Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 29: Counterattack Tianliang Wang breaking pr

Ye Si Nian was a little bit stunned and stunned by the wrist that was clenched, and resisted the urge to help the amount of money. He looked at Qin Shiyue who looked at him with condemnation: "I promise! Go back! Never! What will happen to them again!"

"Take me with you!" Qin Shiyue licked his lips and looked at Ye Si Nian's eyes as a large dog abandoned by his master. He was full of condemnation and grievances.

With regard to his pitiful eyes, where can Yessian refuse?

"Well! Let's go together!" In the heart secretly from the belly, the beauty is wrong, Ye Sinian sighs and reaches out and his fingers, and some of his mouth screams with relief: "But you don't want to mess up! Everything has to be listen to me!"

"You are not a big stupid rabbit!" Qin Shiyue glanced at him with a bad tone: "I am your brother! You told me to listen to you?! Do you want to be defamed?!"

Ye Sinian turned a big white eye in his heart and decided to enlarge it!

Looking up pitifully, looking at the wet phoenix phoenix to see Qin Shiyue, Ye Si young and lightly hugs his arm, spoiled like a long delay: "Brother..."

The stupid rabbit's eyes are soft and soft, and it seems that people can't refuse it!

Qin Shiyue desperately pressed down the urge to hold his heart, and coughed like an impatient gesture: "Forget it, forgive you this time, but not for example!"

This stupid rabbit! It’s too spoiled! ! !

Desperately in the heart of a victory gesture, Yesian's expression is not flawed, as if really moved by Qin Shiyue's concession, can not help but get together to kiss his cheek.

When the pupils contracted, Qin Shiyue was scared to the general body suddenly stiff, but only for a moment, he reacted.

Really... It’s so warm! How can people bear to refuse it!

Qin Shiyue squinted and no longer looked at Ye Si Nian, but did not realize that his ear tipped red eyes had already exposed his mood...

Every time I was with this stupid and shy deputy personality, Ye Sinian couldn’t help but tease him!

Trying to press down the corner of the mouth that wants to be upturned, Ye Sinian blinked and smiled and almost overflowed into his eyes. "Brother, I just went to get something, let's go back, don't happen with others. Conflict, okay?"

"Is this still used by you? I am not stupid!" Strongly resisted the urge to retract the shell, Qin Shiyue's lips were tight, and he lifted his chin in an impatient manner and pointed to the door: "Don't be a mother-in-law! Let's go!"

I just hope that this will be all right!

In the heart of Ye Sinian’s heart, the little man’s teeth and claws were very noisy, and he said, “I believe my brother!”

Qin Shiyue's ear tip was red again, and some of them looked at him with anger and anger, saying: "Just you have more words! Depart!"

The little man in the heart smiled and fell down. Ye Sinian took a serious look behind him and went out to the original apartment.


Strong smile and turn the account, think of the number on the card that shrinks most of the time, Rao is Huang Dezheng who never cares about money, can not help but hurt.

But since he had promised to treat his father's father before, how can he renege on his words?

And the money was originally that he had plans to buy a house. Now that the house is already in place, it is better to use it to do good things than to store the money in a meaningless way!

Reluctantly suppressing the suffocation in the heart, Huang Dezheng unscrupulously put the documents into the pocket, and raised his face with love and care, and left the bank counter, looking forward and looking forward to the distance. Looking at his Su Yibai went.

Hearing the elderly lover in front of him really gave his family so much money, Su Yibai was moved to nothing, and he was so excited that he threw himself into the arms of Huang Dezheng, and the big tears of tears came out.

"Thank you! Thank you..." Su Yibai whimpered and opened his mouth, excited to know what to say.

I realized the feelings of my lover in my arms. Huang Dezheng’s depressed mood is better. He didn’t care about the mood of others at this time. He bowed his hand to kiss Su Yibai’s cheek, and he was deeply affectionate: “We are each other’s Lovers, thank you?"

Su Yibai's cheeks were red and shy. He looked up with a hesitant look at the gentle face of Huang Dezheng, like a bit of determination to bite his lip and whispered: "We... let's go home first!"

Huang Dezheng looked at him more and more red face in a puzzled way. Suyi Bai, who was ashamed of his eyes, glanced with anger and finally blessed his heart. He excitedly grabbed his arms and asked: " Willing?"

Su Yibai bit his lip ashamedly, and some invisible spots said: "Well..."

Excited to the extreme, Huang Dezheng where can still think of a few zeros on the card? The monkey hurriedly pulled Su Yibai out of the bank. Rarely did not crowd the bus and took a taxi back to the apartment.

To tell the truth, this can not be said to be the Huang Dezheng sperm on the brain, after all, every day Wen Xiang Yu Yu in the arms because of fear of hurting the lover who has the experience to endure, he has endured very hard this time!

Now that the lover has finally solved the knot, where can he endure? !

The door to the room was too late. Huang Dezheng hurriedly pulled Su Yibai's clothes and put Su Yibai, who was almost soft into a pool of water, down on the bed. The action quickly pressed up...


The two drove without a hurry, and in the middle went down to eat a simple and delicious lunch, standing in the afternoon when they stood outside the apartment.

Ye Si Nian did not mean to knock on the door, just pulled out the key and opened the door. Nonsense, this is the house he has lived for for several years, what is the door to go home?

Although there must be others in the present, and you may see any indecent pictures when you rush in, but he has never been accustomed to the scum males who are out of the way.

The door just opened a slit, and Ye Si Nian keenly heard the rough and sly unconcealed inside. Hey, he picked up his eyebrows in surprise, and thought about it with a strange expression, Ye Si Nian’s hand A force, completely push the door away.

He really didn't think that the timing of his coming was so smart! We must know that according to the original fate trajectory, Su Yibai Mingming only has a man from Rongbuping. Although he and Huang Dezheng have indeed been together, for various reasons, they actually did not have a relationship*!

But now...they are actually on the bed.

Some don't know what kind of expression to put in. Ye Sinian simply keeps his expressionless expression and walks in and walks inside.

Fortunately, fortunately, Huang Dezheng is not so careless, and did not do this kind of thing in the room of Yan Xiening, otherwise he would not be able to maintain the calm expression of the present, maybe he would be disgusting to kill...

Probably did not think that someone else would come in, so the door of the room did not close at all, so it was wide open, and even from the living room, you could directly see the bed and the two stunned the phoenix.

Ye Si Nian slowly walked into the kitchen, washed a plate of fruit, took Qin Shiyue to sit down on the sofa, calmly lie on the legs of Qin Shiyue, close his eyes and gracefully eat the green Listening to the screams of the obvious and getting better from the room...

Qin Shiyue's face changed. Compared with the protagonist, he is just a temperamental act. He doesn't like to think too much, but obviously, he is not stupid.

When he was abroad, he knew that Xiu Xiening had made a boyfriend. He also wanted to ask clearly at the beginning, but the stupid rabbit was too spoiled. He didn’t even ask anything, and later he forgot about it!

But forgetting for the time does not mean that he does not care! Instead, he is very concerned! So I will definitely come back when I hear the stupid rabbit say that I want to come to the apartment where I used to live.

really! Your decision has never been wrong! If this time I don’t come along with it, what would a stupid rabbit be bullied into! !

Listening to the more screaming screams coming from the room, Qin Shiyue reached out and pulled the fruit plate closer, and he gave the lover a fruit with his movements, but his eyes were somewhat distressed on his face with his eyes closed. .

Although the stupid rabbit on his lap seems to be unaffected, Qin Shiyue still has some uncomfortable decisions and must find an opportunity to pick up the two bastards!

The stupid rabbit is his! Even stupid can only be bullied by him!

Pillowed on the sturdy and powerful legs of the lover, accepting the loving feeding of the lover, Ye Si Nian only feels comfortable and will be sleepy in a short while.

But the two people in the room who ended the battle did not give him a chance to fall asleep.

The ear finally calmed down, and Ye Sinian frowned and opened her eyes. She got up from Qin Shiyue’s leg and sat up straight. When she saw a blink of an eye, his body suddenly changed, changing from a lazy moment to an icy contempt. There is a slight ridicule between the twilight circulation, and if there is a smile on the lips, it seems to have a seductive evil.

Qin Shiyue, who sat on the side and saw this scene inadvertently, widened his eyes and felt his heart.


Su Yibai was weak and soft on the bed, and the white tender meat was full of love at the moment. Traces after love.

Huang Dezheng sat up with satisfaction and smiled and walked to the outside bathroom while he couldn't help but pinch his buttocks.

Su Yibai hugged his neck with a shy face, and when he was pinched, he only twisted his body symbolically.

Huang Dezheng jumped in his heart, and the idea of ​​just coming out of the bathroom came out in his mind. The two figures sitting on the sofa were reflected in his eyes.

"How come you are here?!" Huang Dezheng was shocked, knowing that they didn't wear clothes!

"Here is my home, the person who asked this sentence is me." Yeshian glanced at him with a sneer, his eyes turned to the stunned Su Yibai, looked up and down and said: "You are Who? How can I be at home?!"

"...I..." Su Yibai's face turned pale and instantly looked at the sofa and looked at his Ye Si Nian with a sullen look. After a long while, he finally realized that he was not wearing clothes at this time! Busy screaming and holding Huang Dezheng will hide behind him.

Huang Dezhen hurriedly smashed a shirt that was randomly thrown from the side of the table, so that he could cover the lower body of the two.

Never been so embarrassed! Huang Dezhen looked gloomy at Ye Sinian and said mercilessly: "I think it was clear in the email that we have already broken up, and I don't like being entangled. What are you doing? ?!"

Ye Si Nian picked up his eyebrows, and then he knew that the message that he had thrown to the recycle bin without looking at it was originally the case!

With a slap in the face, Ye Sinian looked at the opposite side with a malicious look and tried to make himself appear more righteous and resigned. Huang Dezheng ridiculed his lips and slowly said: "You...had you forgot one?" thing?"

"What's the matter?" Huang Dezhen's expression on his face is somewhat intolerant. The more he looks at the face, the more he feels that his face has been tarnished, and he can't wait for him to disappear immediately, so he impatiently said: "You don't say it again! I I don’t love you at all. It’s just that I’ve made a mistake before I promised you, and I can’t take it seriously!”

Ye Si Nian’s eyes widened and almost wanted to knock his head open to see the strange brain structure inside!

"So why are you still living here?!"

Huang Dezhen’s expression is hard to look at once. “What do you mean? It was you who let me move in and live!”

“Do I have to say thank you?” Yeshian ridiculed: “Thank you for remembering that this is my place?! Since you felt that I was wrong at the beginning, how do you still live in my house? Oh! I know, do you have no money? Can't afford the rent outside, so I have to rely on it?!"

"You!" Huang Dezhen's face changed greatly, pointing angrily at Ye Sinian, and was too angry to speak.

In his view, after Xiu Xiu Ning was rejected, he would naturally disappear. As he did before, he would not run back as he is now and question his right to continue to live here.

After all, he knew the weakness of his character, and the condition of this apartment was very good, which was very consistent with his identity in his heart, so he did not think about moving out!

"What am I? This is my house, now I don't want to live for you!" Ye Si Nian lifted his chin and continued: "Please leave now!"

"裴修宁! You don't regret it!" Realizing that he is indeed at a disadvantage, and that he considers himself to be a quality cultural person, naturally disdains and quarrels with people, so he can only put down this sentence with threatening In awkward words, Su Yibai entered the room and packed his bags.

He has always wanted to face! When will you not wait for it at this time? ! Do you still want to stay here to continue to be angry? !

And he Xiu Ning loves himself so much, he will regret it! When he figured out the day he asked for his forgiveness, today’s humiliation will definitely go back! !

Su Yibai, who has soft legs and is inconvenient to move, was pulled and walked quickly to the room. A strand of hot air flowed down the leg roots, and it looked horrible.

Su Yibai's face was pale, but Huang Dezheng, who was angry at the moment, couldn't even pay attention to him at this time, so he had to bite his lip and slammed into the room with tears.


Just let them go so easily? Don’t you really want to have a meal? !

When Qin Shiyue got out of the room, the feeling of violentness in the body was always in the air, but fortunately, he always promised that the stupid rabbit could not be impulsive, and that he did not bother to deal with it, which was tolerated again. endure.

But now I watched the two men rushing away with their bags, but the stupid rabbit did not care about it, so Qin Shiyue couldn't help it anymore.

Is the stupid rabbit cheated by them? In fact or stupid rabbit that looks not how a middle-aged uncle there feeling so reluctant to beat him?

No, no! Definitely not the second!

There is such a cosmic first handsome guy standing next to it for comparison, stupid rabbits have to be stupid into what will look at that person!

So, that is, the stupid rabbit was cheated?

Right! After all, it is a stupid rabbit!

Thinking that someone would dare to lie to his stupid rabbit under his eyes, Qin Shiyue was out of anger! When they suddenly stood up and just wanted to walk over and smash them, they were quickly reacted to Ye Si Nian from behind.

Qin Shiyue watched as the two men walked out of the door, and they were so angry that they were about to blow up! Looking back angrily, Ye Sinian said: "Stupid rabbit! What am I doing?!"

Ye Si Nian once again ignored the title problem, and some helplessly said: "Of course, prevent you from running over and hitting people!"

Did you stop me for someone else? ! !

Are you really the second? ! !

Qin Shiyue was so angry that his chest was violently ups and downs, and his eyes were fiercely glaring at Ye Si Nian, who was still holding him.

true! Yes! blind! Now! eye! of! stupid! rabbit! child! ! !

Ye Sinian hooked his lips. How could he possibly let the Virgin Mary let them go so easily?

This house was bought by him. He lived here for a few years. Although his neighbors are not very familiar, he is also very familiar with their preferences.

They didn't close the door when they opened the door. The pair of people who had just forgotten it was screaming and calling, making such a big move, how could the gossip neighbors have a good chance of watching the crowd? I must have been hiding behind the door and secretly watching it?

Such a good show, how can he destroy the last high tide?

Huang Dezheng, who was walking out with Su Yibai, who was inconvenient to move, must not have thought of it. His unbearable and wolverines had long been watched by everyone.

He cares about his reputation and image. When a rumor is passed to his ear, what kind of expression will it be? He is looking forward to...

However, I look forward to the expectation. His current priority is to find a way to try his best to be stupid and lover who is going to be bombarded by his own thoughts.

Hey... how are you...?


Qin Shiyue rushed back to the house where they lived without saying a word, and he was tempted to break out, but he was afraid of hurting the stupid rabbit, so he had to be depressed.

Ye Si Nian did not say a word, and when he got home, he went into the bathroom without saying anything.

The more you think, the more angry you are! Qin Shiyue is like a trapped beast. He usually turns around in the study. The desk is in chaos, and the documents that have been swept down are scattered on the ground.

Just as his anger was rushing to almost reach the apex, the study door was suddenly opened, and the stupid rabbit who had just taken a bath and had a towel around his body naturally walked in.

The body is covered with a thin layer of tight and well-balanced muscles. The skin is fair and smooth, but the waist is thin but not weak. At first glance, it is full of explosive power.

The line of sight went uncontrollably to the looming part of the man's movement. Qin Shiyue was in the same place, the heart almost stopped beating, and his mind flashed a thought that allowed him to recover his heartbeat and speed to the limit.

Ye Si Nian is getting closer and closer, and Qin Shiyue, who has theoretical experience, wants to step forward into the arms, but the brain is blank, and I don’t know where to start...

Tightly attached to the lover who was stunned, naked, exposed skin, put on a man's thin shirt, gently rubbed.

It was very interesting to react to a man. Ye Sinian squinted his lips and pressed his hand slightly on his shoulder to let him sit in a large chair.

Smiling at the man who raised his head and looked up at himself, Ye Sinian's index finger hooked up his chin and bent to kiss the thin lip that was tightly tied together.

Effortlessly open the lips of the lover, Ye Si Nian invaded into it, the soft tongue constantly raging in Qin Shiyue's mouth, licking his sensitive captain, teasing the tongue that the lover finally reacted.

The breathing became more and more aggravated, and I felt the strength of my lover getting bigger and bigger. Ye Si was young and scorned, pulled out from Qin Shiyue's mouth and gently rubbed his lower lip with the tip of his tongue.

"I want you, Qin Shiyue."

Looking at his lover's sudden eyes, Ye Sinian smiled a little smugly, kissed his earlobe, his wet tongue licked his auricle, and whispered lowly: "I want you... Qin Shiyue... I want you……"

If you can hold back at this time, is that still a man? ! !

Qin Shiyue slammed Ye Si Nian's thin waist and suppressed his desire. The sound of hope was a little hoarse: "Stupid rabbit, do you know that you are playing with fire?!"

Ye Sinian raised an eyebrow and replaced the answer with an action.

With a long leg stretched, Ye Sinian sat on Qin Shiyue's leg and bowed his throat and felt his slight trembling and repressed gasp. He flexibly untied his clothes and put on his hands. His well-defined chest.

It is not a man to bear again! ! !

Qin Shiyue made a beastly snoring in the throat, and kissed the fragile neck of the stalk of the last year. The hands clinging behind him were forced to tear open the towel of Yesian.


In the afternoon of the next day, Ye Sinian sat up in bed softly and looked at the traces all over the body. It was full of regrets.

He really underestimated the enemy's fighting power!

The score is terrible! The virgins for almost thirty years are also terrible! The combination of the two, the man who has been tossing him from yesterday afternoon to this morning is terrible! ! !

When Qin Shiyue and Yan Yuan took turns, the dual personality is amazing? ! !

In the heart of the heart, Ye Sinian saw the door being pushed open, and Yan Yuan came in with a gentle smile like a spring breeze.

"Wake up? Is there any uncomfortable place in the body?" Yan Yuan went to bed on one knee and reached out and put Ye Si Nian into his arms.

"No." Yesian seriously thought about it. I felt that the communication last night was really hearty and let him be very addictive. It was normal for the muscles to be sour, and it was obvious that he was clean and dry in the morning, so he broke the praise. : "I felt very good last night!"

"It will get better and better in the future!" The performance of the first time last night was affirmed. I was also a little proud of my heart. I bowed my kiss and kissed Ye Si Nian’s lips. "Yes, Qin Shiyue let me Ask you, how do you solve those two people?"

After mentioning the completion of the shame, I was embarrassed to see his sub-personality. Ye Sinian’s mouth smacked and said: "I decided to sell the apartment."

"Just like this?" Yan Yuan raised his eyebrows and looked as if he had no good feelings for the two people.

"You don't want to use the power of the gossip..." Ye Sinian shook his head with a smile and said: "Otherwise, you will wait to see it! Without me, they can kill themselves!"

"Then I will wait and see." Yan Yuan's arm forced the person to pick up, and while walking to the bathroom, he did not care to change a more important topic: "I just went out for a walk and bought your favorite." Porridge..." 2k novel reading network