Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 38: Counterattack through the farming field

In the early morning, Chu Yue threw the trifle to the jumping foot early, and Cheng Jiyu got into the carriage of Ye Sinian and started the shopkeeper.

I just got up and used breakfast and went into the rickety carriage. Ye Sinian’s sleepy insects were hooked up and squatted in the carriage.

Chu Yue only felt more and more loved by this little lover who was infatuated with him. At this time, he saw his red lips and squatting, and he felt a little sigh in his heart. He couldn’t help but deceive him and kissed him. The pink lips of the hooks.

His sleepiness was interrupted, and Ye Si Nian turned his eyes in the sky, uncomfortably pulling his black hair down and muttering in his mouth: "It’s lazy!"

"The beauty is on the side, how can the general be able to endure?" Chu Yueyi righteously grasped the hand of the little lover, and pulled it to the front and took a bite.

Ye Sinian glanced at him: "Fortunately, there is no war now, otherwise I will not be the disaster of the charm generals?"

Chu Yue heard a dumb smile and said: "What about the disaster, no matter what you are, this general likes it!"

"Really?" Yesny raised an eyebrow.

He loved his ghostly spirit and charm, and Chu smiled and dragged him into his arms and said: "That is nature!"

"If...if I can't have a baby?" Yesan licked her lips and stared at Chu Yue's eyes.

Chu Yue was obviously stunned. He had a little uneasy eyes in the calmness of the little lover in his arms. He suddenly smiled and slammed him and said: "That would take a lifetime!"

"You won't dislike me?" Yesny frowned. According to the concept of the world, the brother who can't have children has no value at all, although he is sure that he is his own lover, but...

"You little head, what are you thinking all day?" Chu Yue reluctantly smiled and bit his mouth, turned and lay down and pulled the person into his arms, patted his head and sighed: "Don't worry, no children."

"How do you say it?" Yessin was puzzled in the elastic muscles of her lover.

"The glory and decline, the loyalty government has long since reached the top, although I have a good relationship with the prince, but this is limited to him not yet on the high post, until the day he is in the world, the military power in my hands is his eyes!" Chu Yue looked at his expression very gentle, and the words he said were cold and incomparable: "I often say that the companion is like a tiger, and the side of the couch is letting others sleep. So, we have no children is also a good thing, at least when we can leave the capital Freedom, without leaving your child in the capital for protons."

Ye Si Nian’s eyes flashed a glimpse. In his memory, the original Chu Yue also handed over the military power shortly after the Prince’s ascension. Later, he stayed in Beijing until he died. It must have been because of the land It is mostly because the heart of the emperor is unpredictable.

When I think of this, Ye Si Nian suddenly feels a little distressed. From a small friend who has turned a good friend, he has become an enemy against him. Even if he is a hard-hearted person, he will not feel good.

He sighed and gently covered the lover's solid body and kissed him with some fascinating eyes.

Chu Yue returned to God, chuckled and took care of the lover's thin waist, and the two exchanged a kiss without a trace of *.

That's it, it's not bad for two people to live together for a lifetime.


The army went all the way to the capital, but after five or six days of glory, Ye Sinian opened the carriage curtain and could see the walls of the capital.

The news that the loyalty and the public Chu Chuan led the team to defeat the Chen* team had already been sent back to the capital. Although the Beijing people were very confident in Chu’s ability, I believe he will return home triumphantly, but the news of winning the victory is true. When I came back, I was still happy in the city.

After all, war is never a kind word.

Perhaps it is the joy and excitement of coming home, the speed of the army's advancement has increased by a few points, the wheels have turned to the horses, and the sergeants wearing armored shoulder-knife guns have rushed toward the big camp outside the capital.

Ye Sinian’s carriage was behind Chu Yue. When passing by the gate of the big camp, he clearly saw through the curtains the men and women who were eager to look into the team.

These people, must be looking for loved ones in the team?

But even the people who missed their loved ones couldn't help but cheer in unison when they saw Chu Yue, who was riding a horse with a helmet.

Chu Yue, Chu General, Zhong Guogong, his title is not much, even his age is not big, but it is him, led the soldiers behind him to win one battle after another, so that the people off the border to kill and trample, Let the people of Beijing be free from the chaos of war, and let Xia Guo stand proudly between heaven and earth.

Inside the carriage, Ye Si Nian looked at the lover who was surrounded by the people through the curtain, and his eyes slowly stunned and fascinated.

The more I look at it, the more I like it. What should I do?

The military battalion is not a place where ordinary people can enter and leave at will. Although Ye Sinian has a sacred aim to disregard this rule, but as a fiance of Chu Yue, he has to lead by example.

Moreover, Chu Yue did not open. The Prince had already sent a letter to say that he had discussed matters in the military camp. Therefore, he did not have much time to accompany him. He was bored with his military camp. He was better off going home to solve the problem of the original.

Now that he has determined that Chu Yue is his own lover, he must abide by the marriage contract to marry him, and Xue is 100% unwilling to see him marry into the loyalty government. After all, she has vowed to be in Lin Shangshu’s wife. In front of him promised to marry Du Qinghuan into Linfu, so if he and Chu are really together, then Lin will have no face.

Although, after he said that paragraph, Linfu had no face to say.

Speaking of it, even if Xue did not give him a scorpion, he would not let her go.

Du Qinghuan’s mother, Ye Hao, is a buddy. His ancestral family, Ye Family, was originally a family of Jiangnan scholars. His family was very rich but he was helpless. In the end, only a lonely brother was born, so Ye Hao’s squatting master He was given to Du Fu, who was still a talented person at the time.

Ye Hao married Du Fu, and all the property of Ye Jia was also used as a dowry to enter the Hou Fu. Although Ye Hao had already passed away, according to the tradition of Xia Guo, those dowry should be inherited by Du Qinghuan.

But the embarrassing place is just here. Ye Sinian never heard of the dowry in Houfu. In the data, the original Du Qinghuan was married to the son of the merchant. He was also hurriedly carried over, not to mention the dowry. There is no status of a wife.

This batch of dowry is like disappearing out of thin air.

Ye Si Nian was lazy in the carriage, and Chu was afraid that he would not be comfortable. He was especially stunned by the extremely thick and soft inside the car.

The intimate lover's intimacy made him feel a little irritated by the original destiny. He was a little relaxed and relaxed. Ye Sinian’s slender phoenix flashed a cold light. He didn’t know what kind of desperate death he was at the last moment of his life. That dirty back house, but he knows that everything will be recovered.


I have heard about the news that Zhongguo Gongchu Yue class teacher returned to the DPRK, but Xue was not too anxious.

She has climbed the position of Mrs. Houfu for more than ten years. She has been in charge of the house for a long time. Where can I still remember the dowry of the short-lived original lady?

When she was in power, she was really low-key and honest for a while, but Hou Ye knew nothing about the trivial things in the back house. She only wanted to drill the camp. The old Houye also let go of it early, and she was controlled by her in the back house. The value of a dowry, where can she stand it?

Moreover, when the housekeeper who used to use Ye Hao had long been sold out by her, the dowry booklet had long been burned by her, and Du Qinghuan, who was raised by her more weak than flowers, How do you know these customs?

What she is thinking now is how to destroy the marriage of Du Qinghuan and Chu Yue. After all, she promised to marry Du Qinghuan to Lin Yulin!

Du Qinghuan’s words in the court were so that Lin’s face was lost. The imperial decree of the emperor made her never dare to have a little action. After that, Du Qinghuan left Beijing to look for Chu Yue, and she even There is no chance of reversal!

Mrs. Lin was furious with her, and Houfu offended Linfu, which means that they lost the qualification to vote for the Six Emperors. She was drunk by Hou Ye’s dog. If they can’t make up for it, they are completely unhealed. The opportunity to be honored and prosperous!

Therefore, only by completely destroying the marriage of Du Qinghuan and Chu Yue, they may still have the opportunity to re-enter the six emperors.

After all, the emperor is already seriously ill, but the prince has always been ill, and at such a critical moment, the six emperors are in the limelight, and in her opinion, this clearly indicates who will fall in the final Supreme position!

The six emperors are already the new princes in their hearts. They naturally want to be well-kept, but the loyalty and the public Chu will definitely stand on the side of the prince. For the safety of the Houfu people, Du Qinghuan must not marry Chu Yue. !

For the sake of the present, this is the only way!

Xue’s stunned the hand in his hand, and his eyes were full of sin.

Ye Sinian didn't care about his little stepmother's little tricks. After he returned to Houfu, he didn't even bother to do the work. He took people directly into his small yard.

Not to mention how Xue and Du Fu are angry and angry, he is in a bad mood at this time.

The slender fingers clicked on the books that were spread out in front of them. Ye Sinian raised her eyebrows slightly and said, "Is things here?"

In front of him, the middle-aged woman lying on the ground choked and nodded. "When the young master looked at the world shortly, he let the old slaves secretly take them out of Houfu, and only wait for the younger to grow up and send them back one by one. ""

Nodded, Ye Sin’s eyes looked at the weather-stricken woman who was crouching on the ground. Shen Sheng said: "It’s been hard for you these years, let’s go to rest first.”

The woman couldn't help but shed tears and cried and was helped by Ye Si Nian's help.

The line of sight crossed the name of the jewellery that seemed to be extraordinary on the books. Ye Si Nian frowned. He thought that the mother of the original owner would leave him a small fortune, but he did not I think that the number is so big.

I thought that Hou Fu, who had been unable to make ends meet, was extremely extravagant in these years. Ye Si Nian licked his lips and the darkness of his eyes almost rushed out.

He couldn't think of it. While using the huge wealth left by the original mother and mother, he succumbed to the original and finally pushed him into the fire pit. How thick is Xue's and his so-called father?

Originally, the bad mood of Chu Yue was completely destroyed, and the anger was surging in the bottom of my heart. I thought of what the original Lord had suffered in the chaotic house of the merchant’s son. A touch of ridiculous laughter.

Suddenly, I want to kill.

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