decided to participate in the charity auction of the Love House Orphanage."

"Love House Orphanage?" Rong Buping raised his eyebrows and thought for a long time to confirm that he had not heard the name, and, charity auction?

"When is Xiu Xiuyuan so kind?"

Not all presidents are like you boss! The assistant silently groaned in his heart, but he did not dare to neglect his hand. He took out a piece of information about the Love House orphanage from the folder.

After sweeping through one eye and ten lines, Rong Buping frowned. This orphanage does not seem to be abnormal. To say that there is something different, it is probably that the face is quite big. The people who are invited to participate in this charity auction are very tall. of. However, how can it be that the fox-faced fox who participated in the Xiu Xiuyuan is just a simple auction? There is a hidden feeling!

"Would we accept the invitation from Rongshi?" Rongbu Ping picked up the red wine glass and gestured gracefully.

"Of course!" The assistant nodded and guessed his boss's plan. On the other hand, he was a little embarrassed: "But always, this kind of thing is attended by Vice President Chen..."

"What? You mean I can't go?" Rong Buping gently glanced at him, clearly that there was no change in the tone of the tone, but the pair of calm and deep eyes were chilling.

"Of course not this!" Assistant explained: "I will inform Chen Vice President immediately, I must take the invitation!"

"It’s just an illegitimate child whose mother is unknown. My father was too soft and soft in the past. Otherwise, where is Rong’s as it is now? It’s full of pests!”

Xu is reminiscent of the energy he has spent on solving the mother-in-laws and sisters who are almost innumerable. Rong Ping’s eyes are a bit chilly, and he unwillingly put down the glass.

"..." The assistant narrowed his neck and felt that it was wise to be a dumb.

"However, the child now has a boyfriend?" Unhappy is only a moment, Rongbu is always good at adjusting his emotions, and at this time it is a very interesting look.

The assistant had long been accustomed to his gloom. At this time, he did not dare to touch his mold. He nodded and nodded. He told the truth: "According to what we found, Su Yibai lived half a month ago. I had the teacher’s home, and I almost never went back to the dormitory."

"Cohabitation?" Rong Buping's eyes were dark and dark. The reaction of the man at that time was very green. It should be a virgin, but... has it been cohabiting with people for so long? Still his teacher?

"It should be cohabitation..." The assistant carefully said: "I haven't checked it yet, do you want to continue checking?"

"..." Rongbu Pingzheng thought about it, or nodded: "Send someone to stare."


"Xiaosu, look!" Huang Dezheng smiled and took out a delicate invitation from behind, quite smugly swearing, said: "The invitation letter of the charity auction held by the Love House Orphanage, whether or not Let me go together?"

Su Yibai was doing his homework with a bitter face. After listening to his words, he couldn’t help but look bright. He looked at Huang Dezheng with his big eyes full of expectation. He was pleasantly surprised: "Really? Can I go?"

"Of course! This is what I got a lot of effort to get! I really didn't expect that this small charity auction would be hard to find such a ticket!" Huang Dezheng half sighed half to show off the authenticity: "Good I have also met some people who are committed to charity, and I got this ticket in a timeless boss."

“So rare?!” Su Yibai was surprised that the charity auction held by the orphanage should not be to raise money. How to get started? Is it still so high?

"You don't know!" Huang Dezheng shook his head with a funny smile: "This love home orphanage is different from other orphanages. The facilities and conditions there are very good, there are many sponsors, but the mentality of the rich. Unlike us, if anyone can go, then they are not necessarily willing to go!"

As he said, he frowned at some disgusting disgust. He has never been able to pick up those businessmen who are stinky. What is the use of money besides making money?

When I think of the businessman, I think of the Xiu Xiening who disappeared after the business trip. Huang Dezheng’s face is a little bad. It feels like a businessman. The position of money interests in their hearts is always higher than the feelings. I really shouldn’t feel sympathy for that person!

Looking into the front of Su Yibai, who was curiously looking at the invitation, Huang Dezheng’s feelings of boredom were much better.

Only such a person with a pure and innocent mind is standing next to him, and he was really confused at the time!

Gently slamming people into his arms, Huang Dezheng pinched his thin shoulders and said with distress: "Isn't it for you to eat more? Look at your skinny!"

"My dad has always been a bad body. I have to be hospitalized. How can I spend money on my hands?" Su Yibai blushes in his arms and whispers.

"Let me help you?" Huang Dezhen softly said: "I have a deposit of ten thousand dollars here. Your father's illness can't be dragged."

"How can this be!" Su Yibai widened his eyes in a panic and quickly refused: "How can I get your money?!"

"I am not yours?" Huang Dezheng clenched him with a funny smile and said: "Don't worry, anyway, I have a salary every month, and I don't spend any money, and the money is left."

"This..." Su Yibai was moved and looked at him with a sly look, and his eyes quickly filled with tears.

"Stupid boy!" Huang Dezheng was amused by his helpless reaction, and his heart moved and bowed his lips.

Su Yibai was shocked and just wanted to push people away, but suddenly thought of what this person did to himself. The resistance to the touch of others in his heart disappeared without a trace, and his face was hot and soft. Falling in his arms...


The days of the charity auction came soon. At the beginning of the Hua Deng, Ye Sinian was sitting in the front passenger seat. From time to time, he looked at the man next to him and looked at it.

When he noticed that he peeked at himself from time to time, Qin Shiyue couldn’t help but feel more straight, and the tip of his ear was slightly reddened. He turned his head and glanced at him. His tone was bad: "Look what!"

Yesthe year immediately shook his head: "Nothing!"

you! actually! Of course! dare! Do not! Look! I? ! !

Qin Shiyue sullenly drummed his mouth, frowning and stepping on the gas pedal.

The car quickly arrived at the destination. Qin Shiyue endured all the way, and finally couldn't help it. He asked Ye Si Nian, "Do you want me to come out?!"

Ye Si Nian’s action on the seat belt was amazed and looked up at the man next to him with a fierce look. “How do you ask?”

Seeing the unmistakable surprise in the eyes of the stupid rabbit, Qin Shiyue’s violent sorrow accumulated for a long time finally dissipated a few points, but he still lifted his chin arrogantly, and some of them opened their mouths hard: "Then you say it! You like it. Which one do I have more?"

It turned out to be tangled with this...

Ye Sinian was a little funny in her heart. She felt that this sub-personal personality with the same name as her lover was so cute that he couldn’t help but want to make a teasing.

Fortunately, he blinked inconspicuously, and Ye Si Nian was full of anger: "What?"

Qin Shiyue was so angry that he was so angry that he was mad at the stupid rabbit in front! cry! Now! ! !

"Answer me!!!" Qin Shiyue violently held the man down, his red eyes staring at Ye Si Nian's eyes.

Ye Sinian turned a big white eye in his heart, violently holding his hands on his cheeks, quickly blocking his mouth, soft tongue tipping open the man's dentition, enthusiasm wrapped around him stunned The tongue, entangled fiercely in the mouth. The cotton flies up and the silver wire runs down the open lip.

A long and intense suffocation kiss, the two gasped and slowly separated.

Very good, this time I didn't escape, it seems that I really care about the answer!

Ye Sinian’s heart is dark, but his face is another look.

The water in the phoenix phoenix is ​​swaying, and the slightly curled end of the eye is a little red because of the hot kiss. It seems inexplicably with a kind of evil charm.

The red lips are moistened by saliva, and there is a fascinating light in the darkness of the car. Qin Shiyue is completely stunned, and the voice of the devil is always tempted, and kisses up! Go on the go!

Ye Si Nian micro-hooked the lips, the bright tongue tipped out slightly, rubbed the water on the lips, and the slender fingers were inserted into the hair of Qin Shiyue, and opened the mouth temptingly: "This kind of me, and Usually, I like which one is more, huh?"

Speaking, he also scorned his hand and sneaked down, accurately stroking the huge reaction that he had reacted to because of the kiss, the slender fingers picking.

Hey! ! ! ! !

The stupid rabbit, which was completely different from the usual performance, made Qin Shiyue feel helpless, but he suddenly did not want to hide back into the shell, so he resisted the shame of his heart bursting, and his ear tipped red and held his hand to stop him. Pick and tease the action.

"What do you mean by you?!!"

"I like what you like!" Ye Sinian kissed him with a sigh of relief: "As long as it is you, I like it!"

With his eyes wide open, Qin Shiyue took a long breath and his eyes almost turned into two peach hearts. Under the gaze of the twinkling phoenixes, he couldn’t help but be excited. The cracked heart rushed back into the shell, and the little man in his heart screamed and played nine hundred and ninety-nine rolls on the bed.

As for the next charity auction?

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