Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 26: Counterattack Tianliang Wang breaking pr

The auction is still going on, but at this time, Huang Dezheng and Su Yibai have long had no good mood at the beginning, and a face with a purple complexion is pale and sitting on the ground.

"Old...teacher..." Su Yibai’s eyes were almost soft and fell on him, his face was stunned and panicked, and he looked helpless.

Surrounded by people, Huang Dezheng bit his teeth and resisted the urge to push his face and sigh. He squeezed a stiff smile and seized Su Yibai’s hand and comforted him: “It’s okay, we are here. Do good things!"

" don't blame me?" Su Yi snorted and snorted, and his heart was moved and unbelievable, and he was so sad that he was so sad.

The words have already been said, and he has no face to pay. At this time, it is meaningless to blame him. It is better to further improve his image and let him fall in love with himself!

Thinking of this, the smile on Huang Dezhen’s face finally got a bit natural. He gently reached out and wiped away the tears from his tears. He said: “Stupid kid! How can I blame you? You didn’t do anything wrong.”

"Teacher..." Su Yibai was moved, and he cried and laughed into the arms of Huang Dezheng, completely forgetting the surrounding environment.

The more and more ironing in my heart, Huang Dezheng is also not so concerned about the views of outsiders, gently smiled and patted the lover's thin back in his arms, said: "Stupid children, you did not do anything wrong, the wrong thing is that we have run into Those who spend their money and are extravagant and extravagant!"

In the eyes of the students who are innocent and innocent in the heart, Huang Dezheng praised his purity while swearing that the merchants who were hurting the lover and hurt their lover, said: "This world has been tarnished by money! You still don't understand In the eyes of those businessmen who have absorbed the blood of ordinary people to strengthen themselves, this little money is nothing at all, they are just showing off the rich! And we are different! We are doing good things! They can't compare with us!"

Su Yibai softly in the arms of Huang Dezheng, some bitely biting his lip, he did not understand these words, but the teacher Huang is so good, the words must be no wrong...

Huang Dezheng thinks that he really shouldn’t come to this embarrassment. He looks around in a disgusting manner for a week. He finds that most of the people present here are so-called successful people in suits and suits, watching them sneak out and report one by one. The numbers that can't be withstood, the dissatisfaction and the suffocation in the heart accumulate.

Why? !

Why do you have done so many good things for a long time, but you still feel ashamed of life and ordinary life, why those people just spent a small amount of money but fame and fortune received so much praise and respect? !

The more I think, the more I feel that even the same air with these people is a kind of pollution to myself!

Huang Dezhen's face became very strange, and there was no longer a bit of energy to pay attention to the next auction. When the auction ended, Su Yibai walked out with a gloomy look.

Su Yibai stumbled and tried to keep up with his footsteps. The thin wrist was pinched and hurt, but he didn't dare to say anything. He could only bite his lips with tears and silently endure.


At the end of the auction, most of the middle-aged men in suits and sorrows did not move. Ye Sinian stood up and looked at the eyes in a cold, faint sneak.

In the eyes of Yan Xiuyuan, there was also a slight mismatch. He held Ye Si Nian’s hand in silence and lowered his voice: "Go!"

Ye Si Nian's eyes were warm, and he pressed back firmly. He gave a low voice and let him pull himself out.

The crowd walked out in twos and threes. Ye Sinian took Yan Xiu’s hand and walked in the darker light. When everyone, including Xiu Xiuyuan, did not pay attention, he slammed into a dark building without turning on the light. In the object.

Perhaps because of the charity auction, most of the people in the orphanage were responsible for reception and logistics. Most of the other places were closed with iron gates and locked by a large lock.

Ye Si Nian took out the card that had just been "borrowed" from a woman's head from his pocket. He slammed it twice and listened to the sound of "咔". It seemed that the big iron lock was very easy. Hit it.

He repaired his eyebrows and was very interested in where his brother learned this unique craft. But at this time it was obviously not the time to discuss this, so he only regained the hand of Ye Si Nian and looked around with vigilance. Around, unconsciously depressed the voice: "What is this?"

Ye Si Nian quietly glanced at the system interface that had been opened since the end of the auction and found that it was shielding the signal.

Fortunately, this is an intelligent system from a high-tech plane, and this level of signal blocker does not successfully interfere with it.

Ye Sinian used the system to successfully black out the computer in the orphanage, and used the powerful functions of the system to collect evidence of concealing the crime for a long time, and walked blankly into the deeper building.

I didn't get an answer, and the scent that was radiated from my lover was too strong. I repaired my lips and silently clenched his hands.

He has already discovered the abnormal performance of Yesian, and he guessed that his purpose in participating in this charity auction may not be as simple as he thought, but even so, he still can't afford the slightest suspicion and doubt.

He is only a little worried now. He is worried that since he stepped into the building, he felt that his heartbeat began to keep getting faster, and there was some coldness behind him. His muscles were not consciously tightened, just like what would be very bad. It will happen the same.

The long, quiet, dark corridor, the lights came far away, and cast a large number of weird shadows on the ground. The sound of the shoes on the ground was very strange at this time, and people couldn’t help but be nervous.

Yan Xiuyuan unconsciously licked his lips and looked at a closed iron door that appeared not far away. He felt that the heart suddenly shrank.

As they walked closer and closer, as they walked to the iron door that was stained with rust, a strange sense of crisis suddenly came, and Xiu Xiuyuan held his lips tightly, vigilantly stepping forward to keep Ye Si Nian behind him. .

"It doesn't matter, there is no one in this building." At least there is no living person.

Ye Si Nian looks down in a complicated way. If he remembers it correctly, the building has long been abandoned. Now it is the place where the orphanage specializes in storing all kinds of sundries. More than a decade ago, it was the impression of the young Yu Xiuning. The whole world.

He doesn't remember where he came from, and he doesn't know if there are any parents or relatives. Since he remembered, he has been living in a small cage in this building. The staff are giving them time-like animals. Sending food and water, eating and wearing warm is never to think about it, they have not even experienced the feeling of eating and wearing warm.

Probably from a young age, Yu Xiu Ning and several other good-looking children were picked and taken away. The staff pushed the cage from the first floor and took them to the third floor, where each of them started to have A small room.

It’s a room, but it’s just a bigger cage, but for Xiu Xiening, who didn’t know anything at the time, it’s the best thing in the world!

What a wonderful! Here, he can finally lie down and sleep, and the most exciting thing for him is that he has a small, small window for ventilation, he can sneak out of the world outside!

Although the so-called outside world, but it is a corridor that has no movement at all, who can understand the happiness that overflowed from his heart?

But the darkness is endless. He still doesn't have enough food every day, and some people come to order him every day to make all kinds of painful and difficult postures, saying that he wants to shape his perfect body and sell it at a good price.

But what is the perfect shape? What is a good price?

At that time, Xiu Xiening did not understand anything. He only knew that if he did not follow the order, the punishment behind him would definitely not be borne.

That day continued until he was six or seven years old. On that day, he was suddenly taken out of the room. In the past, he never looked at them like a dead man. His face was flattering and he was holding on to him. The arm violently pushed him into the arms of a middle-aged man who was very scared.

The man smiled and reached out and touched his back with a tingling sensation. It was full of **** and evil eyes, which often appeared in the nightmare behind him.

Fortunately, fortunately, they went to heaven, and they encountered a car accident shortly after leaving the orphanage. The man who was ugly and terrified in his impression was unwilling to blink his eyes and died in a pool of blood...

Later, he was taken back by the orphanage, but after seeing the outside world, how could he endure the life like that of pigs and dogs?

He escaped, and later met his adoptive parents who cared for him. He got rid of such a nightmare life, but the fear was too deep and profound that he would never dare to recall.

Now, it is time to uncover the scar and get rid of the shadows.

Ye Si Nian closed his eyes and took a deep breath, pressing down the darkness in his mind to the ultimate memory. When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were clear.

Turning his head to the side and listening to his own words, he frowned. Xiu Xiuyuan smiled. Ye Sinian’s face was a little white, but he still licked his lips and walked out from behind Yu Xiuyuan. He opened the fan and let him see it. I couldn't help but recall the iron gates of dark memories many years ago.

The heavy iron gate was pushed open, and the long "Oops" sounded, and people were shocked.

The faint light was thrown into the room through the window. Ye Si Nian blinked and quickly adapted to the oppressed darkness. After a little discerning, he walked straight toward the inside.

Yan Xiuyuan followed behind him without a word, and his eyes swept over the child specimens that were soaked in the jars. The narrow iron cages that were tied together were full of chills, but they were unbelievable but As expected.

Step by step, the more doubts you see in your heart, the more doubts your brother has. No one is here. How can he be so familiar with this place? What does he want to do?

The line of sight crossed the lover, and even in the dim light, the pale face could still be seen. He repaired his lips and stepped forward to grip his cold hand. 2k novel reading network