Cannon Fodder Counterattack System

Chapter 40: Counterattack through the farming field

The night is deep, and in the past, the quiet and dignified deep house compound has been screamed and calmed.

It’s like a Mars that falls on kerosene. It’s just a moment, the whole Houfu’s house is full of people, just like the pre-arranged. After hearing the scream, ten sticks are holding the stick. The servants of the lanterns came from all over, followed by countless unidentified truths and thought that they had entered the thief's companion and went straight to the small courtyard where Ye Si Nian was.

The dim light gathered together and came along the path of the path, like a fire dragon. Some people seemed to be afraid of going late and benefited less. The feet ran fast, and the lanterns on their hands were shaken. When I couldn’t move, I turned my head back and changed to a brighter glazed lamp. When I was in a hurry, Houhou’s backyard was as white as it was.

Obviously still on the road, some of the heads of the people have already pretended to be filled with indignation and disdainful expressions. They hate to walk across the small courtyard where the position is partial, roaring and catching the two clothes. people.

The fantasies in my mind are getting more and more fierce. I think that the benefits that I will get after the event are over, everyone can't help but fly, but only halfway through, the fire dragon has survived.

I saw a young pavilion with a smocked trousers and a white flower skin, and fell to the ground in amazement. I saw that someone finally came, and I don’t want to hide my identity. Busy and panicked at them and said: "Come on! Help the son!"

The heads of the middle-aged servants face each other. They are all the confidants that Xue used to use in these years. I have already known the lady’s plan tonight. Seeing this young son is so old, he can’t guess who he is. ?

Some of them thought about the activity, and when they saw their brains, they figured out the key. They thought that Du Qinghuan was steadily in the pavilion. His eyes flashed a glimmer of color. He wanted to greet him. He reached out and took it from behind him. After the bright light of the glazed lamp, step forward and slammed into the shackles that were as thin as the flaps.

"Stop!" A scream of female voice mixed with anger and horror came out from the gazebo. I was going to tear it down and let the middle-aged man who was inside the scene stunned and stunned. He was familiar. The voice was so fierce and then two steps back. His eyes widened in amazement and his mouth murmured: "This... husband... madam?!"

The screaming voice was too high. The original attention was only on the younger son who was shocked by the familiar voice. Their expressions instantly turned from smug expectations to panic and panic. For a time, the gazebo was silent.

"Ah... um..." The needles around the gazebo can smell the sound of the wind, without the noise of the crowd, and the shackles that are suppressed and unbearable. The cockroaches are instantly magnified, and the maids are scared.

Originally planned to take a servant who did not know the truth to go to Du Qinghuan's small courtyard to catch a traitor, took the opportunity to ruin his reputation, but did not expect halfway to actually encounter such a large oolong, which should have been lying on Du Qinghuan's bed. The Wang family son and the lady rolled up together!

At this point, it’s too late to pretend that nothing happened. They want to make things bigger and better. They call too many people in the name of catching thieves. Now there are dozens of people around the pavilion. There are still people coming over.

A few middle-aged servants were repenting at this time. This did not catch Du Qinghuan’s ugly behavior. At least there was no worry about his life. But now that he saw the sinister and ugly things of the master, can they still get better?

The more I think about it, the more I am afraid. Just a few breaths, the few people who know the truth of the matter have already sweated their clothes.

A servant recognized the identity of the person in the pavilion and did not dare to incite it, but the young man who was almost smothered by a middle-aged woman was unable to withstand the bad smell in his heart.

When he was a young man, he had been so insulted for years. !

I feel that the woman who flutters directly to herself in this pavilion is the embarrassment that the stepmother deliberately arranged for herself. The anger of Wang Shaoye’s heart is instantly blown up. He is a sloppy face, and at this time he can’t take care of himself. The cellar was barely breasted, and the **** was arrogantly pointing at a dry, stiff servant and shouting: "What are you doing! Don't help the son to catch the old woman who doesn't want to face the old cow and eat the young grass!"

His voice just fell, and the servants around him had not responded. He heard a clear and vocal voice in the darkness: "Who are you? How dare you swear in my house?"

The sound line that was not dyed in the dust was drilled into the ear. In the past, the young master Wang Da, who was quite used to the wind, couldn’t help but feel a sigh in the heart. He looked back in the direction of the sound, but did not notice the few people around him. Change the face.

Ye Si Nian noticed it, but he did not see the general, carrying his chin arrogantly, stunned the man lying on the ground naked, as if he saw the dirty, he opened his eyes, Ye Si Years of brow wrinkles, a few people with a clear position to swear: "Well, etc. is to eat the board or what?! Still do not seize this sinister thief to seize the official! Dang Hou Hou House, actually guarded Relaxed to such a degree!"

The few men who were headed were said to be red-faced, but where is there time for them to argue? There is a big secret in the pavilion behind me! Although it can't be stopped, it is better to explode afterwards than to face it! Anyway, no one saw the lady's face anyway, at least there is room for change!

The faster I think about Du Qinghuan, who is still uninformed, the better, the head of the Tsing Yi man is busy haha: "The young master said it is very! Let us catch this person!"

He said, he turned his head and stunned the accomplices of God and glanced at him: "I still don't do it! This man's behavior is sloppy and squirting, and the tie is tight! The mouth is also blocked!"

The crowds rushed toward themselves, and the young master, who was fascinated by the beauty, finally turned around and struggled and roared: "Let me go! I am the king's family... Hey!"

I was wondered who had the dirty rags that had been plugged in by the hand to block the mouth. An unpleasant smell rushed into the nose, and Wang Yuye, who had never been in the bed, had suffered so much? When I was shocked, I was fainted by the living.

Ye Si Nian glanced at the middle-aged man with a charming face and a flash of light in his eyes. He lifted his chin toward the gazebo under the eyes of the man desperately frightened, and stood still behind him. The prostitute said: "The man's clothes are not full of nonsense, you go to the pavilion, maybe you can find his clothes and tokens, I have to see, who is he!"

The prostitute’s voice should be, and the crowd quickly opened the curtain without waiting for everyone to react.

The hearts of the people who had already heard the identity of the pavilion suddenly lifted up, and it was too late to stop and stop her.

"Ah!!!" The young prostitute stumbled back and stunned her face. She blurted her face and said: "The lady is not wearing clothes!"

"What?!" Yessyan was shocked. He widened his eyes and looked incredulously at the curtain of the wind: "How can my wife be here?!"

When the voice just fell, he suddenly guessed the truth and then stepped back. He exclaimed: "Mrs. and the lord are deep in love, how can they be with others..."

The words have not been finished yet, and he finally reacted to the onlookers here, and they suddenly slammed their mouths, and swallowed the words that almost blurted out.

The look changed for a long time, and Du Qinghuan, who was embarrassed and sorrowful in the eyes of the people, chose to keep his wife. I saw him gnash his teeth and said: "No one can say anything tonight! Otherwise, the family rules will wait!"

The servants who had long guessed the truth exchanged their eyes in secret and secretly, and their inner thoughts were different. On the surface, they all looked awkward and apologetic.

Ye Si Nian invisibly hooked his lips and turned to the small squat behind him: "The man actually dared to privately squat the house in Houfu in the middle of the night. It was a daring day! You asked someone to interrupt his two legs first, and then he immediately carried it to the newspaper. official!"

The middle-aged man who was headed was in a dilemma. He hurriedly stepped forward and said, "This is a young master. Is this something wrong? If it is too big..."

The slightest phoenix phoenix flashed a hint of coziness, and Ye Si Nian's face was a smattering, cold channel: "What is wrong with catching the thief, how can you see other?!"

"Small dare!" was stunned by his pair of threatening eyes. The middle-aged man suddenly vented his anger and was busy arguing: "There is nothing to see in the small! Seeing this daring thief broke into us." Houfu steals things!"

"So very good!" Yesnian nodded and lowered his voice. "Isn't it going to call the lady in the courtyard?! Hurry and carry the lady back!"

It is very inappropriate to stay here again. Ye Sinian deliberately coughed, as if he did not know that there was a person hiding in the pavilion, and the sleeves hurriedly smashed.


For the time being, I don’t mention how the women who are trying to bring the swaying lady back to the hospital. Ye Sinian is in a good mood at this time. She watched a good show for free and made two more enemies. He only feels refreshed.

Waiting until tomorrow, the secret of Houfuli is no longer a secret in this capital city. The rumors of Xue’s late-night private lover in the backyard are also well known.

He would like to see how the sorcerer who is not guilty of harm will be embarrassed, how should Du Houye, who is wearing a green hat, behave himself!

Du Qinghuan, the original master of their lives, desperately died in the dirty. In this life, he will destroy everything they have!

Finance, power, good reputation, and finally they have nowhere to go, they camped for a lifetime to pursue prosperity, but he wants them to get nothing!

Ye Si Nian sat in the bath, slanting his lips, and the phoenix screamed a little bit of a smile.

When Chu Yue sneaked in from the window, he saw that his beloved child smiled with a look of evil.

In the heart of the movement, Chu Yue’s heart in the heart of his heart is really irrational, and at the same time it is difficult for the little lover to feel different from the past.

"Little bad guys! What are you doing bad things?" Chu Yue’s monks slammed the man from behind, squatting on the side of the bath and bending his waist. The hot tongue lingered on the neck of the lover, branding one a wet red mark.

Ye Si Nian closed his eyes slightly, enjoying the neck and licking his neck so that the man behind him could find it more convenient. He made a smirk in his red lips and said, "How do you know that I have done something bad?"

With a thin hand and a big hand, he smacked the lover's beauty to the ultimate body. Chu rudely dialed the red color of the child's chest and smiled: "I have seen it."

"How? I feel that I have started?" Ye Si Nian squinted, thinking that if the man behind him dared to think so, how to reinforce himself.

Chu Yue sneered, his hands clinging to the lover's lean waist, a lover who was naked from the water into his arms, looking directly at the pair of phoenixes, said: "Getting started? Hey, I think you start It’s too light!”

"Oh?" Yess youngly lifted his chin and pressed his hand on the chest of Chu Yue. He accidentally picked up his eyebrows and smiled.

Chu Yuexia. Tight and tight, put people and themselves close together, this is dumb and swearing: "They are not benevolent, you can't be revenge any more! And..."

"Why, you have a husband but I have the name of a butcher. If you are too kind and good, how can you make a pair of people?" Chu said that the evil spirits of Chu Yue laughed and took Ye Sinian’s hand to himself. Explore.

Ye Sinian glanced at him, and suddenly smiled and smiled. Pressing the hand on his chest gently pressed the man down to the pool.

Sitting on the waist of Chu Yue with a long leg, Ye Siian slowly leaned down until the two noses reached each other.

Eyes entangled together, Ye Si Nian suddenly licked his tongue and rubbed his lips, muttered: "What to do... I don't want to wait until I get married..."